Weird Way To Build Your Agency… Added 50 Clients In 1 Year – Ross Christifulli – FHR #198

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Weird Way To Build Your Agency… Added 50 Clients In 1 Year – Ross Christifulli – FHR #198

Why Dave Decided to talk to Ross:

In one year Ross added 50 clients to his agency in addition to teaching 400 people how to add clients to their agency. His unconventional building business strategy can work in many types of businesses.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business:

-Ross talks about some of the things he’s done to get his agency to where it is at over the last year (6:30)

-Ross explains how offering trials works for him (7:00)

-Ross talks about the five tiers of the book Challenger Sale (9:10)

Quotable Moments:

“I was at the top of my pride cycle and it sunk me into so much debt.”

“When you exchange your time for money, you always lose.”

“What got you where you are, won’t get you where you want to go.”

“I don’t want to be at the top of my game because when I’m at the top of my game, it means that I’m on my way down.”

Other Tidbits:

Working for free through giving trials is one of the best ways to hook your clients. Once they have your product, or have experienced your product, they aren’t going to want to give it up.

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all right and just now finished an interview with Ross Christopher he’s an agency owner and he’s doing this wild crazy thing most agencies would never ever consider doing but it’s brought him in over 50 clients in the last year you gotta check this out in addition to that make sure you subscribe and tour there’s a button down there subscribe ring the bell so you don’t miss out on any new notifications so the next time I get some of these other cool ideas and stuff you’re the first people to know subscribe hey everybody you guys are super super excited and you have the privilege of having Ross Chris fully Ross welcome to the show hey thanks man I feel like my privilege to be on your show you’ve been crushing it again people may not understand your story or know your story getting weird to kind of talking offline the idea is the fact you get no selling you all your other businesses due to an injury where you started basically from scratch in January 1st of 2017 and in the last basically that year ended up adding 50 clients to your agency in addition to teaching 400 people how to add clients to their agency I mean that’s just crazy crazy stuff I can’t wait to kind of dive into this as far as I didn’t build you an agent because your agency is different than most people’s agencies I mean your agency or you’re in the heavy machinery that matches your gifts all right yeah and that’s weird cuz I just fell into that niche and so I guess something that I could kind of explain here but it’s been a crazy year like so many and I haven’t had the downsides of digital marketing where a lot of people fall into it but I think that a lot of it came from owning businesses in the past it really helps me to be able to kind of come in with structure and a business plan model as far as what I was going to do to make it happen and so I knew that my agency wasn’t gonna just build itself but I can kind of backtrack if you want kind of tell you how I fell into it and then some of the things that I’ve done to grow it if that’s good yes so I when I was 17 I opened a guitar shop I I wanted so bad to be an entrepreneur I worked for a small business downtown who absolutely loved guitar and I realized though about two years in how bad I hated teaching the same edge here and song over and over again like it was just hard and so I ended up getting into this weird niche of fixing crack phones and flipping them on eBay and stuff like that so I did that for you know about a year and in that time got married opened up a cell phone repair store and the cell phone repair shop went really good I was actually crushing it and about two years in I got a little cocky and I opened up a second store and it just tanked absolutely sent me it was kind of like Russell was just talking about the pride cycle yeah I was I was at the top of the pride cycle and it sunk me in there’s so much debt a few three months I had to close that store I had to fire everyone at my profitable store and get it back up and running just by myself I mean there were times because we were in Fond du Lac Wisconsin my wife and I were literally boiling water for hot water for our baths because we couldn’t afford the propane heater to come fill it up for five hundred bucks or whatever and so I I dug myself out of that hole like that just entrepreneurship you know I dug myself out of this hole and I relocated in my profitable store to a better location that was less expensive and I was like I’m tired and so right around that same I am I started having these issuer’s where I was like falling and I couldn’t walk well and my you know like I was having all these mobility issues so I started going into the doctors and they diagnosed me with Siringo Miglia which is a spinal cord disease it’s a cavity fluid-filled cysts that runs mines really long the length of my thoracic spine and so they said basically that hey this isn’t something we can fix it comes from my brain being herniated they won’t operate on it for other reasons and so that I was like I can’t stand you know in these jobs all day and I was starting to learn this idea that you know when you exchange your time for money that you always lose and even when you’re an entrepreneur and this is why I think like you see so many people being profitable in this digital marketing business the funnel business that they are not going into the mindset of a like the you know you have three years and then if you make it past that home you’re good you know they’re going into it like from day one we need to be profitable and so I was like okay what can I do and I came across your guys ads I ended up taking a course on funnels and Facebook ads and it kind of really clicked well with me because I had done my own marketing but for my businesses in the past but I had only done organic marketing so when I learned this stuff it like lit a fire under my butt so cool and I sold my businesses to an employee for like nothing I just wanted out I just wanted out and so like after everything was said and done I didn’t have much money I had like 3 grand in my name I spent like a thousand of it or I should say 997 on a course and you know I I got in and what was funny is I started landing clients right away using my own techniques I’m a big fan of cold calling which I know a lot of people hate I did a lot of free trials which a lot of people hate I did pretty much the opposite of what everybody else wants to do and I just started seeing clients right away and I remember it was the first time last year in February that I understood passive income because I had done all this work to do sales in January and now here comes February I doubled what I did in January and then when the money stacked on top from January I was like who did it know I didn’t know and teach me this before like in the world have I taken my wife regularly says to be like why couldn’t you have done this like instead of ever opening a guitar shop myself watch have you two been so much further ahead it’s dark on secrets and exist back then no but in reality that’s kind of how it’s felt for us over this year and I am I’m trying to not hit the top of a pride cycle in this business now I’m trying not to get there and stay humble but like I have not seen the downside yet to this business other than taxes suck but that other than that you know it’s been a pretty amazing ride so what I’d like to do is explain some of the things that I’ve done to help some of your audience members who are learning an agency understand like ok that’s great that’s inspiring but where’s the actionable stuff of how to actually get the action let’s dive right in so I started out for me by on a napkin I drew out my value ladder and I drew out what was what I called my 10k model and it was pretty much I call it push starting your agency because in the beginning you’re really doing a lot of harder work you know you’re manually cold calling and you know reaching out to people but after about 69 months what you notice is that engines turned over and you find this gas pedal to your business and you like I don’t have to cold-call because now your networks so big you got so many referrals coming in that all you have to do is keep up with that and your agency just keeps going it’s as you guys know it’s harder to go from you know zero clients to 10 or 20 or in an agency for your business it’s different but it’s harder to do that than it is to go from 20 to 50 because all you have to do is get 1 to 2 referral from every client and all of a sudden your business is doubled in size and so what I did was I thought okay I like the software model of offering a trial because you get people hooked on something and and you get them like engraved and like all my files and all my stuff is in my account and then to pull that away like you can really like you want it now it’s like someone trying to take your cell phone away after having it for seven days like all built into it so I what I did was I did 7 days short trials 7 days or less and I offered these to people and I did it in a unique way where instead of just calling them up and pitching them on a trial because I was in programs I called them saying listen I’m a student I’m learning all this marketing and I really would like to just get a testimonial that’s all I really want would you guys be willing to let me do some marketing for 7 days for free if I can just get a testimonial from you and I was going after doctors initially because everyone’s going in after chiropractors and I thought that’s what we do and so I was going after these doctors and they were like yeah yeah that’s great we’ll do it and so once I got in there and I just really rocked results from there like how much is it going to be to keep doing this and when I started hearing that I knew right away like this is a this is a model so that’s what I did is I would only give them 7 days like just enough to give them a taste and want more and then I cut it off but there’s so many people who are against trials because they do them and they don’t land the client but the main reasons why they’re not landing them after trials is a they didn’t find people who can afford advertising so they went after people who had no advertising budget like I don’t give people trials unless they are already paying for marketing like there’s a book called the Challenger sale it’s an amazing book and they talked about the five different tiers of sales people since 2008 and which ones have been the most profitable and people who will challenge your status quo of your business are proven by numbers to have much higher sales and be the wolf of sales in their industry and so to me a trial is like challenging your current way of doing things you know it’s like saying hey you’re paying for this let me give you this for seven days and I’m going to show you that this is better you know so it was my way of doing that well after a while doing that you get referrals and it becomes what I call a gold-digging which works perfect for your prospecting there because you dig for free but then once you got that client usually you don’t offer trials to their referrals you just keep using the case study from your referral to sell the next guy oh that’s smart love it and so I only have two people like get confused like why is Ross he’s the trial guy no I get trials just to find my gold that’s super cool and then I chased that gold with these referrals and so you think about it when you’re digging for gold the first few scoops are free so get old for it it’s part of our business you know and I always find it hypocritical when agency owner will go into a business and they try to get them to offer like a really good deal or a free initial visit or a really low-cost initial visit and to get traffic and then when they say well what’s your you know can you give me a deal no I don’t do that I don’t believe in the value like I don’t like it’s just so hypocritical to me that try to get someone else to offer an initial traffic driving but then to say no I’m not going to so yes so that’s what I’ve done to scale the agency and it’s worked really really well and then I went into you know then you get your strategy call after you you have to do a strategy you guys he’s so many people trying to go straight from the trial to setting it up on Facebook setting up their ads but I liken it to this if you do a like in a webinar when you’re doing a webinar that webinar is your strategy call if you pull out the webinar and go straight to the sales page or you go straight to something else is it’s going to convert much it’s not going to pre-frame them to buy right and so so really that strategy call is a way that even though you came in saying you just wanted a testimonial you can really set them up for at the end of this end of this trial I’m going to pitch you so you say hey you know so I’m gonna be ending my schooling my training here after this testimonial so if this goes really well is this something you’d be interested in continuing and so now they’ve already got in your mind like you’re going to pick it makes it way less awkward when you do pitch them when they know that you were going to pitch them and so once we yeah thank you once we do that then we get our strategy call we go into a trial and then this is one of the most crucial things you get your testimonial before you pitch them I cannot send so many people they pitch them and then they must for the testimonial and they’re so lame because then if they said no their testimonials suck do you know they’re they’re like well you know oh yeah it was pretty good to wear in your testimony you can actually sell them on the service by being like hey can you see how this can help other businesses and ask they’re answering these questions they’re really talking themselves into the service and then when you pitch them on the service they’re like yeah ok this makes sense you know yeah I’ll do it so that’s what we’ve done and right now what I found is if I do 25 phone calls I get about 3 to 4 strategy calls and about 1 to 2 trials started and I’ll typically land a client out of that so one more time just as people hear that again yeah at about 25 cold calls I’ll get three to four strategy calls one to two trials and I’ll land one or two clients based off that that’s fantastic and it’s not just me every single day I have the students emailing me pictures and screenshots of PayPal and stripe done this the downside is is that I don’t sell my course on pain points so like a lot of people know cold calling and all this stuff is a pain point no one wants to do it and so they sell against that but then when people struggle I’m like the last resort and they’re all broke by the time they get to me everyone’s broke so I don’t sell a lot of courses I guess but but the people who end up taking the bite they end up they end up seeing the results like I said I’ve only had about I ain’t old I’ve helped over 400 people I’ve only sold just over 200 of my actual course and I have a program called scripts that work it’s my forty seven dollar front end offer whatever and I’ve had about 200 people purchased that which is cool but it’s fun because I get all these text messages of people seeing the same results that I’m having and I let you set a comment one year live videos and it run home but you said what got you where you are won’t get you where you want to go do you remember that no yes no I guess leader in that philosophy yeah and and it’s funny cuz you said that at a time where I think I had around 2530 clients and I was starting to get to a point where I would do it because I thought I can’t keep going with the same strategy now that I’m here because I’ll grow too slow and so I needed to start selling to the masses because my agency is my baby like I love my program I love the course I love the students but some people they do an agency just to sell a course and have the credibility I love my agency because I love my agency and so we’re cool I I think that’s that says a lot about you it says a lot about again when you’re out there talking to people when people understand that I’m not in the business of just selling other people to to do this I actually do it myself I mean we’re in the same we’re in the exact same business we build funnels with our own funnels and Russell’s literally building a monster file that we’re calling the mother funnels right now and that’s again what we do I would love to be a fly on your wall by the way around the office it would be like but yeah so I guess it’s it’s just been fun it’s this you know it’s kind of like the practitioner thing and what I think and happening is you end up influencing people in a way I do the document rather than create theory for my content and I think you end up influencing people in an interesting way because what I’ve found is there’s some influencers where you’ve really connected with them at one point in your career but you outgrow them because if they’re not a practitioner what can happen is they don’t have new content new problems that they’re helping solve and you end up just outgrowing their style and you feel like you’ve gotten everything that you can from them but when you’re a practitioner and you’re constantly trying to improve things and you’re documenting it like I went live yesterday on the spot and I showed people how I’m doing these cool I pre did like a strategy called visit like a little 10-minute one and I where I have a sweater in the corner that is kind of like this one and what I do is I use that same video but then I’ll go to a client I’ll form like a two-minute intro in that sweater and I’m like okay thanks so much I was gonna send you more information that you asked for let me show you what it is that I help clients do and then I but that video up to my other video where I’m wearing the same sweater and it looks like I’ve like made this 15 20 minute video for that client but I literally only made like a two-minute detailed portion for them so when you’re trying these new techniques you can share value to people constantly because you’re constantly trying to be better I love it again we’ve had this conversation with Russell so many times the only way you can continue stayin up in the front of the pack is you got to be relevant and the only way you can be relevant is you have to be a doer you got to be out there just doing the business if you’re not doing it oh my gosh it’s just people catch on real fast you can only take it so far so yeah do you think that um how do you think this a question that I love that people how you can really tell if someone’s doing it or not what’s the best way in your opinion because you guys see probably more crap than anyone that has ever seen crap you know like you probably see the decline payment from someone on stripe and then all of a sudden they’re the ones shouting off that they just you know so how what would you say from an actual standpoint is a way that so can really know someone’s doing it yeah I for me the results they always just speak for themselves I mean we’ve got over 250 people now have qualified for a to comma Club award we’ve got I think 14 I think we got our 15th person now qualifies for our our soon-to-be eight figure award and it’s just people out there actually just it’s like you Ross I mean you’re out there doing it and people know and it’s again it’s you can cut through the crap real fast you have to ask a couple of questions and you find out real quick if they know what they’re talking about yeah there’s a lot of people that I found are quiet in the communities even in your clip phones community but they’re so smart like a lot of diamonds in the rough and I’ll I’ll see you name here and they’re like a comment and then I’ll get into a conversation with someone and you don’t realize how many people are just absolutely killing it but they don’t need to be up in the forefront of everyone saying it and I find those people fascinating because there’s so much you can that you can learn from those people you know it’s one things I love most about funnel hacking live is you literally could be sitting next to someone who has done 7 8 10 20 million dollars and you wouldn’t know any different I mean everyone’s all the same everyone’s they’re trying to learn from the best trying to improve their game and that’s I think that’s the fun part about the you know the culture that we built here is there we really again I loved is you made mention you know Russell’s podcast the other day on on the whole pride cycle because it’s so true and I think after you’ve gone through that cycle a couple times in your own life you uh you understand once you get there to the top but you don’t want that you know what the Lord forced me back down I’ll try to learn as much as I can about that yeah I think that is he who thinks he’s standing be where he doesn’t fall that’s right and I think that it’s when you get to that point that it is it gets yeah it’s scary actually and I did a live video that was inspired by that yesterday where I was talking about how I don’t want people say like you know I’m at the top of my game I want to be at the top I don’t want to be at the top of my game because when I’m at the top of my game it means that I’m on my way down there’s only one way from there it’s a depressing thing to be at the top it means you’re not gonna get any better if you get Tiger Woods yeah when he was at the top of his game or you know when you think about that phrase it is it’s a little depressing from an agency stand point I think that it for the if people can just say stupid super focused on what they’re actually there because there’s so many ways to make money yes you can get into crypto you know you can do all these different affiliate and MLMs and stuff like those are all great there’s ways to make money like all of them are probably they’re not all but most of them can be very legit in their own way but when you have all of them pulling at your attention it makes you do none of them well yeah so I agency owners get into it and then they see they think that courses are the way that they’re going to make all their money and that’s great and from it you can make so much money and info products but I right now make way more in my agency than I do selling an info product and it’s just what you’re focused on yeah again you gotta find your unique bill and you got to go with it and again I think Roger done an amazing job you know some things you mention on pockets which I just love now’s the fact you got to work for free there’s just there’s nothing better than work for free I love your ideas far as work for free once and then scart use that as a case study for everyone else you’ve done an awesome awesome job on that get appreciated time as we kind of get you know close wrapping things up here anything else want to make sure our listeners hear about or know about uh no I’m not sure if if anybody’s interested in you know just interacting and learning any of that stuff I don’t have anything right now that I’m selling people my Copen and close the course periodically right now it’s currently closed because I I just AM I’m about to be in front of like 70 new dealers who are onboarding and I’m kind of prepared ringing back in here at the office to scale I’m hiring on people so I just didn’t have a lot of time to work one-on-one with students but I go live in my group every single day its client acquisition entre for entrepreneurs and I help people you know with their businesses if that’s not allowed you can chop it out you can just go be well I’m talking it doesn’t work and you know I love helping people out so find me you can reach out to me through my page whatever I’m sure I have stuff I can give away for you guys love it well Ross thank you so much I appreciate taking the time today and again if your agency consider the ID as far as a free trial you’ll be surprised it actually works yeah absolutely thanks but thank you pretty cool stuff huh so make sure you go ahead subscribe so somewhere down there is a little button subscribe and then ring the bell get the notifications so you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming episodes I’ll talk to you real soon

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Weird Way To Build Your Agency… Added 50 Clients In 1 Year – Ross Christifulli – FHR #198

Weird Way To Build Your Agency… Added 50 Clients In 1 Year – Ross Christifulli – FHR #198