That one where we CELEBRATE  50 EPISODES OF FUNNEL HACKER.TV… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 50

Clickfunnels™ 50 Episodes: That one where we celebrate FUNNEL HACKER.TV

Clickfunnels™ 50 Episodes: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Funnel Hacker TV Episode 50 (Behind The Scenes Show) That one where we CELEBRATE 50 EPISODES OF FUNNEL HACKER.TV…

Clickfunnels™ 50 Episode: Can you Believe It!

[Music] [Applause] the key learned nothing else from today’s episode is we interrupt this program because you’re gonna have to wait till the end of the episode to find out what that is so crazy welcome to the pharmacy this just clip right here is about an attack girl that beat up in my house all right so took a typhoid medicine today I took all my vitamins say all my minerals my cell phones my mushrooms my new tropical bit of a butt oh and then we just took vitamin keto there’s a new Tropic out on the street ever says is amazing called kweli uh [Music] and the packaging so cool I’m scared to take it but everybody says

it’s the best of the best I need I need a boost to survive so it’s nothing crazy it’s not prescription it’s just really good packaging do we try it yeah no he’s not in all right step one you take it I take three remember remember when you took the okay so this was this when you take 30 minutes before eating and this we take with eating so you take three of these right now and then six of these when you eat intercessory take ones one day in a row guess one of us dies does Nate then a few hours later now we’re taking pill number two you’re feeling do from number one actually I did I’m really maybe just I’m so jacked up with everything else right now I’m like I don’t know my energy I’m like well we have to I feel nothing so all right we’re going around to so this one though this we have to have six pills apiece these are huge to look and it’s a good size these things close – a fork we give him half of those yeah oh my gosh welcome to

the pharmacy 3 4 5 6 3 C 3 more cab alright bottoms up hope we should buy Oh the vision is [Music] where [Music] [Applause] so the whole traffic seekers product talking about instead of doing that what if we just made another tier side ClickFunnels™ though there’s similarweb there’s what brands Wow there’s ad beating I know the order of a beat so I’ve messaged him this week see all potentially buying them or partner with them and we have all the data and we can make a third tier in cycle calls it then becomes the traffic part of it so pretty okay here here’s something that has amazing event Russell will go watch something and like it’s about the loss fees like by the way of 13 here we go do those things we’re about to watch like yeah by the way he’s 13 more things like boom boom boom boom it’s so cool it’s like 10 products ahead though it’s not just so short-sighted some products I mean come on really what’s talking

Clickfunnels™ 50 Episode: How to make a successful funnel

about me I don’t tell them about it yeah they’re gonna wait till like maybe horrible idea we make sure like it falls through the cracks like Oh sex was a good idea three months later in the mid pitch it to me I did everybody that I have all right looks like something about to come through the door what holy cow this forever that is so love this and it’s awesome oh man it’s all becoming so real [Music] okay so I just bought huge freaking Legos check it out here orders replaced I’m sure I just bought I just bought these huge huge lay off Russell why’d you play Legos because the cookbook I tell people’s like Legos there’s like different pages right there’s pre-sell pages there’s three types of preset pages opt-in pages like four types they’re like Lego so I’m gonna do a big

training video next week in the conference room where I go and I describe each Lego this is a pre-sale page this is why I’d help understand the constant behind Lego it’ll have them all there when we do strategy okay give me a product okay you need this Lego this legal of this Lego this Lego you stack them all together boom there’s your funnel that’s good give us a sweet sass in the last Oh looks here [Applause] so this is Scott and alongside me is new coming to the program Chet Harper hey hey hey mr. right age it’s more excited to Dennis Rodman and Clinique sale at the Forum two of the favors in 99 so who’s it gonna be in y2k will Shaq weighed in with his opinion he gets happy go Jacky on the big one like a donkey eating a walker sweet sassy full a somebody on the checkbook

and a frame off with a rubdown has the Spurs beat the heat 86 79 stood [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right uumm property so one time this one time at band camp I went to internet marketing slash real estate event and I was a speaker and then wear my shoe came with my friend she becomes speaker selling or else if I sold in her marketing she stole girls day and she’s like oh and buy your package I went by yours truly afterwards I had six houses in Missouri and then I became slumlord I got rid of three but there’s still three left and apparently this just clip right here is about an attack or girl got beat up in my house it’s on the news to say Louis Missouri so let’s and it was just the talk of the street today people I talked to said one woman was beat up until she

Clickfunnels™ 50 Episode: How it help business sales

laid unconscious on the ground number of calls about the attack happening at a home near Chippewa and Bamberger children I hate real estate phones are so much better all right so we’re doing right now is in the quick phone sales letter shouldn’t it’s like a month ago but there’s a whole bunch of placeholder for awesome video testimonials right now lives is in every spot so I need not lives in every spot so we’re getting my speedo screen similar we did with thanks for seekers calm over here we always people down here tell their story in video format so we always cool stories and so at 21 and I think on this page try to try the same thing for ClickFunnels™ so making the script the space to script and you have and give some b-roll all stuff to film on their iPhone gives to us ASAP

and poor brand is gonna make 20 videos make 7 days to go into all these different placeholder spots we’re capturing people’s final stories the key learn nothing else from today’s episode is you’re finding the stories that strengthen the arguments in your copy write the copy first and then find the stories to amplify and to explain those pieces for you so that’s that’s the goal that’s what we’re doing we’ve got 20 how many videos now it’s 18 I think they’re trying to do so I make a personal later for every single person asking them to be in the videos so that’s what’s happening who I got all my thumb down I learnt you left keep on going come on let me just cross 4,000 users 49,000 what’s up Yanni had a quick question for you we have the viral video going live on September

15th and I want to see we feature your story on the homepage what’s up Ryan as you probably know we’re launching the bottle video on the 15th and I’ll see if we can feature your story on the homepage Oh plenty of them now we have pray and hope we get these back in time to actually feature on the page in eight days I think there were seven days eight days hey Russell why don’t you there’s two months ago [Music] Bowens watch the footlocker TV and now we are halfway through our super big project on our side yard so I’ll show you guys what’s happening out here so as you pull up here this is our hill and then we drive over here check it out this is our huge new tube alright so what’s happening far go back do have a Jeep I feel off road this right head nervous my first time at

you off-roading ah we are putting in nine underground trampolines you set up this bone so they lay the foundation for it now and then over here we got our full basketball courts in back there should be a soccer with the walls and then back here is gonna be a big football fill and then over here it’s gonna be a volleyball courts oh and there’s gonna be a big old track the wraps whole thing so this is our new game facilities there should be really fun read Alan

Clickfunnels™ 50 Episode: Grow your business by using funnel

there’s chores I wish you guys trampolines alright so here it is it’s so crazy the track wrap here so this was like an above-ground trampoline here too so you have the one to jump down on to it so haven’t told Colet that yet but that might be in the plans TV oh we think down there bud in orange with the workers how many trampolines think sitting there eight that’s huge that’s a big champ huh Cady Alan welcome show the camera what the track is it’s gonna wrap this whole

entire huge thing right so the way they view tracks apparently is shards of rubber I guess so this is the track pile these are a bunch of bags of this stuff right here so tons of bags to that and then they mix it with this and it makes like cement and then they dump all this alright alright so I’m not actually a Scoutmaster I’m the assistant scoutmaster my Scoutmaster it’s all some of my friends he refuses to give a Scout shirt my beautiful wife refuses to love me unless I have a Scout shirt so I have to be the uncool nerdy Scout leader who wears the Scout shirt well he used to be the cool Scout leader doesn’t everyone well what can you do if the wife loves me all right so not only are they under construction iron in the yard our entire house is kind under construction we had to flood this winter that worked out our hardwood so because that we redid everything this is the new kitchen is getting close to being done hardwoods

gonna be already done Thank You bud we’re knocked out this huge wall right here which is a load-bearing wall good thing Harper went in today you bring closer but then with other walls that messed up too they’re painting repaint the whole house always light up here but they’re redoing that light painting all the internal stuff redo this carpet this wall here flooded outs that re without soul and rebuild it so people move in chaos we live in a house for the last four months now four months Rufus project to be finished soon


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That one where we CELEBRATE 50 EPISODES OF FUNNEL HACKER.TV… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 50

That one where we CELEBRATE 50 EPISODES OF FUNNEL HACKER.TV… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 50


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