That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 1… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 39

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That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 1… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 39

HAWAII !!!! It’s so beautiful and amazing. Come and Join Collette and I on a Trip of a lifetime :)

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 39 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 1…

[Music] guess what today is go to I would know give the driving skills Academy and si Elmo waiting for our flight and make you big show the dog I’m allergic to dog video a week reject apparently were not as cool to help you work that we are asked him on another culture oh my gosh no supplies this river was a location for my all-time favorite movies Indiana Jones now we’re going to go get massages so stressed to them how we’re going to handle this whole thing [Music] hey honey on TV where we going right now hi going to I we’re located we’re so excited [Music] Misty’s jingle bells adopted Hawaii jingle bell we’re officially here Russell driving scares the two sheets out of me does al know I know where she passed right out Oh whatever this you want okay coconut Oh waiting for our flight and these people show the dog they both have about I’m allergic to dog he’s not a chicken actually learns the dog rulers of cats and dogs first meow wait to the hamster so we got married I want any kids how much you want to me and now a five and then I wave one no animal she summarizes it will have less kids but no animals which is a good idea until one day boom the spring break and I’m at work to end this talent all dance technique so that’s where hey Dad one more snow could have an animal slide she broke our marital covenants and came up with two hamsters need to call her [Music] goodbye decisis we should be the corner of a Chinaman history your collection completed your degree will notice to be in a in a fingerprint where we at Fabrice let’s go according to the magic club this is where the handsome hands people rode I have like 14 books my backpack place your seve Omega no I think you have signed up this week yeah they said [Music] and we got rejected apparently we’re not as cool as in town you heard that oh all right so they’re waiting for Cameron and so they are having their 15-year anniversary they already have their hang it ma’am ours is next week how we double up and do a 15 year anniversary in Y and a perfect ad at the stem Christos wood from poisonous am scope maybe they’ve been traveling all day 46 worth their hearing not muddy buddies way to them take our greenery [Music] [Applause] [Music] good [Music] we’re officially in the car in Hawaii he’s dead back there haha alright here we’re going [Music] we’re here this place is great it’s all automatic and locks oh well and you have a beautiful space for the four of you desire is the key play havoc in this amazing this is the back deck this is our grass yard and there is the beach I can predict myself dancing podcast here the next day or so come from arcane secrets oh cool this the master whoa a little time is it we’re so little it is yeah this is the soaking tub what [Music] welcome 78 yes you serious yeah I can’t live without a bidet in a know underneath oh I feel like he is the near water a very direct a shot oh we’re about to jump on another culture so there’s geckos in here woke up like 4:00 in the morning and went out to the beach and it’s been raining all morning to excel you see there’s the view what the beach is right down there [Music] so while that’s all fun games we’re gonna go jump on helicopter and tour all of Hawaii so we can see where everyone hanging out versus week on our way to the helicopter we stand do an Airbnb instead of hotel which was the greatest thing of all time Devon Beach right and again that’s got a gym yes very cheap very cheap right really cheap created money you did 15 years right yeah hmm and then helicopter tour through the island and they not just for today right even the Russell go back to this place never ever again they on their boat here for help you want you found some the worst budget you know there wasn’t a jay-z will disappear forever that helicopter is going to be us here in few seconds we’re rocking on helicopter this happening oh my gosh milk our stuff Clyde all righty friends aloha e komo mai ka kaki Anka my name is Brody and I do have an amazing experience for all of us today [Music] coming off the inland side of the aircraft we do have this river which is known as the hula iya river folks this river was a location for one of my all-time favorite movies ever to be filmed on the island of Kauai and that was Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark [Music] throughout the years the Hawaiian Islands have been used extensively as a backdrop for both Hollywood and TV the last major movie to be filmed on island is the new installment of Jurassic Park known as Jurassic world now if you happen to see that movie you’re going to recognize one of our helicopters used for the making of it and prior to that with Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger time so we’re going to eat at a sushi truck 130 Yelp reviews for food trucks you’ve got to be amazing food trucks are the bomb checkout you crucially burritos at the Fisher burrito exactly what happens we good insane oh good morning so yes je vais the really stressful day we got on a helicopter and we took a nap then I listen to my headphone three three times then we slept eight hours with no kids in our bed then they woke up and we just hung out break an hour arraigned walked on the beach now we’re going to go get massages so stress today on how we’re going to handle this whole thing I love my kids but this makes me love me more

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That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 1… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 39

That one where we went to Hawaii on Vacation PART 1… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 39