That one where we played Bubble Soccer… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 44

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That one where we played Bubble Soccer… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 44

We test our BUBBLE SOCCER skills just to get a feel for our HUGE upcoming event on #sept15. The Design-A-Thon was also in town! Some amazing designers create beautiful templates for the ClickFunnels™ marketplace :) SO EXCITING! September 15 is going to be AMAZING

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 44 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we played Bubble Soccer…

[Music] Michael’s not quite over bubble soccer I [Music] need a hundred and fifty people I’m nowhere near kind of hurt right design of thumb is about to begin [Applause] it’s asked to work I have to get a hundred fifty people on Boise State Stadium field I’m half neighbors all right so it’s Monday morning it’s crazy crazy day super super crazy week going on I have to get in shape because we have this crazy soccer foot I would already be in shape before I’d set this up but I come to the gym to work out Russell’s been taking a ton of time here he has actually not been on vacation he’s been here lifting look at the crazy weight Russell’s in the house so checks out this is a new playlist I’m creating called the funnel hacking NZT time every hour on the hour place seven nation army and it’s going on to other songs to keep you in state the whole time [Music] Stephens been here busting it since way before the Sun even came up this morning what’s going on Steve I’ve just fixed it funnels for a sign upon how many funnels are we talking here this year 30 30 30 funnels and this almost done except for eleven of them so only a third of problems and the design athan starts in 40 minutes 40 minutes not bad all right mr. Brent how’s it feeling back in the office for a full week big time guy who’s starting in the next Monday’s we’re getting him all set up that’s gonna help improve overall support so check out what’s going on design of phone is about to begin are you meeting down heading in to go see everybody [Music] it’s always fun to see these moments of basically liked pitbull so called like a pillar of light becoming leaving Downton sky and he has these pieces of revelation raised like hey does that stop whatever I’m doing run over and watch it because it’s really fun and so when he started having the the inspiration for this event [Applause] alright so you just got done the page for the viral 100 so here it is right here video to invite you guys so we have a hundred videos when really it’s page now 200 times change the name but down here speakers launch party get every to RSVP that’s what’s happened now we go ahead to save ice and bubble soccer so we can prep and make sure that we can get enough balls down here to play an actual game so we said the world record so we can see if that’s actually possible these here are the guys riding the balls so we got Steve and Max these guys actually have contacts with people so 150 people right now I think that’s the most we’re gonna be able to do and holding Guinness is gonna go for that [Music] yes this is actually is a practice dry run with the bubbles to see if this is actually gonna work guys are they’re basically trying to measure out exactly a small enough space that is representative of what it’s gonna be like it’s rolling they have ten or twelve balls playing here and we got to see what’s gonna be like life time when we go to 150 feet alright so this is what if they look like when they’re flap Steve here is cranking these things up build kind of air in them [Music] all right so I told my kids about bubble soccer and some of the video this morning and now they’re going crazy so they’ve now been officially invited to the free bubble soccer and game so and home to go grab them and change out of my clothes I forgot the quadcopter I’m hoping it having battery life to fly it and capture some of this game it’s gonna be a lot of fun you guys excited to play [Music] Branden usually always ask to sit on the sidelines and never gets to play he’s just always documenting so we thought we’d actually let him get in and play a little here so we got a little competition against he and my son Parker Oh Brandon’s down in the first bounce really upset right now because I’m supposed to get 150 balls we’re playing ten here in this little tiny space which is a fifth of the size of what we’re gonna have and I’m supposed to get ten times as many balls in that and it’s just no way to start where I need a hundred and fifty people 75 on 75 that’s what we’ve told these influences we’re gonna have I’m nowhere near that ability to actually have that many people on a football field kind of hurt right now I told him 200 Brandon said 200 people I have 150 balls coming right now and I can’t even put a hundred 50 balls on or sitting there in the conference room everyone’s like oh no problem Dave look you got this little tiny space and all this space to play this has to work it has to work I have to get 150 people on Boise State Stadium field I’m half nigger I got to get a smaller balls or bigger feelings to happen and so if I had the exact same dimensions here times five that’ll be 60 my problem is I want to go I think I probably get 280 I’m alright I have 40 I wasn’t planning on doing before to use playing all right it’s been crazy so it’s one o’clock in the afternoon I have just worn four pairs of clothes today I worked out really hard one then I went to spoke and had the blue shirt we did a bubble ball which I had Schwartz a t-shirt and I was stinky and swetha so I showered and I didn’t want to put on my long sleeve dress t-shirt so outfit number four Mukul mr. crapped out of stuff today from let me four o’clock we had the 30-plus designers the best in the world in their design funnels like crazy which is awesome we have some quadcopter footage of the soccer’s so cool Stephens in there cloning and creating 200 pages for all of our influencers Dave’s trying to figure out if it’s even mathematically possible set against poor girls records they have all these rules didn’t know about like you have to be on regulation soccer sighs Phil just square football fields that’s kind of weird plus you got to play a full game no substitutions you follow all the rules of the gaming it’s actually really hard to get from perfect and after playing those balls as in the Frank a min and a half two minutes I was drenched we got to die so yeah it’s gonna be a little harder than that but me so much fun so in back the office check the designs on people design up on people I got speaking in for a few minutes and this year at this time and then are you back to work because we are trying to take over the world and what goes into that apparently thunk you thought I’d be a lot easier to take over the world but it turns out it was a pyramid a lot of what I promise right it’s happening here [Music] I just hope this guy’s like the funnel lab with you yet so I went and I funnel Hatton’s went to dribble and found this cool temple here it’s like oh pretty cool that’s a nice started building out and I build this page out for my squeeze page and over here if I’m out at the bridge page over here I built out then the ESL page like that very sweet what the sides all is happening my office later that evening we’re heading back they asking my dad here with me this is 10 o’clock and the hackathon is still going on no it’s 11 o’clock at night poor kid [Music] gamer’s been building for how long they did building for 15 hours and so we’re gonna go actually real quick with John they’re doing a billion times do you run a patient Colonia all day long and then putting videos and change the names [Music] great day Thursday almost midnight I think it all blurs together after life [Music] so design hack on day one huge success how many funnels were created today beeping Witcher guesstimate probably around 30 ish there good good designs though like this is not like a so we ever surprises it’s a good day we’re going to bed now he has a book today it was easier on me I’m gonna go to bed but we get paid for this

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That one where we played Bubble Soccer… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 44

That one where we played Bubble Soccer… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 44