That one where we celebrated the 4th of July… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 30

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That one where we celebrated the 4th of July… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 30

On this episode, we do the 1,000 rep club. blow up $2k in fireworks, show off our funnel swag, and had the time of our lives!…

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 30 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where we celebrated the 4th of July…

what’s happening tonight guys whooping July fireworks [Music] Alexa play the rocky 4 soundtrack okay Russell but only because you are a master funnel hacker why you going July [Music] are you in the attackers episode back it’s a really special thousand roughly 2000 s total adjusted exercises 200 on each [Music] 5.1 5.2 to our point three types of Florida as a hard working out holy crap give me all the rest of the other girls yeah wait is twenty fifty dollars is burning like we’re defective your first smoke bomb tree over here right here yeah yeah [Applause] [Music] is all right so if you up so back we had the funny idea like a on the 4th of July which is House Rep Club but nobody that was an owl said okay let’s do it I use rocks up here or I don’t like meaning I got yeah let’s do it okay thousand one are you in oh oh damn it all right now y’all now they’re about to find out what it is again we all to get my swag points on flat point one so I point to try point three so I put four again around maybe swag party so thousand Republic goal goal yeah it’d get me for you late 2000s photo the state exercises two hundred on each each one just for everyone on the camera what are you holding this is a bulgaria bag the history is my coach Vaugn released when rusty termini would give them sheep and livestock I was like the fictional TT win a sheep he grabbed the sheets late and he looked like this and here to she’s home oh man the bathrooms are perfect and then I think a boardwalk hostess really do lunges with it they sure like swinging the sheep man whole thing so now you know fast forward to like thirty years later he invented he took the bulgaria bags from the sheep and now who makes the exhaust your simple gary bags laundry sleep my swings of eight feet here is your feet exist you’re holding it and then your said swinging [Music] we’re going after everything tonight we are gonna start [Music] [Applause] [Music] people over phone is this good a hundred two hundred okay if you want to complain and I did too to lighter bag I had a thousand I’m done does a hard workout holy crap give me all the rest of the other girls yeah wait what are you taking like a thousand red no matter what any month that exactly finished I did it our sister nostalgia wrap club and the girl dramatics we’re using the gym the mansion [Music] Wow this fourth of July is actually a little different than some of my recent forages fourth of July party if you watch the documentary firework or commie plug saw the big firework or we did which was crazy I was like two years ago and then last year a huge party here as well where I spent about 30 grand in fireworks in blew up in the field it was a lot of fun but we had two or three other people came over that party and got really stressful for my wife and everything so is here I was forbidden to do that so this year we are doing low-key party by there’s one person that he’s not a party not a real party so really going to pick up my little buddy Jesse so companies know about Jesse he loves smoke bombs number two he loves Captain America so I’m going to pick him up in my Captain America shirt venoms it will freak out and figure little cool [Music] [Applause] [Music] catching our t-shirt on through to live so close our favorite somebody love America so there’s a reason why the vintage lies by far my favorite holiday I look forward to all year long and the main reason is something that is probably a lot of people don’t know about me or my personnel so I have an older sister named Stacy and she was born mentally handicapped and she actually passed away when she was 30 years old to 2 years old in this cars made just were most amazing people on planet Earth about a year after she passed away there’s a ruiny guy that moved into the church flag go through and his name is Jesse cooter ball and I first met Jess who just instantly fell in love with him best friend and acts I became even more like a brother and we spend a lot of time again throughout holidays with Jesse and all the holidays are fun with chapter you know treating within the Christmas wisdom party but by far the best type of jesse is on the fourth of July and after the party’s already starting exciting bud ah Jesse loves snow farm almost as much as I love smoke bomb it’s that toxin so we always do every year is buy a whole bunch so long so he’s one more together and it’s kind of fun now as much fun as that isn’t my favorite things suggested that I was time that some day my goal for him is to get to heaven it to marry my sister and then just now be real brothers so it’s a lot of fun love Jesse love the fourth of July and I every welcome itself let me America I love so bombs rude urges coupons Norse for smoke bomb you know that cool these are called cakes use like cake oh yeah to the bisque and stick up and then all right there’s the fuse white cake a run aid [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Roma candles are my favorite the aftermath we just blew up how much is that woofing probably fifty nine two thousand bucks all shredded everywhere there he is in front of our Jeep what are you doing oh so that’s one night yeah which is very part about the funnel hacker Jeep do we open it right here catcher everybody yeah bad man does that particles far huh oh all right so we survived fourth of July but it’s kind of crazy because like last night working on the new quick phones onboarding process and as I was going to bed I’m stressing out about it because well you have seen what we’re doing ugly and nasty with nude squirrels that’s all I’m giving you right now both in Washington tips with plants from some hint of it but working on the steel onboarding process so much other things and was up till about 2:00 last night and I lay in bed till 3:00 I can fall asleep and then woke up for the thousand up Club and so extremely Terry now it’s a little after midnight so Jesse tucked in he’s calm doctor now let’s go fireworks cleaned up and I was interested a lot of fireworks left over so I saw this whole this whole thing right here full full of the good stuff so hey I spent a super fun day I hope you have enjoyed a fourth of July if you didn’t watch the firework war make sure you watch it it’s really fun it’s worth it I share your kids about what they should not ever be doing I hope you guys have a great fourth of July I swallow everybody who served my country or serve any country those who serve any capacity the Armed Forces thank you before you do and something that I have never done and grateful for those who are in sacrificing and do that so that said they said a great force lion CSC [Music] you

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That one where we celebrated the 4th of July… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 30

That one where we celebrated the 4th of July… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 30