That One Where We Made Software That Made Software … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 65

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That One Where We Made Software That Made Software … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 65

Software Secrets from start to finish in 48 hours with the webinar delivery a success!

Curious how the Software Secrets funnel and the webinar were created? We have the behind the scenes for you with ALL of the juicy details!

Do you want an average webinar day or a million dollar day? We went for the million dollar day with the Software Secrets funnel launch!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 65 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] it’s webinar day it’s webinar dates guys gonna make a million dollars in an hour are they excited if you think extremely oh this what is party sixty percent conversion rate we just barely open this thing up alright so here’s this striped bath with these wheels that we literally finished the Facebook live one minute I don’t have to go buy it Steven you buy your own product yes not only do I help make the kool-aid here I also drink it so we’re calling our I’ve ever favor of the site calling the shot so a million dollars is how much we’re gonna make this webinar which is slug [Music] [Applause] [Music] so last week we had an idea to ride webinar through webinar and then we did about a million dollars itself since then so we thought might as well today write another webinar so Garrett and Scott are driving for Utah today I’m gonna read a webinar we’re sore pronate today fish learner tomorrow and giving on Wednesday at noon so so we’re calling our I’ve never Babe Ruth is like I’m calling the shot so a million dollars is how much we’re gonna make from this webinar and then we’re gonna start it’s about noon right now so we’re about 48 hours and new webinar new offer new product new everything was just like [Music] Garrett and we got Scott Reil Lindsey who’s really mad that I put on TV right now so what time you guys head out you thought to be here morning on 7 what were you planning on doing right now don’t make the world oh yes so watched I said we have an option we can either do the normal webinar or we do a billion dollar day but in my bomb and make nothing hotel I’m curious which when you guys are like leaning towards alright we’ll go in our day then that’d be awesome this is the hook we’re trying to figure out but I don’t know if you can read that yet or not so I translate into this Hydra $20 simple software Dean – we’re gonna brain fog dot dot dot we’ll be back we forgot [Music] [Music] understand the Russell’s brain marketing-wise is like elephant marketing brain you remember everything so in 2000 2002 I saw an offer for a software product ebook with – it’s been offline since 2004 so that’s well 13 years and anyway I found it this is not like a once that one in a one time thing like this is all time this I I wanted to buy this $97 e-book I wanted to buy it when I was in college I used to read the sales letter every single day and I figure out how to make hundred bucks like the bikes I knew that I want to make software Wow headlines how to create hot software even if you’ve never touched line of code and then this is the whole sales letter for it but this was like I’m a marinus and like pre zip Brander I wanted to see X I was like that’s what’s my major to give you information system so I can code software I can figure it out I read this was like they could spoke to me like I eat you never touch the lime code I’m like I can do this holy crab rings over and over and over and over I get such an impact on me and I never could buy it funnel hack the ultimate how-to guide from building your own software and player that’s so cool amazing you remembered that I heard Ecover I’m ever looking at thing you know so yeah that’s sweet I’m getting closer yeah yeah yeah got the webinar stuff mostly done we’ve got me show you registration page created here’s the new hook how true in our slide yet my first offer probably launched item in their empire how you can use this all the same process that stage number one and then we got Thank You page done promise that we have videos recorded video in the other room brands hooking up and making those things and these i hook up order form stuff so they can get the book on mickey pages called a self liquidating offer my total rushing practice here in one minute so they’re gonna set up resume the video we probably gather we just moved the launch date we’re not from wednesday afternoon to thursday morning that’s what’s happening all right page tested is live change headline a little bit I’m pretty good so that’s live we’re about to go live on the book of faces you as excited nervous everything tested working oh yeah I guarantee nothing breaks guaranteed or your money back you’re free back okay so an emails are almost cute I’ve shown him it’s like seven hundred two thousand people so oh but we’re starting with this start with this Ken what’s up everybody how’s it going out there on Facebook land um I have something so excited sure with you guys my weights let me get show up [Music] like down below see you guys soon yeah alright so here’s this strike back with these wheels we literally finished the Facebook live one minute at going minute ago maybe get all the sales account seriously check this out just the stripe app that shows you this game look at that look at that oh my gosh oh my gosh I have a check this out this what is already 60 percent conversion rate we just barely open this thing up that’s crazy you know this means I have to go buy it Steven you buy your own product yes not only do I help make the kool-aid here I also drink it so we were figure out in the sales pitch for this right now the whole three secrets and stuff and I remember the old video I did back in 2002 it’s only bad and I found it the Wayback Machine okay so here’s how I found it so I went to the wayback machine we found the old URL humor Society I’ll go back to 2011 found here Optima didn’t work so I to go to the source code the source code page I was able to find what the Thank You page was the Thank You page then the key page right here and it’s there but the video is dead I saw the file the root file of the video so then I tried to pull it up through there I found the actual video file I saw all this is the s3 bucket it was in so then I went back to my s3 which is right here and I found the bucket I found the file and there’s the files and then there was one file that had HTML supposed to that but it was in flash because back maybe everything flashed and I did i hook up flash and then flash worked now I can watch the video whoo that was crazy that was crazy rebecca2010 mr. Miyagi all right so here’s the stats when we campaign so far so we’ve got a few headlines this one we started with which is more like Russell story where this one’s more simple and compliant how to create long term software company now you gave me the stats right now $3 UPC for weather registration features is insane there’s you saw an average cart value also insane you come down here and we’ve got seventy four and seven three so it’s almost identical conversion rates too closely really even matter that’s at 29 there’s almost 3,000 opt-ins so stats are looking amazing 400 bucks right there whoo check that out for a book seven launch the product [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] going on good morning by the way we just opened up a slide deck so Steve and he’s like it’s so cool though just excited so tell me people the word on the street people are excited yes they are I’ve been given a message saying Stephen is this legit it is legit – legit – legit vegetable message make I think it’s an order form but I’ve saw every offer I’m like dude we ran out of time so all we had on the thank you page of the book that’s it and check out the stats we roast 15 hours that’s really fantastic you see it was three bucks before the webinar started it’s insane so we’ve got four thousand registered things close and or I don’t wanna ones losing a little bit but it’s super compliance it’s close enough that’s still pretty good back and forth um so it’s crazy Pete a Dottie excited oh we’re gonna be weak when there’s a million dollars on the line there’s a million dollars right there you have to walk and grab it if you think some caffeine lack of sleep but it’s there [Music] all right sky back working webinar again is almost a clock night four to five hours left to give us puppy-dog because tomorrow morning we’re start early and the texts that we’ve got six thousand registered 250 BC it’s just on the book up so just on the upsell self-degrading offer we’d like to spend twenty six thousand dollars in ads to give these people and have been free so the funnels I guess the funnels almost two o’clock and slides are done would yeah I guess villain you know the caffeine is wearing off but under ninety slides we ended up with the offers awesome we have having Billy Madison references do we have okay start the pee pants like yeah sure transition without the girls the host transition play Massa peeing we got three there one two three there we go him laughing for we got five six seven these are all animated by the way so it’s not just eight nine ten goo comes back eleven eleven douche we and we should end with one mo fear tomorrow no see you tomorrow [Music] more everybody we’re back three hours of sleep just can I think with five a little bit more anyway we were starting I about ninety minutes so right here this was the webinar plans the blueprint of what we created so now we’re gonna race in fear we got left all right freaking out all right five minutes work started here’s nervous I mean Johnson zoomed actually work [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s a whiteboard software you that why everybody suffer mind mapping software project manager software team chat helped us reporting to an analytics and finally freelancer service late upward to go to get your software credit the webinar is done I’m going to go home pack my bags jump in a car and drive Anita I’m gonna bring my camera I’m done for a little bit turns off so thanks everyone is you success software secrets is officially launched Garen Scott and Z strove home and it’s a wrap so [Music] you [Music]

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That One Where We Made Software That Made Software … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 65

That One Where We Made Software That Made Software … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 65