That one where we went to the Boise State SMURF TURF… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 43

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That one where we went to the Boise State SMURF TURF… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 43

We Visit Boise State, Organize the Design-A-Thon and Plan our HUGE EVENT on Sept 15!!!! #ClickFunnels™Sept15

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 43 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we went to the Boise State SMURF TURF…

hey Siri what’s up you must a potato gun builder haha remind me to dominate relentlessly okay whatever floats your boat I remind you [Music] [Music] let’s do it I miss everything although what the Babbitt dude wait Degas water spent four hours and have done David Mann I’m so pissed off I can’t even begin I like shaking I’m so mad we don’t never shut down cliff bones can before it’s me first night you stole there is like how daddy is Sun burnished we’ll say it’s at an eternity here we go what’s to do what I miss everything just taking over the world [Music] alright today’s a special day because we have all these certified partners in training so let’s check it out Russell’s gonna go speak into second what’s up you guys are be immortalized right now immortalized immortalized DJ miles involved yeah yes grab something we’re getting started how you guys doing you guys be moralized right now I like him [Music] get up I said we all got started in our careers going to school or that way we’re kind of taking people based on some of you guys the schools and you guys it was it was an opportunity some you guys and your friends kiss you on in a pyramid scheme that wasn’t even whatever was right think you’ve got into the singing you got me because Stephanie I’ll have you know theme of you Stefan this people worry about they call a teacher I’m a doctor I’m but I’m in number parking I’m oh but Emily’s getting people we don’t know like but the lid is right what’s so cool about this opportunity you guys all stepped into is like these people that there is no there’s a living [Music] [Music] okay so Steven right now is painting my numbers so these are all the identified types of pages inside of a funnel and like building phones like Legos right so here’s all your presale pages here’s all your opt-in pages Thank You pages sales pages order forms webinar pages other pages and so when you build the funnel instead of just being like basically okay I need presale page I need this and so you pick I want this one Plus this Plus this plus anyway that’s kind of how this games played the new canonical books got that’s right now we’re doing is we’re just numbering all the pages there you go funnel cookbooks how we make this job in this game so [Music] Davi man I’m so pissed off I cannot even begin I’m like shaking I’m so mad don’t be a bleeping bleeping bleeping bleeping idiot yeah we don’t think we’re shut down click phone’s count before send me the first time he’s complete broken rude service this is all right how do we kill him have you come up wait well if company is happening town it is uh we tried lady do the right thing just right just do the right thing [Music] we’re all this excitement I come over here and what’s going on all right so basically all of your own ClickFunnels™ which I built we want to initially have more templates than anybody else on planet earth so I want to found every single template that ever seen every product a robot for like a decade like thousands of templates put them all the huge show board right here so we’re doing designs on on Monday Tuesday or a diners from you so I’m actually taking it all categorizing them all so I’m like oh there’s an applet pre sale page but designers to look at into funnel hat it’s like Oh click pops here’s a whole bunch of different pop-ups all right and that you can like dude no way here’s a whole bunch of squeeze page styles that you know and just going through turns look at that list anyway here’s a bunch of bridge pages and you like oh cool that’s how a bridge page works rustle and you can just they can just do this so cool like here’s OTO pages that are awesome here’s holy crap our registration pick this woman look how cool appreciation pages I feel I forgot about here this one design back in the day anyway yeah dude that is so cool monster high temps on the way down so there’s a ton of crap I’m dumping here it’s gonna be [Music] Stephens always got these like mad skills as far as finding the cool little apps and things and we just solved this amazing thing as far as trying to find a way of capturing an entire page this is a good app right here though this is a good extension called full page screen capture and I’ll take a picture top down and mash it off together so that the really long form web pages got him on the picture it’s really cool good swipe file stuff right there go get it so though what the Batman yeah awesome oh it’s gonna be some special episodes coming out here soon actually I used your plans and we will we when we shot it out in the field yes fun yeah we I got brute here and everything man and potatoes yet did this love a lantern letter they cool all right have another webinar for a while looks like it so I’m doing right now live at Pratt I preach we still are doing webinars all the time well it’s been a little bit that couple things going on I watched a book I heard another book actually there’s all the paperwork the next book we done with 12 events the next 45 days been scout camp for a week went to why for a week gonna make for a week whoa II like but we could always think the next 37 days so we’re actually 36 now correct I just prep it will wrap it up ahead of time here oh man getting older thinks adults or feels like okay we’re shining in five minutes first good luck welcome Russell awesome thanks Joe thanks Khan for let me let me be part of this I’m excited I’ve been a fan of what you guys do for a long time obviously Joe and hanging out a lot recently and we said Joe fly to our office and had to teach his magic YouTube for my entire staff and my entire team so he’s work with you guys on he’s showing us as well [Music] all right so I just got done with the webinar about sound they are still if everyone so long as private people are they have a business online they’re gonna need this aids birthday and we can’t choose the craziest place for kids ever put on these crazy socks stinky feet bottom I’m gonna find little man and show you what he is up to here whoo this is too crazy [Music] what’s up good morning everybody guess where I am going right now all right I can’t tell you everything but I’ll give you some hints has to do with Smurf turf has to do Gary Vaynerchuk has to do with viral videos new squirrels Guinness Book of World Records maybe our heading out in the Jeep what this is certified partner just showed up in the bus they’re coming back to day two of the event pull all-nighters last night what’s up everybody and they are excited and having so much fun all right so we’re heading to the Boise State football stadium I’m every recording a 100 and 120 hundred 2626 many videos this is called dream 100 yes Russell doesn’t not only talk about you win her he actually does it all the time and practice when I preach so give me her head into the stadium and on the drive I’m gonna recording a personal video from everybody’s people in the recording three videos big videos all in the Smurf turf amazing what’s up dude perfect my name is Russell Brunson no we haven’t personally met yet but I wanted to invite you to a huge party hey Kayla my name is Russell Brunson what’s up Logan my name is Russell Brunson what’s up Smosh my name is Russell Brunson at some of the top influencers in the world gonna be here gary vaynerchuk’s gonna be here on the top that we’re launching a viral video setting against book world’s records are playing bubble soccer how much should be saving one official invitation to hopefully see a Boise here on September 15 alright just got done recording the first 20 videos first oh oh the fing 100 and got the same Brandes you’re filming what’s up on now we’re heading in to go record three big videos that’ll beat the back end of all these videos then Brendan’s gotta edit one hundred forty seven videos today you excited for that alright here we are this is the Boise State football stadium I sort of say right now we’re gonna be filming three videos and we want is for Gary Vaynerchuk he’s going to speak because we know what the party is about so we’re make a video it’s kind of the party’s about to officially buy him new player in the world’s largest bubble soccer game whatever rich was going to say number two all of our affiliates we’re gonna give you my top hundred filetes a chance to come and hang out at this party which is really cool and number three making a video for all the social influencers about why they should come this party as well so it’s gonna be pretty pretty insanely fun that’s the kind of game plan what’s happening here this is the Smurfs turf boy just a football stadium this is where our guest book world record will be taking place make sure how’s your arms this is my workout for the name yes workout so it’s blocking the Sun what’s up everybody this is Russell and I’m hearing out and the Boise State football stadium right there is the infamous Smurf turf this is kind of most famous name Boise and I’m here today because on September 15th we are doing a huge party here to launch the brand-new ClickFunnels™ viral video [Music] amendment into the parking lot to go record the other 130 of these things the next probably two hours so excited I really want to do the next project I can’t do this it done awesome man what’s up syndicate project gamer hope you are doing amazing Avery I help you an awesome man I want to make you a personal video to invite you to a huge event we’re doing here in Boise Idaho on September 15 [Music] it’s what it’s done oh the videos are done this page is all done this page is all done this piece is all done each 20 little names is a private video I just made its 8:30 at night about 4 hours it took me huh anyway it’s done it’s finished Gabe yes water spent 4 hours and have done good olive he hasn’t done anyway I’m done [Music]

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That one where we went to the Boise State SMURF TURF… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 43

That one where we went to the Boise State SMURF TURF… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 43