The one where we had the FHAT event in Boise… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 16

Clickfunnels™ Event in Boise: The one where we had the FHAT event

Clickfunnels™ Event in Boise: On this episode we hosted our “Funnel Hack A Thon” or FHAT event… Trey Lewellen more then doubled his sales on his webinar by day 2, Melanie got scared by the drone and a lot of other amazing things!!!

Clickfunnels™ Event in Boise: Funnel Hackathon

[Music] five four three two one oh you are meet the one-upper anything you’ve done he can do it better because he’s younger and stronger [Applause] where we go all right this man’s here today which is exciting behind and seeing the photo hacker TVs build them all out yeah we’re excited I’m gonna be him I met him yet check it out who is out here flying the drone getting shots for b-roll of this show what is happening uh-oh now you’re on the show what are you going to do we were flying the drone we’re going to shot a Russell’s car right now really important take it off there’s

go [Music] morning everybody woke up early today because it’s funnel hackathon in that day that kind of walks rivers coming to hang out with us and I cannot wait entrepreneurs are my favorite people whole world we’re here at events starting today I’m nervous and excited whatever speaking here here in the few minutes yeah anything after a year ago Stephen was in college reading the dot-com seekers book year later is here and the next two days he teaching the rest of that event is this is awesome you’re like a dream come true and I thought it sometime my life it is what it is if any here o Wednesday definitely still yeah tomorrow its best dresser nothing a dad to the back of the

room I know extra pressure you’ll destroy the loominator yeah all right about start day number two of the that event today is going to easier for me Skaggs I was beat up yesterday so Stephens running today excited that a little bit of a break he’s been going through basically 18 at 15 hours 15 hours going slide by slide by slide to the presentations apart down well super Zack sorry letter surviving three days all right I think we create someone’s going to change marketing social marketing or some Adam as the whole sticks outta love I could my timeline blog which is basically sent us the random blog post not noting that having a point in a goal to get a senior Russell Brunson comms to the timeline blog is a really cool video at the beginning about the book is sure my journey how sold million copies of

Clickfunnels™ Event in Boise: My journey in selling million copies of book

books you go to the bottom here’s the goal my journey sell million copies a book and then like week one or scared we did with two three week force like I’ve been documenting this whole process all the numbers and pretty transparently think so here then we had like marking secrets now this is the podcast there’s the intro for the podcast and come out here what’s the goal this one cycle I went from zero to million dollars Reverend a venture capitalist it’s like marketing secret one two three and click on that and number three if you’re like oh click blog podcast and here’s a TV show same thing and there’s good my name is also good intro for this show and you come down as time lining in this time I hear you might hear you helped 100,000 entrepreneur change the world and then here’s all the behind

the scenes show which you guys are probably watching right now because that’s why you’re watching this so it’s kind of cool constable basically doing is right now like people get in from platforms but then it’s like you have to go to places to find things and night things kind of hidden so like this put it all in one spot so if someone finds warm like they’ll start cross pollinating each other so through my blog you also can find my podcast a TV chef watch the TV share you find about you know vice versa so I think it’s the future Thermage sugar anyway will see people start knocking me out they don’t for something crazy but if they do maybe some future I make you Monday [Music] all

right seventh adamant walking on there funnel stupid killing it going for 800 hours these together you don’t ours tonight I’m working on the funnel hacker cookbook new program it’s going to help people to book funnels and basic there’s 25 funnels here and I’m going to have to sketch that ultimately five them here so Vlad can design them and then after he’s done then we’ve got Jake usin taking each page of the funnel I’m going to sketch them out into like these kind of frames basically swim pythons beach ball not forth like 100 pages of that which I prefer then of all the assets we need to create the funnel active cookbook which is going to basically change world as we know it so all

Clickfunnels™ Event in Boise: One Squeeze Page Funnel

right so without funnel number one squeeze page funnel to Luke your essays head Live email em to go to step two take some to thank you page make them and then add to automation tab users first messages will come to automation tab into that any questions into a polyp one-off so right there is the recipe or a squeeze page all right so second step after these are done just to turn these from doodle sketches into this kind of a layout for cookbook this is video called acts like the blocks will be showing up in here and so that’s kind of we’re doing so we’ve got always kind of pre created all the elements going to wireframe out and then basically getting those into profit like this so

cookbook lab sketch and then like the actual source is like super high-level this is actual page by page element by element like what needs to be on the page and then after that we’ll give the sheriff um actually has all those things I will replace it so that’s the plan so cool chicks out I give any trades like hey let me show you some little cool all right you want to tell me what’s cool what’s cool oh yeah check that all right so last Thursday before the event we had 163 people registered 32 people showed up 26 people or at the offer set the stack to purchased 76 all right boys well then tonight we we came to the event Lola fat a bit I called it epic a pan but anyway we had a so for tonight’s registrations

Clickfunnels™ Event in Boise: Advantage of sales funnel

we had 515 register 37 people showed up 49 people were at the offer you an eight purchase so we had a 16 percent conversion on the same webinar what so basically just from listening to the little Brunton over here we were from a 7% close on the webinar to 16 percent what is that a 2 point like 3 some rather crazy ex and you have entered a and a half we’re only halfway done really halfway here it’s just you wheels up we’ve nice return by tomorrow here right now right now he’s your conversion on bonus double your conversion was over doubled your conversion is it worth if all that did was double your conversions would be worth the extra 5 million dollars a pocket this month I don’t

know you tell me you tell me let’s invade coffee’s for you stay to done I’m doing good I’m building on stage my token is match all shoes don’t upstage try to tilt the power come off now you tested the authorities then drop authorities bajaj Samantha we’re what time is right now as people know the midnight from the middle of the night those 17 hours own let’s see 11:50 so we are Chemnitz way from 17 hours I’m slightly concerned with how much caffeine are you going to give the walker tomorrow because it’s only an 8 hour but like that I gotta be back but otherwise we’ve either ever spoken like they’re from Caesar oh so fun I love it we do fail actually major we ran into they wanted to measure how she is okay except I’ll tell you alright 522 you’re so tall good job [Music]


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The one where we had the FHAT event in Boise… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 16

The one where we had the FHAT event in Boise… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 16


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