What Does It Mean To Be One Funnel Away? Feat Russell Brunson

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What Does It Mean To Be One Funnel Away? Feat Russell Brunson

Clickfunnels™ One Funnel Away : Start Small and Keep at it

Clickfunnels™ One Funnel Away: Are you ready to take the challenge? Join us now. Are you going to be an overnight success? Maybe, but the more likely scenario is that you will start small and slowly build up to a successful business.

Clickfunnels™ One Funnel Away: Marketing world

I think most people get stuck with the belief roof of like I believe what works for Russell or something but I don’t think I can do it you know and I was the other way around like I saw other people doing I was like I mean I remember names armand morin alex mandossian marlin centers like Yannick silver these are the guys who I was watching I’m like they’re doing it right and I was like they’re really cool guys there’s no way that much smarter than me alright so I just had perfect bleep like I’m gonna figure it out and so it’s like okay.

I’m just gonna keep trying 200 works ok I’ve nothing else going on so I’m try this one and this one and this one and this one and and what’s crazy the first couple they knew well but then it says it’s um it’s me tip one has a little bit success next one you do well hasn’t like because you’re you’re getting customers I see some customers all right and.

then I’m in my very core my other big ones um my very first software products called zip brand is my first product in like the Internet yeah like the marketing world zip Brander and it didn’t do awesome but like it was my first big idea and it made a couple hundred bucks and then I remember I had decided for a product called forum fortunes I’ve had

Clickfunnels™ One Funnel Away:  Think 20 million dollars

a programmer coated it and then I took my little customer list I promoted forum fortunes I never ride my first thousand dollar day I was like freaking out that’s where they made it like multiple monthly 4,000 or day and then the next idea was actually was a horrible I’m so stupid it was called article spider I was like I paid a guy a couple hundred bucks and a single article spider and then I watched that and I would had at 1,700 all day I was like well and like.

everything just it completely got better and better I think sometimes people think one funnel way means I’m an iPhone like nothing that happens sometimes like all right yeah nothing nothing I think 20 million dollars in six weeks thing but that’s rare right it’s usually it’s like each one’s a stepping stone to the next thing and the next things like it just starts growing and eventually like if you keep doing it like you have customers and people that eventually like you’re let’s get big enough where it’s like I have some people’s like pushing a rock up a hill right and if you get the.

top then it comes back down boom the other side yeah it starts it starts growing so it’s just it’s just having fun and believing that that you can actually do it and then not being so stressed out they’re like oh this is you know I’m gonna be successful it’s like no like they keep your day job you’re so excited while you’re doing it right so you don’t stress that about money and finances and keep doing it have some fun with it and be creative and then eventually like if you keep consistent for long enough eventually it’s gonna work you you

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