Where Are Your Dream Customer Hiding?! Traffic Secrets Chapter 2

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Where Are Your Dream Customers Hiding?! Traffic Secrets Chapter 2

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Traffic Secrets

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: I am live from my home reading my favorite parts from chapter 2 of my new Traffic Secrets book! In this video, I am sharing more about how to find your dream customers are congregating. Trust me, it’s easier than you think! 

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Funnel Hackers

At ClickFunnels, we are so excited to launch the last book in Russell Brunson’s “Secrets Series.” We want all of you as funnel hackers to get as much out of this book as you can. We know that you will LOVE this newest installment and hope that it will help you take your sales funnels to the next level.

Now on Instagram Facebook YouTube I think we’re all over the place so appreciate you guys hanging out with me today and I hope you’ve enjoyed this traffic secrets book watch this been going on this whole week I know a lot of guys in quarantine right now and you were bored out your mind you’re trying to figure out what to do some you guys are stressed out beyond all belief I get it some guys are like this is dumb.

Why are we even worrying and I get it as well so there’s a lot of chaos right now in the world and the only we can control is our mindset and things were focusing on things are putting into our brain and so I keep choosing to try to put my mind focusing on things I can that can affect things I can change which really is you know this is probably one of if not the best personal development weeks for all of us in the world which is exciting so all right really quick before I jump into reading some more of the book today it’s interesting we just did our our clickfunnels meeting and today we had the Hyatt Orsini yesterday so yesterday the highest number of people log into clickfunnels ever it’s like more than double what happens.

On a normal day which means this is literally like the season of funnel building okay yes you’re a home you got the chance right now to finally create there’s always excuses like I can’t build a funnel because of this because of this I’m too busy I got this I got there’s always like for some reason people always have this we called the mañana principle like oh tomorrow mañana tomorrow I’ll do it tomorrow.

I’ll do it okay well I want to do I want to suggest let me freeze right now okay when you take this mañana principle most of us have right I’ll do the work tomorrow I’ll do the thing tomorrow I’ll do like tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow I want you I want you to do this as an exercise to be really fun camp what you’re gonna do is the thing that you know you need to be doing that you normally put off till money on it will eat a stop and I want you to do that today okay and then the stressing that you were planning on doing today like stressing out about the coronavirus about food about toilet paper out whatever you’re stressing out only take that stress we take that’s just and when you stress about it mañana just we’re just shifting.

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Right Principles

This is an easy shift okay we’re taking we’re taking the the stuff right now that we’re normally worried about okay and now we’re shifting into Monday on it and the stuff that we normally are gonna do de mañana I like the stuff that’s actually important about building our life building our business building our family we’re gonna sleep to know today case you’re shifting the money on a principle okay do us can do that it’s gonna be amazing for you cake is number one you’re not gonna be stressed out because you’re me stress today and on time right now.

I’m busy building funnels tomorrow I will worry about the stress and then today you can get back to work okay and what’s cool about that if you do that if you do it today can save you all of Friday all today to go to the works build a crate builder read build study dealer never the thing is that you’ve been procrastinating on chance to finally do today okay and all the stress you’ve been like tonight sitting on the last week you will tell them are only make up I’ll read about tomorrow I could all right and then ashes up like will you survive today is your family good okay you got food for today sweet worried about tomorrow

Let’s get back to work and then what’s gonna be cool is tomorrow I’m gonna suggest you the same thing move it tell mañana and get back to work okay so there you go there’s my Nana principle in a way who actually serve you as opposed to hurting you but again we had more than double as many people in blogging click phones yesterday than we’ve ever had okay which means it’s the season right now the season the bill funnel season to build hope season to start preparing you building your foundation.

Because this season is gonna pass okay and the people who let the who who who aren’t like frozen by fear in the season okay when they come out of it they’re gonna have a chance to be able to go and create and do some amazing things so I wanna make sure you guys aren’t freezing during the season of fear okay weird out of tomorrow mañana right now get back to work folks so stuff you can control things you can create and you can do because the season will end and I know there’s gonna be two weeks from now two months now to your so no it does not matter okay it’s gonna end and the people who have been preparing during the season.

Who’ve been planting the seeds right now with the ones who reap harvest so now is having plant seeds so what that means knew two things number one if you haven’t got a traffic seekers book yet go and get it this is the seeds you need to get to build a master traffic number two this right here is funnel flakes cab now funnel flicks is an amazing tool I’ve license I’m just twenty six hundred videos than that okay all of the courses I learn from as I was learning this game I went to all those people.

I said your courses were the best that I ever went through can i license them from you and i paid them a small fortune i think over a million dollars to foreign licensing fees because I wanted to be Netflix for entrepreneurs so we entered the street horse launch funnel flags and slide and right now we have a really cool things this weekend it’s called the funnel flicks premiere week where you have funnel flexkom right now you uh and you put your email address in there and you get these four videos one two three four I eat state unlocks one so you’ll give this one immediately.

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Preparing season

The first one is Frank Kern if you’re afraid courtesy is one of the oh geez of internet marketing we hadn’t speak of fun hiking live we didn’t tell anybody he was coming he was top secret and then in the middle he had this whole funnel fix presentation we had him come down and like bang on the the thing and it opened up and Frank came out and delivered a message it was insanely good and people people went nuts it was like standing ovations screaming like it was as close to like what a rockstar feel like in our world is like if you can imagine that I can Majan your biggest rock star coming out and like all the people like that’s what happened and we captured it for you and you can go watch that presentation right now well not right now wait till this is over then watch it this weekend and then if you like Frank stuff I license every.

I think almost like 13 or 14 Frank’s courses almost everything’s ever published it’s all soon final flicks now if your funnel flicks remember you can geek out a break this weekend and get excited it’s all in there from like anyway all his best stuff’s in there which is exciting so funnel flicks calm so this is traffic seekers calm and then go get your book get the audiobooks go start listening getting prepared there and then over here is funnel flicks calm as well so that’s the game plan all right you guys ready is everything is mañana principle in place you’ve taken all your stress your fears you move until tomorrow we’re about tomorrow.

Today you’re focusing on planting seeds for your future you guys cool with that all right the rates are planting seeds for future let’s go so what I’m gonna do right now Oh back to the trap of seekers book oh this has been so much fun you guys so Travis Seekers book how do you guys have pumped about getting his book I know we’ve sold I don’t know and like 10,000 the first day I don’t know my work right now but we’re selling tons II so I know most you guys have got if you don’t have for some reason now is the time go to funnel or go to big speakers calm okay I’m gonna repeat so we’ve gone through a lot of stuff in the book together if you’ve been watching these videos each day first they talked about the preface preface and have you say that all about there’s a storm coming and right now we’re living in the middle of storm I wrote this like a year and a half ago this part is crazy that now we’re sitting in like the eye of the storm so there you go like I don’t know.

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Mindset Ship

how I could time this is any better so introduction a storm coming when I talked about that no talk about we did two days on seat number one which was who is your dream customer okay there’s a lot of stuff in this chapter things I talked about with you guys are figuring out are your customers trying to move away from pain or towards pleasure understanding that and we talked about the difference between searcher and the scroller and the mindset ship and what they’re doing in and how we structure things differently based on who they are now secret Melun okay and figured out who is our dream customer gegia understand them at a deep level then secret number two we talked about is now we know who those people are where they actually hiding online.

Where they congregating how can we find them and we talked about how basically our job then look at this picture here was all about finding where are you where in the world you people are where they congregate online and then from there we go we gotta figure out our hooks throw in there to grab them pull them into our funnels which is kind of cool alright and then today we’re still in secret number two today we’re moving on to a concept called the dream 100 all right happy hasn’t heard me talk about dream 100 before I’ve been preaching this for quite a long time so hopefully you guys have heard me talk about his fourth and what’s somes asked me to my camera out I can’t because I’m a home quarantine by myself so I’m doing spy myself I get all this backwards I get my little my kids come holding here then be like anyway be chaos.

So alright so in in here after so getting first step traffic is knowing who that getting deep understanding who does you want who your customers are there were to where they congregating where they hanging out right and then number three is understanding okay who are the people that are already congregating these these people okay a lot of times we think that we have to go and create traffic for fact one of my first mentors I’ve had so many mentors over the year one of them was a guy named Stephen Pierce and I’ve never Stephen Pierce saying something in event I was at he said he said people always seem to have to create traffic he’s like you don’t to create traffic Travis are you there

you said field where it’s at and then you tap into it and I was like one of those big like aha moments for me cuz I was trying to create traffic right and so when I understood that okay I’m not gonna create rap I got fine without what we’re and this comes back to what we talked about yesterday which is like Danny’s pockets I were the blog’s that might dream customers read what are the Facebook groups are and what are the influencers they follow what keywords they search for on Google what blogs Lee I think it’s a bug but podcasts they listen to like figure out where these pockets of customers right this way they got a we got a we got to understand that and so that’s that’s the first steps in the second step in this process is like well who’s already who’s already congregated these people there’s

people have been doing this game for a long time while longer than you but longer than me right they’ve already self congregate these people so I just kinda feel like where are these congregations at if I can figure out those congregations rad then I can tap into him right and so that’s where we get this concept called the dream 100 and I learned this originally from from a guy named Chet Holmes I had a chance to hang out shed a bunch of times he wrote the book the old hood cells machine which is an amazing book she had passed away a few years ago but someone I’ve had ton respect for had chance actually 10 years ago Tony Robbins event in Fiji I was there me and Chad both spoke with hanging out a lot anyway but in Chet’s book heroes concept called dream 100 and what the dream 100 is he talked about it he worked for Charlie Munger who’s Berkshire hawk but Hathaway was today

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Charlie Warren

Charlie Warren Buffett’s business partner in one of his companies and chairing the this magazine I guess the time I came rather than have all the details in the book but they’re like the the last mat that the worst magazine in their industry had almost no advertisers and they have a database of like 2,500 people and they’re trying to message on these people who get to you advertising canceled he couldn’t do it so check him in he’s like hey this is too hard for us to go off all those people say who were who are the people our industry to buy the majority of the ads cuz we found hey it’s like 30 people think hey maybe 100 I know but there’s a group of people a small group right to buy all the ads and our industry said it said marketing to all 2,500 or 25,000 or how many were there was just target the ones

that have the most amount of money so we built up a list and he started doing what he called pigheaded discipline PhD where he would start messaging so every week he’d send them something in the mail and then two weeks later common phone and send something they’ll call my phone something something I’ll call on the phone right the decision-makers who could who could you could move the needle for me they said after six months nothing six months nothing happened and he was like kind of frustrated but he’s got pigheaded disciplines kept doing kept doing it and within a year within like I think seven months he’ll add his first client it was like it was Xerox or something crazy but he signed the contract was like the biggest advertisers they’d ever had and then next Monday’s let another one I’m thirty year or two years again I’ll the the actual details are in here they’ve landed like 30 of their

dream 100 and they went from the the worst magazine in the industry to the top and it was buy by figuring out who are the people that can drive me the most and in creating our key campaign directly to them and I was interesting and then she had talked about he he wrote a screenplay for a for a movie and the same thing he’s like I wrote a screenplay I want it I want it to turn to a movie or something but I don’t how to do I’m not in Hollywood so we say we bought it I think was like a Time magazine or something it was like Hollywood’s top 100 influencers or something and he was like that’s my dream 100 so he took it it was like directors producers writers um you know whatever he took anything okay I’m gonna I’m gonna dream 100 these people so he set his script to all 100 these

people then he called him the foam and he said i’ma get the man they called him and eventually I think his leann rimes called him back loved the script got the deal pitched into the thing sold it to Hollywood and making a play out of that anyway I don’t mind all the details but that was a dream 100 so I’ve never read that in Chet’s original book and then I asked him about it I’m like there’s something here but I don’t know what it is I’m selling like so I’m selling a book I can’t dream 100 everyone in back he you should buy a copy of my free book cause it’s free at trapper seekers calm right it’s not efficient would cost me too much but then I was like wait a minute there are people on my list or the people in my world who already have congregated my dream 100 I told you I told you yesterday I gotta

figure like like what are the blogs they’re reading right so if I figure out here’s the blog they’re reading there’s a hundred thousand readers of this blog who are my dream customers wait who owns the blog who’s in charge of that blog what if I started marketing directly to that person got to know them and send them gifts Minette whatever and if they like it and then they they they make a blog post about it I might sell fifty or a hundred or thousand copies of my book right I think you might do but under Dwight what podcasts they listening to you know they wait like if someone owns a podcast and my dream customers are listening what if i market to the person who owns the

podcast what if I got that person say yes I’ll so they pull or at their podcast and I make a thousand sales overnight okay and that was where the constant between 100 was born for us and so for the last decade of my life is I’ve been doing I’m in figuring out who I got yesterday people like Russell what do you do every day all day like I spent three hours yesterday yesterday on my phone which is right here my Instagram folks are watching you live on the the device I use I spent three almost four hours yesterday contacting my dream 100 that’s it personal messages to all of them boom his Russell wants them to get his Russell hey Zeus and Hades Russell and that’s what I did for four hours yesterday dream 100 but Russell I thought your training so tons your book why were you doing Facebook ads

like there’s people doing Facebook ads but I would rather you person who who spent $100,000 like ping Jun right now you guys probably seen ads for the book right paying Jun spending tons of money right now behind Facebook ads prone in my book so I can go and buy more Facebook as myself or I can I can build a relation with paint Jun because with my dream 100 and then he promotes it and he spends a hundred thousands on own pockets so in the book like that’s a much better way to do it right I’m so for me this is the phase that I’m going my dream 100 people that blog post a new podcast interviews and send out emails soleus and all sorts of stuff okay that’s the magical

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Instagram podcasting

dream 100 so ah anyway I want you guys get the book like I it took me three days to Reese I can’t spend all three days this read the whole thing but what is to get it so when you get the book on page 41 this is a little chart I made of the dream 100 probably be backwards on these cameras but basically I do is each each platform has a facebook Instagram podcasting YouTube excuse me email with blogging Google YouTube Pinterest right so I put out the categories at each of the industries here and then going down what I do it’s okay hey whoo-hoo on Facebook is already congregated my dream 100 okay and so for me I was like well okay Tony Robbins has got 3.2 million fans

grand cardones got 2 million fans we got Prince ehave got a billion fan you know whatever and I start making lists of who all the people who’ve already congregated my dream customers who are they where are they at okay I go to Facebook I make a list as many as I can find ok then I’m like here in legal Instagram who are the influencers who have already congregated my dream 100 and I go to Instagram so right on it’s right down to names oh this person this person this person so listing out all their names then I go to podcasts okay who are the podcasters you’ve already conveyed my dream 100 I show this day all the names in the podcast people who have YouTube channels

that are already congregating my dream 100 who already have you know a million people a million subscribers I’m gonna spend the next 6 years so I’d get a million subscribers letting go the person already got a million subscribers and if I can do a deal with him or her have them making video for me boom now I’m gonna suddenly in front of the million people that fast okay you see how this works then who’s not the email list manager who’s the bloggers okay and I start making lists of all these different things and that becomes my dream 100 okay there’s some certain traffic again notice that this whole book I’ve said a single word about Facebook ads yet right everyone’s like oh nice yeah

Google ads like that comes eventually that’s like in section two in the middle but there’s all this foundational so that’s so much easier to get traffic okay when Facebook shuts you down what are you guys gonna do you gonna be freaking out like I don’t know what to do I’ll beg I’m just gonna call my dream 100 there I didn’t email s there he got a blog they had a podcast I’ll to see if I can have a podcast boom and we do that with our dream later so ah man this stuff sort of fun I could go for years about this you see if I wanna talk anything else today on this earth oh yes something Harry Jill piece okay that so um it’s funny how do you guys know Rachel Hollis if you don’t like okay last year her book was the number two selling book in the world the only one that beat it was Michelle Obama’s book J I

sure book called girl wash your face and then girl stuff apologize news book number two and Studies I’d never heard of her and then I went to this mastermind retreat and I didn’t list of all the different people and one of them was guy named Dave halls who’s Rachel’s husband and I didn’t know who he was and I met him and I met my wife that night my god I met this cool guy named Dave Hollis and she’s like Dave Hollis that Rachel’s husband I’m like I don’t know who’s Rachel and she’s like Rachel’s like the biggest thing in the world anyway so funny and so how’d she has to

meet Dave and they got to meet Rachel and really really cool but last year we were in Puerto Rico and a mastermind of him sitting around the room and ever was talking about you know that they’re things it’s funny cuz in this room like it’s like you know 20 people and like half a more New York Times best about half me I’ve got like three or four or five New York Times bestselling books and it’s just it’s kind of an intimidating room to be in right and we’re all taking talk talking and then someone start asking a question about how do they sell books and everyone’s given

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Rachel Hollis

their two cents I’m just like reading you know things a million miles a minute and then Rachel starts talking and she says something was just like boom dropped the mic so I read to you she said this recently I was at a mastermind event in Puerto Rico and I had a chance to spend time with Rachel Hollis the author of the number one New York Times bestselling bestseller girl wash your face at the time she was in the middle of launching her new book girl stop apologizing as I was in the middle of writing this book I was curious about how she had sold over a million copies of

her books I asked her for the secret to selling that many copies and she told me we asked ourselves this question what are the tribes that my women are already in what network marketing companies in the end what facebook groups what Ram channels what hashtags they follow after we identified these things we tried to figure out who our tribe who are the tribe owners of these women who do we need to become friends with anyone had over 200,000 followers we would direct message them tell them who we were and ask them if we could talk we started messaging everyone our focus was to find the tribes and then figure out the best way figure out the best ways to infiltrate them

what I said the dream 100 she did called that that’s exactly what she had done to quickly become on the best-selling authors of all time it was crazy and then going again question Trish nemi has requests nutrition quest bars so Tom bill used when the founders of quest bars who is also this mastermind group and after this I was like researching how morally he built quest to a billion a sold it for billion dollars like how did he build that company I remember watching it explode overnight and then he cashed out and I found to interview him on founder on the founder podcast and it was inch this is he tells the story said we had a very different approach that got us got a lot of people

excited not just about the product but they felt good about the way we treat them we went old-school researching several hundred health and fitness influencers then sending them handwritten letters and free samples this is all about showing an understanding of what other what others were trying to achieve and that quest was interested in helping them to connect with their audience when people are building community to have a real sense of service that community we would send them free product and just say if you like it tell your people and if you hate it tell

them that – not trying to steer people’s comments give to give us a pretty great recommendation I’m not not trying to steer people’s comments gave us a pretty great recommendation some didn’t like and said and said so but the vast majority loved it and we’re grateful we’d show an understanding of who they were what they were trying to do so they spread the word should happen Tom Belton doing Don a brand off of what wasn’t Facebook Ads wasn’t Google Ads the dream 100 Rachel Hollis became best-selling author in the world off of what the dream 100 okay that’s the

concept that chapter t as understanding who’s the gym customer where they congregating who is in charge of the congregation who’s the leader who’s the person you can infiltrate and then you got to get to those people right it’s coming down to building relationships getting to know them how can i how can i how can i serve those people okay I did a video on YouTube fact y’all go to youtube and go to you to type in Russell Brunson Tony Robbins dream 100 and there’s a videos about 10 minutes long and he’s showing the decade-long journey I did to dream 100 Tony

Robbins how I got became friends with him how I became business partners with how I got to put all my stuff he wasn’t me just like spamming but hey by my stutter you know promoting Tony it was like me for a year I’d seen a decade serving and building it relationship with him is my dream 100 and getting in infiltrating it that okay it’s a very very powerful really real strategy so it’s the key though so that’s the next thing you guys is that and you know if you have a book yet I mean you should get it it’s free so the only reason why you wouldn’t get is you must hate

money or you hate traffic or you know one of those things but you come $10 shipping handle you can get it but if you don’t get for whatever reason you still know the concept now and understanding that so what I would recommend doing find a page when you get the books on page 41 but you don’t need this book to do this just go make a make a graph like this and say okay who’s already congregating my dream customers on Facebook and start making lists those names who’s already corrugated my dream 100 on Instagram I make a list those names on

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Youtube Podcasting

podcasts on YouTube on email on blogs and find those people those are the existing congregations right and when you do that my goal would be tidy 100 people right so 10 people are you know 10 to 20 people on face but when people on Instagram 20 people on podcast I feel like you’re 20 them twenties I all these room platforms have a hundred people there’s you’re doing 100 now when you have that that becomes the people you’re marketing to those those 100 people right you might get one of those hundred people say yes you can blow up your business I’m gonna write to this exercise with the dot-com seekers book what am I dream 100 and my podcasting thing was jld John Lee

Dumas um entrepreneur pirate fire I never met I never met him yet sent a copy a book seven dream 100 packages got to know him a little bit and that just means like I loved your book on to promote it you had me on the podcast I think the first day sold like 500 copies the dot-com seekers book okay and I came off of 100 100 package right so if I know like here’s wonder people these are the people I’m marketing – I’m serving I’m getting to know them and build a relationship and I’m gonna focus on on putting in the time to get those people it’ll pay off in dividends okay so that’s the first step in the traffic seekers process is to dream 100 getting getting understand that when we were

launching clickfunnels it was interesting because I don’t I’m not coder I don’t have any technical ability so well my business partner Todd and my business partner time dealing while they were coding clickfunnels your I wouldn’t were Russell what did you do like you’re useless in equation like I know I can’t cope so what I do this is right in i sat there all night while their code messaging email than building relationships I remember I have my dream 100 buy time locks click phones was like dar dream 328 or something I don’t how many but it grown because I build all these relationships and launched click funnels we grew it it’s crazy now that you know click funnels five and a half years

ago started today we have over a hundred thousand active customers like thirty percent of you guys logged in yesterday which is crazy so thirty thousand plus people logged in yesterday to build a funnel what’s crazy is that the majority those customers came off of the following a my dream 100 the original dream 100 that I that I had set up five years ago I’ve been relentlessly getting to know that building relationships pursuing and asked them Perot things you need them to to use click funnels I’m building free funnels for tons of them like I put in the hard work by

dream 100 and on the backside of that has been you know a company that does hundreds of millions dollars here so anyway I hope that helps getting that the wheel Chad spinning that’s just um secret number two the dream 100 so alright we’re like five six days in so she hasn’t gotten through the introduction secret one secret to is been good so far you learned good stuff if you like this comment down below like that’s awesome if you like that was lame Russell I don’t need traffic I hate traffic and muddy the bike that was lame I don’t care let me know whatever way the more that you uh the more you tell me the better I know how to do these and I can keep doing feels like I’m enjoying it hopefully you are as well again here’s your call to action for you guys if you don’t have copy the book yet we’re in

pre-order right now you can get it at traffic seekers calm the books actually shipped May 5th but you can download the audio book tonight and listen to this weekend Bin’s listen and to arguing these principles into your brain the more you understand them the better latias a spent box set this is all three of my books new updated hard down versions of dot-com seekers expert seekers and traffic secrets as well as this new workbook called unlock the secrets as well the only place to get this out is the upsell so there you go when you get a copy of the book the first order form bump is the audiobooks you say yes that you get the audiobook and then if you want to get all the updated hard down versions that only way to get those is them after you buy the book we make an offer we get them all good

Clickfunnels™ Dream Customer: Listen to Audiobooks

discount that’s one way to get those I gave the box that ships may 5th but the the audiobooks are there now so you start listening ASAP that’s number one so where do i download partybot if you go back Travis you suck on this link there says log in click on you log into your members there it’s got all the bonuses the videos the like five hours of videos there as well there’s the only cool stuff you get the book for free and over here this weekend is you guys wondering what to do go binge watch some fun funnel flicks we have a premier week for free can go and you can watch frankerz presentation today for free each sale monetary presentations to eat a fall in love with funnel flicks so we’re now part of the streaming wars click funnels taking on Disney Plus and Amazon and it’s all there for you guys as well one thing I’m kind of and with I talked about this in the very beginning but those who lodged in the late as a

mañana principal and I want to just Rhys to the things to help you guys during this time of crisis so right now everyone’s stressing out right because of all the the economic turmoil and so what do we do I want you to take that stress and what you distressed about it mañana tomorrow so take that in back tomorrow we’re about today I’m focusing on planting seeds for my future tastes are planting seeds planting seeds of like reading book creating funnels building stuff making videos publishing whatever your seeds are start planting those seeds ASAP okay

because harvest is coming but if you don’t plant now you’re gonna be screwed when the harvest comes start planning your seeds right now okay and take all the stress of the corona virus or whatever you stress it up for that like tomorrow mañana will worry about that and then all of you normally do tomorrow which is the planning of the CJ oh I’ll plan tomorrow I’m gonna study tomorrow I’ll build a funnel tomorrow make it video tomorrow I’ll publish tomorrow it’s time to stop and take that to today moving that forward and we’re gonna do it right now I’m sound

good that’s the game plan you guys appreciate you all these for hanging out it’s been a fun week so far hopefully enjoying the time with your family and your loved ones make sure to prepare yourself you guys we don’t know what’s gonna happen but the best way thing you can be possibly doing right now is planting seeds for tomorrow the harvest will come if you have not planted during the season of planting you didn’t mean trouble so now is the time appreciate you guys thanks for everything go you book travel see calm then funnel flicks calm got some fun and I have a great weekend makes everybody will talk to you guys all again soon bye


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