Want To Become A Millionaire? Look At Your Friends

ne of my favorite parts about being in Fiji was not just my time with Tony Robbins but spending time with some of the top affiliate marketing gurus in the country. I sat down with each one of them and asked them their best strategies for their businesses. You’ll love this! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/fnlhckr

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I sat down with Brian Delany, Nick Unsworth, Josh Bezoni, Dean Graziosi, John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Billy Gene King, and many others. Each of these affiliate marketers is the best at what they do in coming up with the best offers. You’ll get to hear them give their strategies for networking, marketing, and their Dream 100.

For those of you that don’t know, I got to be a part of a release that @Tony Robbins and @Dean Graziosi put together earlier this year called Mastermind.com. The trip to Fiji was the prize for the top affiliate marketing promoters for Mastermind.com. …which was the biggest launch the internet has ever seen (as far as we know) doing over 40 million dollars in its first week.


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– All right, everybody.
So over the last few episodes,
we’ve been talking
about the Dream 100.
You saw how I’ve used this
over the last 15 years
to get in and become friends,
and then eventually
business partners
with Dean Graziosi, Tony
Robbins, and others.
But now, I wanna show
you it’s not just me,
and it’s not just a way to
get in with Tony Robbins,
but it’s the foundation
for all businesses.
And so, I wanna take a
moment with all the people
who were the top affiliates
for the mastermind.com launch,
all the people who
are here in Namale.
This is the best of the best,
the best business owners,
the best affiliates,
the cream of the crop.
And, I want to run around
Namale here this last day,
and just kinda quickly
grab each of them,
and have them tell
you in their own words
how the Dream 100’s been crucial
to building their companies.
So, what we’re gonna do
right now is I’m gonna
run around Namale
before everyone flies
out today, and we’re gonna
get each of their stories
about how they
use the Dream 100,
so you can learn the strategies,
and start figuring out exactly
how to implement it for you,
and your business, so you can
get into your Dream 100 as well.
(waves crashing)
So, today we’re
talking about Dream 100
with everybody, kinda getting
some of their thoughts,
and what they’ve done
personally to build up
their Dream 100,
potential partners,
and things they
wanted to go with.
And, I know that you’ve
done some of this
in your business as
well, as you’ve grown.
Be curious, some of
your stories, you’ve had
as you go look at
your Dream 100.
– I think, so, as I think about
the whole Dream 100 concept,
for me, I’m a big fan of
producing a result
for someone else.
That’s my secret weapon.
So, for example, with you,
you sent couple thousand
customers click funnels, right?
So, I think that’s
a good thing to do,
send a bunch of customers,
and then make you feel great,
and then make me feel great,
and then it opens up doors,
– Yeah.
– Same thing with
Tony and Dean, right?
I’ve been following Tony
for over a decade, right?
So, it’s like, how do
you get his attention?
How do you get Deans attention?
How do you get your attention?
It’s like, well, send
a bunch of customers,
promote your stuff–
– And, get on the radar.
– And, get on the radar, right?
I think that’s the best way.
Personally, that’s
just been my own…
That’s really been
my way of doing it,
is either going and
serving in some capacity,
meaning contributing
in some way, for free,
and adding value in that way,
or I think one of the best ways,
that I like the most is,
okay, let me just perform,
and then as the
results get produced,
then it opens up a dialogue,
it opens up a conversation.
(pool balls click)
– All right, so…
– [Nick] Boom.
– So, I call it a Dream
100, what do you call it
in your business?
– So, in my business, I call
it the anchor client strategy.
– Okay, why do you call it that?
– So, if you think of a
commercial strip mall,
there’s all these
different retail stores,
and if one has a
Walmart, or a Starbucks,
in real estate, they’re
the anchor tenant,
and so, the way I look at it is,
if you go out and
get an anchor client,
that’s somebody that has
significant influence,
that basically brings
all the people,
just like in real estate.
If you have a Starbucks,
they bring the people,
everyone else benefits.
So yeah, that strategy
has been something
that’s been huge
in our business.
– So, my question for you is,
as you guys were
launching BioTrust,
how did you use
consummate Dream 100’s,
or affiliates, or
people like that,
that you wanted to go
after to be able to
kinda grow initially, when
you guys first launched it?
– First of all I’m gonna putt,
with a wrong-handed
putter. (laughs)
So, okay, I wanted to get
into the e-book business,
so I invited the
top e-book players
out to Austin Texas,
and had a conference.
– What year was this?
– This was
2009, 2010.
And so, I invited Joel
Marion, Mike Erre,
Isabelle De Los Rios,
Rob Pollose, John Benson,
all those guys.
Invited them out, and
how I got them there was,
Tim Ferriss had been a
friend for a long time,
and he had launched
The Four Hour Body,
and so he wanted
to get in front of
a bunch of fitness
people, so I called
a favor in to Tim, and I said,
“If you wanna sell
a lot of copies,
“of The Four Hour Body,
you could come present
“at this conference
I’m gonna have,
“and the top fitness affiliate
marketers are there.”
And, Tim’s like “I’d
love to do that.”
And, Tim came and spoke,
and then Bill Phillips,
a guy I used to work for–
– Body for Life.
– Body for Life, EAS
Supplements, all that stuff.
He presented as well, so
I called in some favors.
Everyone came out,
and that’s where
I met my business partner,
Joel Marion, met Mike,
met all these people,
all from having–
– So, you basically got
all your Dream 100
into a room all at one time.
– All Dream 100 into a room,
all at one time.
– They know you were
trying to pitch them on
promoting your e-book,
or was it just…
– It was just like,
and I charged nothing for…
Oh, here’s the funny
thing, at the time,
I’d gone through 2008, 9, 10,
and the economy was terrible,
and a lot of stuff
happened in the company.
The company wasn’t doing
well, and I had this idea
for the event,
and we weren’t doing
well financially,
and so, we charged like $1,500,
and paid for all these meals.
It was so cheap,
it was ridiculous,
but I just wanted
to get people there.
And, at the end of
it, I go to Kim,
she’s got a little
calculator out,
I’m like “How much money
did we make or lose?
” I hope we made money,
because we need money.”
She’s doing all this stuff,
she goes, “We made $7.00.”
(laughs loudly)
– For the whole–
– So, I had a conference,
after everything was paid for,
we paid for the conference
center, all the meals,
all the boats, we did boats
and jet skis in the afternoons,
we played in the
afternoon, we made $7.00.
But, from there, literally,
we made hundreds of millions
of dollars from the connections,
because BioTrust took off.
In the first full
year of business,
we went from 0 to $100,000,000
in sales, which was crazy.
– Two for one.
– Same time.
– All right, ready?
– Three, two, one.
(bowling balls bang)
– This is my time!
– Yeah, Oh!
– [Russell] Come on.
– Did you get my strike?
– All right.
– All right, so my question
for you is, when you
first got started,
who were the people,
or the partners
that you wanted to work
with, like your Dream 100,
and how did you figure out a way
to get in to some
of those people?
– Really good question.
– If I think all the
way back, it’s funny,
because we’re here in Fiji, on
Tony’s island, at his house,
him and I, just got
done playing golf.
But, I would have to say, not
only did I want him to be,
someone to do business
with some day,
I just wanted to meet the dude.
I mean, you probably
felt the same way.
Before I knew him, his books,
his courses, his days–
– He Made such a big impact.
– He made such an
impact on my life.
I mean, I think, Tony’s
probably on the list,
if you said, who you can
meet anybody in the world,
15 years go, probably
woulda been Tony.
But, there’s other
business people too,
that were on my
list immediately,
and I would say, if
I give an example,
with Tony, that’s
kind of an extreme,
because he meant something
to me, personally.
But, the one thing I’ve
done, and I’ve watched you
do it really well, is I
always wanna deliver value,
but not fake value,
not kiss someones ass,
or pretend to do something.
Like, with Tony,
we were friends…
I know this is a longer version
than most people wanna see,
but we were friends for like,
5 years before we even talked
much about business.
And, before then,
I helped his team
with a marketing campaign,
I saw some follow-up
that his team was missing out
on, nobody does better events
than Tony, but after the
event, I felt like they were
missing things, so
I literally wrote
a post UPW, Unleash
the Power Within…
I wrote a post email campaign,
and I wrote the videos
that Tony should do,
and then I filmed the
videos, as if I was Tony,
and I just gave
them to his team,
without even telling
him, and it trickled back
to him eventually,
and he was grateful.
So, I think, one of the
things, if I say “Tony…”
It’s like…
Just, I guess
looking at the other,
turning this around, and
maybe this is a long answer,
but at this phase in my
career, I get a lot of people
that wanna do business with me,
and I get a lot of
people approach me
that ask me to do business
before they say hi,
before they know me,
before any relationship,
but it’s hard to decipher.
But, if you look at
our relationship,
it’s been mutually
beneficial since day one.
We sit and talk.
I’ll talk about your campaigns,
you’ll talk about mine.
You’ll open up, and be
like, “Oh my God, I just
“discovered this.”
So, think about that,
when it was time to do
KBB, or time to do
things that you do,
there’s nothing you
couldn’t ask for,
that I wouldn’t do, and
I think the same with me.
And, I think the
foundation of that is,
we’ve just been so willing
to give to each other
without asking first.
– So, for you as a Podcast host,
there’s people you wanna
get to, that you wanna
get on your show, people that
are not traditionally easy
to go get access to,
how have you done it?
What would you do to go
get access toúthose people?
– Two words, be strategic.
There are times in
every entrepreneur,
businessman-woman’s life
when we’re in promotion-mode,
we’ve just launched a book,
we’ve launched a product,
a course, a committee,
you name it.
You have to be strategic.
When I launched
Entrepreneurs on Fire
in the first 90 days,
I had Barbara Corcoran,
Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss,
Seth Godin, Chris Brogan,
all on my podcast.
And, people are always
going back, and saying,
“How did you do that?”
I said, “Well, listen,
I didn’t just say,
“can you just come on my show?”
I waited strategically
during that 90 day window
until they were
in promotion-mode.
Tim had just launched
“Four Hour Body”,
Barbara had just
launched her book,
Seth Godin had just launched
“The Icarus Deception”,
Gary Vaynerchuk
had just launched
“Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.”
So, I went to them
strategically, said “Hey Gary,
“you’re getting up at
5:00 am in the morning,
“you’re driving to some
radio station to interview
“for your book, that’s
being listened to by
a couple hundred
not-interested people.”
I go, “How about coming
Entrepreneurs on Fire
“for 25 minutes.
“We’ll talk about Jab,
Jab, Jab, Right Hook.
“My audience are
entrepreneurs on fire.
“They need your book,
they want your book,
“they just need to
hear about your book.”
Did the same thing with Tim,
same thing with Barbara.
And, so, since I was strategic,
I was able to get them on.
Same exact thing happened
with Tony Robbins.
I didn’t go, and just
try to chase him down,
I waited until he launched
“Money, Master the Game”,
then I let it be known
to his team that,
“Hey, Tony’s trying to get
this book out to as many people
“as possible, “Entrepreneurs
on Fire” has over a million
“listens per month,
I’d love to get him on.
“My audience needs to
learn these principles
“about money, that Tony teaches
from Ray Dialo, Jim Brockle,
“all these other greats.
“Let’s get him on, 25 minutes,
we’ll be in, we’ll be out.
“I will promote the crap
out of it to my audience.”
So, being very strategic,
and going at it
with that irresistible
type of offer
is the only way to go.
(crowd talking)
– [Host] So if you’ve got
entrepreneurs who are trying to
do what you do, they
wanna start a podcast,
they wanna get into it, and
they’re starting a new business,
whatever, how important, why
is it, for them to really
start focusing on
those relationships,
both as a peer group, but
also like a mentor group?
– I just think social capital
is the most valuable
currency for me.
And, so, getting
mentors 10 years ago,
when I was just starting
out, was all I really had.
I didn’t have money, I didn’t
really have the skills,
I didn’t have a product,
or a business, or tools
that I could sell, so I just
started building relationships
with influencers, and mentors,
who could guide me and help me.
And, I think that social equity
is what I’ve carried
along over the years.
It’s the most important
thing in my mind,
because you can have the
skills, you can have the tools,
you can have a business, but
if you don’t have partners
who can support you in
promoting or get the word out,
then it’s just hard
to grow your business.
So, without those
relationships that you have,
without the relationships
that I have,
it would be hard for us
to get the word out there,
and build an audience,
and build a customer base.
So, I think the importance is
in finding those key people,
and figuring out how can you add
as much value to their life,
and not make it about you,
but make it about them.
It’s a simple concept.
I know you talk about
that all the time.
And, that’s what I
really try to focus on
when I’m reaching out to people,
is what’s in it for them
to wanna talk to me?
Why are they gonna
give me five minutes?
When they are getting
asked by so many people
to meet with them, all the time,
what can I offer them that
no one else can offer?
The people that reach
out to me on Instagram,
or email me, who give
me something that
no one else can offer
me, I wanna talk to them,
I wanna give them a few minutes,
I wanna give them an
opportunity, a shot,
whatever it may be.
But, for people just saying,
“Hey, I wanna meet you,
“and I want help.”
It’s hard to give
those people that time,
but when someone is like,
“Hey, I wanna make
10 videos for you,
“that you can use
for social media.”
But, just gives them to me,
and says, “Here you go.”
without even telling me
he’s going to make them…
Someone did that for
me a few weeks ago,
and I’ve been posting
his videos on Instagram.
They’re getting a
lot of traction,
and I’m just like
“This is value for me.
“I wanna pay this person now.
“I want to meet
with this person.”
So, it’s figuring out
what’s in it for the people
to even talk to you.
For me, what’s in it for
The Rock to get on my show?
He doesn’t need me.
He’s got all the
influence in the world,
he doesn’t need to
come on my show.
So, what’s the
thing he does need,
that I could give him,
that makes it a
no-brainer for him to say,
“Yeah, I’ll go on
that guys podcast,
“because he’s willing
to give me something
“I’ve never had on my own.”
So, that’s, I need to
come up with those ideas
to reach my list even more.
And, I think people
watching and listening,
need to figure out, what
can they offer someone,
that no one else can offer.
– For a young entrepreneur,
should I solidify this,
and figure out, who
are those people that
are gonna try to get in to,
what advise would you
give those people?
– I mean, peer
group is everything.
Who you hang out with,
is who you become.
You got kids, you want your
kids to go to the good school.
If you wanna be fit and
healthy, hang out with
fit and healthy people.
So, it’s huge, and I
think entrepreneurs
fall a lot into the
pattern at the beginning
of doing everything
by themselves,
working 80 hours a
week, 90 hours a week,
and not looking up at all.
And, I think that
everything I’ve learned is,
you gotta get quality
people around you,
whether they’re in
the same industry,
or even in a different industry,
but a similar stage of
life, it’s usually important
to go, where are the
three to five people,
that are gonna be my
key friends, or my
key relationships,
and just put time and effort
into building that early.
If I look back on my
life, I go, “I probably
“shoulda done that a
decade earlier,” really.
Look at your network,
and wouldn’t say network,
your relationships,
and who you know,
and the time you’ve
put into them,
how valuable they are,
not just economically,
but as a person, and a
husband, and a father,
sometimes we don’t do that
until it’s a little late,
so, I’d say, do it early.
Don’t be the, I’m gonna
climb the mountain by myself.
What do I say?
Going on your own
you can go faster,
but going with a team,
you can go further.
So, I’d say be building
that team early, yeah.
– Thinking, is this
an important thing,
or is this the important thing?
How you feel about
this is the strategy?
– So, I can say,
with 100% certainty,
for me personally,
that this strategy
put me on the map,
and it’s why I’ve had huge
opportunities in my life,
my business, and it is one
of the very first things
that we teach our clients.
So, I would say that
this isn’t like,
ya know, maybe I’ll
consider doing this,
it sounds really cool,
this persons doing it.
This is like, this is something
that absolutely should and
must happen in your business,
because the difference is,
you’re either going to be
experiencing friction,
and, ya know,
you have a big
dream in business,
you’re like Oh my
gosh, I’m so excited
to build this business,
build funnels,
do this, this, and this,
and then it loses its fun,
when there’s friction, because
your clients are not ideal.
And, it loses its fun when
it’s really hard to make money.
And, then all of a sudden,
you bolt on to this strategy,
and you get high paying
clients, you create influence
for you, for your
business, those around you,
then the result is
higher level clients,
and, I mean, afterwards,
business can be fun.
Ya know what I mean?
And, that to me, is
a huge game changer,
is leveraging the strategy
to make business fun.
So, it’s a must.
– All right, so to wrap it up.
Then, if you were given
a new entrepreneur,
who’s just watching this, and
like, ah, how do I get in?
And, maybe they’re
trying to get a job,
like their dream
job, or ya know,
whatever the thing might be,
what would be two or
three tips of the steps
you’d have them go through,
to have them get in?
– So, one of the biggest things,
is learning how to pitch,
and how to pitch in a
way that is memorable,
so it’s not like,
what is in it for me,
but like, how can I
serve other people?
I would say most of the
people on my team today,
have reached out, in my
inbox, and told me a way
that they could serve me,
that maybe I didn’t recognize,
or things like that.
So, one, just show
up with service.
I think people say
that a lot, but really
when you take the time
to know your mentor,
or their brand, and you can
say, “Hey, here’s a gap,
“and here’s how I can fill
it,” it’s like holy cow,
yeah, come help!
So, I’d say, show
up with service.
I would say, really just
keep it real online.
The real connections
like, me and Colette
connected right away.
We had so much in common,
because of the way
that we show up online.
She felt she knew me.
We had things that
we could talk about.
So, when you show up online
in a way that’s relatable,
people can connect with that.
And, then lastly,
I would just say,
make those investments
in yourself,
whatever that looks like,
if it’s a free workshop,
if it’s an online course,
if it’s a Mastermind, if you’re
not investing in yourself,
it shows me that you
don’t believe in yourself
enough to think that what
you’re doing is worth it.
So, all of those
I mean, we all side
hustled, and worked so hard
to just get to a point
where we could afford
a $150 course, we’ve been there.
But, all of those little
investments pay off huge.
– Tell us about your
weird Dream 100 experience
with the list.
– Oh.
Joanna Gaines, Lauren
Conrad, not because she was
on “The Hills”, she’s
on MTV “The Hills”…
That’s probably my flight.
Lauren Conrad, Oprah Winfrey,
obvy, Michelle Obama.
I mean, I’ve got
this dream list.
Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.
I mean, there’s…
I’m getting close to a lot of
them too, I’m real excited.
But, there’s just
a lot of women,
especially mothers, that I
admire the balanced career,
and motherhood, in a
way that is so awesome.
I mean Russell Brunson,
you’re on my list too.
– I get it, they’re
cooler than I am.
What is the craziest
thing you’ve ever done
to get in with a
Dream 100 partner,
someone you wanted to work with?
– Go scuba diving,
and float down a river
in pitch blackness,
and just, in Fiji,
in the middle of nowhere
with nobody that you know,
with no cellphone service,
and no life jacket.
I’ll give you guys perspective.
So, like, five years ago, I…
10 years ago, I saw Tony
Robbins first video on YouTube,
I probably saw Dean
somewhere around that.
Five years ago, I see
this guy, Russell Brunson,
and I learned so much
from each of them,
so to be here, hanging
out all weekend,
it’s just so full
circle and crazy.
And, then, it was nice
too, because all of them
lived up to the hype, and
then some, even Russell.
– Oh, thanks.
– [Woman] Thank you so much.
– Thank you, thank
you, thank you.
– [Russell] Boola,
boola everyone.
This is Russell Brunson,
wanna welcome you guys back
to the marketing
secrets podcast.
So, for the last week,
I have been in Fiji,
and we just got done with a
big huge Mastermind meeting
for everybody who was part
of the mastermind.com launch,
and those top 10 affiliates
gotta come to here,
so we had so much fun
with some amazing people.
If you ever been to Tony event,
he says that “most of us
as humans will overestimate
what we can do in a year,
but we’ll underestimate
what we can get
done in a decade.”
So, to keep moving forward
ya gotta put 10 years
into whatever it
is you’re pursuing,
whatever it is you’re going for.
And, how many peoples
lives could you affect,
could you change if
you just keep pursuing,
what you’re pursuing?
(upbeat music)
And, I hope that someday,
you guys have a chance
to be sitting in
Fiji, here with me,
and we can talk about,
like, “Oh my gosh, Russell,
“you’re right.”
So, with that said, we are
gonna be jumping on a plane,
and go see our little kid,
which I’m so excited for,
and then we get back to it.
(acoustic guitar plays)

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