What I Learned At Tai Lopez’ Mansion

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What I Learned At Tai Lopez’ Mansion

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This is the 2nd time I have been to Tai Lopez’ mansion in Beverly Hills. This experience was totally different than the first time. I reveal what I learned while there with Russell Brunson. The evening got started late and went till 2 am. I reveal the value bombs that were shared between Russell and Tai.

Show Notes:

-How much money would you pay for the process to sell a service as opposed to the actual service itself?

-If you want to know how well your business is doing, look at your cost to acquire a customer

-There are false beliefs that you can prove wrong to show the need for you?

-Dave wants you to realize the importance of selling something you don’t have

-Curate the product you are affiliating or even selling

-You, like Ryan Moran, can be become known for using other people’s content well

-Type “A” Players


“Document the process while you’re going through creating some of the content. The process you’ll find is, typically, more valuable than the content you create.”

“If you can identify what the false beliefs were and then identify what had happened to you to actually change those beliefs, that is how you sell anything.”

“A players are exponentially more valuable on your team than B players.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to funnel hacker radio this is Dave Woodward your host and this is just me today so usually I end up having some amazing people are just crushing it with funnels and things online and I thought you know what I’ve been traveling so much recently and I run across some of the most amazing marketers out there and I keep forgetting to actually just record a podcast when I’m with them so I thought you know what I am just gonna try to give you a quick summary of some of the travels and everything else they’ve been going on so the week of gosh like the last week of November Russell and I ended up flying out to warrior con which is Garrett White’s event had an amazing event there afterwards ended up doing a recording for Stu McLaren and for a charity function he was doing for one of his employees and then we end up driving up to Tai Lopez’s mansion and doing a podcast for ty afterwards we ended up spending the last day over at James melon chance event so it’s just a crazy crazy three days but I just really wanted to make sure actually ended up being as to this but I want to make sure you guys understand some of the marquee lessons that I’m seeing all the time on a regular basis when I’m out meeting with just amazing amazing marketers and people I just have the privilege of running into so it was fascinating for me when I was with Russell at Ty’s mansion and hearing some things he was talking to ty about the interaction going back and forth spending time with their with ty staff Alex Muir who basically is a CEO of and co-founder of mentor box and my stuff they’re doing so it’s just again totally an amazing experience so I’m gonna try to dive right into this thing and give you guys some ideas far as what are some of the things you can be doing in your business to just massively crush it based on some of the things that we ended up talking about while we’re out it ty Lopez mansion in Beverly Hills so with that the first thing is the importance of document the process and not creating content we started this conversation actually with Garrett white while Russell was speaking on your white stage and Russell I end up talking a little more about it as we were driving up to Ty’s place and then it came up again when we were at that Ty’s basically working with Ty so one of the things I want to talk to you guys about is how important it is especially when you kind of first get started because people are always like – you know I’m having a hard time getting start I need to create the product first and so they spent all this time and energy trying to create a product and yet they don’t have they haven’t created a list haven’t done anything like that so I can tell you what I’ve seen happen and I just saw it with Garrett I’ve seen it with Russell I’ve seen it with ty I’ve seen it with so many amazing marketers and that is the whole idea as far as they document the process while they’re going through actually creating some of the content the process you’re gonna find is more important typically than the actual content that you end up creating the reason for that is a lot of people you’re bringing on they’re in the exact same position and shoes that you’re in right now where they’re trying to find out exactly how to do what you’re doing as far as creating that type of content so I would highly recommend that you focus and really document the process now the document the process can be done through either Facebook live it can be done through YouTube video it can be done through a blog but you’ve got to create create that that content is the documentation of what you’re doing so that way people can understand they’re going through the exact same things that you’re going through your pain your frustration is the same pain frustration they’re gonna be experiencing so I want to make sure that as you’re going through this do not forget the importance of documenting the process it typically almost always is going to be more important than the actual content that you end up creating so realize you can again I highly recommend doing that through video you’re able to sell yourself better on video people aren’t connecting with you they’re all in on seeing you they’re seeing your pain they’re seeing your frustration they’re feeling it through video it also then allows you the opportunity you want to you can strip the audio off use it as a podcast you can use it as teasers and everything else but I highly recommend document the process on a video where you decide to post it’s up to you but do it on video second thing CAC this is by far one of the most important things I can oh my gosh cannot tell you the importance of CAC cost to acquire a customer I meet all the time with people are trying to throw millions of dollars at ClickFunnels™ as investors who wanted to get involved and click funnels we are not taking money we’re not working with VCS that’s not we’ve done everything with privately funded but the crazy thing what always gets asked is what your cost acquire a customer it happens always be one of the first quad questions that Mark Cuban asks if you’re watching shark tank so what’s your cost to acquire customer that cost to acquire customer is the most important metric you’re gonna find the next one after that is gonna be what’s your average car value is so cost acquire customer is basically what is what does it really cost you in traffic in ads and all that other kind of stuff to get a person to buy not person to sign up but to person to actually buy Dan Kennedy is quoted probably weekly if not almost daily by Russell as far as the whole idea here and that is whoever can spend the most acquire customer wins and so we want to make sure you understand that it’s so often people when they fall across hard times like oh man I’m gonna cut my marketing budget that’s like the worst thing you can do what you really need to identify is how how can you spend more to acquire a customer and that obviously is tied into your average cart value but realize the whole idea here is you have to know what is your cost to acquire customer you do not have a business until you can pay for ads if you’re running everything just off affiliates if you’re running everything off joint ventures that’s not a true business you only have a true business when you can actually spend money to acquire customer so you have to know what does that cost acquire customer and it was funny we were talking with Alex mayor about mentor box and how much they spend to to sell a box talking to Ty about Oh tons the different stuff that he’s doing it again he guys got more offers and things out there is so many different niches but again that cost acquire customer is one of the most important metrics so first thing basically is document the process don’t create content second thing cost a choir customer third thing we talked about is how do you actually sell something now realize when you’re going we started this conversation again with Garrett Wyden just kind of followed it was just amazing weekend because we talked so much about this whole idea and that is you have to understand that when you’re trying to sell something typically it’s so funny we see this all the time in the network marketing MLM space where they forget what they went through to actually sign up as a representative or market or whatever they want to call it so realize you first of all have to identify what are the false beliefs that you had before you bought or believed whatever it is you’re selling so what are the false beliefs you had to go through to get there if you’re in the fitness space and you started losing weight you ended up buying a product and now if you’re trying to sell a product what did you have what are the false beliefs that you had about the products that you purchased if you’re in financial services the same type of thing you should have what you’re gonna find is anytime you’re selling something you should have probably gone through and purchased someone else’s product at some point so what were the limiting beliefs that you had or those false beliefs that you had before you bought that second thing then is what had to happen for you to actually change that belief there was some process that you had to go through so if you can identify what the false beliefs were and then identify what had to happen to you to actually change those beliefs that’s how you sell anything because whoever you’re selling to has the same false beliefs so identify what those false beliefs are and then identify what you had to go through tell that story of what you went through to overcome the false beliefs that they’re having that’s the easiest way of selling anything because you’re then putting yourself in the mind and the situation and the role that the person you’re selling to is currently in so if you can become that person and talk to them the way they what’s going through their head you’ll sell anything in the world because they’re relating to you so again the first thing we talked about was docked me the process don’t create content the second thing we talked about was cost acquire customer the third thing is how do you sell something the fourth thing is the importance of test test test test test this kind of goes back as far as we have so many people who spend all the time trying to create a product before they even try to sell it and this may seem really weird I had the same conversation when I was speaking at Brigham Young University teaching our intrepid little class and that is one of the best things you can actually do is sell something that you don’t have did you haven’t created you haven’t produced a physical product because what you’re gonna find is if you can sell something that’s if something guys we were talking talked to me – too many people recently someone just said the day was asking us as far as so do you use a lot of a lot of you know groups and testing groups and you know types of things to identify what people want Henry also said no the only thing I ever use is a person’s credit card if I can sell someone something and they vote with their credit card that will outweigh any case study any group people as far as what they might think they want the product to be or anything else it’s not till someone takes out the credit card and actually pays for something that you know you’ve actually have a sales funnel that works and did you have a product people willing to pay for so we were the example that Russell used when he’s talking with Ty was about Trey Llewellyn so Trey’s again one of our two comma Club winners dear friend amazing guy crushing it like crazy started off the whole idea as far as I’m gonna create a funnel every single day if that’s what it takes to until I actually understand how to create funnels and he was started off the t-shirt business ended up in the flashlight business only because he actually was in the building a membership platform around guns and and everything in that area is far as associated with that so basically Trey was in a situation where he ended up selling a product he did not even have what if that happened was he was he found out from his customers he basically was talking to him is find out you know that’s what else do you guys want and one thing that basically ended up finding out one of the things they wanted was a gun cleaning kit he’s like shoot I don’t have I want you to take me to get a gun cleaning kit from China so I thought you know what I’m gonna go ahead and basically sell this and see if people actually want it sweet great is final basically selling a gun cleaning kit that he didn’t have and where’d he get that gun cleaning kit he actually went to Walmart right across the street and in a buying it and ended up basically marking it up and selling it to people so he’s basically going through a financial arbitrage on a product and we see this happen all the time in the physical product space but realize you can actually sell something that you don’t have and this is the whole idea far as testing testing testing testing to make sure something works before you spend all the time and money creating it we’ve seen this on a ton of products at times we actually end up creating a product or we sell a product before it’s even been created and then let people know that hey you actually get to watch us create this product and they think it’s an amazing opportunity the reality is we just want to create the product before we knew people wanted to spend money on it so understand that you can actually sell something that you don’t actually have created and people enjoy the creation of that product this kind of goes back again as far as document the process we’re talking in the process with them while we’re creating the content so it’s a huge huge opportunity make sure that your test test test test before you actually spend all your time and effort creating things or buying a whole warehouse full of the product that you don’t know whether or not is going to sell so that’s number four number five here is what I learned from Alex Mayer who is the mentor box CEO and co-founder and that is they’re doing over a million dollars a month on a mentor box and I’m like you got to be kidding me it’s like yeah I said your bait you don’t even it’s not in your product it’s because no we actually are just taking other people’s products putting it into a box and selling it and so I thought you know what what I learned from Alex a couple things one of them was here’s a guy who had a huge huge tech company where he had over a hundred developers doing a ton of stuff for he and Ty years ago and basically end up getting rid of all them he’s using ClickFunnels™ with two people accomplishing the same and stuff he was doing with 100 and that’s the power behind ClickFunnels™ is you actually can and one of things he said he loved is again it goes back to that testing because I actually can test different things before I spending time creating the product inside of Mentor box and so mentor box started off as an off physical product where they actually were mailing out books but their costs became super super expensive he’s like you know what we realized that what people really wanted was not the physical book what they really valued more than anything else was a audio or video of the author talking about the book he said so we actually are are basically meeting with the author videoing the author talking about what are the two or three key principles in the book takes about 30 40 minutes they have this crazy value that they’re actually able to sell at a higher price than the actual books and then on the back end they then tie in their Amazon affiliate link for Mentor box and I thought you know it’s just again he goes back to basically principal from Alex a couple things was one the power of click funnels literally one for 50 so for every person he’s using working inside a click funnels basically is the equivalent of 50 developers second thing from Alex on that was the importance of getting a product out there quickly just again he just assimilated someone else’s product and sold it and then realize that people what people really want it wasn’t the product as much as it was the video and the from the author and now he’s created almost a Netflix platform type of thing where he’s able to sell more and again I just thought was fascinating so number six is a principle that Russell talked to Ty about when it was really quite funny because ty didn’t realize he actually had one a dream car through quick funnels affiliate contest and he’s like you gotta be kidding me I didn’t even know we we sold that much hey yeah you definitely have he goes man so how do how could Russell what would you teach people about becoming an affiliate and I mean obviously huge opportunity for Russell does to sell people on click funnels affiliate program but more important than that was what he said and that is said you overheard the best thing he says by was just start all over and he can you have to understand Russell literally sold millions tens of millions of dollars as an affiliate but the key here is he said if I was to do it all over what I would end up doing is curating content of the product owner a product I was going to sell so take for example if you wanted to sell ty Lopez and some of the stuff that ty Lopez is doing you basically the best way of selling Tai Lopez and to build a list of Tai Lopez fans and everything else would be to create a content a curated content piece in other words you could actually send them to a click funnels landing page where what they would end up getting is they would end up getting 5 to 10 of the very best videos that you found on YouTube from Tai talking about him and his business and everything else because what you find right now is there’s so much content out there that people will actually pay for someone else to assimilate and curate that content for them so I highly recommend that no matter what you’re selling take a look as far as especially if if you’re in the if you’re an affiliate this is the easiest thing in the world where you literally go so right now if you want to be an amazing affiliate for click funnels you literally could go out to YouTube and you could find what you feel are the best five seven 10 videos of Russell teaching something and then basically off of those two people in exchange for them giving you their email and you then would see on the click funnels landing page would then be the office it would be where they actually would get it and it would be a downloadable link or you could actually send them to another page bottom line is you would have all those videos there for them to simplify the ease of it don’t just send them to YouTube but basically have those videos right there they land on it now they’re consuming content on your page that is actually created by somebody else same type of thing if you were in fitness space all of a sudden you said you know what what are some of the best hit videos out there well now you can go out to the YouTube you can find some of the best hit videos that you liked and you can basically start building a list of people in the fitness space if you were years ago in the direct marketing space we spent a lot of time as far as working with when I was consulting for large companies they basically would create a checklist and it was a checklist of of all the things you would want basically before you hire a contractor to build your house which has been a nightmare sidenote before she build work with a contract before you hire a before you get a loan if your loan officer before you work with real estate agent before you do I don’t just in or whatever thing it is a person’s gonna do especially if it’s something that people don’t do on a regular basis because that the fear of the unknown is one things drives people crazy is like I don’t know what yeah I don’t know what questions to ask you literally could create the content we could create a checklist or you could curate what other people are saying about that and use that to to basically help them and you’re building this huge list they now see you as the expert and all you’ve done is you’ve actually borrowed expert status from these other people so getting huge opportunity for you it was kind of funny actually we were just got back from Ryan Moran’s event in Austin Texas capitalism common and it was fascinating cuz Russell was talking to to Ryan he said so Ryan how often you know it’s a three-day then how often are you up there speaking and you know teaching her of content he goes I don’t at all he’s like what because I mean Russell typically teaches you know 2 to 3 times he’s talking every day I felt lacking life is like how why not he goes honestly Russell I don’t believe it that people really want to hear from me I don’t feel like I have that great of content he says what I’m really good at doing is bringing other amazing people have awesome content speaking on my stage and then afterwards asking the questions that I know all my audience really wants to hear and I thought wow that’s fascinating here’s a guy Ryan Moran who again has just killing it and worked in the Amazon business space sell him ton of physical products ended up selling off his Amazon business and now is going all-in on capp Khan and it was fascinating because his whole thing was an entire event where he’s not even the person up there what he’s doing is he’s curating amazing speakers and then asking them questions at the end and he had over 500 people pay him over a thousand bucks to be sitting in this event where he had the likes of Daymond John and Russell and Roland Frasier and Perry Belcher and guys who were just and Bryan Lee basically is the guy who created there was co-founder of Legal Zoom and now the honest company he’s got great speakers and he’s basically disasters after they went up and presented something so realize you can do this in a ton of areas and it’s a huge huge opportunity for you number seven is the importance of a players this was fascinating because I was joking around with some of the ties staff so you realize here we are we’re sitting at Ty’s mansion if you’re familiar with this setting we’ve got the two chairs right behind us is we’re basically videoing out shooting over the little koi pond he has there in the entry and then the his main doors behind and then behind that basically as far as where all the cameras are we’ve got you know probably 10 to 12 people there and then in the other room there was probably another ten so they’re about 20-25 people in the house realize we were supposed to be out of there at 11 we didn’t leave until after 2:00 in the morning and his whole staff was there the whole time it was fascinating I asked him I said so is this typical for you guys but yeah it’s it’s pretty typical he says if 40-hour work weeks just are not even we don’t even no one even looks at it that way I said why is it everyone stays because you know Tyson’s built this amazing culture where people want to be around him and we learned so much from being here that whether it’s helping tie in his business or things were doing on her own it we just wanted to have we want to be around him and feel that so culture and creating that staff is your employees everything else is one of the most important things you can do in any business it’s fascinating but we ended up talking to Ty about the importance of hiring a players because that’s all we’ve tried to do here at ClickFunnels™ is hire eight players and it was really amazing because Ty basically said you know what for me the only thing I care about is again Alex mayor who’s been a business partner for Ty’s for almost the last eight years says you know we started this business years ago and all we’ve ever tried to do is hire amazing developers hire amazing talent and its really what helped us grow our business and Russell Dahmer said they’re talking about the idea that you know for every a player is probably worth the number the number doesn’t matter but whether it’s thirty two hundred times more important than a be player ten times the whole idea is the fact that a players are exponentially more value to you on your team than a B player so if you have to pay more for an a player in compensation or an equity or in different things like that realize if they truly are a player the ROI on that is so huge it doesn’t even compare to a B player it’s one of those things I always laugh whenever someone doesn’t last very long here we try real hard to make sure that people stick around at ClickFunnels™ for a long time we really try to build that culture and everything else but every once in a while someone kind of slips through the cracks and it’s amazing how soon they basically realize they they want to leave or we realize you know what it’s just not working out and the reason it’s not working out is because they’re just not it they’re just not up to it we you know we had a situation while back where a guy basically was on the clock and it was just it was frustrating for me because I even though we we have amazing amazing people work for us a lot of these guys are here way before quote-unquote the clock would start in our way out here much much later we had one guy literally just kind of clocked in and clocked out and you could literally set your clock by the time he left I mean it was live it was 5 o’clock that door was basically hitting him on the way out so realize the importance of culture and hiring a player so real fast again quick summary here first and most important document the process don’t create content second of all cost to acquire customer is the most important metric you can pay attention to tied very closely to average cart value number three is how do you actually sell something number four is test test test and actually sell things before you create them or have them number five is a lot of things I ended up learning from Alex mayor’s for CEO of mentor box number six is curate content and number seven is the importance of culture and most importantly hiring team a player so with all that said thank you so much for listening let me know if this is a value to you I really am trying to find out whether or not putting these kind of words of wisdom in that I’m finding as I’m out there is more important to you or value to you or at least equivalent to the value I’m getting when I bring in amazing mentors who are speaking and talking about some of stuff they’re doing so hope you’re having an amazing amazing day most importantly I hope that the things we’re talking about here you’re actually implementing in your business I really try to provide as much value as I can in a way that is quick and easy enough for you to actually get some pearls and we’re you know words of wisdom that you can actually use in your business so let me know again if there’s something that you’d like or anything else feel free to email me david ClickFunnels™ hit me up on facebook really private message to me whatever I want to know if this is working for you and if you’re getting value out of this if it is fantastic I won’t keep doing it if there’s things that you want let me know that as well have an awesome day and if you haven’t already checked out experts secrets book I don’t know why you wouldn’t but please go to experts secrets calm get the book and obviously take a look at click bottles like it’s fun like a radio sponsored solely by click funnels have an awesome day see you thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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What I Learned At Tai Lopez’ Mansion

What I Learned At Tai Lopez’ Mansion