That One Where We Hosted Another Funnel Hack-A-Thon … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 69

– Funnel Hackathon happens live in Boise at ClickFunnels™ HQ and Russell walks attendees through building their marketing funnel speaking to many versus 1.

– Can Russell redeem himself on Nathan Latka’s podcast proving he truly is the funnel hacker of online marketing? We think so but Todd Dickerson jumps in just to make sure.

– Tony Robbins sends Russell a message and connects him with the Scorpion to solve his problems!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 69 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] yeah what’s up Russell its final time baby Wow dance [Applause] it’s all right it’s about starters the first podcast thing you’ve ever been nervous part okay I told that story a lot of last decade of my life and no one’s ever sent pizza until today kudos to you for paying attention and we’ll see if he gets the job oh it’s been dropped guess what today is it’s that day all right so what’s that about about to start and I got kind of nervous I forgot I haven’t prepared anything so I ran here I just did like 45 slides in the last 45 minutes a slide a minute and then how many were in the room right now so there’s only 66 seats total and there are 64 butts in those oh yeah these are great people in there too is like you got like people there are some people he’s nervous I never saw you walk in this morning hear stories this morning I was trying to leave I had to go to the bathroom so I go my doors my house like the thick like big door so I gotta grab my door and I’m turning and like my brain must be slow today I’m turning it I go this who at my finger goes smack in the door probably 20 minutes I was screaming like well I was screaming like his redneck what happened my Bloods coming off my fingernail and like anyway oh do a dramatic and then never go to the bathroom so I got off some I forgot that’s why Islamic hey I’m good now cuz you’re all wondering so alright here it comes I start every vent like this it goes Oh oh I always start our event like that we’re super excited we’re not getting started I just do that every time oh yeah whoa [Music] sitting next to Russell said the key to go from six to seven figures and and sit there and Russell said there’s no difference going from six to seven figures in terms of hours you work there’s no difference Bob times we think that’s the way it is though instead it’s all about settling one to one it’s all about selling one to me and if you watch the way Russell doesn’t and when you’re gonna learn about its career days you’re gonna learn much about one too many crazy swinging because you’re going to know how to letters all about leverage there was a whole treatment so that especially to date today’s very foundational we’re going to get a whole lot of assets you need it we’re gonna sell a one-to-many presentation this is super powerful [Music] working these guys out or give him a little bit of work out here having a little fun and this is an inner circle this is a fatty vent but guess what Russell Brunson didn’t do his first thirty [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right everybody so week’s been awesome so far my wife left me not officially she went to Disneyland with her girlfriends and then all sorts other fun stuff anyway I mean or annoying stuff cuz you talk about the noise happens business all day yeah so we’re gonna like focus on the good stuffs Nate Nathan lack cap from the top is about to interview for the podcast – usually in broadcast and I was not prepared for and he caught me on my heels and I’m like an idiot so this year I’m prepared if I can make him talk come on seize more you scare all the numbers but we found some interesting so check this out we’re just friends Infusionsoft Oh slow they did 132 million last year monthly mro 11 million and 125 million raised what so these numbers are very similar to like ours except for that one right there what are so zero and this actually is a little bit bigger on our side like wait because we’re really good marketers all right it’s about to start it’s the first podcast thing you’ve ever been nervous for our last time if you like comment later and then you like broadcast on Twitter at like three or four times a day for us two and a half three years so and yes say it’s gonna be like stuck baby be careful what I say [Music] well my guest today is Russell Brunson and Todd who works in them at ClickFunnels™ over the past ten years Russell’s built a following of over a million entrepreneurs sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his clothes clockwise the concept of sales funnels and co-founded a software company called it click funnels that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace [Music] all right so I just got a text message from Tony Robbins checks out eyes Tim from operation organ Road and I are working together and Tony’s work with them as well and then up here Tony house how are you brother you know Tony he’s my brother so it’s cool it’s exciting and then about to get a call with one of the scorpion guys so scorpion is a genius dude who they solve every problem on planet earth and still you paying 10 grand minimum and it’s 150 bucks an hour basically off that 10 grand they’ll solve any problem you can dream up anything so bigger the problem the more they like it the more excited I get so I have a call within a few seconds with them and I’m gonna have him pick a problem to solve which is gonna be awesome what problems we haven’t saw I was gonna say geez oh man I’m hit men without a without a trace just kidding [Music] okay so a couple years ago I shouldn’t get a hold of somebody and I tried everything I tried snail mail fax email everything possible and nothing got ahold of them I had this idea said what if I called the pizza place next to his house and deliver pizza with his name on it so I’m deliver pizza and I hear back from him so I had him I call back a couple as later I had him deliver ten pizzas with my name and phone number on it and then he got back home with me anyway I told that story a lot over the last decade in my life and no one’s ever sent a pizza until today today somebody the pizza place knock on door said hey I have a pizza for Russell Brunson I’m like that’s me and then they handed me this note that said Russell got a – that’s – come with this phone number how far is that it’s a great great job I’m impressed that’s um kudos to you for paying attention and we’ll see if he gets the job things they need skills mark you’re a market already you tell all right this might be good all right Jake said this is a landing page ten reason you want to hire date through date here you’re looking for a couple people to move down to Boise Idaho to work at ClickFunnels™ well you’re in luck fill out the information below and why you need to hire me and make the great for next or whatever up an extra ten thousand dollars a year I’ll throw on my email marketing services – all right so take you here my name is Nathan Aaron hey thanks so much for downloading the top ten reasons why you should hire Nate the grapes yeah I just want to introduce myself and feels weird talking to you that seems like I already know yeah your podcasts and watching videos and reading books and whatnot but I just wanted to so I wrote something as I was doing funnel you I’m not I’m no copywriter but I think is pretty good talk about the cancellation funnel this actually actually is really gonna cool though the story is that Todd was going and he got kind of frustrated of the people trying to leave cliff funnel so he made a cancellation funnel and literally cut the turn like in half or something like that something ridiculous I couldn’t just put it in there and follow you you know as it is I’d keep jazzing it up you know so here’s here’s what’s about a few months ago Todd Dickerson got a little angry people trying to leave click photos so he stopped and he shouted about beardy powder why would someone leave this click photos I’ve sprouted this all across this head it’s soda and it spread I’ll put this harsh matter finally two men in pure genius Todd worked and he crafted the perfect cancellation funnel was more than just drafted new funnel not home he answered customer concerns it also did wonders to cut down his churns ha ha ah ha he yelled with vigor Advan how’s that for my cunning on the marketing Lim so Todd went into history shining with spoils once again he’s brought ClickFunnels™ plenty of spoils here’s my disclaimer ok pretty much everything and this is made up except for Todd making up click photos cancellation file which kicks butt I think that’s a good disclaimer I think you’ll like it I just said it over to means anything yet we’ll see what he I don’t know I wrote I just decided to I needed a break from what I was doing something who knows if I don’t make him photo building hopefully I’m making fun of building what if I don’t maybe I’ll be a poet [Music] [Applause] [Music] what is this the my can you drop the mic alright I’ll see it you tell jokes you tell to some jokes for me right what a frog’s drink I don’t know as they do when the bone oh that’s my bone oh it’s been dropped [Music] you [Music]

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That One Where We Hosted Another Funnel Hack-A-Thon … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 69

That One Where We Hosted Another Funnel Hack-A-Thon … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 69