Tony Robbins REACTION to ClickFunnels 2.0 (AHH!!!)

Tony Robbins REACTION to ClickFunnels 2.0 (AHH!!!)

In 2021 I had the chance to attend a private mastermind in West Palm beach at Tony Robbins private studio. The mastermind was lead by Tony and Dean Graziosi and in attendance were some of the greatest entrepreneurs like Lewis Howes, Jenna Kutcher and Josh Bezoni.

The format of the mastermind was simple… You get to ask 1 QUESTION to Tony and then go deep to try to answer it…

It’s been one year since our last mastermind in Fiji and this time I actually had a big surprise for everyone.. The first announcement of the launch of ClickFunnels 2.0! This was their reaction…

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So the mastermind was amazing i had a chance to go to tony's studio this is the studio he does his big virtual events where he's in this room that's like wrapped in these huge led walls where when he's on stage he can see people from all around the world and so when we first began we sat down and they invited all the affiliates for .

The launch to be there virtually so behind us you could see all the faces of a hundred of the top affiliates sitting there watching in and then we had a chance to be there sitting at the dean's feet as he explained what was happening this next year here's the philly launch here's what we're doing here's how it's .

Structured which was really cool and then he asked everybody at home to to end they all zoom cameras went off and we sat there for a minute and then tony came in give it up for mr tony robbins it was amazing tony came in you know which literally like larger than life .

Personally everybody walks in the room like his presence just fills the room you're just like tony's here you can feel it like from a mile away i'm sure you could feel it and then he had a chance to sit down and basically everybody had a really unique opportunity an opportunity that you .

Think about tony i mean tony has coached like the last 10 presidents of the united states he coached princess diana he coached conor mcgregor he coached andre agassi like all the best people in every industry every sport like tony coached them and molded them and helped them to be more successful so sitting in this room with a dude who's coached all .

These people and he's like you can ask me any question you want but you got one in the room were some of the top influencers in the world and tony went person by person you know jenna coocher lewis howes josh and joel bazzoni and we talked about everything from work-life balance to relationships to investing and flipping businesses .

And then when it got to my turn i still didn't know exactly what the question was i know the direction i was trying to go i know the end goal but there was like this i was like fuzzy between if you ever felt that before as an entrepreneur or you know you want to go but you can't .

Quite see the path to get there so they know how to articulate into a question so i try to explain the direction and destination to tony and give his feedback on it and so um that's what i did and this is what he said all right russell brunson russell .

Russell give it up for russell everybody for god's sakes oh man well first off great to see you again nice to see you too um i've been struggling i've been hiding from jeremy for last like three weeks trying to give him my question because anyway i don't care just ask me whatever .

You want yeah so my problem is i don't know the right question so i want to kind of paint the landscape and i'm looking for a direction so that's more than a question but to get feedback from fiji last time so uh took your advice i stepped down from being ceo of chairman and clickfunnels .

Ceo yeah and then literally the best decisions in my life like he's so glad for you so much better than me at it and i didn't do what i want to do the context of that so you know was you know russell's genius unless you know what he's done with quick funnels and how much he's built it he can probably sell that potentially at least i don't .

Know what it's like now for a sizable sum but then what is he going to do and he really enjoys it he loves it so i said to him yeah if you sell it too soon even though it looks like that you'd maybe sell a portion of it but if i were you i'd be the chairman i'd have a ceo operates it every day and then be strategic and do what you love .

And then if you want to sell a portion of it or more you can do that strategically but don't just do it because you got offers because then you're gonna get a billion dollars or a hundred million dollars whatever number you're gonna get between those two numbers and you've got to figure out what to do with your life .

The goal is not to not work the goal is to not have to work i don't have to worry a day of my life but i work harder i ever have doing what i love so that's not true for everybody but he loves what he does so tell me so you you hired a ch you came to chairman hired a ceo and then .

Covet hit so what happened um we did look at potentially selling or going publicly it looked pretty deep both directions uh got a really good offer that we turned down because i'm the artist who's like yep um and then we kind of regrouped and we're like what do we do then like do we like we're we've been doing this now .

Seven years i feel like we've built uh an i just built a business we built an industry there's a whole thing around it it's been pretty cool one thing that's come at me a lot is a lot of the people that we built up that we trained that we gave these careers to are now coming and building software to compete with us and seeing the .

Opportunity and coming at us so that's happening which is frustrating um but also you know we built clickfunnels seven years ago and so something that's not public outside of this room now is um stay private yeah we uh we started building click .

Funnels 2.0 from the ground up completely uh revamped and we're going to be launching it at our funnel hocking live event uh in a couple months how exciting is that for you oh my gosh you have no idea look at his face look at this every look at his face now that face is not the face you'll have when he gets .

100 million dollars for his company or a portion thereof or a billion dollars for his company that face is an artist who's in his art look at him look at that big-ass smile right there i love seeing your face like that that's awesome it's fun and so but it's weird it's it's frustrating for me because i'm in this like zone right to be quiet .

Because i can't talk about it because like yeah you know we got to come out and it's going to be you know it's going to be a fun launch and a good anyway it's going to be fun because i've heard you talk about it before that like when people are like they're coming .

For where you're at you're like well we're i'm a year a decade beyond you now like that's where we're coming back where all these people are coming in they're cloning what we're doing yeah we're coming out and we're going to be five ten years above them with the next iteration so we're pumped and we example i i think you're acknowledging to give .

All of you a piece is young bucks come up to me all the time they're doing this since i was 30 and go you know what you know my name you know what you're gonna remember me you know what you know i'm gonna be where you are and i always smile and say i think that's awesome and when you get where i am you'll be where i was .

You think i'm gonna stop growing you dip so you're having that joy i see it in your face he knows he's gonna dwarf these people that have been just copying him and i love that and so so this this zone we're kind of quiet waiting for the big launch and preparing for everything um and part of this and the way we're .

Redesigning the software and everything is also because when we first built it was for an industry that was new that was developing and now we're trying to um you know our team's been geeking out on the book crossing the chasm like we're at a spot now we're trying to cross the chasm to .

Go more mainstream and two to really grow and scale to get to the point where we're sizes of salesforce and companies like that yeah and so that's kind of we're looking at so i think that's the the landscape we're about to to jump into the next war the next battle the next the next mission that we're excited for and just .

Directionally would love any opinions what's your question sounds like you're on target sounds like you made a really important decision but the way i know it's the right decision is i'm looking at him and feeling him that's how you know it's the right decision of course because it isn't about the economics for him as an artist .

Building art that's better than anybody else's art serving people better than anybody else in spite of them cheating and copying him and everything else is a level of fulfillment that's more than a billion dollars he can still get a billion dollars or more whatever he wants but he always needs to be in the game .

Because that's his nature that's why i said to you guys what's different if he was purely entrepreneur then i would have said to him on the same question sell the because you'll do 10 other things but that's not his nature so he can still sell it but only if he's got something else he's going to invest .

In he might pick something totally different michael's i'm going to do this non-profit thing that's going gonna be the greatest thing i'm gonna do this better than anybody else i'm gonna do this for people and he'll light up again so what's your question because it sounds like you're on target well i think the question is .

Again it's a directional question like what's the other side of that like trying to grow a company i mean trying to grow an industry i mean that's it's more than a company right it's the industry like how do we how do we grow it outside of i mean you're the only one i know that's .

Done that more i've done it more than in my own industry in other places because i have more flexibility because i don't have the hold of the artist on me do you understand so in in other industries where i've done that or other places i've done that is what i've done is i look for people i look for someone who's going to be a .

Partner who has resources i don't have they're better it's like us even like he has resources i'm just talking about creativity interest experience different than my own together one plus one equals five not two so i look for those but i'm also looking for somebody now strategically outside my mission who also could then buy the .

Company i want a built-in buyer i want someone with built-in additional tools so like for you like if i wanted to right now i have some options and mark bennett's one of my dearest friends and salesforce is force of nature 20 billion worth 200 billion and he tells everybody i'm the reason .

Salesforce exists and calls me every day for coaching i'm like i need coaching from you what the you're doing more than i'm doing brother right he's doing all these beautiful things in nature with on the side of philanthropy as well but if i look at something i always know .

That's a resource for me if i decide i want to take rpm on a different level you know they need time management tools and he owns corporate america he's my biggest fan so i could write a book with him build it first sell it to him for a large multiple and then be his partner on the other side of it .

And i can shape a whole group of industries if i want to so i'm looking i'm playing three-dimensional chess saying as good as i am and i know you're the best at what you do so i'm not questioning that but there's still somebody who has resources even better than me and i want to part of them because i enjoy him .

Right he's brilliant he says i'm his coach i'm not stupid enough to think i'm everybody's coach i'm being coached too i'm learning from him as well so i got pitch and catch again remember you're great at pitching you need someone to throw the ball back to you and your company you might have people throw the ball back to you but it's .

Different than somebody who's a partner pitching and catching right so i'd be looking to say who's playing the game even larger than i am already has a lot of these answers and i don't create a strategic partnership with that person so that one plus one equals five and intelligently how do you know 41 41 so .

You've got plenty intelligently over the next 10 or 15 years or whatever if i decide i've really enjoyed this and i right now i can't imagine not enjoying this but i'm here to tell you there'll be things when you turn 60 or 70 or 80 things you don't think you'll think you will think you don't think you feel you will feel .

Who's under 40 in this room who's over 50 in this room who's over 60 in this room youtubers are just little tweeps you're doing so well you got you should be so proud of yourselves but you're in the beginning of the beginning of the bidding of your business career .

Your growth between 40 and 60 will be greater than you can imagine if you keep growing and i know you will but now's the time to start thinking strategically because most of you have a promotion let's be honest you got companies that are doing 10 to 50 million dollars you're an exception to that in this room .

That's a promotion it's not much of a company i know you should be proud of it i'm not denigrating it i've been there i'm just saying there's a much bigger game available to you in the next 10 or 20 years because you're you've earned the right to be open to those things now and you're creative enough and smart enough but i .

Hope you don't leave here saying i'm just going to keep doing this trying to net more out of this business because you'll get you'll get bored with that by the time you're 50. you should be thinking right now strategically about the next 10 and 20 years strategically what do i really who don't want to be what i want to share what i want to .

Create and who do i want to share it with and who might be a great partner because if there's anything i've learned is proximity is power baby you're around the right people and you're just around them deals will come to you things will happen you don't have to know the how the how is what gets in the way of everybody .

What and why that's what you want to what's the target what do i want what do i really want what's the result why do i want what are all the reasons why i want man okay now who then how because some of the who's will give you the house absolutely so i think you're in a beautiful place i love seeing you lit up this is what i .

Hope to see i didn't know i was going to see today when there was no question i said okay well no problem i don't you know the question whatever it is it'll show up but it made me wonder i wonder i know you didn't sell the company i don't know where it went so i'm really thrilled to see you in this place you deserve this you're one of the most .

Honest when i talk about people in this industry you two are the first two people i always talked about before dean and i were even partners going these are the people that are real there's so many people that just sell and there's no value i'm i'm angry by those people and they hurt the .

Industry so let them go off and do it they'll get theirs karma always comes instead stay on your path you're on the right path you're a good man you're a total giver you're generous you're smart as a whip you understand your industry you're incredibly humble .

And you created a tiger that you got by the tail ride that tiger ride that tiger into the next decade and figure out now what that might look like even if you don't know for sure and more importantly who who would have those resources that you should get in proximity with on a regular basis and .

Something will happen you know to back that up a couple things tony said is it's true when you talked about you and i spend a lot of time we talk a lot i've been around each other a lot um i've never seen you light up over a half a billion dollars like you light up talking about the next iteration 2.0 .

Look at that look at his face right now it's amazing that's the first thing and what tony said about being stretched is that's my benefit of being partners with this guy when there's certain things that i do there's certain things that got us here right and it can get us to where we want to go but tony will come along and say .

One sentence without realizing it and i i'll spend an hour after our phone call that he didn't even know he said it just because we're in proximity he's got 10 years on me and that one sentence has me disturbed for two days and i'll shift everything over it and he doesn't even realize he said it and vice versa by the way it's not a one-way street and we get .

That benefit but the proximity allows me to do that allows me to think i mean even certain things i i used to look at things in like 10 million dollar chunks and now i look at it in 50 or 100 million chunks because of our relationship and seeing what he's done so he i'm glad he admires the things i do but the benefit i have of .

This partnership is magical what he's saying and i think it's more beneficial what he just said to you is probably more beneficial than anything you can think of because your best thinking got you there your creativity and your art will take you there but there's an exponential growth path by partnering or surrounding yourself .

With a person that could be your mark benny off or your tony like he is to me and that that proximity which sounds so simple as a principle that is a billion dollar principle to your life if you if you apply it meaning you have to consciously consistently put yourself in places where people are playing the game bigger .

Than you and put your ego on the shelf because you won't grow otherwise so all you have to decide is where do i want to go and who do i want to do it with take one phrase to your heart to your soul into your bank account proximity is power get in proximity with those you don't have to .

Know how you don't have to have a deal yet you just need to get in proximity to those people regularly and something will come to mind for them or for you that helpful amazing yes thank you all right brad what's up man hey everybody .

Because i heard tony talk about that i started thinking about when we first launched click funnels that was a principle we used for so long i knew i wanted to go and we had people around us in proximity and helped us to grow to a certain point what was interesting i hadn't noticed is over the last seven years of building click .

Funnels that we got to kind of the top of our industry and we were stuck and i don't know i just kind of forgot about that and i was kind of in this weird silo hours by myself and i feel like that's the main reason why we weren't able to get to the next tier yet and so as tony was talking i started .

Thinking like who can i get in proximity not who the people i've known in the past that got me here but who like where's the next tier what's the next level where are the people who've already done what i'm trying to get to how do you proximity with those people .

The next piece of it was in the past i'd ran an inner circle which was a coaching program where i was around entrepreneurs where i could pitch i could catch and i could share ideas and i shut it down two years prior and i was like i need more people around me to be able to share these ideas and to try to one-up each other and try to help .

Expand our visions to see where we're trying to go and so the second half of that is i decided to reopen my inner circle so i could be in proxy with other entrepreneurs in a post-pandemic world where you've been separated so much it really goes .

Back to you trying to figure out where is it you want to go what's the vision like where do you want to be and realizing that there are people along the way who've already gotten there who's already done what you want to do who's already been there who's the guide who can take you by the hand and shortcut your timeline in weeks or .

Months or years if you can find those people and get in proximity with them not only will it change your life but it's going to shortcut your success dramatically you

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