That one where we built 270 funnels in ONE DAY… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 52

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That one where we built 270 funnels in ONE DAY… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 52

Clickfunnels™ 270 FUNNELS: That one where we built all in one day

Clickfunnels™ 270 FUNNELS: A single day at ClickFunnels™ is broken down into what we call “Funnel Years” because of the amount of work we get done in one single day! Such as building 270 funnels in one Funnel Year (day)…. That’s alot of funnel! #funnelyear

Clickfunnels™ 270 FUNNELS: How we do it in one day

a local Boise man was caught shooting fireworks into a fish pond Saturday saved and literally have today and Monday to build 270 funnels you will have some impossible things before this is right it is time though this make you how many videos have you made today there’s gonna be 18 total completed five of them distress right now no Kenneth Ed’s I’m in my pace room I just kind of hasten his show because he hated my idea this great idea [Music] so Saturday and like Russell put out and a video entrepreneurs are terrible taking vacations we don’t have to do with ourselves my brother Jared how’s it going anyway this is probably gonna be great idea any idea that starts with the phrase this is gonna be a good idea is actually really a bad idea so we have ourselves a little pond in the back just because we’re cameras do roman candles into it it’s probably a kid Easter topic you ready I’m ready to renew Eddie there we go this

great idea well we’re still on fire shooting into it look at look around I’m glad there’s no fish that live in this thing I don’t know how many there are I’m really afraid to know if these are done or not Saturday saved time Saturday my wife was gone the whole day so I watched the kids start their morning and take my vitamins you know getting that open the closet and there not one but two boxes of Lucky Charms and it’s a really slippery slope start Lucky Charms really had another bowl Lucky Charms and then we went out to eat and then we order pizza and then we had ice cream and then leftovers the next day so today is like the punishment day before that I assume what work out one day this week so this is payback but yesterday we did it pretty cool yes we had to kill ourselves colossal workout get in this week here’s the deal we have the cookbook and the viral video launched in one week and I am doing a fad event so three days gone the viral video launches on Friday so I literally have today to do the task Russell just gave me which is to build two hundred and seventy funnels it’s

literally three hundred and thirty three pages he’s given me an insane tasks before but this one’s pretty intense the record so far as he gave me 11 minutes wants to prep and build an entire funnel for this thing he was watching that was crazy but like 270 that’s how many have built like in the last a year and a half I’ve been your total is no way man it’s so intense what’s on your plate for today we thought we’d go with a couple funnels 207 possible things before I don’t know this is try the busy time though this man you watching a book 270 funnels training plus the event was I family pictures Thursday my toe which toes busted that seal per billion nasty it is gain and curl that bad boy you totally caught do you know kinda stressed right now I think about one full year do a funny here’s the day right Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday four-and-a-half imal years years planning everything say it done before you live Todd’s fly got

Clickfunnels™ 270 FUNNELS: How to know if it is good funnel

canceled kitchens wondering crazy storms ruining all the fun all right I read into the company meeting get on page and then we got to start running as fast me go [Music] Rahui if I got stupid Batman outfit what’s good old prospector many years ago for Halloween really he was their first talked about the viral video party update so we have miles three or fifty three we’ve got a little em’ly fallout so not everyone’s gonna make it but we will have three or 50 you’re on Friday so we’re pretty excited about that boo we’ve got our via now speaking we’ve got the Harmon brothers speaking we’ve got Gary Vaynerchuk speaking we’ve got influencers from all around the world coming in supermodels notice one of the demo pages for the new clothes funnel the prom is like this part here it looks cool but it took that like enormous and screen ends right here so the video is way below the fold and I keep it up so now I got the new version which truncal is up and pull everything up above the fold now it’s time to eat chef Gordon brought some good food see it doesn’t get to eat yet haha keep on working

on the F out of bed we can eat we eat Stephens gonna work we can eat check this out you should cook first every day I eat the same thing every day so I would love it good funnels and then we’re like okay wait it counts me setup we got a free gift for you and then it’s like free gift it’s fun like a cookbook this is why you need is contractive marking phone for your specific business that comes down here and be like hey it’s free but oh oh ten bucks plus shipping handling boom or if you want dokkum Sears expert Caesar with and the cookbook that it’s whatever I love it now just throw in a chef’s cap and an apron and we’re good to go that cool every single personal yeah cool at least this hopefully a lot of this the books are part of the actual onboarding map that is so that’s me I’m going to understand this job you so there’s a strategy that’s kill anyone there I love it [Music] okay pages going good working on the new order form checkout process I take a break though cuz I get my shirt on because we’re about to make some videos what videos are making today I know for sure brothers yes harm brothers interview we’re gonna behind the scenes thing and something with a clip on yes the upsell videos you’re close how many videos have you made today I

think there’s gonna be 18 total I’ve completed five of them we can make you 10 oh yeah if I average 5 per day we’re gonna be also tomorrow recording today our video and there’s 50 something videos in the back of that yes others grands professional does this keep like me all the day long he’s shelving because he hated my idea so I actually don’t yell but I disagreed with press weird videos going this way it gets the wall there I was laying one yeah so we pulled the glass wall fat you Gary B style look at all this glare on the glass like rule okay if you like that alright if you blur thought they could make it blurry back there so you just see lights popping you say it’s too short of room to pop well yeah cuz I need I’ll do what I can here’s a new setup go this way by they’ll be Claire Claire that’s cool I think you paid for that glare oh it looks cool okay so I’m Russell Brunson with clickfunnels not really I like to pretend all

Clickfunnels™ 270 FUNNELS: Simplify the process

right so the best magnet hackathons Boise closed my house is it I am able to jump out and head home for a few minutes people play with the kids before I come back work some more so hey Noam alright I’m in my pacing room others call it the event room I just finished three hundred and thirty three pages today and yesterday it was crazy and Russell’s like do doesn’t nuts how’s your brain is like I’m kind of dead so I’m in my pace room just kind of pacing that has got to be some kind of record now this is so freaking cool so the bulk of the scariness is over 300 at 33 pages it’s gonna turn into 270 sales funnels ridiculous I suppose 10:30 I am about to crash my back tomorrow for live event but I’m gonna show you guys I’m working on some bleep route of it so check this out first thing you come to the page you got something wants to watch the demo to click on this pops up they opt into the demo to come here and then basically that we a video for Edison editor should be cool and then they come back here though they click on started forming a tryout then they’re taken to the pricing page they choose a monthly or annual prices up here then you click on the button boom and then drops down to a single page where they can buy vehicles from here to there so it’s going from complex to less to us simplify the process after that then with OTO soar up so oh that’s the video recorder like three hours ago it’s

already live because working final years that’s why hey I’m proud of it Leigh Trudeau really good so that’s about it I’m at homeand get some sleep so I’m gonna be presenting here in like 8 hours [Music] playing Lego who we are building a Lego funnel there’s a play goes each Lego represents a page pre-sale page squeeze pages I need a vesl page and then weeks build the phone like that this is a way to teach font strategy you might remember a few episodes Jacquet Jake over there mentioned that we were game of fine click funnels it’s now a game oh it’s a game here we are so this is what’s gonna look like this is part I’d actually for this right here so the things are gonna go in here cool we just designed all these customers force like this vision apps with the designer to design you eyes and stuff and then you can make storyboard so Mike okay what happens if I click here where it’s taking you I’ll go here and yeah just use hot suppose we could see where the flow is actually gonna be like so for the 22 funnel type to get these little things here that looks good and cool hero funnel homepage funnel the hero on we got some to do at the fat event this is my favorite thing to do at the beginning of every single event we have your ever walking start screaming whoa you’re all here to model eyes right now yeah that’s right we’re not started yet I’m just pumped

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That one where we built 270 funnels in ONE DAY… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 52

That one where we built 270 funnels in ONE DAY… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 52


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