Travis Stephenson, Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates

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Travis Stephenson, Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Travis Stephenson has earned TWO of our infamous 2 Comma Club Awards. In this episode he reveals the secrets behind chat bots and what he is doing with Chatmatic to decrease ad costs, increase conversion rates and increase attendance to webinars and LIVE events.

Show Notes:

-Fun fact of the day: you’re doing Facebook Messenger all wrong

-Ask yourself if your bots are helping to stimulate a conversation

-The more incentive we can put into Facebook posts, the more traffic can be directed to your website

-What is more important: comments or views?

-Using Facebook messenger as a notification center is king over Email or text

-Travis Stephenson uses Facebook messenger to start relationships with his potential clients

-Is Facebook Messenger replacing email? Not necessarily

-Dave asked the golden question to Travis.

-Travis figured out how to use his Chatmatic software to generate an 1800 people list for free

-There is importance behind not using Chatmatic to send people things they don’t want


“By incentivizing engagement we are seeing an in increase in our traffic by over 35%”

“…that’s the way you should be formulating your post. Look at a comment and then send a message on the comment.”

“When you actually ask someone to say something [comment] think about, you know I try to tell people, think about what that phrase actually means. It’s really a cool experiment.”

“I use email more than I use Facebook messenger. Messenger is different. Messenger is a conversational platform that allows you to engage constantly with your audience with things they care about.”

“Right now it absolutely smashes because there’s so few people doing it that it’s very different. When people see it they’re like ‘Oh I can comment to get something?’. It’s a new call to action for them that feels different as opposed to clicking on some link.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to portulaca radio I’m your host Dave Woodward do you guys are in for a massive experience today this is gonna be one of those rides where you’re gonna be shocked to hear what actually comes out of this guy’s mouth so first of all welcome to the show Travis Stephenson Travis hey how you going I’m doing great thank you so much for taking time for those of you guys who don’t know Travis Travis actually has two of our two comma Club Awards so again basically me and CSU’s ClickFunnels™ to produce over two funnels each doing over a million dollars one of them is for chat Matic which were me talking about today in their pre-launch another one is for well three which is a conglomerate of software tools and somebody he’s using our software ClickFunnels™ to actually create and market his other software but the part I really am excited to talk about with you today Travis is I get people asking all the time about this whole messenger thing how does it work all that kind of stuff and you know people hear about mini chat and hear about all these other things and there’s so many different questions out there Facebook’s changing their algorithms all the time and people aren’t gosh you know what just tell me what do I really really need to do now you and I before we kind of started going on getting started here you’re basically just telling me down and slamming me that we’re not doing this thing right so I figured you know what tell everyone else exactly how we should be doing this so it’s it’s funny because it’s not it’s it’s not that anybody’s doing it wrong it’s that nobody’s Facebook doesn’t come out and say like hey we made all of this stuff possible and here’s what you could do with it right just like with any other new thing they’re not gonna necessarily tell you all the things you can do they will tell you what you can’t do and you know it’s with messenger it’s a new thing it’s a new toy a lot of people are confused because they’re hearing broadcasting through messenger and they’re hearing chat BOTS and and to me the most I would say probably the most inhibiting word about messenger is chat bot because it instantly feels like you’ve got to create this lengthy conversational like like crazy thing right with all these like links to this and that and that it’s you know you see some people teaching chat BOTS and you’re like wow that must have taken you days and I just want to do something that’s gonna add some incremental tics up in my business and so that’s where I you know really started with chat Matic April of 2016 when they released the messenger API which allows us to do some really cool things and messenger I said well as a marketer who already has a business going as somebody who already has funnels and I’ve already got these things going what can I do to use messenger which is downloaded by now 1.3 billion people so it’s one of the top three most downloaded apps in the world it’s worth looking into right so it’s something that I wanted to figure out and I said you know in a world where everybody’s going mobile here’s an app that’s on everybody’s mobile device which if I can you know using Facebook’s information if I can build my business in some way into you know into this app well there’s got to be a benefit there so I started diving in and we found some cool what I call entry points and this is where most marketers fall short they think that the bot is like okay so somebody’s gonna go to my Messenger they’re gonna message me and then like a bot will take over and the perfect example would be like a local bowling alley somebody goes to their Facebook page clicks send a message and they say hey what are your hours a chat bot could automatically reply and say our hours are this right so people think that they’ve got to set up all these scenarios and so what I wanted to do was I wanted to focus on entry points which was getting people into messenger to then activate real BOTS or just to have a conversation because if you really get deep into this you’ll you’ll realize that like everything that we buy when we’re in person a lot of it comes down to conversation if you walk into a store to buy a pair of jeans and then the guy at the store doesn’t talk to you a lot of times you walk out and it’s just it’s one of those things conversation engages you it brings you in and so I started focusing on entry points for messenger I said well what are some of the cool ones that I think are already going on and the one that we’re really attached to in the beginning was what I call a comment trigger and this is the one that you guys were missing out on and I think that 90% of your listeners are probably missing out on this one and what it is is anytime somebody comments on a post or on an ad of yours as long as it’s on a business page you can automatically send them using something like Chat Matic you can automatically set up a precondition to message that goes to everybody who comments so if you say comment below and I’m gonna send you this our system can automatically send it to you obviously and so it’s not as you know it it obviously is super cool that we can do that but the coolness of it is way overshadowed by the effectiveness of what this does so we’ve got people who take the same idea and they’re promoting ecommerce products and they say comment below for a 15% off discount coupon or comment below for free shipping now again figuring out why that overshadows the coolness is looking into how these comments change your natural organic reach and we all know number one thing on Facebook is engagement if your post gets lots of likes comments and shares it’s a good post and Facebook will show it to more people and we win right well the reverse of that is a post that doesn’t get very much engagement and mostly ads and you know small businesses it’s hard you don’t have a marketing department to like figure out what can I do to get engagement on every post so now what we’ve done with chat Matic is you have the ability to say comment below and I’m gonna give you something mmm some I’m incentivizing you to comment basically and we can deliver that something instantly well with that something comes you know links back to our website it comes with additional marketing material which gives us a second chance to reach somebody and you know we’ve also learned that that original comment it starts a conversation it’s you know a lot of times you’ll see friends tagging their friends and now you know that original friend tag Alley Sally comes on an hour later comments again and now that original friend gets a message saying hey you know Sally commented on your post so now you’re going back to my ad and we found that just by doing this just by incentivizing engagement even if you don’t deliver something fantastic which obviously you should something for free or a discount or a PDF or a you know learn your guide or something interesting by incentivizing engagement we’re seeing an increase in our traffic by over thirty five percent and that’s post by post that’s our and that’s a stat based on reach so we’re seeing that on average our average post that incentivize engagement engagement gets thirty five percent more reach than one that doesn’t and we get way more actual trick clicks in traffic because you know especially on an ad when you tell somebody comment below and I want to give you this you get a ton more traffic because now you’re actually actively promoting it and so that was the first entry point that we realized was really beneficial was man you know somebody can comment on a post or an ad and we can give them something and it incentivizes us or it gives us a way to incentivize them to comment so now our ads look more engaging and as I was kind of explaining to you day before if when you post something on Facebook right away the EdgeRank algorithm and nobody knows the real numbers but let’s say it shares your post to about 10 percent of your total audience it’s gonna trap some yeah I want to kind of make sure people understand what we’re really talking about here and give some practical example because yes as we were just kind of getting started you basically said you know Dave got a couple of posts you guys could have done better with and so let’s if you don’t mind let’s take for example the funnel hacking live post because perfect motion well yes these listeners are all gonna if you guys have it if you’re not familiar funnel hacking live you should be you should be going go to phone hacking get your tickets all that kind of stuff but realize what Travis I were talking about before we got started here was they said you know dig you guys posted that your tickets were available and you put a link in and so I want to kind of because this is something again we do this and we’re on Facebook all the time we’re advertise we’re doing all sorts of stuff so obviously we’re pretty we’re not newbies to this business yeah I want to make sure that you kind of help people understand what could we have done better so they can actually take that knowledge and actually apply that in their own business yeah so here’s the way that I look at it is that the reason that you post normal posts on Facebook is because you want engagement a lot of people think it’s the other way I did it like oh well I want you know people to buy my product right but know what you really want is engagement because if you don’t get engagement nobody’s gonna see your product so engagement first and and there’s a couple of rules that we all kind of know are true and one of those is when you post something on Facebook and in the description of that post you have a link it naturally isn’t going to reach as many people that’s just because Facebook realizes if somebody sees this post there’s a good chance they’re gonna leave Facebook let’s see what happens and so you should share it out to a small percentage of your audience probably doesn’t do as well because it’s got a link on it and and for whatever reason it never reaches as many people so now enter in something like a comment trigger right where would somebody comments you can send them something which one do you think is gonna go farther and this is the headline that you guys used it said funnel hacking live tickets are for sale get yours ASAP before they’re gone forever and you had a link to the website do you think that would would work better than what about this phone hacking live tickets are for sale 30% of tickets are already pre-sold comment give me what light or like mine below or you know let’s do it below to grab yours now through this exclusive private opportunity or however you want to word it obviously when they share that out to the 10% of people you’re gonna have those people looking and saying well I got a comment I gotta check this out I’m curious to see what this special deal is what the you know how can I get in what are the price you know they’re gonna they’re gonna question it and they’re gonna go when they comment you could now use something like a cup Matic you know trigger to instantly send them a link that says hey you know and reaffirm the reason why they should go again now you can put a description in there that that describes why they should go check it out and then a link to funnel hacking live and so you’re still just ribbiting the link and obviously you’re gonna get a little bit less traffic per view right because you’re gonna need to comment in order to get the link however you’re gonna get a lot more views we’ve found this to be true almost 100% of the time unless you’re doing something you know crazy off-the-wall generating comments is way more important and and let me let me just quickly super quickly go over why I think comments are so important and there’s no better way than to pretend that it’s a real-life Street like if you look at your your newsfeed as a street and you’re scrolling through just like you would be driving down the street if you like something that’s like driving down the street looking at something and giving it a thumbs up right that’s like okay cool Facebook sees you do that and they’re like well that’s not really that important or sharing something that’s like taking a picture of it and texting it to five of your friends well that doesn’t mean that those five friends are gonna go do something about it it just means that you thought it was cool enough to give them to share it but if you comment that’s like driving down the street stopping your car looking at the store and saying hey that’s super cool Facebook sees that and they’re like he’s he thought he cared enough to engage that’s different than just blindly liking or blindly sharing and so I really do believe that’s why they built this kind of backdoor that allows you to instantly send messages upon comments but that’s the way that you should be formulating a lot of your posts is look for the comment send a message on the comment I love that analogy it’s honest I was my wife and I were in Austin for the weekend cook anniversary getaway type of trip and we’re actually walking down 6th Street where they’ve got you know they have a Cowboys game playing they’ve got all these bars old but all this kind of crazy stuff going on and it was amazing to me to we’re literally right next to each other you got two different clubs and one is just jam-packed they could get enough people in it and literally the one right next to it then they’ve got people beg you know hey come on in come on in given all these offers and no one was going in and so I look at your comments as kind of like when you’re driving down your distri you see a huge line of people wanting to get into that rest yet again it creates that curiosity and obviously 100 sense curiosity urgency are the two things that are every marketers most important trick and tool in their tool belt and so if you can increase curiosity that’s why again I know there’s I hear this all the time and it’s one things you know we’ve we’ve gone back and forth we’re still kind of testing as far as is it better putting the link out or is it better put in a mini chat because every time you ask someone to do something you’re right you you lose some people during that transaction I’m clicking and yet at the same time by creating that many comments it does it again you’re trying to play the algorithm game but at the same time it also as you’re scrolling through if you see someone’s got 800 comment you’re going gosh there’s gotta be something in this post of value or at least that’s 100 percent yeah it’s it’s a lot of that perception and I think that there’s also you know I’ve been doing it now for a year and eight nine months somewhere in there and and we’ve learned a couple of cool tricks when it comes to asking for comments not just saying comment below write or comment I’m in one of the things that we’ve done is obviously a comment like I’m in is a good inclusive comment that’s one that would lead other people to be like oh what are they in on for webinars for instance we’ve done I’ll be there that’s another one letting everybody know hey these other people subliminally these other people are going I should go and and so when you actually ask somebody to say something think about you know we tell people to think about what that means what that phrase that you’re asking them to say actually means and some of the times and this was a really cool experiment I actually had somebody comment WWH at matok calm to get the trigger I’m like okay comment WWE chat matcom to get this and so I had like 500 people sharing links to my website and it was pretty cool because we obviously got way more traffic because there was people seeing this link going why are they linking to this website and so there’s ways that you can kind of game it in and I think it’s more than just comment below for this which is what everybody does there was that you know two years of everybody was afraid like oh I heard that Facebook’s algorithm you know boot you down if you ask for comments and it’s just some random rumor that people put out but so yeah that commenting feature is one big one and the next kind of big thing that everybody I think should be focusing on is the idea of building a notification list in messenger and so another great example for ClickFunnels™ recently I saw that you guys did software secrets a really cool software webinar when somebody signs up for a webinar for me right now they go over to the Thank You page and on that Thank You page almost every marketer that I know has a mobile sign up reminder thing right so you know hey set up text messages right give me your your cell phone number as invasive as that sounds you don’t know me but I want your phone number and so maybe they’re like oh hey yeah sure let’s do it I’m getting 20% of people to give me their mobile number and now I can send them a text message do you have you ever gone through what that actually looks like when you send that text message it comes from a number that they’ve never seen it’s usually like 3 6 3 – 8 oh so right off the bat when they see the text message come in they’re like spam no thanks and then you have to use you only get like a hundred characters and you have to use some of them to say hey it’s Travis Stephenson because they don’t know and so like you’re already limited in so many ways so what I said was like look we built in the chat Matic this ability to build a basically a squeeze page that acts like its own you know like a like a notification list builder so now on my Thank You page we have a little page on there in an iframe that says make sure you get notified of our of our broadcast click send a messenger below and we’ll send you a message 15 minutes before we go live and when they click that it adds them to messenger I then redirect them to a page says like hey thank you you’re all set whatever and this this is I think way more important than most people give it credit for because we all know on webinars the most important thing to do is to get someone on the webinar or if you’ve got a blog you could do this with a blog write you post a new blog post now you can notify people through messenger hey our new post is up and you’re gonna get way more activity but on the webinar we get we saw it like like flat out from messenger a webinar where normal attendance rate is about 12 to 18 percent our attendance rate on all of the webinars the webinars that we’ve run with mobile messenger reminders are 30% plus dude that’s yeah because like think about the logistics of it right like you get them most that everybody has messenger sending notifications on their phone so now you’re gonna get a notification on your phone if you try to do this with email people don’t check their email every minute so you try to send an email 15 minutes before you go live nobody gets it in fact it’s more of a hassle to send an email 15 minutes ahead of time because I spend more time answering emails from people after the webinar saying I didn’t get this until after do you have a replay right don’t want to interrupt your I’m gonna stop yes I want to find the one thing I hear people always say on this messenger thing is I’ve got to have them click say something to go to messenger and then they have to accept it in messenger so on this on your so if the stuff you’ve got going right now as far as chat Matic when you have that India night of ClickFunnels™ and they click on it do they then have to go and accept inside of messenger or is that click no you know so what happens is the way that we built it is it looks to see is somebody logged you know is this user logged in now on mobile it is a little bit different on mobile for the majority of the experience what ends up happening is they’ll click send a messenger and it’ll actually pop up a little window that says you know login to messenger if they’re not currently logged into messenger it’ll ask them to login and when they login which it doesn’t take them away from the experience it doesn’t take them into messenger and then ask them to reaccept once they log in that’s them accepting and then it redirects them back to where we want to go but if they’re logged in and this is the case with a good majority of the people I mean our conversion rates are pretty high on these these reminders if they’re already logged in they just click one button and they don’t even see anything happen it just instantly sends the the subscription but we also then instantly we also allow you to send a message instantly when somebody subscribes so once they subscribed – the message it says hey awesome job this is where my reminder is gonna come from it’s my Travis Stephenson page and I give them a little to take a page from Ryan Deiss I give them a little indoctrination message first hey this is when I send my messages this is where you can find me go check me on YouTube like you know I use it as my first get to know me message and now they’re able to pick me up on different places they’re subscribing to YouTube they’re finding me on Facebook and so then again 15 minutes ahead of time I go into chat Matic I hit create broadcast to that list and I broadcast to that list a message it just says hey we’re getting ready to go live click here to join us and the phenomenal thing is we’re talking 70 to 80 percent opens that’s on average that’s after mailing them like a lot not like my biggest list like up because you can’t broadcast you know promotional stuff forever you just can’t that the rules are you have 24 hours from somebody contacting you and messenger or accepting messenger messages so if they subscribe you technically have 24 hours to send them a marketing related message after that you have to send them notifications which is again that’s not if you’re running an e-commerce store and you’re saying hey you know we’re gonna run a 25% off sale that’s not a notification what they mean by notification is hey you signed up to find out when we were going live we are going live or you know you wanted to get information about our new blog posts we have a new blog post making it very structured in that you’re actually telling them something they care about and the way they police it is very rough right now there’s a lot of people broadcasting messengers or like marketing messages constantly but Facebook will shut you down they don’t they buy pass us as a software by the way they bypass us if you Dave if you start broadcasting promotional stuff to people after that 24-hour window and you’re using chat Matic they don’t even tell us they go right to your fan page and they restrict your ability to send messages and you then write a support ticket to us and you’re like hey my messages aren’t being sent and we know right away that’s because you were probably breaking some rules so it’s it’s it’s really cool like really you can’t compete it but it’s not replacing email I get a lot of those questions every day oh is this are you gonna say this is gonna replace email I use email with like more frequently than I used messenger messenger is different it’s a conversation platform that allows you to engage constantly with your user base on things they care about new posts new blog posts webinar notifications is my big one and so it’s just you know we do contests where you can sign up to get notified who the winner is and then obviously what we can use that to link them back to our site and all kinds of really really cool like you know experiences and case studies so far but it’s been a heck of a ride and you know messenger is just one of those things now that once you really figure it out you start thinking about I could probably do this in messenger just the same way that you would treat email you know we went in your thought process so tell me Travis when as far as chat Matic there a way that you can extract the email address they have in facebook so that shows that address my man you asked the perfect question because a lot of other apps give you the ability to in the bot you can ask them hey what’s your email address if you give it to us we can then use ap er and do all this stuff and I’m like dude for me too complicated so what we did was we built you you’ve seen those sign up with Facebook buttons everywhere like hey enter your name and email or sign up with Facebook we said look why don’t we just modulate that sign up with Facebook button and allow anybody to make a sign up with Facebook button that they can use as a link to drive traffic anyway when somebody clicks it it’s gonna grab their email from Facebook obviously there’s an authorization that has to take place like it would normally but if you’re logged into Facebook it pops up a little window that says hey so-and-so would like to grab your email address and your public profile would you like to continue and the thing I love and it’s how you can tell there’s some marketers in Facebook not many but the button itself the button that actually authorizes us to get their email this is the the phrase they use on the button it says continue as so if you’re seeing this it would say continue as date and I’m like obviously I’m gonna click that button because I don’t want to continue with somebody else and so it’s just one of those things like they they worded it so perfectly for us so essentially what this does is in art in our tool we this is like a kind of like an add-on it’s not really messenger related you could use it anywhere and I use it on every one of my click funnels every opt-in page I have has a name and email or sign up with Facebook button and all you do is you just tell our system where do you want to redirect somebody once they’ve clicked this link and then what’s the name of this campaign so you might name it you know click funnels and we also integrate with all the major autoresponders so you can instantly send that lead to multiple autoresponders actually we kind of have a zapier like setup where you can send them to MailChimp and you could send it to GoToWebinar at the same time when somebody opts in and so we do have that ability and what a lot of our users do and the reason I kind of long-winded explain that what a lot of our users do is they’ll make a post that says hey comment below for this free pdf and then they’ll use our quote unquote button which is what we call it it’s a link that will grab an authorization for email they’ll use that to redirect people to the PDF so now as they’re going to the PDF they’re actually getting a subscriber very cool very so it’s it’s a pretty cool software and I mean I’ve even even through testing it now I mean just looking at my saw my system I obviously run demos of it all the time and I do a lot of training and and so even just through doing mostly demos I’ve generated like eighty four hundred leads and one time I did a campaign and this was amazing I did a campaign on my Facebook page where I posted an image that had every targeting option on Facebook like for the ads platform and so it described every targeting option that you could have and in the description I said comment you know if you want a copy of this to download comment awesome below and you know do me a favor share this because I can’t turn it into an ad share it and I shared it into a couple of groups just to see like Facebook Ads groups and you know all this kind of marketing stuff and I ended up getting to 2,500 comments over a thousand shares and like 1800 comments but using chat Matic to instantly send a message when somebody commented and then using our button to grab an email when they clicked for the downloadable version I ended up generating a list of like 1800 people all for free and you know obviously as a marketer you then take that you can do a thousand different styles of campaigns I was running people through a webinar where I explained Chat Matic actually within our pre-launch and I mean we absolutely crushed it and there was no you know normal external links anywhere like it was just a very sort of hidden funnel but it crushed that’s fantastic I mean actually looking at some of your users comments in one of those it’s exactly what we were just talking about that is Jason Johnson here basically it’s over 1400 engaged I got 400 emails yeah that’s pretty impressive so grabbing meals like like you wouldn’t even believe and literally just today so obviously we have a group of all of our sort of first users for chat Matic and I told people today I’m like look it’s Halloween let’s do something cool for Halloween I’m like do these two things so I listed to probably hundred word paragraphs describing what they could do with chat Matic one like make a Halloween post and have somebody say comment Halloween you’ll give him 25 25 percent off in the comments of that post the guy says about 20 minutes after I posted he says oh five sales already and then about an hour and a half later that this is no joke he goes so I said to him I count you know how are you guys doing he said two thousand eight hundred and thirty four dollars and 32 cents from what you showed me and he said no way two thousand nine hundred thirty-seven dollars just got a chit Ching thirty-three sales and awesome it in part of it is like I’m not gonna lie like part of it is one of those things that right now it absolutely smashes because there’s so few people doing it that it’s very different when users see it and they’re like oh I can comment to get something it’s a new call to action that feels different than you know posting a link and hoping that they click so it’s right now it has that sort of we’re still test you know everybody’s still testing the waters to see what can be done with it but we do know that messenger is obviously a beast it provides us massive opportunities but then also this commenting trigger what it what it does or doesn’t do with the algorithm we know that it helps in most cases and then you know being able to broadcast to people and messenger to notify them of things if you’re using a real notification like your your podcast a perfect example if you said to people hey sign up to get notifications on my podcast that’s a real thing that people would want to get notified of then you’re not gonna have any issues because nobody’s gonna complain when they get what they want if if you use it as a shady marketer which a lot of people would like oh hey sign up for notifications of our podcast and then they’re very like you know ten days later they get a message it says you should go check out this new product we just released then it’s not quite what they signed up for so you might you know have some issues but the power of it is still getting exposed it’s getting more and more interesting every single day at Chat Matic we’re really really focusing on how can we make it easier for marketers to not feel that sense of overwhelm when they think like I know I’ve got to get a chatbot going but I don’t even know where to start I don’t know what to do our goal is let’s focus on making the entry points really easy and you know we’ll be able to kind of we’ll go from there and actually one of the big things that we’re doing and I’ll kind of cap it with this with with ClickFunnels™ I’m what I’m working on is I’m working on how can we make it so that every click bottles user could say I want to add this to my landing page I want to add this to my thank-you page I want to add this to my sales funnel how do I do it we want to make it to where it’s almost a seamless integration for them to say well I’m a chat Matic user now I can just do these three things and oh it’s there we go that it’s it’s ready for my click funnels funnel and I can you know when somebody opts in I can send them a message and messenger I can build a list in messenger and an email there’s some really cool things coming so in the next two to three months I would expect to hear more about that awesome well Travis I greatly appreciate your time especially spread you know shed some light on this whole chat pop thing again how did you know decrease your ad cost while increase in your conversion rates you know increase in attendees to your live events webinars all that kind of stuff so if people aren’t gonna hold you how do they do that yeah well I mean the easiest way to get a hold of me Travis at chat Matic that’s a great way you can you can reach me directly there or my fan page on Facebook forward slash Travis income i NC om e it’s just a I always I’m obviously way more responsive and messenger as I’m sure you probably know why then I am you know with most of my other methods of communication so that’s a great way to kind of follow me and you guys could see my super cool video that I did last week where I did my unboxing of my latest two comic level warts I just got my second one two weeks ago so I did a little video of me unboxing it that was actually an awesome video I appreciated that it’s been fun we’re starting I don’t know who started the unboxing thing recently but my gosh now of anyone who gets one as their their great reveal so yours was on I appreciated that so congratulations again on – I have tweaked a little wards that’s fantastic yeah going for three I’m working on three man you guys you can’t hold me back I’m gonna have four before the end of 2018 so that’s the well I’d love it that sounds great well Travis again fantastic talk me bud thank you so much every time well chat well soon yeah appreciated thanks best thanks for listening to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Travis Stephenson, Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates

Travis Stephenson, Chat Bot Secrets to Decreasing Ad Costs While Increasing Conversion Rates