That one where we explained funnels with Legos… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 51

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That one where we explained funnels with Legos… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 51

Clickfunnels™ Lego Funnel: That one where we explained funnels with Legos

Clickfunnels™ Lego Funnel: The Cookbook is DONE! We starting getting the Viral Event organized and we play with Legos! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 51 (Behind The Scenes Show) That one where we explained funnels with Legos…

Clickfunnels™ Lego Funnel: How did this video got viral

The viral video 80 brains did a lot of things happening to the Moose if I like short-circuit everything else so all I can do is right that’s a bull well we accomplish every single day is almost within a year so we’re gonna start calling these phone years yeah the vets three four years away so we’ve reapplied is what if I rape the desk up and we bring back walking desks oh man yeah [Music] all right I thought of a quoit just to help teach the falaqa cookbook by buying life-sized human Legos so each brother cookbook is a different Lego and he’s actually goes up to create funnels officer far stretch hopefully it all work out

Nora who go to Vega house oh is it so cool go and build a house is it fun to build professional Eagle builder hmm there’s tasks I don’t want to do I hate doing it welcome to 5:30 this morning start on it I got to page four of 30 it’s now eleven thirteen I’ve been stalling as much as possible and now the stall is coming in I had to finish this today so this is my thought what if I raised the desk up and we bring back walking desk well I just forced me to focus

because I have a TD some all little and this book like you’re walking and typing and listening to music one time you’re break-in or anything else effort like do those three things at once and then if you stop you to fall off you die so I finished the final stacking book member I’ll walk out and just walk it’s like
Oh somebody for the yeah Russell has to work yeah last time I use this from the old office and I wrote the memo stacking books I just sending a procrastinator I can we can did everybody not even possible till it was last that’s happened now this has to be done today there’s no other option I don’t like to sleep till

Clickfunnels™ Lego Funnel: Russell explain funnels with lego

it’s done so this is the trick they broken all right it’s officially on forgot much pain this thing is okay raise the death [Music] I’m trying to block as many senses as possible so that I can only focus on writing 80 brains need a lot of things happening to move so if I like short circuit everything else so all I can do is write that’s the goal so I got lasers in my ears let’s go my nose out these dudes are going in my ears push the button you know you guys didn’t

know how weird I am but I wonder how everyone else outside the offices look back here then I what in the world is Russell doing they go home they’re like my boss the Freak all right walk in okay I got working now so got everything set up that thing he was right here get centered looks like an work this is my working problem return to innocence by hating me my face is your high score horses on track man I’m doing the final approval on the video crazy let’s see it soon it’s 4:45 still not done I want to kill myself all right he’s 1939 to be done next 20 minutes that’s possible [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right so guess what good news pool proofs back in the house we ordered full proof party our lemon cookies oh we got our vanilla shortbread and they have a new flavor

there’s orange cream ooh we got fat water it’s a new flavor so this is pineapple it’s not new flavors but this is new mango and then they got blueberry this one I tried today which was to die for it is dragon fruit so I got a how much fat waters here cuz we like our water nice and fat and I also got brain octane oil and single serve packs so you see how these are versus brain brew because we love we love our brain brew that’s an empty oil in there that’s good we missed the stuff thank you Dave for finally getting your crap back and stuff [Music] just gets transferred to downstairs okay so that’s you’re planning the
viral video launch it’s only gonna be what 10 minutes of it if I meant to them how much think would actually use force footage I mean Kevin’s gonna be filming yes I’m saying I don’t know I think it’s fantastic we’ve got it we’re gonna have we have a footage literally coming from every end terms of people so I 200

Clickfunnels™ Lego Funnel: Is it possible to build 270 funnels?

losers so our time is how are we gonna use it I mean it’s gonna be used for what you don’t have internet at home it is yeah I’ve been doing an end of it the answer is yes to all of it thanks great yeah nothing to worry about correct there’s any stress of lack of footage so the next seven days we have setting expert World Records winning bubble soccer we also have your launching the viral video launching viral video and a new sales letter and the onboarding process

and your internal education system we’re supposed to build another 270 funnels or 70 funnel on Monday that’s gonna be awesome and then Tuesday we got a phat events for three event we’ve thought of something well we accomplished every single day is almost within a year so we’re gonna start calling these final years every day the beds three four years away so we’ve three up flat is three full failures before the next live event and then we have we have like half of a funnel year yeah between the event and when the viral video goes live at six four months six twelve months between the web’s and ends this is like the crazy

point cuddles are breaking over yeah we’re starting to crack we know what to do because that’s all we got Leo I’m sugar caffeine hundred years [Music] this is our house average weight looking like so far they painted the room boo that’s cool then over here they took out our chandelier painted that blew up there and painted all this white they’re still working over there and then over here we got the bathroom we’re working on this is our kitchen we moved all of our stuff in here since it’s kind of finished except for the floor this carpet feels nice okay got the kitchen in here got it all finished got a nice table the shakin joke refrigerator right here looks like a cabinet what do you this its giant foot refrigerator we got a giant wall right there there’s more they got two ovens right here a sink right here and the best part about the seat look right here when take tap this turns out oh yeah is it from my favorite parts poppin my

Clickfunnels™ Lego Funnel: how to launch your product video

cleat there’s open and closed thing but when I cook it heaters this open and she’s so cool yeah you got the pantry fridge right here we’re use your like here and out in the pool house is where we have been living before what’s so we’re really happy though get that in here [Music] good morning everybody it’s beginning probably lost tenth week of my life and JK was already here yes I was excited final sell that one uh yeah so this is the craziest week for life’s crazy it’s absolutely surprise the big days talk about that person I work on more then so Friday we’re gonna have 400 people coming to Boise to basically have the most amazing experience ever where Russell’s getting speaking dear Dan Rutz gonna be speaking harm brothers gonna be speaking I’ll add the Boise State

skybox up in the big box there we’re gonna launch the viral video oh my gosh it’s amazing and then we play the largest theme of bubble soccer in the history of the world which I win against the choral record yes that’s just one thing happens to that’s Friday let me tell you if these happen Portland so the development team are coming into port odd because the hurricane and you can’t fly and that sucks number two we got a three-day event fat about Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday so we got 50 entrepreneurs flying in for the that event which I’m speaking at one two three four times oh and then we got the phone like a cookbook book we’re launching a book this week which is exciting and then I just I have to record a course to go with the book we’re gonna do car now I don’t know how many fun website templates designs I mean two under 70 funnels will get in live IT Scouts on Wednesday anyway this is this is next five day so we decided we started kick it off with some little vitamin C and some working out so you excited for that oh yeah baby can’t wait here we go


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That one where we explained funnels with Legos… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 51

That one where we explained funnels with Legos… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 51


I have a STRANGE hunch you’re gonna like this ;)