That one where we did the Purple Mattress Egg Test. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 22

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That one where we did the Purple Mattress Egg Test. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 22

On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, we try the raw egg test, launch and a ton of other things!!!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 22 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we mastered YouTube traffic…

in a world like no other different ain’t here and then you just tell me it and go by fear who’s going to jump on this and sit on it and pray that doesn’t crack one man alone mercenary stays it on it must uncover the truth this actually works me down take test well now once and for all oh there’s no way for the sake of mankind ah prepare to be astounded coming soon [Music] good morning everybody so welcome today in the tent got dressed and then I got done guess what today is like Christmas it’s like Santa Claus came in delivering packages not just one or two package number one from Santa package from two three four five and then also I got this this is the virtual book tour we did all the transcripts and I got a whole thing all the interviews transcribed because they’re a bunch of like one-liners and every person interviewed me had different unique things that were really good that wanted to be able to have for the infomercial so I’m going to read this whole thing purple this is because I totally funnel University we funnel hats purple and I didn’t want to buy a thousand dollar mattress wonderful not something I bought purple pillow oh no it’s a seat cushion oh it’s right I’m going to see cushion so I can sit a little more comfy [Music] but I got a purple shirt on today so I can sit on my purple with my purple all right sitting whew so supposedly you can literally crack an egg into this so should we do the a test right now mountain he just reached get Eggman’s jump on it alright so everyone hear the miles has actually got a purple mattress and he says this actually works you down to take test well no no but I’m going to do it everywhere so I’ve seen a bunch of videos not the one on the website but like other ones on Facebook because I wanted to make sure it was real too before I was willing to do it you get I’ll do who’s going to jump on this and sit on it and pray that it doesn’t crack three few days it on it yeah I think it’ll break that’s good enough right does it no but I mean seriously you put egg here and then you just sit on the egg that’s pretty sick all right so the goal today was to lunch which is it for five funnel is right now 350 and before we just finished our number one anyway similar one for you is finally live everything is here so I’m transition to transition now to follow number two which is the follow up funnels funnel this is our first ever 48-hour funnel so this is the registration page and they come in there’s 48 hours to go through it so yeah basically they go there it’s page two three four five those pages and then from here there’s email sequences they get five emails in two days to most a one three minutes to and then it closes we figured out like the first day to launch is the biggest day in the last days the the next biggest was like when we cut out all the days in the middle and it’s do it in 48 hours so that’s sort of it so it’s called a 48-hour funnel and on write on emails now just got all of the subject lines written out now I’m going to be actually boxing them to V by over there Levi’s over and type them out which would be awesome so and then check this out so Brandon Kalyan they just Romi and they said perfect webinar is perfect and they showed me their things look if this is the one that’s recorded February is got thirteen point three million views wondering what do they do and how do they do it make sure you go and you read your copy of expert seekers book because we talked about it in here in fact her picture of a webinar and she did is on page 45 there’s Kayla Newton webinar there’s me too in mind so the story is all in there so now you know the update I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell anybody so tell anybody but I started taking some vitamin rino earlier today to wake me up and then guess who showed up the man behind right oh hey you got the Hagins I’m sure you like the new shirt it’s just pretty awesome I would actually wear that like that it’s cool to join American made we are made in America that’s awesome wait and look at your initials off just for eating variously drink them right there that’s the secret so I asked miss drink run run aren’t like that what a day oh I think where is that’s the pitch it’s in the club and I ever took it out for over three new funnel forty if our funnel style it just got done and it is crazy some cool stuff on this one checks out so the hacks we got going you can’t pause the video or play it or rewind it Crystal Eye webinar questions come in here in real time actually the real questions came on the first minutes loading our live and then if someone wants to close the page outs like oh wait are you sure you are close the page which is awesome so cool stuff happening this bottles turning out sweet all right three down all right I came home for a bit because in our contractor here I told you our house is falling apart and so we’re living at the Palau this month now my kids are facing me go through here what’s happening it’s crazy so this was our kitchen before it was destroyed it’s winter made the biggest flooding ever saw our house flooded so I would for that I’ll warp so we thought we’d get these replaced and then it was like if you give a mouse a cookie like will replace these we should do all the cabinetry here if you do the cabinetry here we should rip out this and then it’s like our fridge like an old fridge what a big fridge we’re gonna put a big fridge over here so that is the next step and it was like okay big fridge is like wait another wall here it’s knock down the walls just keeps getting bigger oh and this is checked out this is from this winter we had this thing called I standings basically the ice close gets so big to water-ski back into your house it floods when they were sitting here also starts pouring rain out of the light sockets forget you can cut a hole in it was like both water’s coming out exactly as ice dance they left school cut a hole in our thinking ever since wintertime Oh anyway Brandis guy here on vacation partying I was here so we can record the drop Mike let’s do it for the video and then everything else oh oh all you get home remember doing this this is our play dominate Instagram Gary Vee told me through podcasts that this is the TV of 1950s 1950s there was ABC CBS NBC three channels that was it 20 Robins became 20 Robins because he was on infomercials on all three channels today this phone there’s like four apps and it’s app is the equivalent of channel and I wanted my own showing his channel so on Instagram I bet drop Mike show on YouTube I got fun rocker TV on podcast I got the marketing secrets podcast Facebook kind of pushes everything is that for the best at pushes out dollar shows alright so today’s been crazy so eating all summer fun we did get one two three four pretty much done so these are all jicama comb funnels that I wasn’t happy with and launched them in our doing all three updates now so there’s lesson to you it’s not perfect launch so it’s 120 M retirement home but Mele some cool tonight my kids come tomorrow gonna be something that never done before so thank you guys that my house is show you the plan alright so the for oh I came home and all the kids came home had this idea would be fun we had seen my flow thank you for I thought what if I slept in this flow tank at least as long as I can so I’m gonna get it fired up and go mess up right now it is currently one to 2:00 in the morning so see how long water lasts for cricketer rush there’s going to be an hour or my wake up a like noon tomorrow so but you have we’re filming tomorrow morning so I got to get up a few moments later all right so I’m up it’s been five five seven three hours going good I’m going to go with take a nap for two hours for you go for real we now return to our regular programming will it break here we go [Music] Oh [Music] – crack Oh eze a crack addict ray are you kidding me wait jump on me oh hey are you kidding me you saw your first actually rule I kill visiting crack really don’t want to stand on it you might not we’ve got worse if you far but Chickasaw I’m sitting at Spokane Harmon brothers sent over video of who they think and captured as the prospectors so and why she yet but we proven the cell he said mom you to do [Music] what prostitution you shadow black public figure or illustrator or a hundred white jet anyway we didn’t give you the prospector there Casto like I don’t 40 50 people or some like that and so that’s who they it’s a favorite song anyway I’m a little bit so good night Seymour

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That one where we did the Purple Mattress Egg Test. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 22

That one where we did the Purple Mattress Egg Test. Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 22