Why You Need To Watch The Karate Kid Before You Sell Your Next Online Course

Why You Need To Watch The Karate Kid Before You Sell Your Next Online Course

I always thought that wax on, wax of was just a silly made up lesson for Daniel to learn Karate…

But It turns out, if you apply that same method when teaching something new to someone else, it will dramatically improve their chances of success.

That is why you need to watch the karate kid before you sell your next online course.


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All right this is the deal years ago years ago um i had a chance to first off first time ever watch karate kid with mr miyagi now i'm sure you guys all remember the moment you watched that movie if you haven't yet pause this right now and go to somewhere where you can go watch the original karate kid i'm .

Gonna watch my kids tonight because i just learned a life lesson that's gonna change everything for me my company because i watched that when i was like 10 years old and i remember watching as a kid and actually being freaked out because there was some violence right like i remember on the beach when he got punched in the gut and like this i .

Remember there's a soccer ball i remember the but i finally daniel's son's like i have to go and learn karate uh he's like i learned karate at the y but i got beat up by these cobra khan guys and like i gotta learn how to be legit and so i need to watch the movie this is this is my memory from like 20 years ago so i remember he he goes to .

Halloween party he's dressed up like a shower he goes and messes with the dude and the dude chases him out and the guy's like all skeleton up and then catches him at the fence and beats the trash up and just beats him like almost to death and then mr miyagi slowly comes out from the shadows right and thrashes all those .

Dudes like just destroys him and daniel is like looking up and sees it's mr miyagi so he's like i gotta learn karate for mr miyagi so finally he goes he's like mr miyagi i've got to learn how to do this stuff and so mr miyagi is like all right uh come here let me show you if you really want to let me show you he brought him .

Out to the car a lot he's like okay here's all these cars he's like wax on wax off wax on wax off right he gives him the the pad of paper's like wax allen wax off and daniel sounds like kind of annoyed he's like all right i'm going to do what my trainer says so he does this wax on wax off he ends up waxing like i .

Don't know a dozen cars or something and he goes like okay mr mike i'm ready like that was the payment i'm ready to learn i'm regular karate he's like no no you're not ready yet come here and he's like let's paint the fence he's like up with and so he starts paying the fence they know you're doing it wrong like up this way down this way up this way down .

The swim so you shift that around so he goes and paints these fences and he's doing three or four like projects for mr miyagi like that finds he's getting noise like he comes back and starts young mr miyagi like no i came here to learn karate you understand and like mr miyagi if my memory serves me right throws a punch at him and .

Instinctively danny sounds like wax the fence and blocks it and he's like huh he throws another punch where she waxes the car or waxes the car the other way blocks it and then there's something else he paints the fence and blocks it and austin he's doing these things and he blocks all the punches and also he's like oh i have been learning .

Karate this whole time okay so i tell you this because i think this week i had an epiphany about how i teach i was like oh my gosh i'm teaching the principal so they know what to do but they don't really know why to do it the shift is like okay let me make practical training it's something that i can get you excited by because the end result's so .

Sexy and exciting and fun and in the process you you're doing the principles and the end of it i come back okay just you know this is the things that happened because of this exercise you did we have a dream 100 list we have like who you're trying to serve we have like all the pieces are in place now and like oh my gosh and now they're aware of .

It but they sought in context a lot of times we do things where um unconsciously competent we do something well and we don't really know why but when we become aware of it and we get our eyes our attention drawn to it then we can go in and we can figure out how to amplify and magnify it make it better and better and better and so that's my .

Goal is to give people situations and experiments and fun things that are exciting that force you to do the process and to do all the principles you're learning about and then come back afterwards and okay here's the principles just applied now we can amplify now we can really take it to the next level so anyway i'm excited .

I'm excited to test out this new this new style of training mr miyagi style paint the fence wax on wax off hopefully gives you ideas for the way you're teaching what you're coaching as well and um always trying to figure out ways to make it simpler and better and easier for people that's the secret don't stop if you can make it simpler it makes you .

More valuable to to your markets your people and i say make more money

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