WHOA! – just passed 1,000 ‘TWO COMMA CLUB’ WINNERS! (find out who it is!!!)

WHOA! – just passed 1,000 ‘TWO COMMA CLUB’ WINNERS! (find out who it is!!!)

WHOA! – just passed 1,000 ‘TWO COMMA CLUB’ WINNERS! (find out who it is!!!)

we are about to go live some places we’re live and guess what it looks like we’re live in most of the places we’re trying to stream like 1500 different platforms online and i’m excited to be here guess what you guys today i’m going to be announcing we just passed the number one thousand two comma club award which is crazy and um we’re gonna be getting started here in just a second tell you guys who that person was what their business is and it’s gonna be exciting and a lot of you guys are wondering if it’s you and if it is you we’re gonna announce that here in a few seconds but i just want to wait forever to get on right now we’re streaming to facebook instagram youtube periscope um a bunch of other places linkedin we’re going everywhere uh to announce our 1002 comic club winner which we are officially crowning today which is exciting now for those who don’t know what 2-comma club is this is for those who are using click funnels and you’ve uh built a funnel that’s generate at least a million dollars or two commas inside of a funnel when you get that you get one of these amazing words right here which is a gold record with two commas in here uh officially making you part of the two comma club which is uh by far the coolest club you could possibly be in the world and we started this um about four years ago when we started this is because uh me as an entrepreneur i was like man there are um award shows for every business for everything right there’s like the grammys and the emmys and the oscars and for all these different arts there’s an award show except for entrepreneurship which is by far i feel the most important most important dignified uh profession on the planet so because of that we decided to launch the two common club award uh four years ago and i had no idea i i thought maybe you know on the at the time on the clickfunnels platform maybe we had a dozen or two dozen people that hit it at a time we had i think 79 and uh over the last four years going from 79 200 to 200 to 300 500 to today we’re announcing the thousand two comma club award winner which is insane and uh if you look at the map a thousand times a thousand two comma goes that’s a billion dollars in revenue generated by our two comic club winners it’s more than that but it’s pretty insane um that’s the more than the gdp of most countries so um it’s pretty exciting so congratulations first off to our thousand two common club winners so far um i’m excited so this actually i want to show you guys this one this is uh my first two akala club i ever uh earned myself and i awarded it to myself like a decade later because we didn’t have to comic all the time but i still remember to this day the very first funnel i created it was an interview i did with a guy who had made over 100 million dollars selling supplements through direct mail i interviewed him and this interview sat on my hard drive for like two or three years and then one day i was trying to figure out something to sell i was like i could sell this interview and we launched the interview was the first time i’d ever created a product that generated over a million dollars in revenue and so when we started create the two common club award um i ordered myself the first one that’s so lame but i wanted one too so this is my very first one for the 12 month millionaire interview uh and it’s very first one i ever earned i know for any of you guys who have won one you probably remember your story you have like you have it in your heart like this is what i did that’s what i created this is who i’m serving and it’s exciting so today we’re gonna announce though um our thousandth two common club winner which is crazy it’s it’s crazy a couple stats before i go too deep in this so uh again uh today we passed our thousand two common club winners that’s number one uh also the last four years we had 72 people who hit two comma club x i mean they made over 10 million dollars inside of a funnel we have a big silver record for that one there’s a big x in the middle and then we’ve had 13 people who have hit two common club c they’re two common club c means um uh and i have the word over here you guys can’t see it but there’s four records on it and you get a record for every 25 million you hit so we’ve had 13 people that passed at least 25 million i think two that have passed uh the hundred million which is crazy and uh don’t worry i have i did i did buy three comma club.

com and we do have an award eventually for whoever hits the three comma club which is a billion dollars no one’s got that yet i haven’t got that yet so we’re all working on it though so the the awards will keep coming as we keep progressing as a community which is exciting so congratulations again so you guys ready to find out who the 1002 common club winner is who’s your if you’re excited let me know in the comments down below if you think it’s you be like i think it’s me because i think we’ve had in the last two weeks like 15 or 16 people submitted um but today we’re announcing the two that actually passed um there’s two passed on the same day and so i’m not sure which one’s it and both have really cool stories i want to share both their stories um so that’s kind of game plan all right you guys ready for this ah so exciting okay i can’t even tell you like how crazy this is if you come to clickfunnels office uh for every time we give somebody a comic award we put a mini one on one on our wall initially i thought it was gonna take us i don’t know a couple years to fill it up uh it filled up so fast every wall in our office is covered in a two common club award uh and then um now we’ve been shipping to the office down in atlanta and like their half of their walls already filled uh you guys have been just crushing it which is so much fun so two comments all right so we’ve got two two people that submitted on the same day that uh technically i’m not sure which one’s first or second so i’m gonna announce two people because both have really unique stories um they’re both similar but very different as well which is cool so um uh we’ve got one that they create their clickfunnels account and within 74 days head to common club board and they they came in the same day and someone else who they were kind of the longer story they started um in 2014 they were using clickfunnels for five years nine months and they just passed as well so you guys will hear the one that went in 74 days or the one that was a long time funnel hacker that got in five years nine months who here which store you guys when you’re first the the overnight like literally 74 day one or the five year one they’re both amazing stories i love both these stories they’re so cool um all right i’m gonna do i’m gonna do the fast one first and i’ll spend a little more time on the long one so all right so the first person and again these two both these people came in the same day and about the same time so i’m not sure exactly who’s the thousand so we got two people that were awarding the thousandth uh thing which is kind of cool um so the person who did it in 74 days so they created they created their clickfunnels trial july 14th so this is middle of coronavirus oh nobody’s going to make any money the economy’s shutting down they start they started that day so okay i’m going to create a funnel so july 14th create their click funnels account had the two-week trial and then october first submitted for uh october first pass the two comma club 74 days uh this person’s name is gary guerrero uh they have a product called lag shot golf it’s a lag shot golf funnel and again 1.

35 million dollars in under two months which is crazy and um yeah yeah it says in his own words laxative is a brand new training aid has been praised by some of the top leading pga instructors as well as countless amateur golfers across the globe as a true game changer so info product teach people how to increase their golf which is insane 74 days create the create the clickfunnels account um from the time they create a clickfunnels account to 74 days later hit your comma club and uh is the one is one of our 1000th winner which is insane so if any of you guys are like i don’t know if clickfunnels is going to work for me i think it’s too late maybe like that worked for people last year but nowadays it’s not going to work oh it’s not going to work because the coronavirus oh it’s not going to work because i’m feeling like oh it’s not going to work because of okay well this guy 74 days ago created a clickfunnels trial finally i’ve probably seen my ad a thousand times now it’s an official two comic club winner and came in on the day of the thousands that’s exciting so congratulations gary guerrero that’s exciting right how you guys are pumped for gary i’m guessing a picture in the head of like oh my gosh what if i just started what if i just tried what if i quit like sitting on the sidelines and said i’m gonna get my feet dirty i’m gonna get my hands i’m gonna get in the ring and just try gary did it and there you go all right second one this one is a story that um this one touched my hearts i’m actually a customer of this which is uh this funnel which is cool i had no idea so um this is from adam and matthew tauren they have a product a company called kid preneur which is really cool and a little while ago i was looking for products for my kids to help them become entrepreneurs and actually went and bought a bunch of these books um i did see they were on clickfunnels which was exciting but i didn’t realize their story and so this is their story so they started this company in 2012 helping kids become entrepreneurs and had very little success december 9th of 2014 is when they created their click funnels account okay and so that was five years and nine months ago so they’re one of the very first click funnels uh members we’ve only been a company for six a little over six years now so we’ve been live probably three or four months when um when adam and matthew found out about clickfunnels and created uh a clickfunnels account and started themselves on this journey and during this journey they went and they created their books and created their funnels created all sorts of things um and they are super passionate about empowering young entrepreneurs and from december 9th to october 2020 again five years nine months they uh officially passed the two comma club award and again they are they both gary and matthew uh and um adam math came in the exact same time so we’re rewarding both these guys as the thousands because i don’t know which one came first or second um but two amazing stories kid for newer which again if you have kids you should go and buy all their books for your kids they are amazing um they started and um it took them five years nine months to comma club you’ve got gary who started 74 days ago and hit to a comma club and so these stories are coming all the time you guys you look at the the volume we just passed the lights went out we just passed a thousand people in the two comma club um this has happened in the last four years like it’s the point now where every single week we’re getting dozens of submissions um and so it’s happening this is something that can happen for you as well you just have to believe that it’s possible so first off congratulations to all of our two common club winners from the beginning until now a thousand people it is insane over a billion dollars of revenue you look at the lives changed by that like it is off the wall um number two i’m excited because uh at this next funnel hockey live event which we’re gonna be announcing hopefully sooner or later i can’t wait to get uh get on stage and actually hand award you your uh your trophies for all the people who’ve come in we’ve had tons of come in um just since the beginning of the year which is super exciting as well and uh it’s awesome so my question for you guys who are watching listening we got people on every platform right now watching this how many guys are like man i keep seeing people doing this i see over and over and over now a thousand times people one or two clipboard how do you guys like that’s your vision like i want to win that i would like if i was a musician or music in movies whatever i want an oscar or an emmy or grammy whatever it was like i would want that how many guys you’re entrepreneurs you’re like i want that award like i don’t care about the money i just want to be recognized for the work right and again the coolest thing about this is the that the hour of recognition to you as an entrepreneur like what’s powerful entrepreneurship is like if you get one of these awards doesn’t mean that you know it doesn’t matter that you made a million dollars or whatever like that doesn’t really matter what matters is how many people’s lives did you impact because of your business when you hit that thing right like you can’t you can’t hit a two comments without affecting thousands of people’s lives that’s what’s so exciting so how many guys that you have that in your heart like this is my goal it’s my motivation i’m gonna hit you comma club like whatever it takes like that is my goal it’s on my wall how do you guys have that as motivation i remember dana derricks when he first um he came to funeral hockey live the first year and he wanted to comment club and he didn’t have one he went home he literally i have the video clip i should show you guys um he went on his on on his wall like on the sheetrock and he got a magic marker and he drew he drew this like a big old picture and it was it was so like off-centered he drew it into a circle with two commas in it he’s like this is gonna annoy me that it’s on magic marker on my on my sheetrock wall every single day till i earn one i can hide it and cover it up with it and he had that as the goal set his intention and he kept focusing on focusing on focusing until eventually uh within the by the next years for hockey life he won one and he was able to cover up the magic marker on the wall with an actual two common club award now i want you guys to have that same kind of um that’s some kind of motivation because if you have that you set the goal you have the intention now you got something you’re chasing towards right i know so many of us like we’re entrepreneurs are trying to create businesses but there’s not like a finish line and so a lot of us just kind of wander around aimlessly like this is the first finish line as soon as you get to common club award guess what everyone wants immediately like what’s the next award what’s the next ribbon i want to call the club x and again this year we’ve had or since the beginning of time we’ve had uh 72 people hit two common club x that’s 70 people hit over 10 million dollars in a funnel and then 13 they’ve got two common club c so um i want you guys to know this is the first this is the first relay race this is the first gold medal this is the first thing you’re going for is two comma club i wanna make sure you guys get it so i got one last thing before we wrap for today um uh i i wanna help all you guys get to to comic club right a thousand people is insane i want a thousand a year so that’s my goal is to continue to grow this um we just recently put together a brand new presentation and the goal this presentation is to help you guys to get into karma club um this presentation um i put it live last week we put a couple ads too but nobody’s actually seen this other than a few people who clicked on some sample ads just to test out the funnel uh but if you guys want to go this is the link we’ll have it down in the comments hopefully on every platform uh but it’s funnel hacking secrets.

com i get right so funnelhackingsecrets.com f-u-n-n-e-l h-a-c-k-i-n-g sccr ets.com unlocking secrets when you go to phone like you see the clock it’ll take you to this page right here this is the page and there’s the webinar and this webinar is starting as right now in 14 minutes and 20 seconds uh it is um an automated webinar presentation i killed myself i spent over a month working on this presentation uh i think you’re gonna love it uh but this is the funnel hacking secret presentation it’s gonna help unlock the the concepts you guys need to be able to get in the two comma club okay it’s gonna help you guys the tools the strategies the resources all the stuff and so i want you to go watch this presentation again it’s that funnelhackingsecrets.

com this is what the page looks like um it’s me gazing to the sky at the headline read the headline that says um this is the the weird almost backwards funnel secret that’s currently being used by underground entrepreneurs uh to sell almost anything you can think of um anything you can dream of okay so uh again if you look at your comic books we have two common club winners every market you can dream of from brick and mortar companies uh charities info products physical products supplements um franchises uh what else like agencies like there’s been people that hit you common club in every market you can dream up so you’re like oh i’m sure this is awesome for them it doesn’t work in my business i guarantee that if you have a business either needs to generate leads or sell a product then funnels will work for you and this presentation will help you to understand what things are so what i want you guys right now is click the link down below or go to funnelhackingsecrets.

com block out some time today and go and watch this presentation if you’re like i want to hit two common because i just know how to get there this is the path to get here this presentation will walk you through here step one two three here’s exactly how you do it right but russell do you actually know how to do that okay literally in the last four years a thousand people have gone from i’m a startup entrepreneur too getting a two comma club award so if you wanna like how do i get the goal this presentation will give you the path the guide and like it literally is like here’s the map to take you to this goal that you want to hit okay so go and get the map right here if i can see just come register watch the presentation you will get a map of like here’s what i need to do to get to to this award right here okay um literally that’s the game plan um you might be wondering russell why is there yoda behind you okay i want to tell you a story about this yoda so this yoda was sent to me by dan henry and dan henry it was someone who was just like a lot of you guys uh when he got it came to my world like i don’t know what the funnel things are i’ve been struggling in business i’ve had no success so far he came into our world okay he uh learned these principles and he went and he’s gone on to win the two comma club two comic club acts and he’s running into two common club c he sent this to me again he said russell you have been my yoda in my life you were my guy that got me to be successful okay and so for me i want to be your yoda just like was for dan henry if you want if you need help like where do i go okay yoda i’ll be your yoda is that the cheesy analogy i don’t know we’re going to use it so i’m going to be your this is how you get it though you got to go right now to funnelhackingsecrets.

com go register for this presentation it’s completely free to register for go and watch it okay and uh the presentation will give you guys the guide the map it’ll become it’ll be your yoda to help you guys to get to your goal okay again today was amazing because we crowned our 1 000th i want a thousand a year i had to go a little while ago to get 365 a year that’s one a day i think we’re pretty close to to getting on pace with that which is insane so one person he’d do comic-con a day right why can’t one of them be you i don’t know you’re smart as the rest of them promise you that they’re not smarter they’re not better they don’t have like they’re just someone who has the path has a map and they followed it okay so like for you guys if you want to get on that that trade and have success like don’t like guess and fumble around like go and watch the presentation it’ll give you the path to get you there it’s really simple okay and i again my goal is i want to go from uh one to comic of a day that we’re rewarding um to a thousand a year which is about three three or four day so i need you guys to go watch this presentation so you can be one of our people my screen’s turning off there you go so there you go you guys funnelhackingsecrets.

com go register the webinar i will be your yoda i will take you on this journey to help get you guys to where a thousand people have already gone the trail has been blazed this is not like the impossible four minute mile like it has been broken not by one or two or three of your peers but now by officially a thousand of your peers have broken the two comma club you can do it as well you just need the map you see the guide go to funnel access.

com watch this presentation this will guide you to give you guys the steps the step-by-step process you need to be able to win an award like this in your life as well um and to end with i just want to kind of start like begin where i began with my this this was my first two common club award uh it was uh an interview i did with a guy uh i interviewed me interviewing for six hours talking about how he had grown his company and that interview sat on my hard drive for like three years i didn’t know what to do with it or how to do anything with it i had no idea and luckily i had some amazing mentors like hey you could take that you could sell i’m like how do i sell that i’m like well this is the process and they walk me through a path a very step-by-step process right it’s like a recipe i took the recipe and you know a lot of people if you came to me like russell can you bake a cake i’m like i don’t have a big cake but you give me a recipe it’s like here’s the ingredients and the order you put them in i could bake a cake it’s not that hard right it’s the same thing with this like as soon as my my mentor was like hey if you want to sell this product here’s what we do here step one two and walk me through the step-by-step process i launched it and boom that this uh i won my very first and again this is before the award was created this first time i’d ever created funnel the past two commas and uh so when we created this award i gave my i made one for myself to remind myself like this was the first time i personally it created something of enough value that i made a million dollars from it and it changed people’s lives it was amazing right and was selling this interview something that sat on my hard drive for three years because i didn’t know what to do with it okay my guess is for so many of you guys you have something you got talent you got you got a building you got a product you’ve got a service you have something that’s been sitting there gathering dust you’re like i know there’s something good here i showed what to do with it right and so that’s what i want to do like this this presentation this is the path this is like hey step one step two step three this will walk you through the path to help you know exactly what you need to do and it’s just like getting a recipe and you’re like oh that’s how you bake cake oh that’s how you want to do comic club it’s not that difficult you just follow the recipe step by step in the order that’s given if you do that at the end um that’s how you have success right and so i want to be your guys yoda on this journey the way you do that now is go to funnelhackingsecrets.

com go register for the webinar watch the class go through it you’ll be given a blueprint and game plan and you’ll know exactly what to do to be successful with that said you guys thanks for hanging out today uh down in the comments again congratulate our two uh the two two comical winners that came in yesterday that officially uh made it to our thousand to help us break the thousand personal mark again the first one was gary guerrero from lag lag shot golf um i got his clickfunnels account 74 days ago hit two comma club and uh in 74 days which is amazing um and then number two is uh kid preneur adam and matt matthew tauren um and again i’m a customer there’s which is so exciting uh they have books that helps kids to start entrepreneur uh become entrepreneurs and they launched their um they launched a company 2012.

they got clickfunnels 2014 from 2014 to october 2020 uh five years nine months they passed to comic club which is insane so congratulations all of them let them know in the comments down below how pumps you are for them and then set your attention that you are going to win a two common club you can get on stage and get awarded one of these things and then go and watch the presentation funnelhackingsecrets.

com go get the blueprint the other path and with that said you guys thanks so much for hanging out i appreciate you all i’m grateful for all of our community thank you for being part of this crazy funnel hockey movement it’s been an honor to be able to serve you guys i cannot wait for the next step to go from a thousand people total to a thousand a year um we want to keep growing this uh and get more of you guys awards because it is the most exciting thing in the world so with that said thanks you guys have an amazing day and go and watch the presentation right now funnelhackingsecrets.

com and i will see you guys over on the web class bye everybody

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