Why you won’t get your work done | Marketing Secrets Podcast Animated EP.4

Why you won’t get your work done | Marketing Secrets Podcast Animated EP.4

When I have big projects, sometimes my mind does everything possible so I don’t do the thing I need to do….

I have a strange feeling your brain does the same thing and this is why you can’t get your work done.


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Today i'm streaming from the top boise this is where i come when i am writing and i don't know about you but when i have big projects sometimes my mind tries to do everything possible to make sure i don't do the thing when i have something i need to do even if it sounds cool at the time and i'm excited about it my brains i start doing the thing my .

Brain's like oh this is painful i wish we were watching tv we should be eating candy we should be doing something else right and so as i sit down like start typing i guess energy excitement sit down and soon start typing my brain's like freaking out looking for anything possible like there's a tv there's outside a bird just flew by oh your .

Phone's ringing oh did you turn on some music oh you should check your email what happens facebook somebody brings you what if someone texts you like all the things like every possible distraction my brain starts screaming at me like bloody murder trying to get me to not do the one thing that i got to actually do because as you start getting .

Closer and closer to actually doing the thing that you need to do then it's like everything possible around you starts flying around trying to stop you from doing the thing in the middle of this right now literally recording this podcast my brain's like oh you should record a podcast that'd be way less painful than actually writing .

So i'm literally being a bad example by doing this podcast but hopefully it'll help get me back to work as well so when i have to get something done if i'm in my ordinary situation right like if i'm at my office or if i'm at my house somewhere i'm there a lot i know what the distractions are right i know that my wife's outside or my kids are outside .

I know where the tv is i know like it's so familiar like i know quickly every single distractions hit him in the office from the office there's a million people i can talk to there's always something i can do to not do my job right there's always something that i can do to distract me from doing the things i got to actually do and so .

Because of that i drove down the penthouse i'm here and i'm by myself it's lonely there's nobody else here it's just me and my thoughts and so first off it cuts off like 10 levels of potential distractions the second step is i define rewards of things i want like i want to listen to this thing or watch this show or i want to eat this .

Thing or whatever i have to have those things and i cannot give those to myself these have to be the carrot to get me to actually do something right so that's the next thing is like tricking yourself with these carrots to get you into momentum right and then when you're in momentum you don't stop you start the next chapter right you write first three .

Or four paragraphs so you still momentum when things are happening there's some tricks again it's not flawless system it's not perfect i'm still struggling and so i think for any of you guys who are like me who have the add like squirrel there's a scroll over here and over here over here you know these are some tricks that will help you to .

Actually get your projects done change your environment get away from your normal world some people go to a starbucks they go to a library or they go to the park bench if that's what it takes go there right figure out what it is that you need to go to be able to do that number one number two get yourself into momentum as quick as you can you're .

In momentum you get more stuff done and when you're in momentum keep working through it right give yourself treats or prizes or something at the end of a momentum session to make sure you actually get to it and then again don't end at the end of the chapter or the end of the project like start the next one so that way you're able to keep moving .

Forward so there you go hope that helps that said i'm going to pound my breakfast real quick and get back to work on this book so someday hopefully you guys have a chance to read it so that's my goal that's my plan i appreciate you all for listening and i will talk to you guys again soon bye everybody .

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