What is the one thing that made your business explode?

What is the one thing that made your business explode?

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Clickfunnels™  Business: You’re always talking about the “ONE Thing.” So I wanted to know what the ONE Thing was you can say made your business explode? Also, what is the one thing as far as your personal characteristics that you feed into your business that made it take off?

Clickfunnels™ Business: Most business owners use it

doesn’t feel faster alright hey Russell you’re always talking about the one thing so I wanted to know what the one thing was youth can say major business explode also what is the one thing as far as your personal characteristics that make you you that you feed into your business that made it take off Thanks I’m gonna say it’s two things as always talk about so the two things that you need to take again the swimming on fear is I know that are in like six figures

you have six-figure range that’s fine that is awesome but it’s interesting like it really six figures and seven figures and seven and eight is not you spending more time working essentially it sits under it’s like being strategic about how you’re working and so the first phase for me again when I launch any of my businesses are all entrepreneurs directly the first phase is figuring out what and Halleck what are you selling how you saw it we gotta figure identify that some

people get that fast some takes a long time took me a few years to figure out my what in my house and so but soon as you figure that out then it like it slows up really fast you just like oh my gosh I am selling this product and it it I found out it’s converting through webinar and that’s it or I fish so this product we’re selling on the phones I’m selling this product and we’re you know like you figure out what and how then it’s so easy to scale can you just turning it

turning the heat up but for most people they never fear that out in those so the hustling and selling over there so this they’re not getting something it’s like consistent because they may know what their sons know how to sell it’s like let’s say they’re selling this really good product or they don’t how to sell so that I trying this in a couple sell to try this they’re jumping from thing to thing the platform the platform’s the Aeons just like they never get more than like you

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know six figures or so in there kind of stuck at that spot because you haven’t forgot one now so you’d identify that then boom it takes off so that’s the one thing and then number two is the characteristic that makes you successful a lot of important characteristics but probably that the best one is understanding that you don’t have all the skills you need to make this work I am NOT Superman I’m only going to like one thing welcome that one thing is getting a whole bunch of really good people together to create something amazing so like that’s I think the biggest skill is being

very self-aware like I’m really good at jumping on a mic yelling dropping it but I can’t actually focus for more than 30 seconds or whatever your thing is right so I need to find someone focus one of my first mentors alex mandossian he told me said every business needs a starter and finisher figure out who you are and to find the other person and partner with them it’s true like I’m I’m a great starter I suck at finishing things okay if anything I think I’m not

technical so I don’t know how to I need a techie personally so it’s identifying what you’re good at and being aware of that and then finding a team of people you can bring in employees could be partners to be whatever bringing the right people that compliment what you do and then any way you can go together and that’s probably the most important skill because everyone if I set it sail that’s not always true like the best some companies take the cells you want to be the salesperson maybe or someone else you know so it’s kind of figuring out what you’re not and then

building the right team that’s the most important I would say so oh good one more marketing secrets it’s sold and go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at experts stickers calm and book number two is called calm seekers and you get your free copy at com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets reviews become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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What is the one thing that made your business explode?

What is the one thing that made your business explode?