That one where we did the rest of the “7 Day Launch” (Part 2) Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 15

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That one where we did the rest of the “7 Day Launch” (Part 2) Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 15

Clickfunnels™ 7 Day Launch – We do this all day!

Clickfunnels™ 7 Day Launch: On this episode, see the second half of our 7 day launch, that ended up doing OVER a million dollar of sales in just 7 days… Plus some SUPER COOL charity stuff that’s happens at the end of the video.

Clickfunnels™ 7 Day Launch: Million dollar of sales in just 7 days

[Music] you [Music] all right no I said the booth abysmal and that really dig down very cool Heidi where thank you we’re starting we’re 20 seconds late they weren’t ready and we decided then we’re nervous yes your baby I don’t want you to be nervous we’re set all right bye we’ll start [Music] all righty number two of the 70 launch starting right now starting point five minutes ago I forgot my presentations hitch in the offer and everything so crepes are produce oil what super good news [Music] they were nervous a little bit she’s just excited ah you wish your prophecy when bomber enough do awesome – whoa really all right no stress Russell pressure yeah all right so I’m going to go for promoting email said many chant sent being sent now and next comes a text message I’m using Skippy oh no Texas is involved to four thousand people can say extra six masks last day to stir now coming up is live sending out now all right so my stylist just nice to be telling me the trailer yes they suck and this shirt the caller’s not straighten out so I

should go change Lombard do my best here a skinny jeans on you see every wrinkle in my butt sheet with these things that can begin either case you’re wondering all right took me ten minutes I got a framework since we’re teaching the big domino domino nybridge story workshop and that is the that’s the key we make like print out if I something’s like excrements class like like a logo in like 1987 okay so about 9/11 open second one billiards master course I’ll buy that go to Julianne five minutes free logo you know we’re trapped we’re live in a minute 24 I think that

good oh no excuse master class graduates a question down on the middle yeah Wow and we execute by making it 15 minutes before we need it because when I will get it done that’s not really the real reason but that’s what ends up happening every time oh we did it cuz over to the 10th are their English the struggle after working so it’s always weird in pitch the first time I didn’t do a line for like five hours equals even weirder didn’t I mention it can be dodged in so whose habits so talking about our publishers message me said hey Russell we’re doing we were doing a Times

Square post on the Nasdaq building for the release of experts secret indicating if the cover or would you rather using jab that’s why I said I was like hey know what I want to capture I’ve been to your time I never been home my pictures on this side of the thing that’s right gaudí option the down Oh ring a bell dude I told ya or something oh yeah oh my god should give you on the Nasdaq no way that really big doesn’t like this very cool idea where what’s up everybody day 3 of 3 yeah last day is so typical so a lot I’m tired yes there’s awesome basically I did two hour presentation about

Clickfunnels™ 7 Day Launch: How sales funnel increase profit

story and selling it is probably the best ones I’ve ever done I was really proud of it but I knows all fired up and going crazy and it always makes me happy my little gets a million I think we can hopefully though so and I can today three day 3 I’m going to be constructed for webinar just did show them what I did why did it and then after I talk about the virtual book tour so three million views are lots of the video so Boucheron got some Batman cufflinks on love can be good Davi got Batman company comps what can’t be met Jenny they looks good yeah yes alright buddy well Matt

[Music] alright to finish the last session of our seven day long you know this weekend with Pushkar as well cool now it’s lesson for everybody I talked about yesterday I like the first scoping endearingly buttons together what and how it what do people want and how do you actually sell a thread and essentially as I do this I like back posting self-command approximate question QA it’s like we’re transitioning so we discuss the session we completely transition in one house what is coaching how we’re selling with the price point which is like everything’s got change right now in

the middle of launch that’s 130 lessons you guys like that sense that’s the goal bike and we did our best shot guessing that house we wanted at a price points of engine you did like was close with quite right you’re going to notice we’re shifting okay let’s do this it’s like as I’m doing fulfilling what you come on now they want it or making those transitions saying that’s the biggest key most people or out there I try to make it fun a perfect and launched it and then never goes right and make stuff if you understand this like you’re putting out there then you’re feeling kill me for saying how responding you transition the moline’s we can you change and that’s has a goal here so even hope that

Clickfunnels™ 7 Day Launch: How to build your sales funnel

kind of helps you guys so we’re doing it as well like everyone we put out it’s never perfect first put out in his shipping one now one out one out of inch it’s like oh there it is I may be gonna roll down scale it so just righty look what they’re all eating what I’m judging all sprinkle of sprinkles I’m on a one meal a day diet I’m the lightest I’ve been yes I’m now thirty pounds it’s a year ago February Oh [Music] [Music] day trying to be really cool day and I think it’s going to be a day that for the rest of my life I was back on I got a phone call today from russell Ballard who’s someone

spiritually I really look up to and asked me if I’ve been stood in helping me out this organization called Operation Underground Railroad which helps kids who were caught in sex trafficking and things like that I told my definite was interested in finding out more so I can help and snap it in research and looking at all and just kind of emotional but same time really excited to potentially part of this and see if the things I’ve been blessed with the gifts and talents and that that stuff somewhere we can use it to help help these kids and then there’s another charity potentially where we working with as well help save the storks that helps women to make different choices about pregnancy and things

like that when you’re kind of reading and watching and researching and learning and understanding both these cool charities just got me really excited about the future interesting how businesses and my focus for last 14 plus years and we draw them and our successes about helping entrepreneurs a love of kind of things but I feel like both of these things are things will save lives concise I’m excited excited I’ll future my guess is in the near future where we building funnels and driving traffic is cool sufferable hoodies and if we do I’ll take you on the journey and I said we go to bed and the can scream now hope you had a good time except soon you


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That one where we did the rest of the “7 Day Launch” (Part 2) Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 15

That one where we did the rest of the “7 Day Launch” (Part 2) Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 15


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