That one where We Analyzed 2,039,482 Funnels … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 62

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That one where We Analyzed 2,039,482 Funnels … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 62

Marketing Ideas … This is how we roll, you asked for an income disclaimer and it sparked our best offer idea ever! We show you behind the scenes of the webinar creation process.

Russell and the ClickFunnels™ team work hard and show that with the right marketing ideas it doesn’t matter your business you can quickly create your best offer ever!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 62 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where We Analyzed 2,039,482 Funnels … For more info visit:

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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] that’s amazing oh my gosh is exciting people always wonder where just rustle get all these crazy ideas and just tell you it is the most bizarre thing ever Bilu about 8.3 million dollars in affiliate commissions it’s not quite midnight we are done with the first step so you don’t see what we do Socrates yeah I almost failed you so many good things are happening so here’s a recap of the day here’s a recap of the day actually mask Karen this is her first time in the office so you want to recap the days for crazy right oh my gosh it’s been absolutely nuts absolutely crazy so last thing I knew I left yesterday and I nothing about you know anything that was going on and I came in and everybody’s like oh my gosh we have the better side yeah oh my gosh already to do this so we’re gonna do this [Music] okay so a couple things first off someone complain so this is the background someone complain they uh you’re have you income disclaimer apps right so we made income disclaimer to make all of the analytical and people happy so here’s our income disclaimer basis says hey ClickFunnels™ not an income opportunity therefore we need to have a disclaimer but nevertheless we’ll give you one anyway and basically pull out all of our stats and so here’s all the stats of like point 6nm all members have made at least a million dollars for 2.75 may at least between a hundred thousand a million eighteen percent made between ten so our sets are freakin amazing so we pull off stats and right okay we start looking everything else they’re looking at how many funnels make kratom split test and then start doing our research the data is pushing all together we realize that there’s some cool things so we’re doing webinar Thursday hopefully [Applause] actually stevemarson how many people into common clubs are still working on the webinar mmm 2040 count okay so they’re still working on their webinar for how long third round through an eight-week course but also you’re different you do lots of webinars yeah we spent like eight hours is on the hook so we have the hooks now it should be easier hopefully so here’s the hook did you get your Tod mean confused and there you go me Todd so that’s the hook and now it is 5:30 now if you’re home by six to babysit my kids or my wife goes out to a church thing ever do and then I got to write slides which is my typical PowerPoint slide in my last presentation I did a one hundred thirty cent slides so we said lesson yeah three hours team eyes like forty hours all right so Todd is also I’m gonna be redoing all of the click funnels we’re split testing all kinds of stuff at the same time to to get all kinds of new data but we’re also redoing a lot 11 are features and courtesy scarcity funnel features and amazing stuff so yeah you cool sauce is happening over here click funnels case you guys are bored there you go [Music] I just found the image for the landing page does it sound like make it perfect oh my oh that’s killer oh about curiosity what what are they doing nowadays he’s looking at I saw yesterday I sent picture toluene we would confuse never like realize this picture oh yeah dude that is so cool kind of perfect right 2 million 39 42 [Applause] [Music] alright you gotta check out this new wall because we now having hundred and sixty-five two comma Club people this has just been crazy this is just I don’t I can’t even span through this fast enough here we don’t even have all the plaques in here but we’re running out of wall space here I think we have about 30 plaques we’re still waiting on but since we ran out of space over here we decide we had to go above the door so now we’ve got these up here and they come down a little bit I’ll play the light switch there so what we came over here now coming across the top this is absolutely insane nothing is better than having seen in the success of everybody else and making sure wait we let it the whole world know these people are crushing it [Music] by the way we pay that 8.3 million dollars in affiliate commissions and we’re thinking about possibly starting this year so Todd basically said well we’ll do that again in the next two months oh yeah with this new offers it’s pretty crazy Oh with the logo you can see logo oh yeah but create new products oh yeah so cool so people always wonder where is Russell get all these crazy ideas he’ll be sitting there going oh you know what it’s on this page on this book on this shelf somewhere and as crazy as it is he actually finds it so we’re just sitting there he goes you know what I need this thing and it’s in this book I was written by our joiner it’s on this page sure enough about it there it is and he’ll know exactly where it is he’s like it’s a bullet point on the back I remember from 10 years ago photographic memory and that’s how it’s done [Music] so we’re heading back actually keeps it at Todd’s going going I’m gonna get my jacket left at the sushi place it’s gonna back to the jacket you may pick up more sushi on the way then you and backed off to work right yeah I’m go back to work you have to work he’s got a lot of webinar feature so that it works amazingly well because in the second day in one day yeah me too our second final year because this week this is live next week under split test as an auto webinar on the landing page so we’re sad to find out what’s gonna happen putting in the turf oh my gosh this is exciting oh so cool awesome sup guys oh my gosh so excited step on it [Music] oh yeah all right it’s the downs running for student what’s called City Council I’m six feet under so we thought if you’d win a video someone won this way right what they do they shove that K and another girl up the pine the fifth nigga got a bottle happy to Senator strategies oh man good class to see how to win are we sitting watching the kids now we’re heading back for more I’m gonna build a webinar where you me tonight building all kinds of webinar support software there’s a new features for it later gets the board cream juices are flowing so I’m working on the headlines and three secrets and Todd found a picture that Tim Farriss posted so seek remember one how to instantly out spend your competitors as if you saw all potential customers in your market and then we’ve got I drink the juice so I don’t know if it’s a good idea to asking kinda late right at this time and I seems amazing you’ll see in the morning it’s not quite midnight we are done with the first step so you can see what we bill alright so here I just tell one when you dipper for webinar there are six slides you start with everyone like starts the top and then they never finish so the six slides with core to everything and the rest of his details so slide number one is the hook so boom we got hook right here after two million but funnels down split test here’s what we learn boom the three simple tweaks and then number then here’s three secrets photos so you get one is that sort of customer I think there’s still all customer to three then you break down 30 slides secret one two secret three and a biller stack slide that’s it and this is the new offer is literally the greatest offer in the history of all offers they I don’t think anyone could ever say no I think women are goes live it’ll be it’s gotta be like at least a hundred cent conversion rate or else I will usually our out fifteen we eat two hundred percent though sweet so we’re calling night so we’ll see you guys later so this is the side of me not many of you guys know about I am really huge an airsoft and I’ve got all sorts of airsoft guns and it’s a lot of fun and you get well since anyway for the first while I was trying to be like just hard down never do anything else but I got some kind of release so I play a lot of airsoft and it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy it I got my sniper rifle coming soon that’s cool today I took a shot in the neck by a sniper rifle check this thing out the thing that hit me hard that dude that dude zing me get all wealth force you know war stories were cries yeah it’s good it’s good that helps you build funnels somehow

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That one where We Analyzed 2,039,482 Funnels … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 62

That one where We Analyzed 2,039,482 Funnels … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 62