That One Where Russell Met With Tai Lopez … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 72

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That One Where Russell Met With Tai Lopez … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 72

Russell Brunson continues his funnel hacking ventures in Los Angeles. Meeting with Tai Lopez and sharing the story of ClickFunnels™, speaking at the Big Money Speaker, James Malinchak’s event, and then on to a podcast interview with Mike Arce … phew, what an internet marketing whirlwind!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 72 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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[Music] dropping a car racing – hello peasant Marilyn tell mansion the hi Lopez mansion it’s gonna keep on going [Applause] [Music] all right it is 227 in the morning I was the day the recap for the day so woke up early then we got a massage was really nice then went to watch Justin Terra hey I saw Kevin Anderson just off that we edited this in a few days then when I find my slides done then went spoke the Warriors then the charity events to McClaren and raised twenty thousand bucks versus Cheerios in a hole then you throw it a title Lopez’s house then we did Facebook live that last two hours we had to 66,000 with me all the different fillings and lights and pmf anyway maybe this hotel checked in nine to twenty nine lights out born live right now with hustle and bustle is odd that the computer didn’t work so we based on switch to my laptop so hey just about ready to go let’s do stolen for us and hopefully yeah a man I’m doing amazing I apologize that I’m a little late my hotel room and my first computer networks we boot up on another computer but we made it were here and yay [Music] just arrived at Ty’s mansion here in Beverly Hills and getting ready for the shoot for hot gas I believe let’s see what’s gonna go on use your product every day okay yeah we run mental Vox pretty much on it yeah yeah good job on that I it has how much as metropox done because I would love to get a two comma Club plaque out of mentor box oh it’s like we are over a million a month now dude that’s Russell is doing an intro on intro or clicked on the easier course and then in more advanced ones up Clanton my breaking tweet hey professor Brunson and I’m here today with the cofounders of ClickFunnels™ and I’m gonna show you guys how simple how easy it is to actually build a phone inside [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know that it costs Jeff Bezos back in 1994 when he launched a me to build a website that going rate with programmers technology Volvos $100,000 to get a website now you’re saying well click funnels now I said spending 100 G’s which makes it basically not only impossible but you can’t test new idea click funnels let’s just move to number two so number two I want to throw this at you and get your opinion because number two for me would be the ability to test new concepts that’s such a good story on this let’s here I’m so excited ok so one of our members is actually right now person his process the most monies that I could follow you guys a game in turn work my game working to be yeah we got video but the guy right now I’m not the director times trade Llewellyn and what trade did is he came in click phones and I met him right afterwards he was like he was selling t-shirts at the time threw him a t-shirt sites and he’s like I’m use click phones I don’t know what my thing is if I’m gonna launch a funnel every single week to one of them works and I was first going to put out there he launches it and just like next one put out their launch in t shirts initially was t-shirts most I’ve had it okay and try a couple other things and some cents from marginal success and one thing he tried to sell his past were these flashlights he had literally huge quad core flashlights and one week that right which we build this week is like let’s blow the flashlights funnel and so they gotta flash that stuff took pictures of them and and his buddy they were joking and like we should call they survived with flashlights but this is like a cool new thing so they put like survival flashlights and they launched the survival flashlight it was like funnel like 8 or 9 in this in this thing right launches that flashlight funnel and in like a two-month period time there’s 20 million dollars selling these survival flash two months no idea is biggest funnel we ever I got my entire life like blew up and just went went crazy so people watching because I feel like people get stuck still people are still in the old old modality of business which is think that thing through right in an elaborate business plan to raise capital higher you know a team Dottie needed a lot by the time yeah one year later go broke [Music] all right so I’m here work on my slides and before I left Boise we had our tire package all done except for the fact the stickers didn’t show up this is the test drive today I’m doing over here so what will happen is when somebody gets excited they will come back to the back and we would give them an order form for fun of all their secrets and then they will fill the order form thereby giving some money and then we will hand them this right here they’ll say here’s what you actually bought open it up inside of here there’s gonna be some stuff a letter to the spouse and then this tells not access their purchase problem is what’s a big sticker that goes here and here and other stickers here at melody so the sticker showed up yesterday to Boise Melanie had to go over an item to our hotel room in a few hours or a few minutes ago knock on the door and check it out what we got sticker little Billy’s secret stickers so now we just have 150 packets – only 300 stickers and unfortunate ease ones actually have to be on straight this can be a little crooked but he’s got a straight I hope you’re waking up – these are crooked roads everything [Music] you do not put even though this is a long sticker and you would think you would go from the top of the bottom it’ll ruin it and get wrinkles every time so it’s a sideways sticker that we basically try to line up and hopefully oh of course I’m on film this one’s gonna be off center no take it off a ball abort abort guess is you’re with me George Clooney he’s here this is Sean Roche all the best presenters I’ve ever seen my life here helping me and we are getting ready I’m up in about an hour I got the slides [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey everyone I’m actually out here with the one and only James mal’chik at his event here in the LA he’s been just crushing it appreciate David Russell being here Ben Russell killed it from the stage everybody loves you know what he does everybody loves ClickFunnels™ omelet ClickFunnels™ user if you’re not using ClickFunnels™ you gotta use it makes everything he’s had like stop me from pulling my hair out man if you don’t know me I was on ABC’s hit TV show senior millionaire I’ve been teaching speaker is how to make big money where am i big money speaker boot camp it is about 20 years at the 3,000 talks but I love Russell man and we love click funnels so use click funnels check out this guy’s been crushing it he is like if the guy were to come to sell we did a podcast to get this hair block the podcast that’s where these were talking about you wouldn’t actually take money for big girls on podcast yes so we were on these waters podcast and [Music] seventy clients our clients rpm 285 $15,000 and no kidding we had programmers have tech people and like seven or eight people just to build one funnel and three years we launched ClickFunnels™ because it was a software but we’ve built a year prior that made it simple where you can literally use pickup on the template drag-and-drop move things around and it’s cool is that well you should take us about two or three months to build with team of seven or eight guys we do now in about power without any tech people I do myself yeah and that’s kind of flip phones is and it’s been it’s been crazy last few years we have now 55,000 and active arms using it all around the world and it’s [Music] all right so here we are heading out and who gets stopped at TSA for having rhino rush in his bag yes that’d be Russell not me so he’s sitting over there now to put away his stuff yeah I’m just waiting anyway it’s been a crazy crazy trip and we’re about ready to head home get some rest on the flight that’s the culprit right there I want to pass out if you didn’t have rhino rush in and tell you we do good boat today we’ve sold a lot of people some ClickFunnels™ so it’s going to go they’re gonna change the world [Music] you [Music]

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That One Where Russell Met With Tai Lopez … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 72

That One Where Russell Met With Tai Lopez … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 72