What I Learned at Grant Cardone’s 10X GrowthCon – Dave Woodward – FHR #208

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What I Learned at Grant Cardone’s 10X GrowthCon – Dave Woodward – FHR #208

“Life is all about experiences”

Grant Cardone had over 9,000 people at his 2nd annual 10X Growth Con in Las Vegas. Russell Brunson spoke from stage and his $3 Million in 90 minutes has become a legend. In this episode, Dave talks about how investing in yourself and investing in others will help bring you to the next level.

Quotable Moments:

“When you pay for things, you actually get more out of it.” – People who get things for free, typically never do anything with the content they received.

“Those people who spend the most, get the most.” – If you are struggling trying to sell something at a certain price point, it is probably because you have never paid that price point.

“If you play your cards right, you could find yourself in a situation among some of the most powerful people in your industry.”


welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody Wow just had a crazy crazy couple of weeks here a lot of travel and I want to talk to you about something a couple events and things I’ve been at and the things that I’ve learned so first one I want to talk to you guys about is Grant Cardone ins 10x Russell’s done an amazing podcast on this if you haven’t listened to it go to marketing secrets take a look at his podcast and understand all the crazy cool things that he ended up doing to basically sell three over three million dollars in 90 minutes that’s an episode I can’t trump at all basically whatever Russell said on that is by far the best way of saying it go ahead and listen to that one for sure what I want to talk to you guys about is a little bit different and that was one of the things that I was talking with Russell about as we were sitting there on the floor prior to his getting now getting ready to go speak and that was the earliest attendees paid the most and what I mean by that is let me guys set the stage here what happened was you’re sitting there in Mandalay Bay’s boxing arena a an arena that holds roughly when the entire arena is open it holds just on just over 10,000 seats but with the stadium the way was set up with the backdrop on the stage there was a seats for about 9,000 people and of those 9,000 people there was about 1500 that actually had seats on the floor so you’ve seen this before and a ton of other large venues where you’ve got three different tiers of seating and then you’ve got your floor seats well the entire place where the boxing room would would have been or where there was a basketball court or anything else all those were seats with one end basically being the stage and this huge amazing setup as far as monitors and screens and everything else well the way it was positioned is they had the stage there in front and then the first five rows were rows of tables and with chairs on each of those tables and really set up extremely and those seats were $15,000 each and then behind that was a section of seats and those chairs for the next about Oh probably 800 people were $10,000 and in the last set of chairs on the very far end but still on the floor were $5,000 and then if you were to take a look at from the floor and then started going up the price of the tickets like any other venue basically got less and less expensive the closer you got to the ceiling the fascinating thing for Russell and eyes we’re sitting there on the floor getting ready the very first day what happens is you’ve got Grant who comes down from the ceiling on basically a lift that like literally drops him down from the ceiling smoke is going crazy fireworks lasers everything music I mean it was just this rock concert type of event and he basically drops down from the ceiling hits the stage and things just go everyone just goes nuts well the first day there was you looked around and every single seat was packed the music prior to grant coming was the intensity and the tension it was from a psychological standpoint it was amazing the way it was set up to create an uncomfortable setting so that people were weren’t talking to people much all you were just kind of listening as the videos everything else was playing and the seat you literally you could not get another body in there it was that jam-packed the crazy thing was the very next day at the very same time when we walked in because Russell was one of the very he was the second speaker we walked in and all of a sudden the only people who were all the seats were filled were all the people on the bottom floor those people pay ten thousand fifteen thousand or five thousand dollars those seats every single one of those were filled and then as you started going up the from the floor up towards the ceiling the seats at the top those were all the empty ones and it was fascinating to me because I was sitting there going you know what that people are gonna get the most out of this event are actually those who people who paid the most to be here and it’s an epiphany I’ve had so many different times throughout my life and that is when you pay for things you actually get more thick more out of it and it’s been really kind of a funny thing I’ve I’ve had this conversation with a lot of people that is so often people want everything for free and the irony to me is those people who pay who get things for free typically never do anything with that content they never use the content those people who pay for it those the ones who actually spend the time the effort the energy to actually implement what they got if you take a look at some of the things that you’ve received for free you just don’t appreciate it you don’t do much with it so I was had this opportunity a few years ago of spending a lot of time with my boys at different different venues and events one of those things I’m I’m for me life is all about experiences I’m not huge person as far as gifts I’m not a person like I don’t really care sparse even a lot of gifts but what matters to me is the experience and so for me I’m all about making sure my kids and my wife and I have experiences because you remember those types of things well buddy of mine when we lived down in San Diego err he had season tickets to the Lakers game and so I took my oldest son Chandler – we had some extra tea tickets and so he went to the game well the first time his seats were extremely I mean we were four rows up from the floor watching the Lakers game and she has like oh my gosh dad these are this is how you should see a game I’m like Chandler these are a little more expensive then those seats you see way up there and the next time we went we actually end up having box seats and chanting oh my gosh actually bring food right to you this is this is how you should see a game and so was these great experiences where I was teaching my son as far as these are the types of things this is why you work for so much things so you can have these types of experiences and share them with other people later on he end up going to a Lakers game with some of his buddies and they get young kids basically ended up getting the least expensive tickets they could find way up in the rafters and came home is like dad I could I actually could see the game better at our TV at home that I could see it in there he goes it was a completely different experience my only reason to tell you that is as you take a look at things in your life there’s certain thing where I would encourage you guys to spend more one of those places is you need to make sure that you’re buying product especially if you plan on selling a product there is this my personal feeling there is a law in the universe that basically says you won’t be able to sell anything that you haven’t paid that same equivalent price for a classic example this was Tara justice and Williams they ended up coming to the funnel hacking live our very first one we had in Las Vegas and while they were there they basically told themselves listen we’re gonna leave our wallets in our purse we’re leave them in a room because we don’t want Russell taking any of our money so sure enough they left it there they came down and before the break at lunch they had already gone back to the rooms got their wallets and they had been invested $25,000 into Russell’s highest inner circle mastermind coach coaching meeting and it was fascinating to me because I remember meeting them at the inner circle later and hearing their story said you know the crazy thing was we never ever thought anyone would ever pay $25,000 for coaching and I was Justin said I could never charge that kind of money until I actually had paid for and invested out he says as soon as I invest it and then Russell told me during one of his coaching calls that I should charge $25,000 for a real estate coaching program I told Russell I said there’s no way in the world anyone’s gonna pay for that and he goes well Justin you just paid me 25k for inner-circle literally within about a week he ended up doing a webinar and ended up signing up eight people at twenty five thousand dollars just because he had paid for himself so right now if there’s a situation where you’re trying to sell a certain price point and you’re struggling I can tell you probably what’s happening you’ve never paid that price point for that goes back to the same thing we ended up gosh now it’s been two years ago Russell I worked down at me with Dean Graciosa at a time when Dean Joe were thinking about starting this 100k group and living without even finding out what the what was gonna be in the course or anything else Russell they said well Dean if you’re gonna be doing I’ll I’ll be your first person to sign up and Dean’s like really yeah that sounds great so that was the day before genius Network where we were then meeting with Joe and Joe ends up pitching for the first time 100k group 200k group twos 25k group we’re sitting there a genius Network in his office where there’s you know 60 people I said yeah and by the way Russell’s Brunson’s already signed up he’s already paid the honor game the whole reason Russell ended up spending a hundred thousand dollars to get involved in him Joe and Dean’s hunter K group is because he knew the time would eventually come where he will then charge $100,000 for a mastermind or inner circle but he could never actually charge it if he hadn’t paid it for it himself the irony behind all of it is in the last two years Russell’s been to that one time and I’ve gone the other time so we’ve been to this under K group twice and so basically we spend 150 thousand dollars to go to those events but realize the key here is you’ve got to be willing to invest if you’re not willing to invest you’re not gonna get anything else out of it it’s been really funny for me as I’ve been looking at seeing some of these Facebook threads how people come to follow back in live and I’ve just I’m laughing because they’re going man make sure you leave your what are you can do to make sure you don’t buy anything there and I’m like you’re going to an event and you’re not gonna buy I was I just I was like really why would you do that you’re you’ve already spent you’ve already invested whatever the ticket price was plus the travel plus everything else to go to the event and you’re already telling yourself you’re not gonna invest further in your education I can tell you there is no better return on your investment on any investment you can make anywhere in the world including Bitcoin more so than an investment in your own self and so it’s been funny as I’ve been sitting there watching it you know I’ve seen some people go well make sure you lock your wallet and your and your person or your purse up in your room or you know what that’s not gonna be good enough you can actually have to duct tape it together so you can’t even open it and another person said no actually I’m what I’d recommend is that you actually FedEx your wallet home to your mom and then have her FedEx it back the day before you fly out so you can have your ID I’m like okay this just cracks me up where you’re gonna be it’s just that mentality and sure some of it may have been in jest but I know other people are so afraid to invest in themselves I’m like you guys do not understand the value that’s there I remember it’s it’s been such a fun thing for me to see when we’re at Grant cardones event because literally the very first thing he telling people from stage after he came down out of the sky out of the ceiling their land on the stage starts talking everybody was I hope all of you guys came here with the intent of investing in yourself and spending some money on some of the speakers products literally within the first five or ten minutes that was his pitch and realized the whole idea behind this is you’ve got to be willing to invest that kind of time and money into it it’s also one of the things I was we spent a whole bunch of time and money as you’re gonna see here at photo hacking live investing in awards I have these two comic club plaques that we’ve now sent out over two hundred fifty six of them they each cost is about 250 to 300 bucks for each of every single one that we send out and for us do we get anything out of it personally no but what happens is as you invest in those people who you’re willing to serve it comes back we have seen more people use those two comical plaques in their own marketing promotions in their facebook ads in all these different types of things and we see it out there and all of a sudden people start asking about it you’re gonna see a new more rolled out of funnel hacking live which is our eight figure Award for those people done over ten million and I remember when I was creating this I was talking to people the offices are like Dave that is huge you can’t go that big I’m like you know what it’s ten million dollars and so we’re sitting there so it’s about one and a half times the size of our to comma Club plaque and then in addition to that we thought well what else could we really do and so each of those plaques they cost about 500 bucks but the real thing was I thought you know if a person has invested has worked that hard in their business and they’ve now hit the ten million dollar range so basically you get a gold plaque for hitting a million dollars at a to comma a platinum plaque is what they get when they hit ten million I thought what else would be really cool to add to that well it happened to be right during the Superbowl I thought you know what these guys all fight like crazy and they invest their entire life for a ring I thought what have we end up getting people championship rings so fortunately uh fortunately the rich the partners were all in on this and so we’re spending literally over a hundred thousand dollars in gold and silver I’m sorry in white gold and diamonds anything else for these crazy rings that right now at this point I’ve ordered 15 rings and we now have two more people who qualify so I forget those as well but realize my only reason and telling you that is as we invest back into so the one thing is to invest for yourself because that by investing yourself you’re going to find that you actually get more out of it the other thing is as you invest back into those people who are your customers and your clients you will find that always comes back to you as well so I’d encourage you to kind of take a look at both both places I one of the dinners I had a TNC was with a dear friend of mine Dan Martell great guys been in the SAS industry for years super super smart guy ended up building a company called clarity FM which he sold to Mark Cuban for a huge huge exit on the back end and made him a Multi multi multimillionaire but one of things Dan was talking about was these crazy awards and things that we’ve been doing since that is the sign of a unicorn Dave I’m like what he goes yeah you’ve heard this whole idea as far as this unicorn SAS company and and how they are actually able to create and provide this kind of value since it’s these weird crazy things that by doing it provides so much value in the industry that it changes the entire industry and we’re starting to see that already I’m starting to have people have received our two comical plaques now creating a comma Club or those types of awards for their people as well so just realize first and foremost you have to be willing to invest in yourself there’s no greater ROI out there second of all those people basically spend the most get the most and the last thing I tell you is man make sure that you’re investing back into the people who serve who you’re serving and who trust you and everything else and you’ll see that blessed is their lives as well as yours so have an amazing night and we’ll talk to you soon you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you wouldn’t mind going out rate this show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the comments I’ve appreciate all the stars and everything everyone already left for me again I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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What I Learned at Grant Cardone’s 10X GrowthCon – Dave Woodward – FHR #208

What I Learned at Grant Cardone’s 10X GrowthCon – Dave Woodward – FHR #208