What do you do (mindset-wise) to condition yourself to have success?

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question number three we got Marco hi Marcos you are up what’s up Russell what I’ve seen your stompernet video it’s a read your books are clipped on one side so I want to thanks you know because boy your success that you’ve had what do you do or what do you do mindset wise to prepare yourself condition yourself to have success just because you know recently I’ve been having a little difficulty getting clients from my digital agency to run the you know like ads for them or not and a lot of times you know just because you reach this high level of success I would like to know what you do for me right now using the informations incantations a lot of Tony Robbins a lot of general so I would love to know what it is that you do Chicago very much thank you very much alright okay Marco so good question so how it’s like personal velvet day today alright always watching cool man okay so the question is how do you get ourselves how do we rephrase on the on there make sure I was right how to get ourselves how do you condition yourself to a success mindset hey conditions of them assess might say cool so no 20 Robbins big incantations I’ve never even read eat ought me that I was like okay and I’ve never actually done that weeks not consistently so for me it’s not so much that um you know for me you know it’s it’s um cool I think the biggest thing for me is just like I believe so much and what I’m doing that like I just get so excited like I wake up in the mornings and first off like this guy box with me every morning and one here with the boxer sounds like let’s do it yeah baby it’s not a photo how do you not getting stayed at that so find a friend and tell them to message you every single day and screaming you just I hear it’s not like it’s Monday baby Tuesdays cuz I like get you excited and then like for me when I’m driving here the office like I’m thinking like okay I think about the people who are serving and like for me that’s what buyers with the most is just like knowing what we’re doing right like and so for you to look at like your doing Facebook ads for clients and if you’re not having success my guess I may be wrong because I’ve been through this depression and I may not even depression you may not call it that but like I’ve been through the ups and downs and motivation and Mike for me like the times when my motivation was down it was 100% tied to like the fact I wasn’t in love with the clients I was serving if you’ve read the dot-com seekers book intro we talked about secret formula which is like chapter number one right I think maybe to hold on the secret form there’s a secret more one on page 13 there we go so first thing I talk about is how like when like we built a company 100 employees and I woke up one day and I’m sitting in bed laying there and I was like I hate this I hate everything about it I wish that I had a boss so he could fire me for not showing up today but I’m the boss I had to go crap and I was miserable because I had picked the wrong client and I was in this funk for like three or four years of like it was hard to wake up every single morning and he went phone-hacking live you heard me talk about my my failure stories like we’re in the brink of bankruptcy and all these things I wanted to like walk away and I couldn’t because of a lot of reasons that I couldn’t but like it was until we shifted who we were serving there like things shifted for me so my guests like if you’re doing Facebook ads for clients I bet you hate your clients I give up you probably want to say that but I bet you aren’t I bet you’re not fired up I like the fact like yes I gonna work with so-and-so today and if you’re not like what I would do is I would fire your clients I had like look I you know or maybe can’t fire him yet because they’re feeding you so I’ve got a who is my dream cry like who would I be so fired up the morning no I just serve that person that you would just be like you wake up by screaming like I gotta help that person today like we are literally changing the world and when you shift it to that at least for me that well good morning like I know that I could serve entrepreneurs who are passionate who are excited we’re trying to change the world there’s reason why I wrote the book expert secretly why didn’t I wrote the book there’s a lot of reasons but one of them is send other people to read that book or people actually want to hang out with their people who are trying to change the world like that’s like the definition of that person so I wrote a book to attract my dream clients in because that’s who I want to serve right as well I want to work with so for you it’s like if you’re happy with your clients like think what clients would you be happy with and then create the bait or the landing page or the opt-in or the content or whatever to go and grab those people and bring them to you because if you’re excited about your clients everything else will fall into place and all the incantations everything else like that are great they don’t stop doing those but kind of like when you have some is pulling you it’s way easier than having something you’re trying to push yourself right because a lot things you need to push yourself but man if you get something that gives you so much passion excitement it pulls you then it’s just like you’re running so that’s what I say is my guess and I know you get personally but change change your dream client and it’ll change everything off for you so anyway hope helps and all right good top of the bar one more marketing secret if so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called comm secret and you get your free copy at com secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non VC back fast startup company in the world

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Today’s Question: What do you do (mindset-wise) to condition yourself to have success?

Recently, I’ve been having difficulty getting clients for my digital agency. You’ve reached a high level of success so I’d like to know what you do. I’ve been using affirmations and incantations… a lot of Tony Robbins stuff… a lot of Jim Rohn. What do you do?

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What do you do (mindset-wise) to condition yourself to have success?

What do you do (mindset-wise) to condition yourself to have success?