Throwing Rocks At The Red Ocean

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Throwing Rocks At The Red Ocean

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A cool new way to look at developing your new opportunity.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how he was able to look at his own principles through a different lens after he heard Steven teach them at the FHAT event. Here are some awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-Find out how Steven helped Russell see the market, submarket, and niche concept differently.

-Find out the difference between a red ocean market and a blue ocean market.

-And hear Russell discuss in detail what it means to throw rocks at the red ocean.

So listen here to find out how to still be a part of the red, bloody ocean, while creating your own blue ocean.

what’s up everybody wrestle Brooklyn welcome to marketing in your car no wait it’s marketing seniors now welcome to the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this how we’re entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets every one you get 300 plus episodes of calling a marketing car sometimes it’s hard to break the pattern but anyway I hope you guys been amazing today heading in we’ve got operation underground railroad coming in today we’re still working on the documentary and some cool things it’s though you’re gonna find like in lab we’re actually showing this documentary we’re building with them which is super cool and I think you’re gonna love it and then we’re gonna help save tons of kids which is awesome so good things happening in that front and today I want to jump in because something kind of cool happens so we had our fat event last week which first fat event was about a year ago and I taught it fat fat is FH eighty funnel hackathon that’s the acronym so we thought we can just shorten call it fat event every calls that the F hat event and there everyone’s confused what it is but that’s what it is it’s the funnel hackathon 880 anyway so the first thing I taught three days it was awesome I think people liked it and I was good right before fun rockin live last year was just kind of dumb and then and then I think five times we did it after that and Stephen started teaching first half of it then more of it and then the majority of it and we did our last one it’s kind of sad we may bring back who knows but we did the last one officially last week and it was really cool and it’s fun because um Isis even been teaching it at each time he teaches he gets better and better at it but three weeks ago he officially ended his his job here at ClickFunnels™ and went out on his journey as entrepreneur and he took all the stuff that we do in the fad event talk about fata many launches first webinar he’s made like 100k the first three weeks it’s like oh my gosh this stuff actually works who knew this whole time and it was fun as this fad event this is after he had a chance to go and kind of do all this stuff so now he like his his belief levels there before me I was like ten times better and it was crazy watching my stage like super impressed in fact I was gonna listen for five or ten minutes God’s big project I needed to do and he started speak and then I said I’ll start listening and I was like dang this is good so I sat down I decided listen for like over an hour and it was cool it was cool he didn’t take a lot of the principles and stuff that I would talk about seekers and experts secrets then like we Mia together but then taking his spin on like how did how did you know how did he have think through this when he was creating his offering his thing like that and one thing he said that was just really really cool and it’s it’s not different than then we talked about expert secrets book I’ve talked about you guys but it was just a different lens and because that I was so so so cool so if you read expert secrets if you haven’t you’re insane go go buy it I spent a decade of my life learning this stuff to give it to you for free but expert seekers car but if you have ready you remember they talked about initially that there’s three markets there’s health wealth and relationships right and everybody showed people I know there’s other things like what about this like what about razors and yet you brought that up is the thing that grazers like why do people buy razors like what’s the really the reason you think about like they’re shaving because like I want to look good so I can get a girl relationships right so it’s a relationship market like works for everything is fit somewhere in those things right you see fit that’s that’s the the the core markets right and if you think about like back in the day whoever was first in the core markets probably one dude right the taught the taught health and he was like the weight loss guy and everyone gave him money because he was amazing and then someone else was like wait a minute I don’t lose weight to maybe I should jump into health and they jumped in and then this blue ocean of a market became this red bloody ocean was tons of people and and so then the evolution of markets started happening so we got health wealth and relationships and they evolved to a niche or sub mark excuse me yeah sorry it’s been a while since I’ve read my own book to a sub market right so let’s say inside of inside of wealth it’s not just like I’m teach I become wealthy there’s like that’s the sub mark inside like well there’s real estate you can be used to become wealthy there is internet marketing become wealthy there’s stocks there’s and there’s all these sub markets within there right initially whoever broke out in sub market like blue ocean boom all the money start happening but then some other guys like well I know stocks to maybe I should jump in and teach this stuff maybe I should create software that does this or whatever right and so those red oceans are becoming seen those blue oceans are becoming bloody and red again and it gets harder and harder and more competition and so that’s the market that you guys are in today and so you can come in and jump in the red ocean the problem is that you’re competing for for people’s attention for the same kind of thing and it’s just as difficult and so the next phase of that isn’t coming down to the third level which is the niches you develop your own and you create your own niche and I purposely don’t say don’t find your own niche because through finding your niche means you’re jumping into a red ocean but you’re developing you’re creating your own niche within this this ecosystem right one thing he said it was so cool and I want to come back he said he said your niche needs to come out of a red bloody ocean chem so he says if you don’t know what your red ocean is that you are that you are breaking out of then you’re not doing it right like you didn’t pick the right thing so for example let’s say it’s this example of relationships you know health wealth in relationships relationships shaving the shaven house is a bloody thing right there’s all these thousands of people said shavers or shavers and stuff and so like you need know like that’s the bloody market and your goal is you’re building your business to look at that bloody red market and then you’re gonna be actually throwing rocks and then throwing stones of them this is how you separate and become this unique different thing you got to be able to see the sub market the red bloody ocean and throw rocks at it so if you’re in the shaving market and you’re looking like man this is the bloody market how do i how do I create something new a create a new niche that gives me the ability to throw rocks at the ready or the red bloody ocean right and so you talked about some examples one is like dollar beard club Oh like you shave like all you’re more on like real men don’t shave and like now they can throw rocks at the red bloody ocean that they are they are they are breaking off of right think about this like I’ve seen this in last year right with stocks like so there’s wealth right and then decided well if there’s like the stock markets and then size stock now there’s this magic thing that’s been coming sexing siding called kryptos right so why like Kryptos people have crypto offers have to go back to the red bloody ocean of stock investing things like that and then to throw rocks at the current v– like the red ocean everyone else is in there fighting in you to throw rocks at and that’s what separates you and creates your blue ocean again now crypto has become bloody right so now it’s like if cryptos does this bloody rat ocean like what is the thing that I got that I can look back at that the crypto red ocean and I can throw rocks at this like everyone’s room crypto is this way and this is wrong this is bad this is you throwing rocks and then boom that creates the separation for boom your new blue ocean and I thought it was really unique I never thought about it in that way that you have to identify the red ocean that you are building that your bit that you were coming off of to build your new opportunity so you had to find that and then you have to throw rocks at the red ocean and that’s how you create that separation that creates your blue ocean and it’s just fascinating so if you’ve got a business right now and and I was asking which one three markets you’re in health wealth relationships you got to tell me that number tuned in from there what sub market are you I have an internet marketing I’m stocks I’m in real estate I mean whatever can you figure out that then it’s like okay now you figure that out what are you doing to throw rocks at that to break separation to create your blue ocean oh oh you guys getting this does it make uh sense you guys if not let’s do it again it’s huge it’s a big even for me it was like a big like light bulb my head so thank you Steven for explaining it that way they get the same framework but looking through it someone else’s lens it’s fascinating the different tips and ideas you get making so it’s not different it’s still three markets some market niche but now it’s like how do you create that niche it’s coming back to the red ocean identifying it throwing rocks crit and separation and boom that creates to your actual blue ocean it gives you all the things you need for your sales pitch for the for you launching and introducing your new opportunity all those things come out of that magic so hope that helps I said super cool I loved it there’s something more good like so much more gold he was dropping in there was amazing but yes it was really cool to see someone else teach a lot of your principles through a different lens I got so fascinating so as I told mattress I enjoy you teaching a lot better than I’ve ever taught us that’s awesome anyway so hope that helps you guys figure out your your three core markets which one you’re in forget your sub market find that red bloody sub market that money’s already in the customers are in that’s everything like if a lot times who Billy’s businesses and they launch and there’s no customers like finder red bloody market there’s tons and tons and tons and tons of customers already they’re all like the more competitive the better and that’s where you create your separation you think this is like you’re going back to those two those red bloody oceans to get those customers to come to you that’s like I don’t get traffic you’ve identified that red bloody ocean where all the traffic SAP and you jump from there you’re like hey and you throw rocks at the red ocean that are currently swimming in there like oh my gosh she’s right boom and that’s what brings them to your new opportunity to your blue ocean so cool so amazing hope it helps you guys I’m gonna go work today get these prepped for operation under got a railroad may be what’s happening appreciate you all and if you got anything from this please go to iTunes leave a comment and or share this with your friends family members and other people who think the Savelle they see you guys create you all and we’ll talk soon I want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets we’ve use to become the fastest growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world


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Throwing Rocks At The Red Ocean

Throwing Rocks At The Red Ocean