That One Where We Went To ClickFunnels™ Atlanta … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 67

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That One Where We Went To ClickFunnels™ Atlanta … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 67

Russell Brunson heads out to ClickFunnels™ Atlanta and then embarks on a secret journey with Todd Dickerson like some true funnel hackers learning more marketing secrets whenever possible!

Todd also drops a few hints at some SUPER cool additions coming to ClickFunnels™!

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Funnel Hacker TV Episode 67 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] we have been officially in business 1226 days the lab testing office right here I’ve got Russell taking on my trash for me and we’re about to head to the Cherokee County Airport which we just happen in so uh Tom Cruise’s new movie oh is it Derek carpet [Music] I guess what happened we have been officially in business 1226 days and guess what we just crossed the hundred million dollar bond oh oh oh oh get the calculator out see how much per day were you averaged over the last since we launched I’m really bad at math let me do the math here / yeah 1 2 – 6 equals we average 80 1566 dollars per day 81 grand a day ok now by comparison your goal is to do what like surpass her goal it was crazy think about the first two years it’s way less right like yeah that’s actually really small compared what actually is Danny but that’s still insane as an average private ClickFunnels™ it’s crazy because like click phones off the ground it was like we had something coming up companies was like arrows who’s like drilling and dying so we do this all the money was going into like supporting us we don’t die with a little tiny office and he launched ClickFunnels™ like probably the lowest points of the business which is kind of crazy it was like everyone money effort energy with that thing and then I can bombed in a bomb and then let’s me like funnel six like took off and then you want fun away it’s pretty crazy Gary Halbert once said you can make it I said one good idea proper exploit is worth more than a hundred left hands hard work so we did it Gary recipes there no inflation proteins identify a lot of green hole which one’s the three it’s howling today before we’re allowed to celebrate Halloween I got record bunch of videos falafel on your TV and then Monday Monday Network another thing and hanging more Awards now we’re gonna wrap the entire wall here and here it’s kind of cool and John’s dress up like a soccer guy from Palermo without late from plumeria mo yes so you do some juggling let’s call Paley all right we are mostly done ish but now we are meeting so we’re meeting and then come back and finish it and record the other videos that is the game plan [Music] [Laughter] holy moly does have a motor in it yeah [Laughter] vehicle to fly this way too long that is awesome ah [Music] James back to holy moley good party huge party yes here the Jeep looks like wait to finally see you like a dinosaur that looks like actual revenue we really did have a little kid sticker oh my gosh it’s know what there’s no line skills perfect good the dinosaur dig okay check out my t-shirt I drink the tears of my enemies that’s he right there is confusion soft that’s the lead pages anyway I’d leave here in eight minutes I’m not start packing it is this why I’m having to respond Nora yeah I get packed but I don’t want to leave her she’s just too cute packed in six minutes and guys [Music] all right give me has made the airport with less than hourly accessible bad but we’re boys and sometimes do that [Applause] all right right now we’re on the freeway which does have a romantic weekend vacation with our lives life last night I saw Todd’s daughter got sick she didn’t say any better she’s not feeling very good so hashes thing I can’t go on this trip and so let my wife said what am I going to that me and Todd are going on a romantic retreat in you mister let me let you go to his house for the first time ever I’m so excited and then tomorrow we’re flying a private plane to Florida Cherokee County Airport [Music] guess where we are hey we’re taught our guess who’s here the woman had hi and everything without her click finally being on TV just Todd why actually we are about to go take over the world so where we go into office right now right you know the office first check it out and then go grab some lunch maybe some solution this quick funnels Atlanta to be the Atlanta office right here yeah we’re putting a Panera Bread we’re remodeling a bunch of offices it’s gonna be restaurants in there and all kinds of cool stuff [Music] well so guys just puzzle so cool this is awesome I have tips for you guys you wanna yes I just drink the tears my I’ve been corrected this is the Canton office not the Atlanta office so where’s your offset in your cool bike a little monitor now if you have three these stacks that would be the coolest monitor was this is the beer is it a Mac though or is it no well it’s a PC that I run Mac on so it’s called hackintosh so you have to you build it with certain components that have drivers for the Mac and then you’re able to actually run and even though Apple says you can’t but you you can if you do the little hacks and stuff around it to make it work is it a guitar like hydro cooling and fun stuff like that so this is the graphics card custom 64 gig of ram all the goodies that you can’t actually get on Apple kind of mash still yet hopefully they’ll eventually come out with stuff you can buy but this is like more powerful than anything they sell thank you very much [Music] so macaws house um he’s been cooking some meat on his grill thing for last like few days how long has been cooking for 24 hours on yesterday this smells so good right now yeah that looks amazing it’s like it’s like falling apart in my hands literally that’s so cool hey hi hey Russell talks trash bag I’ve got Russell taking on my trash for me I do the guy talks about quick funnels takes out trash alright we’re back in the Jeep and we are about to head to the Cherokee County Airport which what has happened there oh yeah so uh Tom Cruise’s new movie American made where he’s a CIA and coke agender like drugs runner toss him some coke tonight and then back here we got Jimmy what’s up I didn’t do it he’s our runner he’s the drug runner we’re pull up the private runway which seems like we’re like in the middle it was like oh we’re absolutely you know it’s like oh there’s a private airplane here and that’s where we’re going so this is the airport where all the drug deals happen in the movie right yeah an American made I guess at the runway Oh is it the red carpet like it’s closed now they greet like we were the only one there our pilot was gonna be a rock everyone’s russell brunson welcome to marketing secrets podcast today we are taking this whole thing is happening on a private plane with Todd Dickerson also some Sphynx with payment processing maybe testing right now literally instantly okay so we stop the fight and check out here this is literally our limo diaper just pulling up thanks to our flight house was up there but this is how I gotta travel now on my way now talk flies all the time in style we survived the flight we made it we’re now in Florida on our secret mission and so far so good villain Russell just imagine eeeh thanks for grabbing us we’re all right mister by the night after I so tell room which our wives to be with us look I can’t make it so him down mean right now it’s a top-secret meeting I wants to posting on in Facebook or Instagram or anything so she’s gonna be fine you see them get 75 influencers to not post where they’re at what they’re doing anyway it’s awesome doing head down there alright we just got done the second day of the email conference alright check it out so this is the view from my back deck right now I’m fun but stead I got taught here so we’re gonna go back to the room and code stuff well he’s in the code I’m gonna mock up and the software secrets mock up stuff so genius is to actually create so that’s the plan and down Todd room so the retard room now he’s watching his team Georgia because boulders right here yeah there you go so code the new ClickFunnels™ version 8.0 we’re talking about some of the new names of features he’s adding which will be adding Apple pay and a couple other really cool payment stuff because makes mobile experience like so much easier so one thing is we’re gonna launch quick phones everyone what happens when people start doing stuff from the phones instead of the desktop phones will die on my kids are idiots what phenols will never die it is the future and I said we got this guy right here who’s always gonna be two steps head so he’s got all his Apple paste I figured out where basically some was something or funnel and then I click a button with put the fingerprint on and boom it buys the thing in the funnel continues but we were just checking stats of like every once I click thumbs as a whole all the people more than half of all traffic amongst all 55,000 members is mobile or 51 point eight six percent comes mobile forty two point three three percent comes desktop and five point one so that’s tablet the iPad I am i pads tablets so people are always happens wrong yeah that’s interesting but mobile is the key so that’s where most of your more than half your traffic is now coming from mobile therefore all these new features that Todd is coming out with red apple double mobile conversions here pretty soon which obviously half of your traffic so probably double or 25% boost on everything across things right now like I hate it when I go to the phone that they stroll down you type in like your address and stuff so I don’t I always they email myself the wings I forget to buy a house time when I was just like here’s that just or click Apple pay you click Apple pay click or nothing then one click upsells work oh you have to reek no you don’t even have to read it is reek liquor than normal yeah didn’t type in the shipping address India pulled all from Apple pay so there’s the future nothing too tight Tata iron uber driving back to the airport and we just convince Ashley housewife and him to start to grab a cameras like this one and come fun part of fun on TV so they are gonna be filming ClickFunnels™ from this other side of continent you see the East Coast so that’ll be new part of this show which I’m excited for and you guys are all gonna be cited for to and I’m hoping to see Ashley make fun of town a lot camera [Music] you [Music]

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That One Where We Went To ClickFunnels™ Atlanta … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 67

That One Where We Went To ClickFunnels™ Atlanta … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 67