What’s the #1 mistake ClickFunnels™ users are making?

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What’s the #1 mistake ClickFunnels™ users are making?

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all right who’s up next we got mats effects hey Russell Matt crane here got a question for you but first I love the book expert secret everybody should have a copy go get it anyway sorry back to my question what’s the number one mistake that you and your team find with those using ClickFunnels™ and how can you help them from making that mistake ever again drop the mic awesome man I love it all right so I would say there’s a lot of mistakes people make and we’re trying wack you have a new funnel hacker cookbook coming out soon to a funnel near you to help make this process even easier but that’s besides the point for today um and I I feel like part of it’s my fault so when we first came out ClickFunnels™ to talk about clicks we talked about funnels we built this book called doc on secret talk about funnels like everyone got good at like funnel structure and every became final consultants is like new structure funnels like a page one it should be this page two and they structurally build the right funnel and then they plug in the person’s products and then they launch it and then it doesn’t make any money I had some investor to me today and the right hey so do use let me know like what procs in China I need to buy I plug them two funnels they make some money Mel invest in your coaching that’s like oh dear me again so the biggest problem people make is this not the funnel like the funnel is important right that’s like saying that’s like saying I know it’s like saying it’s like saying you have a retail store and there’s a bunch of really cool banner strategically located that get something come in go to the products you want to come to the front desk that’s cool but there’s not like if there’s not like the message like that that’s the key I get to understand the market so like if you want to be successful in this business or any business like you have to do your homework it to understand really really really really well who your customer is what they want what their desires are what keeps them up at night what are their fears and they need to understand how to communicate to those people that’s why I wrote book number two which you talked about expert secrets because that’s talking about like communication and and presenting and things like that how to how to like structure ideas in the right way and your how to make an offer versus just selling a product and how to tell stories all those kind of things I tell people all times like dot-com secrets is like the science of how to build the funnel and an expert secrets is the art a lot of people struggle its business because they either really good at science or they’re really good the art okay and the realities get to have both it’s not just as if it’s just science and anybody could plug in any product any funnel to make money if it was just art then anyone who’s crazy because making money it’s not there’s just the two pieces of the art and the science and so I need a mistake you make is they’re either really artsy or they’re really scientific and they do one or the other and they fail because of that it takes both and so what I would say is if you’re like a nerdy like science person like partner with somebody who’s the expert who can be like who can do the art if you’re really artsy fartsy find a funnel consultant to do the funnel part and like it’s understanding art and science the weave together is what makes this business work and what’s makes funnels work and what makes product sell and so that’s like a left-brain right-brain thing it’s a lot of times it’s hard to do both some people got it but if you don’t have it just realize like my right brain in my left brain I had when my first mentors alex mandossian he told me he says that in every business there’s two types of people they’re starters and there’s finishers you have to figure out who you are and find the other person I don’t say the same thing is true with this like like you’re either going to be really creative or you be really analytical and and so surround yourself with the other ones okay a really good example that I’m a creative like creating stuff guess what I stresses me out scares me more than anything on planet Earth this thing called Excel he super bad I hate numbers and metrics and uh but see this guy here is named John Oh John I’m scalp one to ten how much you love Excel it’s like eleven I go to sleep with it and I I’m late that was awkward really awkward so john loves excel and numbers and metrics so john kessler he does for us he runs over metrics and our numbers like ads and like all that kind of stuff i I can’t do that like I called in the Facebook people to think like Russell you really good running Facebook Ads I’m like do you honestly think I’ve ever logged into the ad platform and the answer is yes one time I click the button and it popped up and all these numbers I was like oh and I closed it and I’m grateful for John to do that for me because like because I’m like the creative not the the numbers and so figuring it out and understand who you are being okay with that and then don’t go try like okay I’m going to learn Excel because like that doesn’t work like this Gary Vaynerchuk right double down on your strengths triple down on your strengths and find people who compliment the other pieces and that is what I would say so I’m good drop it one more marketing secret if sold and go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets you can get a free copy at experts stickers calm and book number two is called calm secret and you get your free copy at calm secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non VC vac fast startup company in the world

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Today’s Question: What’s the #1 mistake ClickFunnels™ users are making?

What’s the #1 mistake you and your team find with those using ClickFunnels™? And how can you help them from making that mistake ever again?

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What’s the #1 mistake ClickFunnels™ users are making?

What’s the #1 mistake ClickFunnels™ users are making?