The Weird Part Of Success You Probably Weren’t Planning On

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The Weird Part Of Success You Probably Weren’t Planning On

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Something crazy happens to the people around you when you start having success.

On this episode Russell talks about one of the big downsides to success that may catch you off guard. Here are some of the interesting things to listen for in today’s episode:

-Why the saying “Misery loves company” is true when it comes finding success.

Why you need to prepare now for when you have success, because people relate to you more when you fail.

And why you should be excited for other people when they achieve any kind of success.

So listen here to find out how to attract successful people in your life, and why you shouldn’t be surprised when people aren’t happy for your success.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome you to the marketing secrets podcast today I want to talk to you about something that as you strive in success it’s gonna happen to you and it’s gonna throw a lot of guys off because it’s not something that makes a lot of sense so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everybody welcome back all right I’m pump for today’s episode because part of me it caused a little fire under me and then I realized I forgot that like this happens and and I think that happens to a lot of people and it either keeps them from success or it keeps them like the fear if it keeps up in a success or or worse to have some success it happens and then it causes like downward spirals check out those who are watching there’s our fill all the snows melted which are playing somewhere out there anyway um so this is interesting so as you are growing up in life and you were surrounded you start getting your network of friends and family and all sorts of stuff right and what’s nice things like your friends your family you like them all right because they connect to you that erst and you and the greatest thing happens like when people are miserable or they mess up or they have problems or whatever people relate to them right it’s the weird things like if you’re sick everyone relates to you like oh I’m so sorry you’re sick oh and if you’re like I’m overweight oh I’m so sorry overweight icon broke all my boss sucks oh my job oh cool I hate like when you’re miserable everyone will instantly jump in and infant empathize F empathy with you right and it’s really really nice and we get connection from that and we build friendships and things like that are interesting and this is like the worst you are the worst things are happening to you the more people give you low connection which is why a lot of people live in the zone where they just stay miserable because the more miserable they are and we’re love and connection they get and more significance they get how much other weird things even though it seems to backwards right so something weirds gonna happen all of you guys if you listen this podcast it means you’re gonna be successful and so you’re gonna go out there to try to do things differently and you’re gonna be trying things and working Holy Castle means don’t hit me we tried these definitely thinking differently and like and and and it’s gonna be weird and you know these friends around you and you’re gonna be exciting you telling me stories and at first they’re gonna be like watching you fail and like they’re gonna be there for your failures things like rally with you they’re gonna like be there and then something’s gonna happen you’re gonna figure this game out and you’re having success and the weirdest thing happens you think that all your friends are gonna come back to you and be like oh man you have a sick sad thing you assume they’re gonna be happy for you because they’ve been miserable for you with you but they you assume and all the system we assume that because these people were miserable with us that they’re gonna be happy with this and the weirdest thing happens when you have success all these people who you thought were your really close friends who you thought we’re gonna be grateful and excited and happy for success you get it and then guess what happens they’re not happy for your success it’s the weirdest thing and it causes these weird emotional mental things for us as entrepreneurs where it’s like okay these are my best friends why aren’t they happy and having success and it’s sabotaging a lot of times just slip back to not being successful cuz yeah you know what screw that I want my friends like me I’m gonna be I’m gonna be miserable and then like you’ll mess up in the book oh come here we’re all friends again that’s the weirdest thing so I wanted to share with you uh I’ve had a couple things there’s this guy that used to go to church with and I didn’t really know him that well I kind of knew of him and it’s crazy apparently he messaged me on linked and this is like seven eight years ago when I first started going to church there and he messaged me on LinkedIn and I didn’t I had LinkedIn account and logged in and I didn’t know about it and somebody told me four or five years later the like he was he was saying that was really rude or something I’m like I’ve never even talked to him before and I was like find out why and apparently was because I never spawned it his LinkedIn message so rule number one don’t assume people are reading where you’re messaging him crazy so I wrote my login link in I searched through like five or six years of back messages I found it I was like oh man so I’m like I’m on Facebook I don’t I don’t check LinkedIn I apologize anyway say oh no where’s Nance all cool so my guy right then I end up moving go to different different we come in the Mormon Church come award so same Church of different Ward’s a different area different group congregation wherever you want to call it so I’m in the other congregation and just doing my thing and and like honestly you guys know this because you’re here like I’m just doing my thing right like I am obsessed with the art of what I do so this is like me painting like this is business and entrepreneurship is like this is my art so I’m doing it and then I’m obsessed with like this success that people going through that’s what we’ve been in the last like last I way that we had a fad event last week and in the three day fat man with 18 people spent to comma Club Awards like it’s crazy we’re doing multiple – comma Club like making multiple people millionaires a day right now and it’s like that’s what I’m passionate about right and I’m so fired for the people’s success we’ve got I think 10 to 12 people who passed eight figures this year and like it’s crazy it’s like that’s what I was I’m excited about right so apparently my friends comes let’s me it’s like hey you know so in summer yeah how’s he doing he’s like you know he’s been all right but like and it’s telling this conversation they had I guess in this conversation he’s like I’m not impressed with Ross I’m not impressed he’s done everything I think I’ll tell him next to me talk to him that my job I’m not trying to impress him like I’m doing my art and try making was successful and just blew my mind like that guy’s like I don’t know that well but he should be happy for me Aiki I’m helping other people I’m helping tons of love success like why are they happy and it’s the weirdest thing there’s a person in not my not my medium but in my family same kind of thinking I don’t I won’t talk too much the story cuz he knows maybe they listened I doubt it pretty sure they don’t but apparently every time somebody talks about ClickFunnels™ in the family this person like stand up and walk out because they’re like so frustrated and upset about whatever I don’t even know doesn’t make sense to me so I just want to warn you guys as you start having success a lot of people you love and care about around you who you think should be excited for your success they’re not gonna be it’s gonna be hard and you’re like what like I fight I thought you guys love me and they’re like yeah they they love I don’t know I’ve ever stood Tony Robbins admit you PW and he was talking about this about like you know like when your I found overweight they all love you to see shot losing weight and your in healthy than the right oh well he’s never in and like it instantly just turns on you so I just want you has to be prepared for that be warned for it and it’s understand it’s not their fault they just love I don’t know there’s something about wouldn’t like they can relate to the unhappiness they can relate to not have been successful and so it’s like when you start succeeding and doing these things it scares them to death and they’re scared that you’re gonna that you’re gonna progress past them are scared you and leave them or whatever those things are a lot of times it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy because they start not being happy for your success and you fail they’re secretly like hoping you’ll fail they’re like because they want you back to where they were at so I can connect with you still and so don’t let that be a thing keeps you back because you got a gift you’ve got something that’s your amazing it there’s something that you can do to change the world and if you if you if you succumb to that you you’re gonna lose that on that and people’s lives won’t be changed because of that and there’s mr. James P girl driving in behind me anyway I just want to share it because I’m sure some guys of you they hit that are you’re gonna hit that and just be aware of it and second side of that is like when people have success like be excited for them be that person who’s like man you’ve lost weight congratulations oh man you’re making money that’s awesome oh my golly be the person’s excited I’m generally pumped when people are successful and it makes me laugh cuz I meet people all the time like and they like talk about their successes and they like they’re not proud of it but or like they’re proud of it but they’re afraid to talk about cuz they know that people come back and like oh well yeah man you sounds like got lucky oh good timing for you like good time like people told me before I come in wrote when I want my first state title I had a friend whose head started wrestling stood him as if he’d quit he’s like oh well if I would kept wrestling had to be a state champ to a Mike no you wouldn’t you quit like my definition you never would have like aa very successful business and people like oh yeah well you know oh man I can revise it some I’m saying that somewhere and some nasty so I can tell I could told my dad this would happen I guess so lucky I wish I could find somebody that Mike you kidding me so you remember the last like 15 years while you were like goofing off working 9:00 to 5:00 and going to bed at night yeah I wasn’t I wasn’t lucky i frickin worked my face off and yeah and so it’s just funny cuz people people are afraid to talk about that so when you meet buddy whoa maybe somebody and they tell you something about themselves as excited they’re kind of gonna limb they’re probably nervous and scared instead of being like I don’t know just be pumped for me excited yelling like holy crap that’s amazing and like pump them up because if you do that you’ll attract more people like that and that’s gonna make everything easier for you and your life better so there you go yeah well helps the fog eat is here in Boise today vlog Y all weekend long it’s kind of cool anyway so to end this off only you guys know I’m proud of you I’m pumped for you I’m excited for you the more success you have happier I am all I care about is your success and yeah find people and surround yourself people who are the same way and become that kind of a person alright peace see you guys would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at WWF idol hacker TV

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The Weird Part Of Success You Probably Weren’t Planning On

The Weird Part Of Success You Probably Weren’t Planning On