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Wilco, Facebook Video Ad Secrets

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Wilco is the founder of 2 software companies that he has built using Facebook ads. He details his strategies for video ads that convert on Facebook. How to create stories in your videos, how to split test and generate the greatest ROI from you ad.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio you guys are for a crazy ride today you have the opportunity of bringing on one of my dear friends who has been just crushing it on Facebook ads but he’s also been creating a ton of software and things this will go to Cray let go look into the show thanks man glad to be here so you’ve created your founder up viral and of connect IO and I know you’ve just been killing it with just a ton of Facebook stuff and I always get asked all the time you know how I did this whole Facebook thing how to make this thing work so let’s kind of just dive right in and don’t tell people what you’re up to these days and what what’s working on Facebook and what’s not Sherman so yeah like you said we I run two software companies a one is viral the other one is connect il and that one is all about Facebook Ads but funnily enough like the main thing or one of the main ways that we are driving traffic and getting customers into our business is also using Facebook Ads and to be honest I’ve neglected it for quite a while because I’ve been always been focused on all the traffic strategies I think it’s been pretty much the same as a lot of people right it’s sort of that scary thing because you need to spend a lot of money on it before you would ever even get results but at some point I just made a judgment call of like hey like I’m going all and I’m going to make this work one way or another and that’s been the best thing ever like it’s like it’s in the back of always depending on affiliates who would promote my products and here they will or they wouldn’t but either way like I had to ask them usually I was always depending on other people’s businesses right so it’s not the best way to grow a bit and so once it started down I wants to start tapping into Facebook ads and once I got it to convert I mean in the end it’s all it all matters about wanted oh there’s only one thing of matters right your ROI I mean I see people ask I talk about I go how many likes you have and all this kind of thing like that doesn’t matter it’s all about ROI how much do you put in and how much are you getting out of it and in the end that’s the only thing really matters right so yeah one like if we’re talking specifically about what works video ads they are caressing it right now for us we love video ads but at the end of the day if people really want to like dive into face against and then not sure how to get started or they’re not getting it to work usually the main thing that is wrong is actually what you guys talk all about and that is to get your funnels to convert because like you you can get Facebook like Facebook Ads you have to spend money for it but right so let’s say you you you you you willing to spend a dollar click for example I mean you can really take that down so much right you cannot you wouldn’t be able to get that down to eccentric like however how much you earn on every click that’s like there’s a literally no limit to that right so like portal running Facebook as successfully it’s all about making sure your stuff converts so it’s really like a battle of between details to do things together I would say you know well I think that’s awesome one things haha we’ve talked about this a ton in the past and that is you don’t have a real business until you can buy traffic and I’ve seen this happen so many times but obviously we we do a lot of dream 100 strategies we’re in the process right now creating a massive dream 100 campaign for a huge event we have here in September but at the same time a lot of it also could comes down so you gotta be able to spend money in a business and kind of goes back to what you were saying as far as the whole chicken in the egg type of thing goes well I got it to spend money I want to make money and I need to funnel it converts and all that kind of stuff so what is a as you kind of take a look at a business from Facebook standpoint when do you start actually buying Facebook Ads do you buy them right out the gate do you actually I mean have what’s what’s your testing strategy I mean I know you guys doing some serious campaigns and do it a lot as far as Facebook goes so what how does it person first of all get started with Facebook ad let’s start there yeah well sure so you asking like when you get stolen when you start running phase again and I think that would first of all really depends on what your budget is and how fast you wanna you wanna implement because obviously like you can you can you can spend time and you can spend money writers like did you spend time we spend money so if you don’t want to spend as much money then you want to then you’ll need to spend more time right so that means that you’ll need to make sure that you have something that converts you’re going to ride with different traffic strategies and you get like you get your data from there and obviously you need to have something to sell right that’s always like yeah you’re better need to sell a service or a product or even if it’s an affiliate product but you need to sell something you need to get your money back so like for me right now now I’m actually confident that that Facebook Ads will be profitable so right now if I would start something new I would start driving Facebook ad right away even though I’m one of us ensure that everything I spend initially I will not make a profit on I will like I will not make a profit on that but what I’m actually buying is data right I’m actually testing out which video ad will actually work what headline would actually work and also on for example on my on my on my website like which up in front of would actually come for it right so I start I’m making a buy data right so initially it’s not even about making money but like I said that like it’s really depending on where you are at at your business whether you’re fine with like I’m you know spending a thousand or maybe even two thousand dollars on just getting data because if you’re not then you want to make sure that you’re fine tune everything even more and you’re already asking people around you like do you think this will be good like you want to be more comfort than what you’re actually doing so that you can get to a good you can get to profitable ads faster or at least maybe not faster but like by spending or not as much money I would say does that make sense oh man makes so much sense I think this the part I like most about what you said they’re welcome that’s the idea as far as you’re buying data because so many times people will talk about all I’m going to do this we’re gonna bring in customers all these I want their opinion on this want their opinion on that and from our experience what we found is unless the person’s willing to take their credit card out and buy something that’s the only time I actually know that something really works they can tell me oh yeah I love your headline oh yeah I love I think this funnel is going to be great but until someone actually takes their credit card out and buy something that’s the only time I know my funnel really works it’s my own time I know my AdWords it’s so I think the idea the fact that you’re looking at this as I’m buying data and again you’re going to get business on it you got to be willing to invest and you’re totally right it’s either time or money and unfortunately I it’s so much easier to be able to start with the money aspect time just takes a bunch of time and if you got it that’s great but I think even for a small investment of a thousand bucks you can buy a ton of data it’s exactly exact and obviously need to be prepared to actually execute it on it right because like data is just data but you need to use information actually implement right so you want to be on top of it it’s not something that you set up now and you know we’ll just let it run for a month and then we’re going to see what works now you actually want to be in the trenches you want to make sure like you’re going to check what do ad would actually work what headline but I could work like you want to make changes to your opt-in page right away if you see it doesn’t convert don’t think that it will suddenly suddenly start working I mean data does not lie I mean everybody else life data doesn’t lie so if it’s not working you fix it you change it and just to give you an example and this is actually might actually be good strategy for those who are for example doing video ads just as an example to what level we’re actually doing that right so a couple weeks ago I was setting up a new campaign so I wanted to I wanted to record a couple new video so what I did is I shot the first I wrote down four completely different angles for the video right script them all out and these were not small changed right if it’s just a small change you’re not going to see that much of difference so there were like four completely angles I basically touched on various different benefits of the extra product like they were a completely different right so I had four different scripts and I recorded each of those original scripts I actually recorded two videos one in my living room more like casual and the other one which was in a studio which is like super slick and more professional right I’m once again all that I’m the whole purpose of that while I’m creating these eight videos and like for 10 scripts eight videos it’s just to get to get a sense of like what work so after a while we saw like alright be casual videos in my living room they actually work better and out of these four scripts one of them stood out as well so obviously we didn’t stop there right so then we took that video and we looked at the data and I saw that the average watch time is actually just a couple of seconds right because Facebook always they had like an out-of-place a lot of people they started watching it but like most people that will just look at the very first couple of seconds right so you don’t want to make a slow introduction after 10 seconds maybe your your mentioning your hook now right away first thing you’re saying first thing you’re doing on your screen you need to hook them into your video right so what we did we took that one winning video and all I did is I edited the first five seconds of the video so different variations for the first five seconds just to tweak it even further see what introduction Excel works best and that’s just an example of like how we like have a have a process of like systematically test out what script will reverse backs what what background works best what what what first couple of seconds work best and while doing that we’re also tweaking like our opt-in signup page like like you can go really in depth and yes it sounds like a lot but the return is just is insane and that and I believe that’s actually the level that you should be playing it if you really want to like get great great on rise I would say we’ll go I love that idea I see so many people when they’re actually testing things they do these minor tweaks and I think that’s gonna make that big difference I think I love the idea that you’re doing totally totally different scripts and really just trying to figure this thing out and then completely different recording styles I mean that’s the only way you can actually test it especially you first get started when you don’t know exactly what’s going to work that is a fantastic way of buying data because here I’ve got literally eight different videos how long did you run those video campaigns before you got the data um I think just around a week or five days something like that it’s at your normal test time about five seven days it depends actually on how much how much we spend on it and how much also I’ve got time myself as well so because I like to check those the stats myself as well so it depends but yeah well usually like it depends on the day that’s all I get there’s a really small difference then also you might want to take longer but it’s like a big difference you’ll see right away and obviously like if there’s a really small difference then it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to test it out for like weeks and weeks because I know like oh right the difference is not that big I’ll just go for one and you know keep on going go and go I mean it’s all about speed as well I mean theory is nice and all but and as you know it’s all about implementation taking fast action as well which is one of things that always love that you you are one of the fastest action takers out there so I just love I mean you seriously do a ton of quick stuff so tell me now is you’ve got the video what what you guys do next so we actually tested out various various funnels all right so the first thing like when I started out doing Facebook ads I went for it yeah the three-part video sequence right like figure 1 and you get the day in the next video and day number 2 in the next video and the day later and that like when people are on Facebook in it like for starters they’re not waiting to be sold – right and no it’s not like oh you’re just going to put it for product product in front of them and they’re going to buy it so you want to sort of make sure they’re aware of the of the of the thing that you have and make sure they’re aware of the problem that they have that you’re actually solving so and secondly like even if you’ve grabbed their intention even if they signed up for for example your your opt-in page your signup page then like then you’re brand new to them like they’ve never seen you before so you know like it’s hard to get to capture their attention from multiple days in a row right so for me that didn’t work and I realized that we need to basically go for the close quick more quickly I’m so tested out a bunch of things and one of the things we’re doing right now is we’ve got various automated webinars running so that right away they assign them to actually go to an automated webinar and that’s where they can actually become a customer so we’re not waiting until like a couple of days we’re the same day we’re trying to convert them into a customer however we are doing some like even before this app we do have various other ads which is just about value in just about content so either we are running ads for a very blog post that we that we created written blog post which are super relevant to the webinar that we have after and then we send we target those read those and actually what we do is we target everyone who has read at least 50% of that article so if it just go to the darlin and not really interested then we don’t retargeting but as soon as they read more than 50% which we do using connect with target then we then we target the actual ad within which we actually trying to make a make a bit of money right so usually it’s not just one actually it’s like a series of various ads that we’re running in order to get people from you know from not know much at all to to do the aware and being aware of the problem you have in our solution and then eventually to become a customer so on your on your blog ad is is that a video ad to a blog or to that image blot is an image sent blog what’s your ad like back yet for those are motives images right and I really just shared that from my facebook page which is over there business page of accusing my personal name and that’s also an interesting thing is that when when we throw the people cold in other words when people have never heard of us before the very first ad when we run ads from for example a viral or from connect IO in other words from a business name they don’t seem to convert as well and then we changed it to the running ads from my name which is still a business space but it’s using my name my face on it as well and that works so much better which makes sense once again because people are not a Facebook to be sold to and as soon as you see a low going to see a business name they really know it’s an ad and if you actually you know you’re using your own page and you’re on a name then you sort of fall through the cracks and while doing that and not a good trip a trip for everyone who’s listening use emoticons seriously like it’s the best thing ever because normally like most businesses they don’t use emoticons in their ads because you know it’s like they want to they don’t want to use I don’t know why but like what once I started using emoticons we saw a higher version as well and I assume that is because we don’t it doesn’t look like an ad as much right it’s more like a conversation instead of being this this this typical hat I would say so are you doing emoticons in your in your title are you doing in the comments where you put me motor actually and it can be in the post in the description above the actual link or the description above the actual video so in the main description of your ad very cool and then are you doing meme videos I know we’ve seen a lot of success with mean videos as well yeah yeah we do that we do that as well so while we use that as well and one power trick if you have for those of you who are doing video ads if you were free you cannot even even to record for example you’re on your iPhone something like Bob Sapp so for example we have some ads running words basically just like a recording of a whatsapp video or we sent some text back and forth and then exactly conversion really well as well because it sort of grabs the attention because they recognize the how a cell looks so that’s pretty cool as well that’s crazy now back to the blog post so you’re driving them so it’s basically from your personal business page emoticons in the description and driving them to your blog how are you tracking how far they read we’re using connect or Target for that so using connectors which is one of our own tools we can actually restore your basically behavioral retargeting so you can for example say well it’s a read more than 25% then we’re going to create a custom audience on Facebook for just those people and then we can just retarded that specific group of people or for example if they spend more than one minute on reading these articles then we create a returning audience and then you know we can return them on Facebook very cool so obviously starting off premiered with video ads on your use and emoticons yeah what are some of the other tips and crazy stuff you guys are doing that’s really getting a ton of ROI for you yeah well it’s funny the one thing I learned from Russell and that is to tell stories because when I started running and running ads I was writing it with the idea that I was actually writing an ad and that did not go well and if you love to doing that right so they’re trying to trying to engage people like what the benefits are or like whatever like it’s it’s a difficult ad like it’s so sale seeing what not even though they’re trying to hide it but it still is so I change that into writing especially for old audience it’s just writing a story right and like the first couple of sentences just to get the attention so for example one of my one of my ads would start like something like I remembered like yesterday I was crying like a little baby I checked my phone out like I woke up check my phone and every walls an email from Google and they shut down all my accounts like I’m I remember exactly how I felt about what a disaster like like it that’s how I write my ads right and I try to get people into into that story instead of just trying to sell them right away and I’ve noticed that writing compelling stories is especially for coal audience is way more effective super super cool tell me how long are your videos and that’s one of the big things I always get asked how long should a video be as video app yeah actually have funny story so I always like when we started out and I was doing video ads and they were converting insanely well so otherwise and I thought I had it all figured out and I thought they were converting because my videos were great those videos were like five five minutes longer roughly and at some point I had a call with Facebook they always do like a regular call to see if now if things go well things like that and he actually like he said hey let’s go over your stats for a moment and I’m Larry sure let’s do it right and he said like like do you know how long your what’s the average time spent on your video and I’m like no no idea and as a patella point I never checked it right and the average I believe it was like five or six seconds and I was like what that like all the fans I thought it was because the video so at that time I realize it’s not really as much about like it’s not just about the video obviously Facebook prefers video as well because people stay stay on their platform even though you’re still spending money that could click through but a lot of them they won’t so that’s a good thing for phasing that makes it a bit cheaper but also just there’s people who like video and those people who like to read so and make sure that this story that is in the actual video is also in the actual app I can description above it right so people if they want to read they can just click on continue reading and they really if they want to see the video that’s fine as well and that way you sort of capture both and in terms of how long the video should be I’m not sure how long they should be the minor roughly usually between like either two or three minutes or four five so in that area just I just go to flow when I record it and um yeah upload it to Facebook awesome so are you are you making sure that you have all the sub all the text in there as well on the video yes yes yeah yeah definitely like I’m usually initially not once again because I just want to go fast fast fast and so I’m not going to do it for every single video first I want to get a little bit of data so I know which ones are not cooperating anyway I’ll just remove those before before doing that very cool so what services are used to put all the text into your videos actually good one my team data but I believe we actually upload it to YouTube and then get it and then downloaded from YouTube because they actually they’re doing a way better job on actually converting text to like audio to text so actually using huge of them downloading the CSV from them and making a little couple of changes manually and then blowing that to fail oh very cool I had never that’s awesome idea did you’re right I’ve heard I’ve seen YouTube’s video YouTube’s transcriptions are a lot better than than or exactly you can export them and then upload them to places to collect so I know you’ve got a ton of stuff that you’re doing tell me with this with the products and things that you’re looking at or most of yours physical products are most these information products are you finding different strategies work better on Facebook Ads for either physical versus information products oh my everything I’m selling is actually silver so i’m not selling physical products and not selling information products as such although i like i think a lot of the angles a lot of the things will be exactly exact in between info products for it so far products is just like it’s both digital right but like i haven’t sold I have sold critical parts in the past and but I’m not doing it right now but I noticed when I was doing it like when I was selling for some t-shirts for like 10 15 dollars then everything I just described will be completely different right because I’m selling products for like a couple hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars a year and you know people don’t buy that right on the spot but if you have a cool t-shirt or something that is you know just ten dollars you don’t have to get home to a one-hopper but you don’t want to you don’t have to add you don’t have to like target them again let them read your content and then retarget them like for a ten dollar product I will go straight for the kill right you want to you want to make sure that it’s like then in that case it could be an ad right it could actually be an ad as long as your targeting is right so yeah there’s different different strategies for every pricing level on set so your price points primarily you know 100 bucks to a thousand dollars your top a deal is that right yeah couple on the door a couple of the year to a thousand a year yeah so with that kind of walk you through your campaign then you can start off first of all when you’re warming them up with the blog marketing and after you get them warmed up then you go to the video all right yeah evil and we good multiple like we have the very first step would be a to be the blog but we also have some various content only videos which could either be Justin you’re doing with some a facebook life right just on my phone and then we like if we see that that people are liking people are actually enjoying it then we target more broadly and I’m from there we actually reach target those who watched at least X amount of time of the actual the actual video and then and so then it goes up to the second to the second step which is video ads for it we’re trying to get them to sign up for the webinar but we’re also using that also to as the first step right so part of it goes to the other ones but we’re also targeting two loop areas look like audiences straight to that video average gets them into the webinar so they sign up for the webinar and then you know they normally do some retarding apps or like depending on what are they join the webinar depending on whether they check the visitor to checkout place because that depending on where there have been um we were targeting them and if anyone wants that like if someone wants to create a google retargeting after a product but you don’t have the creative be what to write here’s a good one like what you need to do first is ask some people some customers of your what they think of your product like gather some testimonials and then you create a carousel ad on Facebook which is like the the one the slide where you have like multiple elements right and what you do is you for every image you just upload their face that’s it just their face and so you have like very scary sort of like various phases of your customers and then in the little in the small description below you have something like you know I mean what all the testimony was has to be sure because you don’t have much much to actually want effect to pick the best one and then you totally add in the description which is something something like say something like hey notice you checked out a viral awesome by the way here’s what here’s what I thought across my current customers are saying about this and it’s not a picture or sales or anything like that but we’ve seen that convert insanely well and saying well and over the everything doesn’t matter which testimony to click on they’ll always go to your sales page I love that that’s fantastic I could say we’ve seen that there’s nothing better than social proof and people love especially if they’re looking at a product want to hear what other people said about it that’s really a cool idea so are you going to that is it a video testimonial or is it a written testimonial depends on what you can get we have both I haven’t been though so if I have a video all I had a video in there but it’s just an image I’ll just upload the image like the face image of that his or her face yep very cool well awesome look I know you got a ton going on these days so tell me any other tips and tricks before I let you go who I would say not like if you’re listening to me like haha one of all these things like that like don’t like big one us gentleman and then go to the next one right like if you want to have one tip what you can do right now today you just pick up your phone and start doing Facebook lines like every single day practice your story practice your message and you can use those exact same videos as your video ads right you can just record them right now you don’t have to spend a lot of time on writing the script just go with the flow and then as you go along you start to learn things and then you know you add things on your on your list what you want to do but you don’t want to add a multi or list the same day because yeah that’s not going to work man I absolutely love that I can tell you welcome we are you know we’re talking about this inner circle while back and that was the importance of just doing a 30 day challenge as far as Facebook live every day for 30 days and I I said up a different page literally did that and I was shocked at a couple of inmates that I learned one of those things was how bad I wasn’t telling stories right off the bat you feel like talking about all of that but more importantly it allowed me the opportunity really learning my voice and of being able to find out what worked and I was able to get feedback from people and it was really I’m a huge huge believer Becca I would probably continue to do that on a regular basis of trying to do at least a Facebook live a day for no other reason that just really to try to understand your voicing to get your voice to get a Dana once again yeah yeah oh I love you know what the same thing right you’re just learning what works what doesn’t work and you’re not doing that to get results right away because you look you’re doing that because you know it’s going to help you in the long term I love that great great advice well we’ll go I know a lot of people on our side of use your software both borrow and connect IO if a person wants to find out more about you how do they reach out to you where should we send up to you can definitely find me on Facebook somebody reach out to me is actually true of viral calm and connect IO IO as well like I don’t have a huge probably but I don’t have a personal website so it’s either through a viral or through connect il or you can find me on play because well obviously if you search from a you’ll find my own bass and I’ll do it baby lives I’ll share more strategies and things that are working for me so definitely look at will go to cry on Facebook as well that is going to ask again I’ll make sure we have links down in the show notes for everybody to links to up viral calm and connect ioio and also will go w IL co and then last name is de and space k r e IJ so Susanna clean alright guys thank you so much Wilco I appreciate I know you’re on the other side of the world for me time zone wide so I know it’s late where you’re at I really really appreciate you taking time evasive we have this intro and I’m happy to share them valuator thanks but I’ll talk to you real soon suck some money thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at bottle hacker radio calm in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at Hahnel hacker radio comm forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to bundle hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Wilco, Facebook Video Ad Secrets

Wilco, Facebook Video Ad Secrets