The BEST Team Building Activity – This EXPLODED our company!!

The BEST Team Building Activity – This EXPLODED our company!!

Let’s be honest… on many levels… Growth of your company has a direct correlation to your team, the trust they have in you, and with each other. It’s something I am very aware of at ClickFunnels. So today I am taking you inside one of our team building activities to show you how we build trust. It’s uncomfortably honest, amazingly affirming and there’s not a trust fall in sight.

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and i wanted to quit and walk away but if i did i could throw in jail so i was like this is the worst point ever paid to sell your product i love this guy i honestly the entrepreneurs are the only people that can actually change this planet when people think of team building a lot of times you probably think of the classic trust fall or maybe even this what are you doing are these activities really that effective in today’s episode i’m gonna show you guys my number one team building activity it’s something that’s super powerful and helps you get to know everybody on your team at a deep level in just minutes or maybe an hour i guess it depends on how big your team is but it works trust me recently i was inspired we had a chance to go to fiji with tony robbins on an affiliate retreat and what i didn’t know at the time is there’s a lot of companies that actually bring their entire teams to to fiji to do something that tony calls the log jump no the pull down we did that by literally climbing up this huge pole which was scary enough as it is after you’re on the pole you literally look out and you see the like trap piece and you have to jump and grab it the whole time trusting that your team is actually going to hold it on the other end if they let go of it you pretty much are dead so it’s a good way to build trust with the team who’s literally going to save your life as you take the lead it was a fascinating team building activity but unfortunately when i got back to boise they wouldn’t let me build a pole so uh there’s other activities you can use as well including the one i’m gonna show you guys today now before we get too deep can you take a second and please like this video down below and make sure you subscribe to the channel that way i can keep making amazing videos for you walking you through the stuff that’s gonna help change your business and change your life the activity i’m going to teach you guys today is something i learned a couple of years ago when i had a chance to join an organization called eo there’s a whole bunch of entrepreneurs and business people and a chance to get to know each other in a very short period of time when they try to figure out what’s the best way for us to get to know everybody they introduced me to this activity which shows you guys the lifeline of your life this is how it works you get a white board and you draw a line across the middle and the left-hand side is your birthday the day you were born and then the right-hand side is today you start at the very beginning you start your birth and you go and you get the top and you draw a dot at the very first peak of your life right and and then you explain what happened to you at that point you keep going you draw down and then you talk about what happened there and then you’re ups and you’re down sometimes they’re little ups and downs sometimes they’re big ups or really big downs and each point at the peak in the valley you draw a dot and you explain that part of your life what happened why it results in something that’s either really good or really bad and why it meant so much to you now when we did at the ey event it was really cool and i had a chance to watch everybody do theirs and because i was the new guy i did mine at the very end and a lot of these people become lifetime friends ever since then and so because of that that’s why i wanted to bring it to the clickfunnels marketing team in our team retreat now at our employee retreat we brought the entire marketing team to an airbnb here in boise and we spent the first days kind of working and getting to you know working on the projects and talking about everything and then about dinner time and said look i want to do something with everybody that i promise you is going to be very uncomfortable but by the end of tonight we’re going to work better as a team we’re going to understand each other we’ll be able to get to our goals way faster and when i announced to everybody that we were gonna do this activity almost everybody was like wait i don’t know if i’m willing to share those things in this group anyway so that’s kind of context so everyone’s gonna actually be doing this and so i’m gonna do it once and then everyone’s gonna have five minutes to do it in front of everybody um so i’m gonna do it all right so the first step in the process i need to show them how it actually worked now most of my team knew my highlights right they’d seen the highlight reel and so i got there very first and i said okay this is how it works everyone’s got five minutes to do this you have to be careful because if you’re not careful people will spend three hours telling their life stories so then i started i drew my birth i drew today and i started in real time going through my very first up that i can remember and my very first down am i up am i down and over the next five minutes i explained to them all the things that have made me me it was interesting because i think a lot of people heard some of the stories up here but most stories down here people didn’t know as i shared those things they got emotional it let people see a side of me they didn’t understand before then we found out the person was in our books didn’t pay taxes for a year and i found out that i owed like 250 000 payroll taxes and if i didn’t pay it as soon as i go to jail so that like really sucked too and i wanted to quit and walk away but if i did i get thrown in jail so i was like this is the worst point ever i got in this business i want to sell stuff and now it’s like we have a team like 2167 people and it’s heavy on me like because of this whole thing here i have a lot of uh stress about times of just like man if i screw up my job then there’s 260 people whose families go hungry like that weighs heavy on me so i have a lot of pressure but same time like things are so good it’s just it’s been awesome so i’d say like right now i think it really helped people understand where i’m coming from why i do what i do and uh help people to respect me and trust me at a different level now after i was done they’d seen the process and what they were supposed to be doing i gave everybody three minutes to get their pad of paper out and to dry out their timeline and to try to think through all the core things the ups and downs of their life not just their business but their personal life their relationships their family and then after they’re finished we’d everybody come up one at a time and do their five-minute presentation and it was interesting because again some people were really excited to share and some i think i could have asked them to do anything on this planet and they would have been more happy than having to go up and share in front of everybody but it was cool because as people got up there people who who i had been working with for years people always had a strong shield and always seemed so invincible when they told their stories as a group i cried and they cried and other people who who i always assumed believed one thing or thought one thing or whatever i realized how much more diverse and how much more exciting as a person that they actually were and just it opened my eyes to what our team was you know i think we thought we were gonna go for an hour and a half two hours we ended up going most of the night doing this and nobody budged typically when you meet somebody what they’ll do is they’ll tell you their highlight reel right their resume i accomplish this and this and this and this and so you have a chance to see them at all the peaks of their life now their peaks don’t really give you a good view of who they actually are as a person it just shows you what they’ve accomplished every human is so much more than that typically these ups and downs aren’t just business right it’s what happened in your family what happened in your relationships a lot of people like to share the highlight real but no one likes to share the valleys and when you share the values and you become vulnerable it gives people access to things that made you who you are today and by doing that all of a sudden you start realizing that this person ahead of you the person that’s that’s presenting the person you’re getting to know you get a very uh holistic view of their life and it helps you to have connection with them at a level that i’ve never experienced any time before that wasn’t comfortable for anybody right second thing i just want to um let you guys know how grateful i am that you all went through a whole bunch of crap all the crap down here is what made each of you who you are today which made it possible for you to be on this team and like after this event was done and people flew back to their individual homes and got back to work just the level of compassion of understanding of friendship had changed had shifted it was like they had grown up with this person their entire life and they knew you know everything they’d gone through and i think ever had more respect for each other we watched as the team grew closer together and because of that the company started to grow faster so for any of you out there who are trying to grow a team especially if you’re the entrepreneur and you’re pulling your hair out because you don’t understand your team and why they’re making decisions the way they are i highly recommend taking a pause and doing this activity with them now that could mean going renting an airbnb and flying everyone together getting together and actually doing it in person or maybe just do it on zoom and get everybody to zoom in and share their timeline as well either way it’s going to give you guys understanding compassion and it’s going to build you closer as a team there’s no more powerful tool that i’ve ever found than this to get to the heart of exactly what your people care about and when you understand that it changes the entire dynamic of the team with that said thank you again so much for watching this video if you got value make sure you like and subscribe and even share it i wouldn’t mind if you share this with your entire team so you guys knew your own team back building activity as well on top of that i got tons of other videos here on my channel on the sides here about funnel building growing your company and a whole bunch more please take a minute watch those videos as well and thank you again for coming and hanging out at my channel

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