The Birth Of Funnel Hacking… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 24

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The Birth Of Funnel Hacking… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 24

On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, after a REALLY late night, Russell and Stephen go through all of the failed offers (and the incremental successes) that Russell tried for the first 10 years of his career…

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 24 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we went through the history of Russell Brunson…

like my firt I was like so proud of it we launched it and I thought was making million dollars and first day we did 20 grand which is awesome and that’s that was just stopped and this is about time that I first time everything claps all these friends worked at a time it was like about to go under nobody’s buying this sounds like this is listen I got levers everything was like moving the dogs response so as I going to get [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the beginning of me like creating offers I try I’m in a product of trafficking you get the endless traffic surge 14 years ago this is what oh I was so proud of that like Indiana do this was a big event so check out this event bald head shaped it but we were filming it in like him – sorry I had to duct tape up a sheet from the hotel room or this is the one tape I made 16 rolls first day I was like what keep getting bigger I’m did $79,000 person I launched when I found the secrets calm I bought that for like I feel like 1,500 bucks 2,000 bucks and I just like and for my head as I can write a book called back home secrets like way back then alright marketing history class right so I was showing him first off so this was my very first project and pre pre everything was the friend or what pre potato gun pre everything at first I did I had the idea for it because I kept someone resell rights products and people had all their links linking back to their own stuff as I was just something I wish I could make something where would brand file in like when I when I was if I open zip files I would have my ad and then I was like oh see I did pop it first so then I started going so into a Google attention in and I had tired programming companies five they wanted five ground to make it up like oh so I gave up on my dream a long time does listen arm to mourn because he had all the software product tonight because I wonder if he did doesn’t all the only things one day talking about like how he wasn’t coder like oh and a sketch was that’s what happen I switched my major after that because you got on cuz I pay 5 grand but like zip Brandon will be my thing that will be free so when I changed my majors to communication systems that’s why I declare because I got something to do that’s why year and my majors are in the med school show right should I change and listening to a teleseminar I had listened to are more and on the teleseminar he talked about he went scriptlance calm and hire programmers little and sophomores like Georgia scriptlance calm I posted my little idea and got him Cyprian from Romania that $20 on that’s like so again 20 bucks leave go surrender is that the one where if you go get me felt so bad because it’s going to make us cheap anymore I look like somebody you can tradition may have attorney about it so then alright so take us out so then I don’t make a website but I you arm and so I see armed arm had all sorts structured like this was amazing header dresses header generator calm this is one of his if you would give that you notice the look of this because you like look so much there’s hunter generator then you had to eat all these generators sites was called the generator of this company generator since it becomes generate hydrogen and there’s no better generate like all these things so in the pair beer is each our generator and there’s the pop-up notes you mom notice the pop-up might soon here it’s the top up so then like this his anyway and there’s like literally dozens them right so one thing they all had like headline and header day I was had a girl or a picture of a someone cute you know ahead of it they called my thing I think I was his software box and so I when I created my first website which was the Brander would you notice I like had a pretty girl I had like photo hacking 101 right there you wrote a say like internet photo max yeah so he had headline I had a headline and then I yeah I modeling it looks identical like software box attest to my testimonial boxes look like identical to and up on this one run lobbies I was like look at how he did everything he did anyway so it’s crazy so I create software I was like are me more and since Sunday promote I was my goal so I was like I mean it look a similar to some like even throw up some day but I get know how to write sales letter so I tried originally bats and I hire somebody for five hundred bucks gave to her she Rosso glitter it was super short and I was like some sellers look like today today guy I was looking like practically a congregant I was like and his five hundred bucks which was like that’s what I’m not it’s like 20 grand I was just like that man oh my gosh so I so I was freaked out it’s all I had left I just a little cracky so her up there I’m like wow I know bunch of people nobody heard back me going to email this dude right here Raymond McNally I’m not happened it’s an email sramek now he also had a bunch of stuff like this was his on affiliate page credit checks out yet I felt like in right now you’ll see we usually a course on wait machine and wave action is awesome so you see like you know it’s so well though so Raymond was one of arms buddies who also attend the software so like come back in 2004 back when I was in the game when I was learning this game and I guarantee it’s gonna compare similar watch this here comes all these days but 800 didn’t have a pretty girl we have the headline and the page and like there’s our motel testimony oh yeah like always look the same right anyway so I’m like sending to arm and no response and buzz people like my software and I sent it to rain and McNally rain if you ever watch this like please message me dude I you you start something that’s rated right here and I let me probe this I went to bed woke up the morning you like VIP renders most genius idea ever heard of you say I couldn’t sleep I called my friends I called arm and I called everybody is like and by the way yourselves are sucks I wrote you a new one last night there you go and look at what I like and then they say and I’ve loved it pros to my list I was like mom really 100 of beginning yeah they’re holding together so I go and I took his cells letter so this is his cell but he wrote this thing yeah I think this headline matter my wicked away I take any file and quickly turn to instant profit generator anyway but I was like what if I can go back in time to see like the originals like $500,000 ones I have another one I think you can go back there’s my sweet pop-up so what happens he gave me Oh this turn headlight so how it could instant could instantly invited who’s more profit online without using one single tool you’ll not find it I think I think Raymond wrote that one I think that this was mine I had written oh no this was a Johan Bach who is all my first copiers ever met and he had the same she bought a product for me he would rewrite a headline for you I remember it was like the bonus if you bought this things I bought thinking we had and so I sent my headline which was this and then he rewrote it to that I was like like freaking out right so then I mess is Raymond back am i cool like one protest thing I was all excited and then cricket and ever coming into rule never pro did never day anything else because I wrote the cells that he told Armand about it so much better people and nothing in her back you guys later son that was that lawyers going on your life where he is hasn’t college as of the void to stay still so then and every testimony at this point so then I’m like well crap so we said of cells everything’s good and then Raymond wrote self letter and then check out this guy right here we’re efficient we redid this Michael st. Michael say really like the same didn’t let me go back to the way of active she – here’s Mike’s original product the carbon copy marking comm with Mike’s first product boom so Mike it just launches right before I’ll unzip Brander so here come back history and here like three or four people promoted and start growing he probably had a list of a thousand people or so and they you know I’m not sure I don’t know how big it was but I saw Mike on the warrior forum throw the same carbon called carbon copy marking which by the way o has that header a pretty girl headline software box well hacking everyone I mean I’ll remove oh yeah Arvind was the Matt anyway this was Mike’s thing about carbon copy marketing so I bought it from him because you’re going to call someone like by their crap first I bought it from him which it was forty seven dollars which was a lot of money and he would hand burned the DVD he had burned them all in a sentence I got hand but in fact I we moved off the third way and I told about he was like that’s like an heirloom so he ham burn these DVDs and then he’d said I got his Hamburg DVDs and I was like dude have to burn these DVDs and he was telling me because like I wanted to sell that Brenner I was going to burn on DVD now and I was like well here’s my cap rods if renders check it out and he’s like this is really cool he’s like and I was like oh would you promote it sure let’s just said sure I was like where to go he promoted it to his list and I still my little pop-up so come back here to the Brander calm a little pop-up gone now everyone proud I was Max and Max covers did this little logo i member i was like i’m one like branded like a cow and he did it which I wonder if max covers is still around this is so fun okay so max covers max was when did the initial design design for man I haven’t seen him in years I know if he’s still around or not but he was like they do to did all the covers for everybody back then unless use arms you cover generator Wow she does before so max was like he was the designer that did everybody stuff so see max si anyway so I was like I want like branding of a Cal and cos if branch so that’s when came over that logo and I was just like my sawed-off like yeah this is it it’s anyway so my guitar promoting it my little pop up game I remember had 217 people join my list and will pop up on the thing and Mike sold maybe 12 or 13 coffee the 67 bucks apiece which was like what 600 700 bucks sure my guy half so I got $300 and I was like you got people on your list and then I add and it was crazy like your first successful JV yeah for successful everything like literally okay here’s your max covers max covers oh this is like your number one site for me so I denied and there’s max awesome with ice with this page I would look at these pages and like look everybody covers and all these guys like a really Crawford legend Joe vitality legend Joe and Mark is limited to headline for me crazy in racing I’m looking I’m ever buying it first was like saying with 67 bucks is it that was okay some in then zip Brad is going to start to make some sales yeah try to fight other JV partners man I had ever thought of my JV partners I was in Forbes as in warrior forum I was and how to how to court forum I was in common a bunch of commenting dolls doing his stuff right yeah and then I was like man I wish there’s some software where I could track what was happening to all my forum posts I’m posting everywhere but I saw no people respond back and I was like oh and then check out what the next product number software product number two was I’ll rip try this one okay so for importance calm with the next flip in the wayback machine this is a fun history lesson super cool oh there’s this added 4:48 which by the way so Michael Green was the order to how to quote form and so I showed him he’s like ah so there’s my next one if somebody have a girl I had this I don’t know why you come around here so that was the next one I feel like was like when tracking something real know like so ladies you make a four-post it would go and it would there’s my software box yeah it would you say that you did see it was like a browser so you going in search and then you when you post you click about it would like follow this one and then when you in theory oh pack something here’s other ones people commented on your your posts and you can we go back so it’s really cool but super buggy and there’s different types of forms and work up some and not others and sure anyways because that I get it pushes super hard and again more robot kept growing then software number three you ready for this this is awesome okay yeah it’s all software when I first got this thing started the ballast time somewhere in here is when Cato kind of started his own I always tells the first story because it’s like the first info product wasn’t the first product software I started off software so about how long have you been doing it when you got to number three um differend er is probably quite ooh little over two years in Wow I don’t make any money port outside like stuff companies on eBay and things like that civil college yeah all this was in college yeah Wow and then yeah all these things are College then zip Brander then foreign fortunes and articles spiders number three because I mean when you tell the potato that story I was imagine that being like the last year of college for you it wasn’t I was in college so yes it was less this is this started before last year college this started was it like the first year calls it on the coup through so into one year BYU then two-year mission they came back it was my red shirt red shirt freshman year yeah tried five years in school because I’m a doctor a lot of people go to the school for 12 years they’re called dr. Cox’s no but uh it was my redshirt freshman year was year that I got married I was resting I married this I started so it’s my sophomore junior senior those three years of this whole thing happened okay a junior year is when these things start coming out yeah yeah so then yeah cuz 24x 2004 was Craig rider 2015 since my junior year so he comes an article spider this one I remember his foreign portions when I launched my new list I made thousand dollars in a day coming right I told the guy did software he had on site like this out my first I was law today right Russell Brunson it like that was his big clay the same and then next came article spider which ended being a horrible idea because like I don’t know anything SEO is kind of SEO think it’s kind of a pretty blog before blogs by weight 1700 I think I paid like all the things I would pay like 100 bucks in themselves I mean I think I’ve paid I get a hundred two hundred exercise I made sixty one dollars first day because like what keeps getting bigger and I keep doing this I’m like offer after offer after offer after offer it is our comes my daughter you got super new generals reasoning you got a spider but others quickly build your content Search Search oh yes wasn’t like so people cuz acted articles of the big thing yes because I Travis hago came with bum markings everyone’s like oh you posted articles there was my question so like we’re teaching we’re taught back then SEO days is to go to sites look they an article directory and then spent articles to article directories and that was a big thing everyone did everyone an article directory on her site and you can go and get some articles in the embackment because I was like how we all data get back so this was an article directory I remember not anything on your site so that’s how it work so that you install anything and other people would come in post content with your bird those are search engine pages and all kind of stuff and there’s my sweet but that subletter suck holy cow oh yeah here’s a good stuff but okay oh yeah easy Lisa writes things that I got they give reso rights you have a card creator oh this is a horribly I have a come on what what so we campaign websites maximize wages with avocadoes yours the favicon man and this is my cool picture so me with my shaved head my wife and I were to get Boise laying on bent on the thing I got picture and I was my Pinter first like five or six years my business was that would be shaved head hanging out that’s awesome found her article spider a sublime net company fun well but that best about time because then I started doing some info book products that’s when underachiever came out franker that’s when we did pair guns right by that time cuz ever talked about info products and I’m into the software I’m trying full product so there you go um but a very first idea is I will sought people stone recites of softcore so today what I wanted to be a software company which is funny now that we have a big software pounding up so you are so I was like trying to find the perfect domain I remember if I was like I’m good the mains are taken like I missed a comp bubble and so finally I was like I had also same as I finite like exciting software Microsoft we’re excite where I was like oh it took us about excite we’re net I was so excited and Colette was working supporting her husband who was jobless and then she came home and like gives me wonder about a website it’s just like really wrong size are like it’s called expect we’re dead did you think would look excited where’s your siding software I know that day she’s like you sir like whoa injury or something exciting where yeah I think know it’s not a lodge or a it’s um it’s exciting software she’s like I don’t want to tell my mom about that so you can’t have that know me I was like spent like 12 dollars on like which is again what’s like sure I didn’t have a job she was ported II that’s like an hour and a half of he’ll work yeah like with Talia like three hours for work I’m like huh and I bought a website builders through homestead site I don’t like city I bought it so excited where it’s so she was humiliated I had like I have always tried to software I had on site in fact I wanted my kid just already built it and everything but and yeah my children yeah so I spent all day on the web site build it was horrible there’s no quick funnels what does that even got spider back then CIT ewu if it’s there I’m gonna go nuts we’re done yeah because I can’t get a comm I was like well calm to take you it’s gotta be done oh you must be a tweezer this bit this is the I’m gonna go go on looks like this is hope centers hope says I told you else does builder hold on there’s another okay come on come on come on come on oh come on give me some room guys like you it was late go gotta be there anyway so close so that was my that was the first one and so I built the shoe so embarrassed I could use them universal thing so then some reason like I thought the word sublime was like the coolest whatever dislikes it was like it slides and it bounced like sublime I felt that word knit so I was like sublime net I was like oh she’s like was that mean to make a cool word Nets like a tech company and so sublime is all my all my product I was sublime man now let’s try the first five six years I was sublime with my business go on and then someone that I bought some stickers common I was like oh so he’s just up to that but we still call herself some blind never calm sequence was like a blog and eventually made the jump to move it to become comp stickers not to give the company everything change could be names so in front sublime see you evolve yeah yeah it’s blind was always software than my first info perfect hold on blind that’s definitely in here when I found the domain calm secrets calm I bought that for like I feel like 1,500 bucks thousand bucks and I just like and for my head as I converted some secrets like way back then look yeah because I don’t know why fighters like so sublime that with accompanying doctor I’m supposed to be the book like I don’t know why but so that’s what that was and then I’m brains we installer skin late night midnight wouldn’t goodness yeah so then so then and then we started with Mourdock on super stuff and start called out we had a product called outcome scuse me don’t study course carvaka it always seems open whole property started coming that but like we started to phone Splenda marketing this is you here whoever you know and then what were you selling at that time how to leave them on that was also stuff there were tales except another sublime net we had that I was like which random ideas like yeah but a lot of my Canada marketers like they like interviews that interview people a lot of like article spiders form fortunes other things like just there’s no rhyme or reason they were just like all sorts of just random ideas always do a graduate about them you had a product line and basically we were yeah that was enough stone college though I first learned us up pulling up it said somewhere we were like we should call company calm secrets because everyone calls out companies always confusing that Ike sublime man right yeah we’re talking secret so then finally changed it over numbers because like the big pain to get that reset our support people they asked opponent John seekers calm this is Brittany it’s about bringing us here to sublime net so pretty did our newsletter she was here road backlit with sublime it calm here’s it she’s been here for a long time well I’m calm – our first four people oh my god Nikki got huge calm and took a while to get one I used to saying that and then that was it for a while until so you’re already hiring friend up like that yeah okay so here’s like oh it’s a sublime its legend web host design yes well one time so in what was years this 2003 2003 it was sublime net web hosting design yes I remember that I’ve some level c and then Oh Jeff August have made this really cool thing where just click that you type in a keyword and they would throw the search engine oil Clickbank products to your affiliate ID so about anything you have paid Commission on which was really really cool did you think about starting website see you can come oh yes I do a lot of other people a newer by far has the best services on the net you went way anyway help me solve my problems Thank You Russell more people like you in the world and very happy to all the programs I receive from you the service is real Chuck yeah just lie there like jigs out banner who AM LM calm this was like you put a banner on your site and then you grew people sign the banners on there slicing it viral for dinner all these things we’re trying to get traffic back to vision or MLM banner yeah totally and they’re like quick your dad survived it to your favorites tell your friends outs of like that like every little tool I bought having like JavaScript pop-up some things so cool riff okay so that was social sharing because I’ve had 15 to 3 14 years ago Hank here this I even got a marquee headline I learned how to do those in my website skills negotiate cam you’re going to get under the web space man do it you also receive website promotion services via banner ads templates these are the this is the beginning of me like creating offers I made a product of trafficking you get the endless traffic surge we’re submitted your software to all these tell you databases I was like a big thing back then yeah normally ok we see what happen to the site in 2004 yeah you’ve got legit oh yeah I got a sidebar oh it is family funded and then I remember I fought for everyone’s like what’s my newsletters name is to find a guy means like 20 times the fast path online success news look they’re only catalog that will generate literally thousands of dollars for any online business and it’s free no no I think a way three viral sides these are like all you leech out being there’s my sweet pictures oh it’s ugly I love it and kept banners going London this on there as well so cool kill fast-forward now another year so it keeps evolving oh coming soon oh yeah I was going to make it I was you make an instant messenger app to display dads there’s me called sublime text I am instant messenger let me cavus can be that for a while you can come of its kind of like Skype basically Wow and then this I remember this one I was so proud of this will examine had a little mouse in it relentless in the pursuit of excellence totally sold out from Chariots of Fire and here my site so we had second-tier the lost files of my public domain site so through millionaires the think on to your niche was a form we came from yeah bitch yeah car condition was our first of the first forming launch interworking enum was that remember that was it Brander yes posed wait how to for the bootcamp filly booty yeah that was the first time I did that dumb did $79,000 personal launch that I was subletting boxes one of my first softball parasol Doral field Adams was like cool like Emma banner at being easy inspire if I was a big one ad free software monthly was the membership site marketing study hall which could be a blog in blue who doesn’t father Mon Doug Manning voiceover so his voice overs so crazy that’s what doesn’t five okay see what happen the next year Leah stayed here for a while oh yeah and then it started coming more like our support desk and then they pushed out to their different products we had for fortunes and then here we struggling can just acceptance it’s kind of dying at that it was instead will mean revenue driver have someone that around this time also some random crap there’s never any like stability like because I launched they didn’t go away like we did are the lost files was my first of like continuity and that was awesome for a while this was when I was like this what I was I was senior college just because I my senior project my creativity class doctor Murli had to talk about a crazy thing he did so I told about always though this one of the guys like don’t like a lot of work yet this is the one thing oh I was so proud of that like Indiana do yeah yeah I roll a copy like this is like I was learning copywriting services we write a copy so how to quickly needs to cash in on the public law spokeman files on any hassle so what’s happening at a scientist Yannick silver create a course teaching public domain okay and then that period made money with public domain and then Yannick start selling season with you guys put 30 public made products a month or in a CD by for 200 bucks and you do sell need sell for like a week and sell out and close it down and on so I got I poke demand that hugs many lawyers and they always people surviving bucks on eBay and I thought this guy named Tim Oh books can calm you scan all the books send it back to me I make ebook person we need members decide where every month I got to know public domain products makers L along with sell letter so that’s awesome that’s what this whole membership site was like we’d scan the book we use all my shelf you don’t say those as right now we solve all those the benefits I did Microsoft front-page this is all you did a self front page all front page Wow a benefit side I lawyer that gives us – Kenny – insane Zapote domain I sell that are written for each one machiya middle membership card look at that you still doing the cards – Marv joy does first estimate mark journey gave me which is like key my first mentor I was like God well then Wow is no papa anyway so that was so cool that was my second year yeah so what was that another 2005 yeah October 2005 so that was point member we signed up things like 17 grand a month I was making on that and my first like everyone’s coming through I was just like ah this is like some granted not one off yeah in college like it was crazy Wow and I just make it when we did sales like I did a grim sale we do sells to do fire self so during Christmas time I like it was a Grinch sell it was like all these would they had 20 products like 10 bucks or something and then it’s you signed up I just really think you promote and like we did is like 30 grand during Christmas time with that one I am anything next like five months I was remembering codes rustling practice it was like March and wrestling practice was like RAM money sounds like I need to go sell so I’m never going on that I’m making another sell launches my little list and me like 17 grand that time COBOL ace one-off things here and there sure that I need yeah it’s no run reason things Ross files was first like membership thing was like money’s coming in consistently and that’s crazy cool yeah we’re suing you doc up secrets okay so I’ve known about kinetic I think about it and doesn’t for zhan upon it some I remember don’t make you smell outside it was like crap not the mind was not crackers good actually deal did Chris they’ve redesigned I’m seekers probably 40 times in each like I would sell time design I hated them it’s not a game I hate it’s like I think it’s so cool but click one of those you built their you’re not sensitive that’s courses yeah oh yeah so this is free blog who’s I give them or blog yet exert but never blogs like just in front page I felt sulfate and my newsletter oh yeah the virtual real estate seminars little video you get all my like be burger I was one of my boss times of the blog first of all okay so this is like this one we first homes two extra John Reese is home study course thing I was like some time to make home study course so it’s my first one so this is like it was a million thing and then yes my thousand dollars I was like I’m gonna make a million dollars it is all is called dot-com seeker stuff so it was so cool I share these stories other people make money from oh my wife is one the – dude you do in father’s own psyche or even yeah so some say course this is like testimonials we got from people there at the event in their videos before video stream very well and so what happened is like the page crushed oh this would be two guys so check out this is Abed bald head shape did but we’re filming it in like him through sorry I had to duct tape up a sheet from the hotel room or this is the one I hate like that so all the DVDs that’s not how that’s electrical tape tape you up a blanket oh so ghetto very first event though right with my birthday yeah that’s cool when I sold two tickets rush my dad oh that was the one that’s all I yeah these are all I gotta make sure stuck in my head shade of such a nerd maybe have like a couple of people’s my dad came spoke on creditors and predators anyway so this also might look like writing copy targeting customers list building Wow JB’s plate inferno this is my first marketing project BJ’s of long hair back the video different and there’s the disease of it anyway so it was like my fur talks like so proud of it we launched it and I was making million dollars and first day we did 20 grams is awesome and that’s that let’s just stopped there’s 20 people wanted to buy in nobody else I was like oh crap and this is out time the first time everything collapse and all these friends worked for the time it was like about to go under nobody’s buying this sounds like this is listen I got leveraged everything look like malinka million dollars miss lon so I was like Herman is the debt I met some dude who I had always credit cards who he like lend you money and her credit cards and just paid him back so like alright so he like gave me credit card over like bothering me mom’s you got me back with a extra some interest I thought all this crap on some of these credit cards I know what in the world I was thinking and then and we launched this thing I was like that’s like I didn’t make this pay back so what he says you can pay back like yeah so – anyway so smart I like Russell maybe the government’s launched no they made 20 grams didn’t cover like the cost of like printing the CDs I’ve honestly mom do you need to like that but it was the first one so I was like wow anyway cool thing first you don’t succeed try affiliate on especially you could offer after offer I accept I created a thousand offers before we have a created quick little golf right that’s how just a lot of it that’s how you need to do so it’s pretty cool though when you think about legas I mean we know people don’t want now yeah yeah I know don’t want they don’t want dabrander they don’t want articles spider they don’t but hopefully also you’re no overnight success she completely lucky yeah not according the Wayback Machine machine tells all oh man anyway so we should pick up from that next time we’ll pick up maybe we’ll pick up hit us and what a history to a want but it all ends with Russell with the shirt and tie and a bald head because I always work shirt and tie and I always had a head you say glasses on this weasel glasses on there you’re part of your profits let’s keep one soon PS refire eight so there’s your internet marketing russell brunson to shave us no good cool all right you

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The Birth Of Funnel Hacking… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 24

The Birth Of Funnel Hacking… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 24