The WEIRD story behind my first million dollar e-com sales funnel

The WEIRD story behind my first million dollar e-com sales funnel

Most of the time I make funnels to sell products or services I know will help others but, sometimes I build funnels out of spite ha ha.

Okay, I know it may seem bad but, this is the weird story behind my first million dollar e-com sales funnel and why I built it out of spite.

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I had ups and downs and businesses and everything had kind of collapsed for me i was like let's stop teaching how to make money let's get back and actually doing the business so i'm talking about how i got excited about physical products first first year two ccx maybe the second year we sent a copy of the 12 month millionaire to .

Everybody anyway it's like one of my favorite books of all time it's this fab book and it's interesting the guy who wrote it his name is vince james and he made a hundred million dollars in 23 months selling supplements through direct mail pre-internet and this book is like the the guide to how he did it so 16 years ago i got this book i .

Remember reading it and i was just blown away i was like how is this even possible like i was freaking out reading this whole book and i had a chance um afterwards to actually um i emailed the author i was like dude this is insane can i interview you about how you did this and it was really cool he actually let me interview him he's like write all .

Your questions we'll jump on a call and you can record it so i recorded it and we spent a whole saturday i spent three hours recording it and into three hours i had answered half my questions and he's like hey you come back next hour and do this again i'm like are you serious so a week later i did the next three hours we had a six hour call with .

Him where i had to ask him all my questions about how he did this and it was crazy because he told the story about how he found the product how he discovered it how he like got his own label done and got it created and then how he wrote the sales letter and then and the first one didn't work and the second one didn't work then the one that .

Hit now it blew up now he took it to magazines i remember just in my head like hearing him tell these stories about the supplement he had built up and like i wanted to supplement so bad like that's all i could think about i want to supplement someday and so in my head i knew somebody was going to supplement company .

But i didn't know when funny side stories two years after the interview was done i was selling information products at the time and i was like trying to figure like what should my next offer be and i was like oh remember i interviewed vince james like i wonder if i could sell that so i asked him i was like can i sell our .

Interview he's like yeah like if you make money with a go for man we took the interview and we uh put it together as an offer we launched it it was the very first product every first offer i ever did that did a million dollars my first like two comma club thing in fact when we created the two cobble club award the very first two comic rewards printed was .

For for this photo i was like my first funnel was this we printed one it's at 12th millionaire russell brunson 1998 or whatever it was and that was the very first one i ever got was for this product and it was cool because it also happened to be the very first product we've run upsell with um and back in the .

Day it was different wasn't like nowadays we just have one click upsells so someone would buy the interview and then i had uh licensed the book from vince james this was someone buy the interview for like i think 37 bucks and then the upsell there was a video of me it was a youtube video i had the book and i was like hey you just got .

The thing you want the book as well and it was crazy though like 30 percent of people bought the the book and it blew up and hit two comma club it was the best offer i had ever done to that point so then fast forward um after i had some ups and downs and businesses and um somebody has heard this story like everything had kind of .

Collapsed for me i was like well let's stop teaching how to make money like i've done vince james interview a bunch of other products like that like let's just stop let's get back into actually doing the business and you can ask brent was there for these days um i was like hey we should launch whatever so we started launching a company we launched .

One company got at the point we're doing like two or three million dollars a year like if i have one business during two or three million dollars a year what if i launched ten at least two or three million dollars a year then it'd be at 20 or 30 million a year and so happened we launched the first one got the you know got it making money then we .

Launched the second one and then the third one the fourth one and we launched i think twelve companies one year and then we had these all going what happened is the one was making two three million dollars a year the revenue dropped and then one of them grew and then the end of the calendar year we'd made two or three million dollars and .

Like nothing had shifted other than like a whole bunch more work and we kept going back and forth but in that interim of those things happening we're trying to come like what should we create a business about like would be fun i was like i want to do a supplement and so that was the first thing we got to do supplement so this business was um .

Out of spite i guess is the best way to say it i didn't know what i wanted to supplement company around but i had these guys who hired me as a client and i was doing client work and if you guys ever had a client we did a whole bunch of work for you made a bunch of money and then they don't pay you we launched this business form it was super .

Successful i wrote the scripts i wrote the copy i trained the sales people we did everything like i just killed myself in exchange for equity and company was awesome we get it done we get launched we get live we took the first first location they'd done it for took them two years to fill we did the next one we filled it in three months and it was .

Amazing i'm like okay this is awesome like hey so when do i how do i get paid the guy's like well the thing is like it was like you didn't really it wasn't you that did it was our sales guys that did it and so like we don't feel comfortable giving you what we promised you because like the sales guys didn't you didn't i .

Was like the sales guys i hired that i trained they wrote the scripts for like those sales guys yeah but they did it you didn't do it literally like i didn't get a penny off of all the effort i was super mad but i was like whatever move on my life and then a couple years later that company went up and went bankrupt and then i was in i was at a .

Dan kennedy but i was speaking on stage i'm speaking and i look down the audience i see the guy in the sun out the night and sounds like huh that's interesting i was like so annoyed and i do my presentation i get done and afterwards like i you know i did the sales close the cells in the back of the room and they're kind of lingering and .

Then it gets done and everyone leaves and they're there and like hey we talked to you for a minute they pulled me aside and literally took me to dinner that night and they told me about this new business this new supplement come to their launch and they want me to partner in it and literally the guy said man russell if we were to realize how .

Successful you're gonna become we wouldn't have screwed you over like that and i was like i always thought that you thought that but you just said that out loud out of your mouth like you literally i was like i can't i was just like i just i was so perplexed i was like i don't know what to do with myself right .

Now and they've just been pitching me on the supplement coming they were creating to sell a supplement help people diabetic neuropathy and i was like no i was like are you kidding me like you and i was so mad and they went off and for them luckily for them they had success with this company it blew up they lived here locally so some of you .

Guys may even know them um they had success with it and uh so when they come back like we just launched supplement company like what should we do supplementals like we should compete with those guys because they're horrible humans and we should totally compete with them and then i think brent was like well what's .

Diabetic neuropathy i'm like i don't know i don't even care we're going to compete with them we're going to win and so that's kind of this company was completely built out of spite so now it's on camera so that's that's the story so we create the supplement we get it done we get out .

There we launch a website because that's what you do and like nothing happened no money came from it right right dang it so then i met ed o'keefe and i knew he had a supplement was doing well so i messaged him i was like hey how's this whole thing work and he showed me his funnel and i think the time they're doing like three million dollars a month .

In this funnel and i remember going through it it was different than what i'd seen my friends who had stolen from me were doing and so i wanted to go the process and this was their process you had a vsl was really good at the car and then the order form had the option people could buy one three or four bottles and after you bought then the .

Next upsell was six more bottles of the same thing i remember it talking to ed i was like dude that's stupid i was like they just bought four bottles they don't need six more and i remember fighting with this he's like no dude i test this it works i promise i do i was like i have other offers i'll plug in that spot he's like .

Trust me do not plug in other offers in that spot he's like best case scenario offer number two is gonna convert like 20 30 like this one convert like 50. because people want more the same thing they just bought at a discount it's like you have to understand the psychology we've tested this and so we went through and then showed me the next the rest of .

The funnel at the time this is what the funnel actually looked like so this became for me the new control i was like okay this is the control this is what we have to model to be successful right so for me my control becomes a doodle this is the dual mic okay this is our supplement business this is the control this is what works currently uh he's .

Killing it i saw other people afterwards we've been modeling and there's a whole bunch of people who are doing supplements and all them kind of model the same this process was very very similar right so this became our control when you get off it works you can blow these things up that's what's the key i understand is like there are ways to .

Blow these things up when they work but the key is like this and so if you look at like the e-commerce funnel game in my world this is kind of how it works right on the back end we have some kind of store and a lot of you guys do shopify in the near future you'll be using a new tool i can't talk to you about but after fun i can have a little more about it .

But there's the store right it has your e-commerce your physical products in there driving traffic to an e-commerce store you guys know is not productive um it doesn't like conversions are low there's no upsells no doubt like it's just it's it's hard to make the metrics numbers work so we do is you take that you pull out you build a supplement .

Funnel that's goal is to get customers in right and so for here for example here's our nerve cell funnel we had our smart nerve health store they had all the products and the things reorders went here other things went here people can go and buy products and stuff like that the email sequence is pushed to the .

Store afterwards but all of our paid media went to this friday funnel right so traffic control went there traffic initial everything went with this funnel and we focused on optimization of the average cart value to the point we got it from again 120 150 to 180 and then lowering your cpa which on the outside and as soon as you get that .

Spread then it's like you scale like crazy and even if we were spending 180 to make 180 it's okay because we're profitable or we're gonna break even here and all the money comes through pushing people through the follow-up funnels i can show you guys tons of case studies of people inside of click funnels who sell supplements or physical .

Products where their front-end funnels is how they break even how they get customers in and then they push people through email to their store and that's where their profit comes from and so that's kind of the model for a lot of these things figuring out one good funnel that brings customers in and then from there on the back and pushing into .

Your stores and things like that you

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