That one where we mastered YouTube Traffic! Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 23

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That one where we mastered YouTube Traffic! Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 23

On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, we immerse ourselves in mastering YouTube traffic, bring 3 of the top youtubers in the world to our offices to learn everything they know… AND, had a bunch of other fun along the way!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 23 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we mastered YouTube traffic…

[Music] all right i bided Russell over for dinner just for fun and Dave brought over with that Russell deviate so I came and got the camera so I can get his first reaction bqg I don’t see this yet although this is exactly not your normal Jeep yeah yeah it’s okay okay guys guess what Dave’s brought yeah finally here you just brought the Jeep [Music] all the looks turkey Batmobile is shakur get this thing in hi here we go the first official drive is exam 80 [Music] [Music] all right so I heard good news I want to catch on camera it makes me my ego feel better what was that you repeat everything yeah okay on this one employees without a doubt you’ll be just fine this is a 27 year old man I said him to logo like I’m a clip-on but we’ll be in the office if you like discussing what we’re going to do with like a funnel because well actually Russell Brunson says the one of the best ways to convert fantasies to do stories sewing on the page it’s like and that isn’t in any of his main books but you’ll find it if you look I know that what you really think of it yeah this guy’s obsessed video please like I love this guy yeah me too but this is absolutely your biggest fan pretty lady yeah yeah hey mate how you doing no no we got your video this is very important we have to do video what’s up man great to meet ya how are you doing Michelle I’m doing amazing sorry we pulled yeah you’re meeting I want to meet you Thanks that’s awesome way to use on the Boise’s we can hang out too – sit here just giggle Emma pretty let me bring it out to the state to get you out and come visit which item and you can come meet Russell just my good suit I love you I’ll get him to sign something deal right all right I love you tied up with you later this is Russell trains goodbye bye love [Music] what’s up everybody eyes next three days we cool we have a training course called fill your funnel it’s all about building your funnel with prospects and people every month or two we take a new platform we go deep so this month we’re going deeper onto YouTube so the next three days we have different YouTube x4 coming to train me and our team and everybody sign up for this video of course mornings tombery teas on the paid side tomorrow is more on the content side and an exhausting day more on that CS sides more fun day so here we go look who’s here today whatever years away from London Boise is here for today we quite behave so I’m super cool working on turns here how did we criminalize also teaching [Music] Tom just taught me everything he knows now I’m a paid YouTube expert so this is my notes of everything I learned hopefully have it makes total sense she has it’s very important and then I turned it into here now we got hey YouTube had secrets there’s a strategy that’s a strategy right there and here’s the campaign’s core campaign the Cascade campaign and the trio revenger campaign so that’s they’re about to go through teach to all the little member [Music] [Applause] okay here’s actuary so basically Harmon brothers who are doing our video so the script is about this gold prospector so they’ve been casting they’ve interviewed over 100 people to figure out who are gold prospectors going to be and this is who they want to be the winner so which look at see if you like it so I watched it this morning 4:00 a.m. when I woke up so Kirsten here is feedback in my head I was visioning a super old guy with like trying to make last year old guys so that our brand is in the trash here looks better so thank Allah he’s not a good guy but there’ll be props and makeup and hang out there’s like video yeah you’ve benefited all right picture network we’re doing in here guys alright for the in close presents the people behind you can see just time to wear this Kim used to use you to advise there are 25 millions write news video alright they have already teach them said when you can do it if she was blind mine excellent so surely there’s some times your article answers shell to other businesses there’s fun overlock 24 click here start your free trial today huh big old ear [Music] [Applause] yeah oh yeah oh yeah hello a custom over give respector yeah he’s a prospector was that facial yeah delivers deliver those jokes today I hope to make it a beer and white or something though or yeah yeah wanna seem dressed like yeah you guys are all sold Harbor by like a clapping group here we clap forever today is day number two of our YouTube immersion the guy stage name Adam he’s focusing huge YouTube channels tons of use they were going to the creation of videos with content building channels it’s kind of fun day 2 of YouTube immersions let this be a lesson to you to learn something immerse yourself hide the best of the world and Oh deep just got a text message from Diane who worked her I’m saying yo I just sent you a time-sensitive request here on the make you saw then time-sensitive request was the great way speak dropout Troy’s been Amsterdam this week and he’s wondering if you might be able to dive in on six twenty early afternoon sir we should Thank You Barry and where you are and so ever short for any presentation what yeah of course the answers always yes I may be having my Batman Jeep show up today bottle hacker Batman Jeep but second time I’ve ever been with Jake the kind of Olson and receivers no doors that areare you feel good about it it’s really good India but my stepdad during a call was and they rolled up with his handle side doors are going back on yeah buckling up to fall out okay keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times [Music] all right here we go got into my guy you know to provide yes today I ask a question faster we’re about to start day three of YouTube week which is exciting and this is actually the one I am probably most excited for because this is one I get to play with this is the SEO side the paid side John gets to do viral side I’m involved with the day three how you structure ala paid is its basic YouTube hacking with GEOMAR polio which I’m excited for so uncle right now be doing today in the other days today I get to drive the Batmobile for healthy back into normal life is earnest still be off the rest what were you driving the Batmobile who cares love you have yet that is bad thing [Music] all right we’re here go hang out with Joe whatever our superstars here how’s it going get it off is it thanks for coming boys you all right so we haven’t just got the new fun alacrity episode which is crazy and they feature Stephens new video game well freaking ex want to launch it preheat the name during Q&A for all the takoma camembert’s for three hours or four or five speaking we don’t even stand that did are you just literally just ended those four hours we may have a new episodes of alive and it may be featuring bottle hero you gave me line there I shook it up on a big TV in there yeah alright everybody together to watch this episode vodka TV we got the crew in here you get excited here we go so it’s Friday afternoon here and we just got done watching the episode and what do I come in to see miles basically playing the game doc doc termina yeah research this is basically what happened she’s one episode of photo hacker TV and he’s totally captivated by the game I do this every day miss me it’s all salaries compensated because of trying to get a high score on this crazy game yeah but I do have the high score just so everybody knows what is the high score fifteen thousand five hundred fifteen thousand five hundred yeah that’s about right that’s what we paying for just to make sure the game works [Music]

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That one where we mastered YouTube Traffic! Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 23

That one where we mastered YouTube Traffic! Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 23