That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 2… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 40

Luaus, Snorkeling, Good Food and Amazing Views! Hawaii is truly an amazing place

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 40 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 2…

[Music] [Music] Oh [Music] good morning so yesterday we the really stressful day we got on a helicopter and we took a nap then we slept eight hours with no kids in our bed and then they woke up we just hung out break an hour arraigned walked on the beach now we’re going to go get massages I love my kids but this makes me love me more [Music] all right so what’s mostly in your side for today massage what and slooow with little actually to be stressful to all real stress pretty well stressful days gonna be you said for Lulu Russell and Brent are still out in Hawaii it’s Monday morning little freaked out thought he lost his job what happened miles yeah so I guess I switch desks or the Wii and I walked in through the kitchen door came in saw my desk was empty and my heart stopped I thought I got fired I was trying to think of everything I did wrong the sickest way to start a son or a Monday morning but then I remembered I was switching desk that split second I thought I was going so glad to be here everybody I’ll be in the next episode – okay I’m a little stressed out right now I just got off the phone with Boise State we’re like this close to pull this thing off trying to get us onto the blue I want to be able to do is have a Guinness World Record bubble football game on the blue with Gary Vee problem is sponsors are involved and licensing because that’s a patented or trademarked or some crazy name word that only certain people can be on the blue and net to make sure that there’s no affiliation with us so you may not know what bubble football is but basically it’s a whole bunch of humans in inflatable balls kicking a soccer ball the Guinness world record right now is 50 we’re going to try to do 200 so 200 people on the blue Gary B September 15 all right so we got a ton of stuff got a certification event here we’ve got a design of thon coming in here we’ve got customer support leads coming in here chiliad mastermind coming in there Jim Edwards is in town in the midst of here we have got even on the board we’ve got a webinar funnel hackathon webinar here with Joe more Folio of unalaq jail Dee’s got one and we’re doing a massive one with all of our affiliates that’s going to basically go every single week leading up to the viral video party but of course parts yet we have a fad event and afterwards we have inner circle yes we get more done here in a matter minutes then people get done in years crushing it Oh alright so Sasha then we went in the beach drink a coconut awesome then when 8:00 they come home we jumped in the wake on the paddleboard a few minutes then we got shower now we’re going to begin [Music] [Music] who you [Applause] what are you doing check out Mizzou we’re talking about what we didn’t do what do you see I just wore the badge is when somebody accomplishes something on ClickFunnels™ which might be a hush-hush thing but we’ll tell you anyway as you achieve something as you do something and ClickFunnels™ we’re going to give you an onboarding process as you achieve something you get something in return spring kinwa shirt stickers and books and all sorts of cool things so be fun we’re gained with fine ClickFunnels™ gamification of ClickFunnels™ mr. miles you got to fill me in and what this big stack is up around the table over here the stack over here that’s sack over there what’s going on what we just get in we got six more to comical blacks and got like 15 more on order I called the guy you came in last week’s and hung up five more on the bottom row and I kid you not like three minutes after you left a new shipment showed up of more plaques check these things out we got 60s down boys here they just keep coming in man these guys are just crushing it look at this wall works you’re running out of space those six will go down here 15 or Oh we’ll find somewhere else I don’t know am I have to start put them in the bathrooms the drill plaque and the girls boys and boys we’re going to run out of room soon too many people too many to comic up you guys are amazing keep it up this is world money it actually happens right in here what’s up cop nothing much paying subcontractors today and catching up on builds a new month hard to believe August is here ready for the bills to start rolling in for a new month main thing is Kyle’s all we got music just blaring out of his office kind of middle of the day but it’s our theme song right oh yeah money being headed and seven nations armed in the background life doesn’t get much better than that Kyle good day today see what John’s up to today here so JP what’s going on dude we are getting awesome CPA toss per acquisition on YouTube Evan get better better do too we’re Facebook people how’d you get over here to you you know when you use your good no um yeah we’re just says we’ll just make a sale it’s cool you still has a whole different angle and we’re just figured it out some sweet oh good morning for today super early 5:00 a.m. you see outside still dark we are going today on a boat tour and sort of all falling tired it’s over simply after our luau last night first exam or a vacation somewhere first thing in the morning back home time for summer so I’ve got my mushrooms down extend it back minerals here ATM again plan except that way I feel good okay so what got more to go Peter hey [Music] striking one of the best drivers you’ve ever been released in the top 10 best driver here alright so we drove for an hour on the island we are here with Captain Andy sunset thingy Purdue [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] people would tell us the story of how to tell the story of how the marketplace kind of took off sure so it’s not that I didn’t build the marketplace but I know about it because later ever promoted it all I did is I’ve dropped the funnel in there one day and it started making a good chunk of money every single week that’s pretty much it I’ll blown away just people going in trying to find funnel trying to find templates for good things and give industries and so we’re giving all the designers coming out that same opportunity and they’ll actually have a chance to get stuck inside of the onboarding process which is a massive deal that’s insane for you you make money you make so much money why do you hate making money

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That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 2… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 40

That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 2… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 40