The Cult That Steve Jobs Built

The Cult That Steve Jobs Built

I want to talk to you about a cool concept… How to Create Your Very Own Mass Movement!

Now this is one of the topics I cover in my brand new book found here . At the end of this I’ll tell you how you can actually get a copy of this book for free but first if this message resonates with you please share it down below.

So with any type of business, product or service, you can either simply sell stuff, very transactional, one-off and boring… OR you can create a movement where people buy from you over and over and over again!

As I was trying to figure this out for myself, building my company I studied a whole bunch of mass movements throughout time. It was fun because I was studying pretty much everything I could find about cults, about religious groups, and about business.

It was interesting… I found patterns on all ends of the spectrum… when I looked on the very worst side of mass movements, to people like Hitler and the Nazi party or when I looked on what I believe is the greatest mass movement that’s ever been, Christ and Christianity, there were similar patterns!

Then I started looking at business and what Steve Jobs did with Apple, what Elon Musk has done with Tesla. I came to realize that there are three things that every mass movement from the beginning of time until today has. I’m talking about cults, religious groups, businesses, all of them had the exact same three things.

I want to walk you through really quickly what these things are because when you understand them you understand a pattern that you can actually apply in your business in order to get things growing really really quickly.

Number One: every single mass movement has a charismatic leader. Think about it… Apple had Steve Jobs, Tesla had Elon Musk, Germany had Hitler, Christianity had Christ… every mass movement from the beginning of time always has an attractive character & charismatic leader. That’s number one.

Number two: every single one of these mass movements always has a cause. Something they are moving forward to in the future. In fact, look at all the recent presidential elections, in the book I go deep into this. It’s interesting how all of the people who have won the presidency, democrat or republican, does not matter… the ones who won consistently, there message was all about a future based cause and the ones that lost were all about a present based cause. That’s number two.

Number three: every single mass movement leads with a new opportunity (as opposed to an improvement offer)… Steve Jobs didn’t come to market saying hey guys, I’ve got a better way to listen to CD’s. No he said, “that vehicle you guys are using is in the past, a CD player is dumb I have this thing called an iPod.” Or with the phone for example, he didn’t say, “I’ve got a phone that’s a gonna be better.” Instead he introduced a brand new opportunity called an iPhone.

A similar thing happened with Christ and Christianity, same thing with Hitler, same thing with every mass movement from the beginning of time… they always offered a new opportunity it was never an improvement offer. If you are struggling in your business right now my guess is you’re missing one or two of these three things. This is the foundation of how to create a mass movement.

I wish I could share and go deep into this with you guys but I can’t right now… the good news is that the first three chapters of my book are all about this! I talk about and go into a lot of depth about how to build a charismatic leader for your company, how to build a future based cause and then I show you exactly what WE did. So you can rest assured that it’s not just a lot of theory. I’ll show you how we did it and the results we got.

All those things and a whole bunch more are covered inside my brand new book called Expert Secrets. So if this video is still up, you can actually get your copy of Expert Secrets for free! (I’ve already paid for the books all you gotta do is cover the shipping)
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The Cult That Steve Jobs Built

The Cult That Steve Jobs Built