Think ClickFunnels™ in 2019 Was Epic? You Will Never Guess What’s Coming Next!

Think ClickFunnels™ in 2019 Was Epic? You Will Never Guess What’s Coming Next!

Clickfunnels™  2019 Was Epic: Did You See What Happened?

Clickfunnels™2019 Was Epic: 2019 was a banner year for ClickFunnels™ because of YOU! In this video, I’ll be going through all the things that happened last year from Funnel Hacking Live, 10x Growth Con, and the Mastermind in Fiji to all the changes and achievements that happened in ClickFunnels™ and our team.

Clickfunnels™  2019 Was Epic: What you’ve Accomplished

You know, it becomes really easy to look back over the last year and to think that I’d done enough. The wins. The losses. The risks. And the lessons. Hey everybody, I’m Russell Brunson, and I just wanna tell you about something really, really exciting, and no, I’m not going out of business, that was kind of the hook we got you to come to the video, but in a way we kind of are. As a young entrepreneur, my focus has always been on the future. Here’s where we could be, what we could do, what we could accomplish. President and founder of But then came this point where my focus started shifting from looking forward to actually looking back. Software that builds entire sales funnels, very, very– And it felt like most of my story had already been written.

And that there’s less time now for change, less room to be able to actually grow. And that maybe I should consider slowing down. (plane taking off) – As your friend, you love what you do. You light up when you, I love being around you, he’s like, (mumbles) “ClickFunnels, like wow!” (laughing) And that’s a beautiful thing, you know? I mean, there’s more options than just selling the business that you should consider, in my opinion. Just for your own fulfillment, and because you have so much to give, and you’re, like, how old are you now? – 39. – (beep) You’re not even (beep) 40, you haven’t even gone on your (beep) journey, that’s beautiful what you’ve accomplished! No, I mean it, that’s not derogatory, it just means, holy (beep), I’m 60.

You think about the next 20 years what you can do from where you are now. – Okay, maybe I was wrong. (inspirational music playing) In 2019, ClickFunnels™ hit some massive milestones. $4.2 billion processed, 3.1 million funnels, 32 office sushi parties, and get this, 100,000 users. – And I hear people screaming out here, and, oh! We just got, wait, wait, really? That’s 100,000 people. Holy cow! – Our annual event, Funnel Hacking Live, grew bigger and better than ever. In Nashville, we had over 4300 attendees, 626 Two Comma Club winners, 42 Two Comma Club ex-winners, gave away over 130 dream cars. And at this year’s event, Lindsey Stirling did a huge performance and officially turned Funnel Hacking Live into a rock concert. (audience cheering) We celebrated ClickFunnels’s five year birthday with a huge announcement, including a big change in direction, which left some people wondering. Ah, who animated these things? – [Man] Sorry.

And while it was ClickFunnels’s birthday, we decided to give you a gift. We announced ClickFunnels™ Platinum and we joined the streaming wars with FunnelFlix. We’ve been licensing and creating the top entrepreneurial courses in the world and giving back to the community. This year, we’ve also hit a bunch of huge updates to the software as well. In fact, now you can take the PCI and with the GDPR, and you plug ’em in, and it helps increase the conversion. Oh, hold on a second. (phone ringing) How did you know? – [Man] Do you need some help, man? – Aw, yes thank you. (uplifting rock music) Oh, oh, what do you feed that baby? I gotta go Todd, we’re losing connection. I’m gonna need a minute. – As ClickFunnels™ continues to evolve to fit your needs, we need more support, so we’ve been hiring. Our team has grown to over 350 employees working remotely all over the world. But in a few key hubs, we’ve been building some pretty cool new offices.

Clickfunnels™  2019 Was Epic: Our First Family

Nearing completion on our land to office in an old cotton mill and our production studio which basically looks like a music festival. Our goal for 2020 is to continue to build the most intuitive, powerful, funnel-building platform in the world and to give you the education you need to build your business. – Name another software company that has a quotient program like this. We’ve had over 6000 individual one on one coaching calls. 16 coaches, 771 members, guys, we’ve had over 27 Two Comma Club awards. That’s over $27 million. We held our very first Unlock the Secrets event in Colorado.

We had our first family oriented event with over 230 young entrepreneurs, basically a mini FHL. We had over 800 people come to an event in Phoenix, and as a cool bonus we got to take them to a baseball game. We had several amazing masterminds at our Boise headquarters this year. We’ve had over 25,000 students register for our One Funnel Away Challenge. And we had our first ClickFunnels™ cruise with over 350 amazing funnel hackers. Are you guys having a good time? – This year we’ve been experimenting with a ton of new video concepts. We sponsored our first YouTube series, Freelancers, which was produced by JK! Studios. – [Female Voice] What? – What are we gonna do about the curse? – We’re not cursed. – Zo was right! Thanks to my new boyfriend, ClickFunnels, I’ve set up our website and we have our first online client. We’re the opposite of cursed. We’re first. – [Male Voice] The show had nearly 4 million views on YouTube. We launched the Marketing Secrets show on Facebook.

What’s up everybody? – [Male Voice] Production wrapped on four new infomercials produced by the Harmon Brothers. DNA Films produced a feature film about the two comic club award. Plus our internal team ClickFunnels™ Studios has been busy, launching two feature films, new vlogs and turning the entire Secrets trilogy into short films. We’ve been lighting rooms on fire, going through events at warp speed, and turning Russell into a giant. Oh yeah, and last year we announced we’d be getting a ClickFunnels™ RV to drive across the country and tell your story.

Clickfunnels™  2019 Was Epic:

But we didn’t. And now we’re already planning for season two in Europe in a private jet. Don’t tell Russell. [Airplane Whooshing] – So one of our biggest goals is to make the word, funnels, mainstream so that people wouldn’t, well, they just don’t think that we’re weird. Fortunately, the world’s beginning to take notice. This year, for the second time in a row, we ranked in Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies and Entrepreneur Magazine ranked us the number one American business. And more and more influencers are actually starting to use Funnels. People like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Jesse Itzler, Julius Dein and Dean Graziosi. All of this success has actually allowed us for more and more money into developing the product to make it that much more amazing. But it’s also given us our biggest opportunity to give back. We announced our new charity initiative, Liberate and Educate, which allowed us to produce our second documentary for Operation Underground Railroad which raised over $1 million. – [Male] Thank you so much. This couldn’t have happened without ClickFunnels. – And every Funnel that gets published, we donate a dollar to Village Impact.

This year, our funnel-hacking community will be building their fourth school in Kenya. [Older Man’s Voice] We are! – [Children’s Voices] We are! – [Older Man’s Voice] ClickFunnels! – [Children’s Voices] ClickFunnels! – [Older Man’s Voice] Yeah! (children cheering) – Most this year has (murmurs) we’re right in the third and final book in the Secrets trilogy called Traffic Secrets. But on top of that we did a lot of really cool things this year. So with that said, let’s get ready for some rapid fire. We partnered with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi on It’s the biggest launch in the history of internet marketing.

We traveled with the top affiliates to Tony’s private resort in Fiji. I spoke at 10X Growth Con for the third time and this time in front of 35,000 entrepreneurs. We sailed some of our top ClickFunnels™ affiliates on two yachts all the way to the Bahamas where we celebrated and planned the next ClickFunnels™ Fyre Festival. (bass guitar playing) We have another Affiliate Mastermind group in Mccall, Idaho, and we rode jet skis. We launched a new campaign for Funnel Scripts and finally pushed it over the 2 Comma Club X mark. We had numerous company retreats, we bought a hack-a-thon house for all the late night Funnel Builds. Collette and I went to a Mastermind in Puerto Rico with a bunch of our friends. We had 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Clickfunnels™  2019 Was Epic: Absolutely Love

We attended Dreamforce the second time and had an even bigger epiphany than last year. Somehow I ended up getting a part-time job as my kid’s wrestling coach. (referee yelling) Which actually inspired me to get back on the mat after 15 years off. This year I took third in the country in freestyle and second in Greco. What’s crazy is this used to be my ultimate career goal. This was enough for me. So how did this happen? And where do we go from here? The truth is, we can never know. But in order to move forward into the new decade, there were three lessons that I needed to learn. Number one, no one has time to stop. Stop being the accountant, the manager, the CEO. Only spend your time in a role that you absolutely love. Learn to let go of control, equity and ego because there are good people that you could be sharing this journey with.

Number two, keep moving forward. As you get older, you may look back and think that you’ve been through enough. But use that as fuel rather than an excuse to slow down. You have no idea what you’re actually capable of. Number three, it’s not about you. If you could start each day with a focus not on yourself, but the people that you’re trying to serve, you’ll surpass your goal faster than you could’ve ever imagine. That’s why we added a new segment to our daily meetings called “What we do Matters,” where we kickstart each day by sharing your wins, big or small. – There we go! Hey everybody! It is nine o’clock, good morning ClickFunnels™ family! Why do we do what we do? – [Russell] Because we’re nothing without you, the Funnel Hackers, the people who are crazy enough to take risks to go all in and impact the world in a way that we never could. – [Male] This is Erik Thames, and this is Mr. Stephen Larsen. Guys this is Caleb Maddix, Luisa Barrios. Hey I’mma tell a story about Sophia Ng, and she said “We just hit our first six figures in the last thirty days.” Because these people have a platform, they are impacting six million people a week for good. This is why we do what we do because we have the ability to change lives. – [Male] ClickFunnels™ is just the tool to help you to do that. So here’s to 2020. It may have felt like the finish line, but really, we just got to the starting line.

[Male Announcer Voice] 93,000, 95,000, 94,000, hey we crossed 98,000, 100,303! (motivating music playing) – This one has been quite a journey– – What do you think it is? – [Male] We will continue to be here to support and to celebrate you along the way. – [Male] Guys, let’s give Eric a great big round of applause. (applause and cheering) – This lawyer, in the 2 Comma Club. – [Male Voice] Do not give up. – [Male] Check that out! – [Male] Let’s make sure that we put our all in today and that we do like we do every other day. Let’s get out there, let’s change the world, let’s help people out, what we do matters. Let’s go ClickFunnel family!


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