Where are your dream customers hiding?! Traffic Secrets Chapter 2

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Where are your dream customers hiding?! Traffic Secrets Chapter 2

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Where are your dream customers hiding

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets: I am live from my home reading my favorite parts from chapter 2 of my new Traffic Secrets book! I’ll be sharing about how to find your dream customers are congregating. Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Bunch of amazing things

Out traffic secrets and the book and how you traffic to your funnels and a bunch of other amazing things I hope he has enjoyed the last few days we’ve had a fun time to go through some things from the books and the concepts so far like well over ten thousand you guys have ordered the book which is amazing I think it’s like three or four thousand you guys have bought the audiobook loosely the episode order form bumps which I’m super grateful for because I spent three days locked down in a recording studio recording that for you guys so thank you for for making that time not a waste of my it’s crazy for those who never been audiobook you literally you have headphones on you’re reading

the book and there’s someone listening to everything if you messed up it to stop they go back and go get it they started messing stop they have to read it all I did all three books over seven days it was a nightmare being stuck by this and you can’t move while you’re talking and and you can’t mess up you keep your energy high for like eight hours a day it’s really really hard but they’re over 6,700 cuts where I messed up me to go back and fix the fix and fix to fix to read all three books dot-com extra traffic so anyway and I forgot a dozen or so gears mess to be seen you

listen the entire audiobook already which is crazy to be three days to read you listen to in a day which is I don’t makes me happy also people said the hard thing is that you can’t listen to X speed because it’s already at like a tech speed because that’s how that’s how you get russell brunson I only come in 8x you know anyway we just gotta fund though but anyway it’s top secret audio book is the the order form bump and then by the way I don’t know probably 200 of you guys and message me on Instagram like how do I get the box that like okay when you buy the book gonna

let you go but you go by the traffic Sears book and the upsells like hid you want the entire Seekers trilogy and if you say yes then we’ll ship the whole thing I’m a fit do you say no then you don’t get the whole thing um anyway so the that’s coming there and the other thing is that well the episodes is the audiobooks for all three so if you want to geek out during this this quarantine time and listen to all three the audiobooks that may or may not be that may be an opera opportunity but you gotta go check out the funneled even know so you go to traffic seekers calm you’ll get a free copy of the traffic secrets book the order horn bumps like you want the audio yeah yes I want the audio book

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Seekers book

booming at the audiobook next up sells like hey do you want the entire box set because you’d be crazy not to like yeah the box thing say yes it’s like you all saw the audiobook in the Box agree yes so that’s how it works anyway I hope you enjoyed the funnel like I wish so people buy slow because it’s fun to go through the process and see what we did alright so today hopefully it’s worse a little better yesterday my Instagram is muffled hopefully doesn’t hear me and and then my facebook / youtube video camera crashed nine minutes Incas let me try to call me so I’ve locked out all these things this is my own personal studio out of my quarantine time make sure this is all gonna work for you guys

hopefully it’s working today hopefully you hear me hopefully nobody calls through I tried to block everybody just hanging out and have some fun this video behind me is traffic seekers Comcare what is that what are you saying on that video Russell you can just click on the button and you can watch it so anyway every said we’re gonna move on I literally just said you get the entire boxes so the only way to get a box right now is you go to traffic Cedars calm you buy the book and I say bye loosely because it’s pretty use cover shipping handling so it’s 995 us or 910 five

international these ship on May 5th so there’s a little bit delay because the way the publishers work is you you yeah the way the publish work you that publishing dates May 5th we had rolling out earlier anyway long story but but the books that’s we give the book and then the audiobook you can get a media access you sequence do today and then the box set is the first upsells to throw it up into the box set I wish I highly recommend this is like this is my life work is this crazy like people say sometimes like this is my life’s work I glue this is my life’s work it’s all here it’s in the.com

Seekers book it’s all my life’s work about how to build funnels this is the new hard bound updated version there’s over 30,000 new work this actually is more than that this book started at 58 thousand words I ended deleting a deleted price 20 25 30 thousand words and end up over 90,000 expertise same thing is started at sixty thousand I think it deleted I had to leave it 20 something thousand words and then end up in over 90 that I’m almost I knew this was like 90 almost 90,000 and traffic secrets is like ninety four thousand so these are this is my life work it’s updated they all work together when you get these out highly recommend going over our listen dot-com series first

then expert than traffic if you read these in the past they’ve all been updated their all-new like this is five years worth of experience weary woven back into the books that’s all anyway so there you go there’s a picture of the box set but it’s gonna be awesome so today what I want to do I’m going to go back through traffic secrets all right travesty goes and we’re gonna go dive deeper so I’ve been reading parts of this telling stories in this book over the last couple days I’m like II hope you guys enjoying this if you’re liking this let me know one comes down below I’m enjoying doing it

and I’m gonna keep doing it if you guys like unless say this is horrible Russell that’s what the book of the audiobook I can I can stop but I’m enjoying this I’m in quarantine anyway so might as well hang out with my friends talking about my new book so alright so if you go through this the first video I talked about the preface preface under I say that and I talked about how there’s a storm coming and it’s crazy like surprises book two years ago that who did how I would never know that we would launch this in the middle of this epidemic where you know we’re all stay at home we’re all quarantine and businesses are failing left right now because of just anyway I’m not gonna go deep into this it’s a scary scary time and like your ability to get customers in the door and I just like crappy customers but your

dream customers it has everything to do with your business if the survivor doesn’t right this is literally your life preserver I’m throwing it to you right now for you to master because this is gonna keep fuel traffic people coming into your business right now and in a couple months now and the corn cans with needs are shifted I’ll give you the thrive to regrow your businesses like all the things happen but like this is this nice like moment you have to go there and I can master these principles to really understand so literally the introductions called there’s a storm coming and now we’re in the middle of storm so I can say I’m calling my shot at calling the future but just kidding all right so that was the the first end and then we did the book launch and in that day I talked about chapter one who is your dream

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Social Media Platform

customer we talked about away from pleasure towards pain no away from paying towards pleasure then yesterday we started talking about the searcher and the scroller understand the two differences in between customer how they searching they scrolling and which networks are different right about searching how it’s how it’s like Google YouTube Cora all the search platforms then the social platforms are you doing interruption marketing like Facebook Instagram also YouTube YouTube both are just kind of fun do that understand the differences because the way we

structure our funnels and our ads are different based on this interruption versus versus search now today you’re moving into secret number two where are they hiding what where are you hiding okay so if secret one’s all about figure out who is your dream customer seek remember to strive where are these people actually congregating were they hiding where they ad online and so that’s when we kind of go into into here to talk about and I’m gonna I’m gonna read part you guys get my read a little bit of this I don’t know I don’t have to you want me to read it in

comments take reading Russell read some of the book because I could tell you the story Barry wrote it as like a memory part here we go secret – where are they hiding one day in college I knew I was supposed to be doing homework but my ADHD mind couldn’t take it anymore I had to stop writing even if it was just for a few minutes I looked around and make sure no one else was look was looking and then open up a new towel tab on my browser I started typing wwm at calm and then within seconds I was taken to a new universe a universe occupied by hundreds

of thousands of wrestlers just like me all around the world this was our playground where we could talk about wrestling post pictures and videos and debate about who was gonna win every match happening in the next big tournament I read a few articles and watched a video showing a new way to finish a single a takedown afterwards I went to the forums oh how I love the forums who’s better Dan Gable his prime work else Anderson now so I’m gonna just posted of course I had an opinion and it took everything I had to not spend the next 90 minutes writing my

thoughtful response about how who shrunk kale down to Dan size and took him in a time machine back to the 70s ken would have destroyed an head-to-head but I knew I couldn’t my paper was due the next day and I was locked at a lot to win study hall hotel was done angrily I closed down the tab and sat back in my chair to stretch before I made the trip back to reality as I was leaning back I started looking at my other wrestling friends who were locked away in study hall with me because of our bad grades as they glanced toward our 100 333 pounder I know it’s a smile on his

face what what could he be he be smiling down study hall as I shifted my gaze from his face to his monitor I saw it he was also on the mat calm and he was writing his comments on why he thought Dan would actually be kale then looking the other wrestlers in the room I decided I had to know what they were doing faking like I had to go to the bathroom I stood up and started to walk past their desk I looked at 157 pounders screen yep he was looking at the mat com2 170 pounder the mat come what about a heavyweight he had to be actually doing his homework right nope

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Bruce Baumgartner

he was also on the mat calm as I passed his computer I quickly read his forum reply that Bruce Baumgartner 2-time Olympic heavyweight champ and four-time Olympic medalist would be both Dan and kale at the same time what was he crazy there’s no way to kill what a loser Bruce and that’s when it hit me the matcom was our little corner of the internet all the wrestlers in study hall were congregated on that website talking about wrestling but we weren’t the only ones wrestlers and other colleges across the country along with high school wrestlers and their parents were on the website too all around the world hundreds of thousands of people were all together in this one spot to talk about

the topic that we loved most wrestling honestly this is the real power of the Internet is allowed us to connect with like-minded people in a way that wasn’t possible before it allowed each of us with our unique and sometimes weird hobbies and interests to congregate with our people to discuss the things that meant them the most to us I’m gonna stop but do you think that you excited ha Obed switch but I have a lot of I have a lot of stories and spoke about that but that is that is the power of congregations so you have to understand see grammar one we’ve identified who is argent customer and in the book I go through bunch of exercises to go deep into that that to know who they are right

then DFT I know where these people hanging out Matt that’s the real power of the Internet right we fear who our dream customer or if they’re where they’re congregating our job that figure ok here they are here’s all the wrestlers in the world are on these websites if you’re in fitness here’s all the things people are reading these blogs but on these email newsletters they’re watch the fall in this person and again from Facebook right now if you’re into cooking who are like where are the people interested in cooking where they already congregate where our jobs markers not to go

generate traffic right people people I was like I need to I need to create traffic you know you don’t need to create traffic traffic sorry there people are they very con grating based on what they’re interested in your job is figure out where are those congregations and I need to come out there I got throw out my hooks in those congregations right so if I figure there’s a hundred thousand wrestlers here I’m selling rustling products what I do I come over set to that congregation I throw a hook in and I try to grab those people out of that in fact I have a cool immature isn’t super

limited doodle I’m a doodler so you know that’s what I do that’s in fact the traffic secrets book think has more Google’s per pages than any my other books but you can check out this is the doodle I did for this so here’s the world right and throughout the world there’s random people who are interesting atopic all around the world and they’re all calm they’re all congregating together and one in a spot right so throw all the wrestlers in the world at all Carnegie on the mat calm all the internet marketers in one spot all the tennis players are someone all the people in health and

fitness all the people who are all people who are interested in whatever you do cooking cleaning legal advice whatever like whatever your thing is Evers got different thing right whatever your thing is all people are there and I’ll car gate a certain website so your job is the marketer here it’s not to go create traffic I come here I trying to drum up business right you go to the marketplace right this is the marketplace for your people they’re all hanging out already Steven Larson time later the book we talk more about this and he talked about people think that that the market is

their dream customers like no no the the markets not your doing customer the market is is where the dream customer goes right so that your wake up in the morning and sorry some of course course amazed I was that try call in the middle face book live all right all right Instagram I came back some tried to call but you don’t go to you don’t go to like the markets not the person you go to the market right like if I want to take my family go to market we we we’re good room customers we wake up we drive to the market we’re there right it’s in the egg this is the market so

you’re people are all going to okay so you got feel where is your market and then you as a marketer you go to the market you throw in your hook and you grab those people and pull min to your funnels and take them through your process right and even writer which hopes we can work see bunch hooks you’re throwing two hooks in here a few god this is the hook that grabs these people would pull them in and then we go and we can serve them through our funnels okay so that’s the big secret understand who’s your dream customers and where they hang out after figure

where they’re hanging out there’s go figure how do I get their attention like what do I do to throw hooks right we talked yesterday about about interruption marketing right so if I know that I came my dream people they’re interested in business they’re on Facebook right now so I know I can target their interest like people interesting business or people interested in tony robbins whoever i figure who might dream castle where they passionate about they were interested in then i go to facebook i go to youtube or i go to in street or wherever I’m trying to go interrupt

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – How to get more traffic

the Matt okay they’re all hanging out you’re talking about the thing I’m interrupt them I’m gonna throw my hooks in there and if I do that right you talked about this yesterday if I do that throw my hook and I give their attention just for a moment right just long enough like a story to build up receive value what I have to offer and then I offer them the thing that’s the magic you guys this game becomes really fun me start understanding the principles it’s not difficult I was tense people think oh this is complicated hard or whatever it’s like no it’s really simple traffic is simple

and you understand all this is really becoming super hyper clear on who your drink customers that’s all a chapter one here in the book is all about who is your dream customer and there’s number two is now I know who they are where are they congregating where are they already hanging out okay again I’m out trying to create traffic and I feel where’s traffic already at where they already congregating where they already hanging out at okay where’s the marketplaces that are already there and we go find those marketplaces I’m gonna drive to them I’m gonna throw my hooks out

trade get their attention just long enough I can tell them a story after tell a story in the cold the stories increase the perceived value where I’m selling and then I make them the offer that is the game that is the game that we are playing some Josh said what’s the advice for your 24 old looking to get in business stepper one you need to understand business I’ll go get the book read it master it learn it apply it after you read the book I would go find somebody else’s business and work for free for them and apply these principles go drive traffic for him and like prove you know he’s talking about after you’ve done that and you’ve got some success for someone that you go say hey I

read this book I know how to get traffic I had a traffic for this guy for free he’s blowing up his business right now even the middle of this economic downturn cuz these principles work in a up economy and a down economy then go and I tell sometimes like I do someone else I would love to search for you and start doing services initially okay if you know anywhere to start like start by by mastering the skills near and do service I wrote the dot-com secrets book and people from around the world learn these processes and some applied in their own business and some who didn’t know what to do yet took these to start applying to other people’s businesses they came to begin funnel builders and

he came things like that we had an event last summer called unlock the secret so it was a family but with a lot of kids and things like that and women guys they’re no lens it was I think 12 or 13 at the time came and spoke is that I read the dot-com seekers book oh this in your podcast and I started doing photos for other people and I asked him I said how much do you charge people for fun to build the funnel from right now he said you should charge $25,000 but I stopped because I had so much business he’s like now I only build funnels for equity I’m like you’re a 13 year old kid you only build funnels for equity for crying out loud and how did Noah do it he read the dot-coms book Smashville

I’ve got plenty now who read the expert secrets book and masters storytelling and now their agencies help people build stories okay 13 people to read the traffic secrets book they master and start agents so if you know where to start yet learn the principles master them understand them and then do them for other people okay if you have a business learn them and mash them and do them for yourself I don’t care the principles work whether you’re a business somebody else’s but now is the time to learn it so who’s asking what’s in the unlock the secrets book you have to find out I’ll give you him has to do something amazing anyway so there’s some hints about section number two here see

grammar tomb I think if I’m ever going deeper today we shouldn’t customer were they hiding yeah I’ll go deeper tomorrow too yeah these chapters along there’s a lot of cool stuff I did tons of doodles as you can see in here so I will wrap it for today tomorrow we’re gonna start talking about now who’s your dream customer already carving tomorrow we’re going into the next concept which is called 100 if some he has no think you know what that means i’ma tell you what actually means we’re gonna walk to that tomorrow so it’ll be fun anyway if you guys have a copy of your book yet it is time okay they’re flying off the shelves they’re free use cover the shipping handling their traffic

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Lot of Bonuses!

seekers calm and you can go get it on top of that there’s a bunch of amazing insane bonuses in fact I wish I could scroll down my computer back here if you scroll down there’s some crazy bonuses there’s an hour-long presentation I did for knocking live teaching about traffic secrets you that immediately start watching it there’s a video that from Prince EA the man who had over that over three billion views on the videos his presentations one of the bonuses there oh sure yeah I make videos go viral paying Joon who did a presentation for Nike lied about how he spends a

weekend and builds all of he’s in the process since weekend record a bunch of videos and that is all the the the assets used to drive traffic from every platform his presentations in there a bunch of bonus for things like four or five hours of bonus presentations you get immediately the second you get the book I could easily sell each those for 90 so I’m about to buy themselves you can for free when you get the book for free so it’s like if you if you ain’t free then don’t get the bug but if you like free you should go to traffic seekers calm and get your copy of the book and then pretend you guys who are like I want to I want to get this into my head today abort the audiobook this book doesn’t shape to

make v because we’re going through an amazing publisher Hay House and the pub date name is Everton book for there’s a pub date pub date is May 5th two days ago March 17 was Dave’s first loud talk about this to start doing pre-orders and May 5th is the day ship so we’re in pre-order phase right now but the good news is I spent three days in a studio reading this entire book and the audio book is available right now so you can go and get it today as the order form bumps when you get a free book if you want to upgrade you get the audio book and start listen to it right now

and you can dump all this info into your brain without waiting any longer so anyway that’s kind of fun I hope you enjoy this those guys who are in quarantine go get this stuff and you got something to study with your wife and your kids and your family your spouse your significant other whatever it is your business partners you can go start watch this stuff right now and start understandings principals now there’s there’s this weird time where the nation in the world is all pausing for a second and you can pause and go Netflix and chill or you can stop and use this time to get this information to your brain so you can master so that when the economy we have this chance to serve go start go

and fill out again in the economy you’ll be able to succeed so now is the time you guys okay someone said you think the book is free yes so my hard cost of these books is a lot I paid for the entire cost I have to pay a shipping house to ship them so there’s people who take them they put in the box they put the potions in the the postman takes these things they do the process and if some guy walks to your house and delivers it so you got to cover those costs I cut I cover the cost for printing this book I paid for it is three hundred and it’s a big book three hundred twenty seven pages so I paid for that you do have to shoot me now because I’m not gonna do everything for you if you’re not

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Get Your Copy Now!

willing to pay for someone to come hand-deliver it to your house to not know you’re at business for you you’re gonna struggle in all things in life especially running a business so but if you want to pay ten bucks to get this thing hand-delivered your house from the US postal office there you go all you do is go traffic seekers calm and get your copy now anyway that said you guys I appreciate you all thank you so much for everything you guys are awesome and I’m having so much fun sharing these traffic stickers with you guys now is the time to double down master the skill learn it understand it for yourself for other people’s business whatever it is like this is a skill set you master this and

understand it and learn it it’ll serve you for the rest of your life no matter what business you are in ok we always say the people they can drive traffic in a business or the rainmakers they can make it rain you can make it rain you can write your own paycheck the rest your life whether it be your own business and you go in there you make it rain for your own business or you do it for other people’s businesses ok the rain makers are the ones who can do anything you know they they set their own paychecks they negotiate like the person can come to business hey your business is

struggling I can turn the rain okay and like well how much does it cost like I just want 20% your business like I can’t do that well you’re gonna go under otherwise ok well make it rain you can make it rain you get equity and companies like like the skill set it will be the most valuable thing you can learn and you’re getting it for $10 of shipping and handling this is a 15 years of my life work about everything about I get traffic and it’s all here for you guys today so anyway I appreciate you guys go trap seats are calm get it oh and if you want again the order corn bump you me the audiobooks are listening today the upsell is this entire huge box set or if you want you to get the dot-com seekers

Clickfunnels™ Traffic Secrets – Unlock The Secrets Workbook!

expert seekers traffic seekers book and the unlock the secrets workbook to go with it for those you don’t gonna know doc I’m secrets is the first book I wrote this is uh in fact if you look at ah subtitles subtitles can help you understand with how they all work together dot-com secrets is the underground playbook for growing a company online with sales funnels okay this is new updated hard bound version it’s like almost twice as big as the original version and the only place with hard numbers right now is as the upsell it job seekers calm number two is expert secrets which is the

underground playbook for converting your online visitors and lifelong customers so this one’s how to build funnels this is how to communicate to people when they come to your funnels okay you notice all my pages there’s videos there’s presentations there’s things are happening there’s ads that are there have a how do you communicate how do you use persuasion how do you match their story selling things like that that’s what this books all about number two it’s not about how you gonna say some speak for a million people this is about how to master your message and

putting it on your online platform aka your funnel so now I build upon those and communicate inside the funnels and then number three here is how to get traffic or people into those funnels into said funnels so these three work hand-in-hand to help you to grow a company which one’s my favorite they’re all my favorite I bled blood sweat and tears to get me see to you this is 15 16 16 17 years of my life’s work all put into here and then unlock the secrets is your underground playbook for speed your company to do comic Levin beyond this is a workbook that’ll go with the

other books as you are going through em seekers you’re gonna be showing out the blanks and getting all the stuff here as you’re going to expert seek you should be filling out the blanks and this will become your workbook for your business okay so as you’re learning these concepts these principles this becomes where you documented writing down your thoughts your ideas it’s become your playbook for you to be able to go and dominate and take over the world whatever world it is that you are serving your business your people so there you go there’s the box set and be

again be ship may 5th but you can you can pre-order right now at traffic stickers calm to get the book the only way to get the box set right now is the upsell inside of the books to go traps each icon get the book upgrade to the secrets box all this entire distinguish it make fit but the audio books available now plus there’s insane bonuses is like five hours of video bonuses just going to get the book and a bunch of other cool things so now is the time my friends um yeah

you can get the audio book yes some side prefer are do I listen to yes you got a book right now but you gotta go travel see you so icon to get it so alright guys that’s all I got for day I’ll be back tomorrow to share with you guys more from secret number two which is all about the dream 100 which is next step in this process so thanks you guys preciate you all have an amazing day and we’ll talk to

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