The FASTEST Two Comma Launch EVER?! Watch how it was done!

The FASTEST Two Comma Launch EVER?! Watch how it was done!

Curious to know more about Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and our endeavor! Follow me as I take you behind-the-scenes with, Jenna Kutcher, Tony Robbins, and Dean Graziosi down in Arizona as we open up in one of the fastest two comma launch ever! You’ll love it!

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– Five, four,
three, two,
– [Announcer] The Man, Russell.
– Pay to sell your product.
– Love this guy.
– [Announcer] I honestly
believe the unexperienced
are the only people that can
actually change this planet.
(upbeat music)
– All right, so we’re
gonna meet Jenna Kutcher,
she runs the Goal
Digger podcast.
This last year, she destroyed
everyone in this contest.
She won the Philly
contest, hands down.
So anyway, she’s got an audience
that converts
really, really well.
Yeah, her people love her.
My wife was at the
Dentist yesterday,
and the receptionist
walked in, says:
“You know Jenna Kutcher
I saw you on Instagram!”
– You should send her a video.
“Hello Dentist Office
assistant, its me!”
– We don’t know
your name, but…
It’s like, everyone loves her.
She’s a great human.
Way better than most people.
You say that?
– Yeah.
– You can say that for sure.
– That’s truth.
– This is my quote about you:
“Russell basically came out of
the womb doing a sales pitch
and is the founding father
of online marketing.
He’s a personal friend and
I am a student of his work,
because he’s one of
the most brilliant,
humble men I know and a
radically influential leader
in the knowledge
business world!”
– Oh that makes me happy
– That’s so sweet
– This is not the real one,
the real one would
be hard bound,
and it’s a little
sneakier, but–
– Aah.
– The whole chapter
by you, basically, so.
I hope you like it.
How many offers
did you guys get?
– 36,000
– Jeez.
Are you kidding me?
That’s almost ten
percent of their list.
Jenna, that’s awesome.
(calm music)
– This is why I gotta
buy a new building.
– Hey, we are right
now at
if you have no
idea what this is,
this was an idea that
Dean Graziosi had,
about two years ago.
He told Tony Robbins,
they decided to partner
up on this business
teaching people
how to start their own
education businesses.
Their own coaching
businesses doing courses,
doing masterminds,
and things like that.
I had a chance to hear about it
about six months
before it launched,
and I told Dean, I’m like:
“Oh it would be cool if you had
the domain name,”
We were a little sneaky
and went behind the scenes
the guy who owned it,
we negotiated with him
and we got it, and gave it
to Tony and Dean as a gift,
and now its here on
the side of a building,
which is pretty crazy and cool.
Last year, they did their first
initial inaugural
launch, and it became
the biggest launch in the
history of internet marketing
20 something thousand people
went through the course
and graduated from the
course, which is crazy,
and it’s been a year
since its been open,
and now tonight, we are
reopening it to the public.
So Tony and Dean are
in there right now
planning and preparing
and getting ready
for the big show tonight.
There’s over 462,000
people registered,
so no pressure, no stress.
We’re live streaming it,
so I hope don’t mess up,
or trip on stage.
That’d be really embarrassing.
But come on the
journey, let’s go.
– Jenny you ready?
– I’m ready.
I am ready.
– Game time.
– [Man] Oh Jenny in the house!
(crowd applause)
– This is pretty sweet.
– This is massive.
– Really, really
cool office space.
– How you doing, brother?
– Amazing, how are you?
– [Dean] Hi, I know you!
– 30,000 people registered.
– 36,000
– 36,000
– Boom!
– You’re kicking the boy’s
asses again, I love that.
– But you know why?
Cause when we were all in Fiji
and in Vegas, they’re all like:
“Well, you did it
this year, Jen,
but don’t expect next year,”
– Yeah.
– And she’s like–
– I’m like, “This is no flu”
– Originally we were
thinking of having
all four of us come in,
– Yup.
– But I thought it
might be too busy
and we can’t get your
message and your message.
– Yeah I think we
should separate them–
– Only because I think
what would happens is
I really wanna hear your
message from your point of view
and I really wanna hear
Russell playing clean up
of anything we missed.
– [Jenna] We got this.
– I mean, if it doesn’t
do great tonight,
its pretty much on Russell.
I can screw it up.
Just pick up all the stuff
that you think we missed
or weren’t clear on, or like
“You guys went way too
fast over this,” right?
– [Jenna] Yep.
– Yeah, that’s cool.
– We were here a year
ago to the very first
one of these, and it’s
interesting because
this concept was a
start-up, it was brand new,
no one knew about it,
and it was crazy cause
we were in this little office,
there were like 19 people
all around one desk
going crazy, scrambling,
trying to get all
the things done.
It became the biggest launch
in the history of the Internet.
And now, its a year later,
we’re gearing up for round
2, and its just really cool
to see how all these employees
who weren’t here last year,
happen to know who
anybody was a year ago,
now they got Hats,
they got T-Shirts.
– Last year this time,
we had 19 people.
– I know.
– We have 74.
– Its crazy.
– It’s insane.
– A lot of scaling.
– Quick.
– And we went from two
strategy consultants
and now we have 20,
and then there’s the coaching
division in there too, so.
– [Woman] Welcome to
the coaching department!
Are you enjoying your tour?
– So far, yeah.
Were any of you guys here last
year when we did this party?
– [Crowd] No.
– [Woman] Only cause
the department is new.
We’ve only been here
for like a month.
– Oh really?
– [Woman] Yeah.
– You are definitely
more upscaled last time.
Last time we were like–
“I hope people like this
we have no idea–
(crowd laughter)
– [Woman] How bad was that?
– Oh yeah, turned out,
– It’s crazy.
– People liked it,
so that was good.
And it’s really cool to see
what’s happened in a year.
If last year is any indication
of what’s gonna
happen this year,
I can’t imagine how
its gonna happen.
Going from start-up
days, to like
now we’ve got the field
to really grow huge.
– Good to see you.
– Good to see you too.
How are you doing?
– Yeah.
– I’m so self-conscious, because
we’re not talking to
200, 300 thousand people,
we’re talking to one
person sitting at a laptop
200,000 times over.
And it’s like, oh crap.
If I’m on stage in
front of 5,000 people
at FHL, it’s like oh, OK.
What if I be back of everybody
and it’s like, am I too much
for just this one person?
– Did you want anybody to
come and watch this tonight?
– I don’t know, could I?
– Well if you did,
I’d just need to give
security their name.
– Oh, OK.
Yes, here I’ll spell it for you.
I don’t know if she’s
gonna come or not–
– Let me swipe right, see
if she’s still available.
He’s gonna sell this.
You be careful
– Oh my God.
– Here’s how you spell it.
– Oh my goodness.
Dear, where is it?
The name is Delta?
– Yeah.
– OK, here we go guys.
– [Dan] Devon,
teach me your ways
– I didn’t have mine
if you wanna come.
So my profile is actually
just testimonials.
So my first one is:
“One hell of an awesome
guy!” – The New York Times
“He’s the greatest dancer
I’ve ever seen” – MC hammer
I could’ve said that Michael
Jackson said it, but whatever.
“What an honor to
call him friend”
– Oprah and Mark Zuckerberg
Good professional pic,
pic of me on stage,
I can probably switch that.
Well, insert name here, it
looks like we both swiped right.
I guess that means we’re
officially tinder boyfriend
and girlfriend dot, dot, dot,
but just so you
know, if we break up,
I get to keep the
dog and the house.
– [All] Oh.
– The dog and the house.
– To which 70% of women respond:
“No way, I get to keep the dog.”
To which I respond:
“No way, I’ll see you in court.”
“If I’m reading
this map correctly,
Hawaii is the perfect
court location.
So, I’ll see you there.”
And now I’m going on a
pretend date to my new
pretend girlfriend, who I’m
trying to take her bags off.
And I’m gonna go to
Hawaii with her, so–
– [Dean] Sup guys.
– [Man] What’s up buddy!
– [Dan] Hey!
– Good, what’s going on?
Good to see you again, Dan.
We’re just like, hanging
out all the time.
– Dude’s new office is insane.
– Do you want me to, I mean,
I have what Jeremy
sent me, I’m sure that
you guys went over,
is there anything that
you want me to–
– Whatever Russell says.
– OK cool.
– Just say click froze
every third word.
– Yeah exactly.
Give your link.
One thing I think
we should do though,
is some people have, I
remember in real estate
I would have a group of
500 people in the room
and I’m training all of them,
and people would raise
their hand and say:
“Hey there’s 500 people in here
there’s probably no room for me
to even be in this business.”
Like, there’s 350 million
people in America alone.
You couldn’t take
each other’s business,
but some people
have that thought,
so if I forget might
be one of those things.
Yeah, we have hundreds
of thousands of people
on, but this is what makes
this industry stronger.
– Yeah.
– Anyway, anything you see
like that, you just
come in at the end.
Come here, I wanna
show you something
– Dude, that is killer.
– [Dan] Can you show me
ten conversions that work
and I’m gonna quit my job
I work for you, right?
– These are everybody
who graduated.
These are people graduated
just from last year.
– So awesome.
– Cause we built this course
to get you through.
These are 1,100 wins.
That roll of different niches,
they identified 4,370
different niches.
I had to tape them all together,
so I’m gonna unroll it.
It goes from here
to the sales floor.
– That is so cool.
– I mean, Jen and I
talking at lunch about it
she’s like, the biggest problem
she said that her people
had as an issue is…
Tony’s story and your
story, they’re so big,
they’re like, “I can’t do that,”
you know what I mean?
– Yeah.
So, that’s why I’m
gonna tell my story
in a way, just really quick,
that what I’m gonna
say is listen,
20 years ago, my life
shifted when I paid
25 years ago when I
bought this guy’s stuff.
– Mm-hmm.
– And it shifted my life
so much,
– Mm-hmm.
– That I wanted to get
into that business.
And who the hell was I.
Tony was in it for a year.
He was a monster.
Millions of people.
I worked in a collision
shop in Auto sales
and I wanted to help people
and I created a course
on how to make money
selling used cars.
– Do you have that course here?
– Yeah I think we
have it some place.
I have the first infomercial.
– You should totally show it.
If you have the course,
the book, or whatever,
I would totally show that.
When I show, like my potato gun,
people flip out.
For one of my events, I
printed a potato gun DVD
for everyone in the
audience and they went nuts.
Like showing the beginning–
– Do we have that course
here some place?
– We threw all that crap out.
You’re not getting it.
I think we have a couple books.
– Oh yeah where is it?
– Yes!
This is the greatest.
Check this out, when I
first saw Dean initially
it was with his Motor
Millions infomercial,
and we just found
the original course
just in time for
tonight’s big event.
Look at this guy.
How old are you here?
– I was 30.
if I listen to this,
I would cringe.
Would you show this?
The all of it?
– Absolutely.
– A million percent.
Has Tony ever seen it?
– No.
– You never seen
this before, Tony,
but I want to surprise you.
Check this out, after I
went through your stuff,
I worked at a car
dealership or whatever,
a car thing, and now I got this,
and this is how I
got my starting info
in the knowledge of business.
So cool.
(calm music)
– 5 different cameras, 6
different camera angles,
and trying to cover everything.
Working for Dean, you learn
to think on your feet, so.
– So I have a hard
line connected,
I have a wifi connected
to a separate ISP,
and then I have
two cellular cards.
I mean, if you look at
the programmer’s screen,
you can see the
activity on that page.
– That is the Matrix gone crazy.
– That is people
hitting our page.
– I just got 2,000
more people on
– YouTube in 60 seconds.
– Going down for real!
– [Russell] Oh actually…
– We’re at 11,000.
– Between our list and opt-ins,
we made like 840,000 people.
– [Devon] Let me know how
excited you are to be here.
Let me see what we’ve got here.
Who we’ve got.
Asheville, North C…
This is going too
fast, this is amazing.
Oh wow.
– OK, I’m gonna freak out.
There’s 70,000 people on it.
– Crazy.
– Yeah.
– Hey, take your time.
– Yeah.
– Right now, you are
part of the single
largest online
web training event
in the history of the internet
– [Man] Five, Four, Three
Two, One.
– [Woman] You’ve got this.
Let’s go!
(rhythmic music)
– Oh hey, everybody.
Thank you and welcome,
it’s Tony Robbins.
– And Dean Graziosi, what’s up?
– Listen, we have a
half a million people
from over 100 countries that
are joining us right now.
Least have registered.
Let’s see how many
of you show up.
But those that are watching
right now, welcome.
We’re very excited and
quite privileged honestly.
– Ah its going.
It’s difficult cause the
chat’s going so quick.
If you look on this side,
you can’t even type in here.
– 50 requests to join the group
in the last 10 minutes now.
– [Dean] And on cars
every day, and at night,
I created my first course.
Look at that, on a VHS.
You might not even
know what this is.
– Any time he says “Jim
Rohn,” take a shot.
– What Jim Rohn taught me–
– Any time they say
“Millionaire,” take a shot.
Any time I wink, take a shot.
Any time we say–
– The self-education industry–
– Throw it back
– Yeah.
– I was like, I could yoga
pants and no one would even–
Shows you how to take
what you know and–
– She’s crushing it.
Jenna, you should’ve seen
the chat just blew up
when she got there.
They’re in love with Jenna.
– Jenna’s going to actually
sell them on the product,
cause everything
I’ve talked about,
the industry and organizing
the possibilities,
Jenna’s specifically
selling them on
why this product’s amazing,
she’s went through it twice,
on her third time.
I’m coming in to go through
the three big reasons
why some [Inaudible]
Number one is they don’t
believe in the vehicle,
like being an
[Inaudible] Worker,
number two, they don’t believe
they can actually do it,
number three, they have
some external fear,
oh I don’t know how to do it.
So I’m gonna be knocking down
those three false beliefs
and hopefully I do all right.
Two years from now, you’re
gonna be up here on stage
you’re gonna take Jenna’s seat,
you’ll be telling your story
but it’s all about enduring
long enough to get noticed.
Keep doing the thing,
keep doing the thing.
So if that helps you guys for
those who are thinking like,
“I don’t know if I can do it.”
So what are the convergents?
– [Man] So right
now, we’re at about
55% full today, and
some of these up sales
are from yesterday cause
I tested a bunch…
– All right, the offer
dropped 15 minutes ago
and they just passed a
million dollars in sales.
It’s 5 year sales already,
2 grand a pop, so…
To combat club already.
So that’s probably
one of the fastest,
if not the fastest ever.
– [Man] Clear!
(crowd applause)
– [Tony] Good job guys.
– Yeah.
– Thank you guys,
you did amazing.
– [Devon] Yeah, you
guys crushed it.
– [Tony] Jenna you’re awesome.
– Oh, thank you.
– [Dan] Yeah, she is.
– Someone was like,
“I’ve never seen
Tony that quiet,”
I was like oh, I hope
that’s a good thing.
– Thanks, I was listening
and taking it all in.
I loved it.
– It was good.
It was fun to watch though,
and then me and
Russell are like,
“OK, so you go, I go.
What are we…”
Yeah, we’re like,
“OK, how do we, what do we do?”
– Tag team.
– Yeah.
I think its good though.
I think its a good flow though.
(jazz music)
– All right we just got
done with the launch,
it was crazy, it was
stressful, it was hectic.
Now we’re all tired.
Well, compared to
any other launch,
its like, insanely good,
we’re 3,000 units already.
Tony Robbins has
left the building,
Dean’s still in the building,
but now we’re leaving the
building to get some sushi,
we’ll jump on the plane
and head back home
for Nora’s birthday party,
which starts in like,
5 hours, or something like that.
– [Man] Thank you.

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