That one where we did the Habanero Pizza Challenge… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 38

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That one where we did the Habanero Pizza Challenge… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 38

HABANERO PIZZA CHALLENGE!!!!! Russell Goes to Scout Camp and Dave meets with BOISE STATE!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 38 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we did the Habanero Pizza Challenge…

[Music] all right so while ruff was gone we decided to take on the habanero Pizza challenge a little bit nervous apparently just the regular pizza has 5 pounds of habanero on it that’s not cheese I thought that were you sad habanero relish that’s level two who’s the real Oh your level two head leg every time oh my gosh that’s level one you click and um be it before the record already had a one and I’m going forward to whoa trying to alter my stomach cleared up a little bit oh listen we’re all this should work little level two and a half counter milk giant scream I’m kind of normal again [Music] we’ll see you guys can’t day look okay we’re gonna scout camp if excited yeah whole week away just uh camping a little our stuff normally can’t be family so hi first day Scout came over down hey which is you so farted trailer the river or the lake they said we can’t go after heights like 30 minutes down the basket weaving Bowen did wood carving and then anyway kick South Lake for we got there serene go find some lake jumping [Applause] [Music] oh the very next day good night down for the scouts are solos I crave round you good morning guys Stone actually buddy Nicole okay snuck out scout camp early because who tenna and Truman’s killing us and super hot and tiring anyone let’s swim so we found our old Beach those Twitter’s we just finished day to a scout camp we survived it Thursday to scout camp was it cool thing you did today chess who I was here for their beatdown for the first time today cool that was given I see I’m probably making our own fires I was pretty sure you did with that friends still right yes which prints no fires figured that’s with you rifle shooting rifle shoes mind you boned on the shooting down by mentalizing you do I also tell me video games so the bone is not been on an iPad for two full days how to fill the way it’s good to run plug officially I use roof read more bed [Music] good morning provider their breakfast next an Dominica bully and massage with visual working hard in their values all right so we just kids the camp now and I are going to go are we going we’re going boating this is the worst thing so yesterday at Rudy’s gym we do squats a lot of squats bender squats every day so this morning he’s walking fine I think I have two tree stumps I can’t even bend my knees they hurt so bad but the day must go on like my shirt says on like Donkey Kong all right so here is the cap we’re in point out today it is the same [Music] [Music] boat I kids are in class I just showered about a stinky kid jumping the cover and I am heading to go get a massage should I feel guilty the kids are covered in dirt getting merit badges working on a ganache dancer there’s no come out here body-soul yoga after flipping out a cot and being nerdy I’m surprised with it so here we go hi I’m Sasha’s done Edgar sure buy some water some treats oh then back up to the game go into the rifle range English in front and sorry not rifle going arrow way this is a repelling wall one sided Tower and they’re rock climbing along the other side so the kids of Rockland before we never have propelled it excited propelling Peter that’s scary we’re doing preparing first if he’s biking and cute it’s not my fault and if you guys can be Christ not my fault or your fault we’re going up to here what all right the bones out to go got it buddy oh you the good one my phone got done now down is I can’t feel better rock climbing and rappelling so now it’s ready [Applause] [Music] [Applause] all right please did it so first get both repelled not bad actually my muscles old he has on their fellow both vias smack to the very beginning yeah they draw climb it says dominate down have the hardest one first I ride at the second time I got to middle put them in with the broke they give us push take that are rappelling or do you like honey we’re gonna go show you so you can get swimming in the freezing cold lake if you’ve got stink and that is the natural shower this survivor thing I’m gonna try that out now let’s stay on my tie sleeping and stars open to meeting by an alliance or something we’ll miss you though [Music] so I’m a little nervous right now I’m leaving the office heading down to Boise State to meet with the head of licensing because I’m trying to get permission to basically have 200 people on the blue Smurf turf to play a Guinness world record for the largest human bubble football game ever all in an attempt to bring in a ton of influencers for September 15 if this doesn’t work I have no idea what I’m going to do here we are Boise State sky Center Albertsons Stadium and the dream is for me to get people on the blue turf alright so this here is the Stickles guy center we are looking at using this as the event you’re the valley evening time so the city lights having will be going on pretty fun and this seats 300 you agreed to the $15,000 marketing bin probably over 75% pulling it off 75% chance we’re here on the field September 15th little partnership here between ouija state and ClickFunnels™ excited about this friends going to make this happen for us we’re going to try the other day I was in the – comma Club coaching sessions which is awesome and I’ve gone about four hours I always put a beanie on because it’s always cold in that room the room right over there and the vent is like too powerful for that room I’m almost totally numb at the end of four hours because the AC just shoots like right down on my head all sudden the smell of bacon started coming into the room and I started laughing and everyone calls wondering why was laughing and it because it’s not so good and so I literally pause the call so I feel get some food and so Jerry Lynn just sent me this gas mask so the next time I’m on the goal I don’t have to stop so I keep going and I don’t smell the smell of bacon to keep this going which is hilarious Thank You Jerry high schooler survival night and bones not very happy with downs really excited this is where our trip sleeping attic that is the cool thing I know I can’t wait yeah good for heat hey use the distraction rejection Airlines challenge of the king the Lord applies no good how do you know more [Music] [Applause] [Music] 6 a.m. last night the boys where’d you sleep last night we made our own little hot Kevin yeah asleep baby Wilmer survival says survive the night by themselves and then now we’re heading to what we’re going to waterfront for what go to them Polar Bear Plunge which we use over to freezing cold lake kenya we’re zipping in a freezing cold lake [Music] we’re really about to do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] damn how was it oh but not that cold Aki cool that I called yep fun yeah we do you tomorrow and then rejected we survived the border Jonny [Music] I’m adrenaline a and guess what we’re whoo we dominated Skycam guys yeah how do you feel and I want to shower anyway we did it became we saw it we scouted we merit badge it up now we’re gonna go clean and sleep the work that’s finished we are going Scout camp 2017 is over play I’ve said into the car works almost finished boom

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That one where we did the Habanero Pizza Challenge… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 38

That one where we did the Habanero Pizza Challenge… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 38