That one where we FINALLY made our own POTATO GUN… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 42

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That one where we FINALLY made our own POTATO GUN… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 42

Potato GUN! **Don’t Try This At Home** We are bringing back our roots and HACK Russell Brunson’s Potato Gun DVD!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 42 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we FINALLY made our own POTATO GUN…

hopefully everyone’s still working back at the office from lunch Oh sniper Russell always talked about building his potato guns and that’s how he got started I don’t know if you’ve heard of this guy his name’s Lucille brew instance we found his DVD we’re going to make a tail again so we’re going to build a potato gun all right we’re here this operation fat man I’m going to hide the camera the whole time I was going to smell really bad sorry Russell we’re going to exactly rub that it doesn’t see very far I got Blaine ten Club miles us said that today’s is anniversary not for years so you’re choosing to be a clip follows and builds the tater gun one week that’s yep I’m touched all right got a lot done it’s been a really really really good week but every once in a while I like I got a step away from the computer well stuff I got done this week just tons of stuff in each one of those like a massive item very big item so miles had the great idea Russell always talks about building these potato guns and that’s how you got started so we’re going to build the potato gun we’re actually going to take Russell’s CD his actual info product DVD we’re going to actually build the potato gun from his design we’re taking a few hours a day we’re going to go over to Home Depot or Lowe’s or wherever we’re going to get all the tools and all the things that we need to we might need to go to several places because if they figure out we’re building a potato gun they probably won’t sell it to us so anyway I used to build a lot of potato guns growing up we have a almost six foot long potato can and we want to shoot it the problem with dishes that we know any potatoes electric is paper towel so we were going to hear some really cool just sound effects and things burning we like when things burn and they’re ready you can skate kids and I laughed like crazy when I saw ruffles because I was like no way to do that we’ve build these six-foot tall potato guns and even bigger but it was in like the suburbs of Littleton Colorado that we try to do it all that and so anyway I got a step away I am going to go and we’re going to get the CD rustles potato gun DVD and we’re actually going to go build a potato gun just like the man started with so anyways were pumped we’re actually figuring out how to make potato gun I don’t know if you’ve heard of this guy his name’s Lucille Bruin since we found his DVD we’re going to make a find out how to make a potato game pretty exciting we’re literally gonna put it up on the projector and in the cool room here we’ll turn off all the lights we’ll take a little course see what he says to do I’ve built a lot of potato guns but I’ll see what he says and then we’re gonna go we’re gonna put this thing together yeah yeah it hi my name is russell brunson i’m nathan floral and we’re here from Boise Idaho show you how to make potato cat and this DVD want to make sure you know is for informational purposes only we actually had a friend who had a potato gun like this he shot it and didn’t you pay out he took it and look in the end of the barrel and when he did the potato shot out hit him in the nose and killed him some very serious to be careful with the first part where you talk about are the ignition system there are two types of igniters versus the barbecue ignition which runs about $13.50 there shopping list [Music] you [Music] Russell game condenser PI r-squared time length and no you’re so right now Russell’s shown us how to build a gun or potato launcher we won’t call it a gun for the safety purposes like so Stephen and I are trying to figure out we’re going to doing this exact same thing here in just a few hours luckily the reason actually got this job is because I built you potato guns in the pack doesn’t do that I’ll give it where we’re going go to Lowe’s and so on the only kick that we won’t go down vivo model just said that today’s is anniversary at four years and you’re choosing to be a clip follows and builds potato gun with me that’s yep I’m touched we should go do this we feel build these potato guns we firstly start with like tiny ones we’re like oh that’s fun that’s cool we got to make this dangerous I will make this dangerous and so we won’t be built like the six-foot tall ones and then we built ones are even bigger bigger and we started mounting them on like these we go get these pallets and we destroy on the bottom of them in making steering systems and then mount the swiveling potato gun in the center so you could ride this thing and like shoot potato guns and stuff as you go down the street we never actually finished that one but that was the dream that’s insane the dream died I’ve never built a potato again so first time this is a good experience time number one thanks Russell for teaching me how to do it alright we’re here operation Batman potato guns I’m going to hide the camera the whole time all right actually good if I’m even going to take this out to the car right now he’ll be back he’s got to go yes good but IRA figs you get it in a place like Lowe’s you can just go online and get a cheaper and go through a funnel and ultimately spend more than you’re planning well we got everything we need luckily for me I was kind of that I’m that guy with the alligator arms at the table hours said 15 bucks Stephen spent 200 folks less I need all these tools for home anyway right that’s what we tell ourselves I’m an emotional buyer what can I say maybe good so we got all this stuff here I got stuff I need at home anyway so and yes we’re putting together one short car ride later we don’t have one of the pieces that I need to actually finish the thing but I have one in my own shed actually I’m a house right now trying to find it I swear I’ve got one Oh what lantern lighter we got it we can I make it the cool way dual index that comes later we have our Lowe’s haul all out pretty much this is potato gun [Music] [Music] all right so now we got to cut the chamber down three hours nigga welcome to my workbench when Aled later washed everything yeah we’re getting ready to do everything together ready to do it we’re going blue pieces on can see the house what Big Brother get it to help nope right makes me feel a little better this is great okay you’re kidding it’s so tiny help are you serious all right all right my hands my hands there have to be directions no way no way made the myth the legend right here for okay sweet look about it even loosened it for me whatever we’re going to smell really bad sorry Russell he’s fallen asleep for coffee was just heard from I don’t think so I think it was the right way it has to be right oh yeah it looks good so we weren’t able to find what we needed at Lowe’s what is that it a lantern igniter dude that’s insane event so you should cause some explosion that’s good all right it’s ready okay we are letting it dry spell pieces together miles and everything this fall and we’re letting it dry for 24 hours and we’ll probably launch it tomorrow we gotta get so getting it something explosives yeah hairspray and then Idaho potatoes so we’re doing exactly Russell said it doesn’t shoot very far I got blamed him we copy we hacked the DVD literally yeah we used to vote formula PI R squared sampling mm-hmm / yeah click level the curvature of the earth so we’re excited can’t wait to launch this thing tomorrow yeah they’re delray next day so this is awesome everybody stayed at the office past 6:30 yes Yeah right bill bride out there son still hasn’t gone down from yesterday weirdest thing like yesterday we got brute body spray the reason why is because the first ingredient on there is butane so I means it catches on fire we liking things burn so are we launching it yonder into that build yeah we can’t hit that fortified oh cool someone go use it while we shoot at it way back in the day used to use bright dark force but right guard stop putting maintain in there dude so you can’t use that anymore spray max of two seconds in there less is more more oxygen in there then you spin the cap [Music] so a position just opened up for a funnel builder – okay yeah my idea oh no I remove launch holy schnikeys where’s it going laughter Phil Holman you made it to the fence over there Oh would I want orange Porta Potty inventory’s about what yeah well there’s a lot of it done oh we got a dud what happened [Laughter] [Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] what rating would you give Russell’s DVD well they’re all USD is about [Music]

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That one where we FINALLY made our own POTATO GUN… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 42

That one where we FINALLY made our own POTATO GUN… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 42