The Idea That Changed Online Marketing Funnels As We Know It. Funnel Hacker TV – Episoode 79

ClickFunnels™ and Russell Brunson start out 2018 re-inventing digital marketing, sales funnels, thank you pages, webinars, oh and THE BAT SIGNAL!

We are turning ClickFunnels™ into a full blow digital marketing agency but our ONLY client is ClickFunnels™! How cool is that? We are a stacked team of videographers, facebook ad ninjas, sales funnel builders, skilled social media strategists, copywriting masters, and so much more!

Russell Brunson has already turned online marketing funnel theories on their side, we are about to explode the capabilities of the marketing funnel with his new “Thank You Page Webinar” theory!

It is going to be a BIG year at ClickFunnels™ 2018, our ClickFunnels™ 2017 review was so cool to see our highlights of the past 12 months.

Here is to 2018 to be the year of massive digital marketing and sales funnel agency success!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 79 – . (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] sat on your diet [Laughter] all right so we are even also pay the stuff in like 20 videos already and then I just remembered that I’m two guys on two trips so we’re feeling the most epically amazing concept in history of the world is called a Thank You page webinar I think’s a new invention this should change marketing as we know it the bat-signal [Music] basically here is our value ladder the bond value is all of our books and then on the main queue page of the value ladder me up sell them to the next level the value ladder so we’re making a new thing called Thank You page webinars so they end and like thank you so much for buying the book and go straight in the webinar right then on the page so I’m filming the first one right now near this before I hope it actually works we’re so I’m gonna be selling something on the webinar to or shouldn’t be allowed to sell something should I sell like the Batman light bat Russell would be like the cool is like the funniest quirkiest thing to sell the foam roller or the Batman helmet the Marvel book it will fear something will be awesome so the story here is when Russell was cutting weight but they would actually end up doing was they would watch the Food Channel as far as all the things that they were going to eat later so the idea here is they put a cookie in my health food and I started crying and I asked Melanie of shoot eat it and just tell me about it [Laughter] – OH – official Chinese employee forever and there’s only three days in the work week next week this was like soos days yeah yeah it’s my question for him before we start filming was how you building about the end of an era and the beginning of a new era good I go through the little stress out moments but those honestly happened about a month ago now you’re excited to admit it now I’m pumped I’m excited about it there’s this team but okay I have a question you want to have a bobblehead Russell what your destiny can you go public that matter polish I can figure it got so creepy yeah that’s a cool idea so people listening you get a calendar like this or like the cheaper ones on the Amazon which like eight bucks like that yeah don’t let your value out in that way yeah sure like two days ago sorry view huh reflected no front end about your webinar launches here yeah then here we’re doing a front end being here and then he rode in the back in things you bought you product launch out yeah the guy locked up the year and used a year to pull out your value ladder that’s totally I’ve been doing and then a backwards plan fit me like okay then what’s the publishing aspect what’s this thing like wait Debbie wrd [Music] when I first got started this business sitting in bed at 3:00 in the morning listening to my it was a CD I burn it to a CD new CD with my chin pitching something and it was so okay so I’ve been like 15 years ago and you remember the soon tonight yeah my wife and I just got married it was the night I remember the neck because mark Joyner was gonna talk farewell lunch right so we’ve launched this thing it was a thousand bucks I didn’t have it in the four bite like everybody was lusting after their Micah chin who was a top affiliate aka when his friends put out a course like 37 bucks or was an audio that you need to listen to like prepare you to whatever right to buy the course it was a nice old to get you to buy just anyway so and things like six hours energy was he meant mark talking about all that stuff and then sold the package but listen the whole thing I still in a very beginning of it he said look if you want to be successful in this business you have to have at least thousand dollars to invest or you’re screwed you can’t do it whatever right and so I’m listening to and so I go to this little thing on a home at Mecca have 2,000 bucks me a thousand bucks and find by the time I justify Katie $1,000 to be successful and then of course the course of thousand bucks and then welcome to anyway that morning woke up collect a new thousand dollars to be successful and anyway she’s like a thing good thousand or credit card I’m like I usually say yes the rest is history right but so just thinking like in the normal one alright when we talk about this is always like I was a free book I’ll get these room evenings free free free free free till you get to here then you want to ship the transit that the whole thing yeah so thank you pings webinar on a basic like look I’m just ready to launch your next expert business 30 days stay under $2,000 oh my gosh it’s gonna cost like this is a business it’s gonna be that you guys are at least 2,000 or if you’re missing make juggle if not we need to be successful to get your stuff set up everything running and get 2,000 artists all you need then do one thing three secrets then come back and they think I’m actually selling is $2,000 where’s cousin cliff phones funnels who’s also they need to actually be successful but now I spent the whole link for the whole they price marinated the whole thing for total pre framing the fact that he two thousand dollars and by the time they’re like yeah I need $2,000 to be successful you never hide the price here you put it out in front it’s like you have to understand this is how much you need to be successful that’s that’s amazing that’s amazing you combine the picture that’s a great intro especially from that whole thing look it’s free it’s free it’s free boom not free like the best you got a nice menu that’s investment on a key page so mr. James frills here and some of you guys we were working on on the brand-new what seemed called the whole agency the aides to see the funnel building trouble system that’s amazing and step two in the trellis system after having a big idea is to have a diluted light the bass signal up I’ve ever run to meeting then we talked about the whole idea and so he was planning building Trello cards of the day in his new house looks like a block from here and all sudden apparently he said wait a minute if we’re new bass signal we need a bats that we need to real bad signal you can’t do a bad signal meeting without having a bad signal you bought a bass signal it’s not working up we have a little hand pen one which I’m gonna turn the light off this is like if I’m in a bind and the battery dies now when I could be like the best single oh I wish that our first ever Batman project manager meeting or the bad cousin we’re sending out the bat signal then we come to bat cage so we can happen to bad maybe I had a mania okay even sales works it’s bad yourself Ian soundtrack happening so we gotta money and it shows so this is the bat-signal so I shouldn’t stop some go to all entire marketing agency to get the bass signal just popped out oh because everyone’s get the bat-signal chopper 2 Joe and something’s in trouble here it is my lab right big yeah okay is that on your diet we snuck in here they have a cookie making station with cookies and frosting and sprinkles and pour Dave’s been eating I had no shirt or wheat so like that might be big dose he was like cool he had a cookie who cares Dave’s obsessed with cookies it’s usually I get Belson cookies a day and he hasn’t had him for weeks because you’ve been trying to be so good and now I have a super freaky one so that was so good I’m not gonna protect again why are you playin this is number two snap my sprinkles what what what’s the announcement mouse that explains the baby bump Oh miles congratulations sympathy weight John’s got in a toy it is Austin wall-e so that people get fatter and fatter and fatter this is stage one where [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] all right we have some good news and some bad news or should I start oh how about the good news the good news member waffle me up last week at the partner planning mean he went to and we had those huge waffles with bacon and avocado [Music] makes the strawberries and Nutella and I was amazingly on earth the good news is they are right now in our parking lot in the waffle truck feeding our entire team that’s the good news the bad news I started the bigger rip transformation last week it’s so I’m not allowed to have waffles so instead of eating the grayish waffles known to man guess I’m eating I’m eating crusted Cod like that looks really good healthy unless you put next to a freaking waffle [Music] [Applause] just got a little Jim yep fun yeah you have a waffles [Music] you [Music]

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The Idea That Changed Online Marketing Funnels As We Know It. Funnel Hacker TV – Episoode 79

The Idea That Changed Online Marketing Funnels As We Know It. Funnel Hacker TV – Episoode 79