That one where I Camped in the Office… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 21

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That one where I Camped in the Office… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 21

On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, find out why Russell is camping in the office, plus find out what’s Steven’s secret talent is and how he’s now got to use it finally!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 21 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where I Camped in the Office…

[Music] okay so my wife and kids were gone for three days they say that it’s not good for men to be alone I think I know why she’s got the camping gear and I’ll show you with a planet for today these are you found me audio I think we bout it but the first one is later it starts looking it tonight so can freaking out I don’t think I have the luxury of sleeping tonight all right you separatist why we go it’s live oh yeah here you go it’s like makes it rises a little legs like twitches all right it’s time to record a new script a new video what everything funds happening all right you said for this oh we have new mike mackool good day gonna put the mic again it’s live that’s why we go it’s live okay here you go my name is Russell Brunson in I’m on a journey to help entrepreneurs get unstuck so they can give back changing the world if you’ve got questions I’ve got answers so make sure you follow man intagram see if I have your questions live asking your question so that you can get stuck in the tack changing the world boom boom Wood Wood it’s quick little dance [Music] alright so been telling everybody my wife and my kids were gone that was literally going to sleep and camp out of the office and I don’t think people understand what when I say literally I mean literally like people always like oh cool yeah you should camp out in my I’m literally camping out the office so there’s my tent there’s my bed it’s always sleeping the next three days that way you get three workdays done every single day and I give me that much closer to taking over the world [Music] [Applause] [Music] we’ve been around videos of us we got a phone here to submit to here drop Mike shows me our Instagram channel and so we wanted a video can explain like what the drop Mike show is so we’re trying to like show how it works so we use reflector I think to get our phones on the screen and I’m recording it with ScreenFlow and your season for M model he actually asked the question that I answered it I dropped the mic I broke the head hopefully my footage now that Breton used to make a really cool program alright so it is officially to 41 on the day of my own no kids here and guess I’ve got done jack squat look at this one – that’s let’s go see them tonight so kind of freaking out this tent may not be used because I don’t think I have the luxury of sleeping tonight luxuries for people who finished their to-do lists enough people like me and they just show up with his super cause oh I got like a little baby why not what do you sleep not like a waterbed as amazing I will trade you straight across for my mini cot which realtionship this thing actually has like lovely things so you have it up and down like you know how to had a camp in style – this is amazing alright I’m jealous officially you want to hear what Steve is working on great i glisten – yet it is okay uh just killing me your little pieces of our excited [Music] excuse that this is a quick funnel receive leadpages here comes the low-key pages back him to break this to here I’ve already broke this thing the others de lis another one women camping with my wife I said on her broke I think if I lay it should break so right I break this she’s going to be it’s like makes noises little legs like twitching I felt the accordion sorry this is roughly like video and I was before I start it’s gonna snap off I’m not putting any pressure okay hi that’s happened to put a little pressure on it is I deformed cool this one we go gently oh so that’s where Russell’s going to be tonight better than my howdy yo it’s just my graph – this is awesome that’s kind of legit I have to say we walked in my Ken no you have to get a bigger cab [Music] so Harmon brothers video will go here and the down here will be like ClickFunnels™ Edison action etics a backpack they click on that then we’ll go to how to explain a video for click funnel explain a video for each each individual of the four phases for product cyclic funnel so so what does this one tell explain what’s that happened this is the drop that Mike show intro oh and in high school I was obsessed with creating music I would buy like these 500 other music mixing programs much to my parents dismay and it was a bit upstairs for weeks and I’ll just mix and make music and I thought I would never use it ever and then one day ruffle asked me to use it now he’s using every day I wrote rose last week where our Foreman this is number one he’s working on so there we go so come in handy it does a lot of fun turns out you got skills with this again my name is Ron Swoboda zoomed you’re getting up entreprenuers drop tonight oh no I do I got I haven’t got too much pretty fast that other ones like are a little rough at MIT in question answer them Instagram line question on optimize but for the best yeah [Music] this is would drop the mic calm becoming video and so what happened is we’ll do the show right here and this will be the show and over here is like all the questions in the show so I’m going to click on the actual question and I’ll take them to this pay percentile have the question here about their Instagram video embedded where they asked the question then the text answer there now we’re in SEO the crap out of these pages for every single thing alright so I had a severe headache so I was like I need to get some carbs Fred Meyers red X or the office and their sushi so headed a good sushi grabbed it so I’m eating grocery shorts sushi which is actually good because they come I head ache go away so Russell actually went to go get some carbs because he’s got it has killed men’s under global carb stuff I get a headache so so she it is you can’t live on one meal a day sorry you can’t do it I started you right now we got I got green drink so cuz I got stuff to do especially when you’re trying to stay up for like 24 hours a day straight cars you have to have some carbs to think yeah so we just were sitting here thinking what else he has on his lip let me trying to show you what else just for today as you get done just today okay so this here is Monday that it that’s crazy this is why I absolutely love working here with Russ and Steve because Russell and Stephen just keep crushing all day long and I really can’t go home feel guilty so basically you’re like three or four things left on your stay I think I’m actually shocked I thought we wouldn’t get nearly as close it’s gonna be a fun week and it’s over Monday alright so I’ve written four sales scripts a and now I’m gonna record a voiceover so we’re busting this crap out welcome to foot punch my guess is it isn’t right it is exactly if you want to sell your products your services next so what do you aim for free movie crowd today Great War first – all right chords third voiceover three down by system or Windham you so imma keep going back and then uh anyway they figure if I’m really good sequence caught or not alright so it’s almost one and starting to slow down but the project work on tonight now is the final hacker cookbook so do the funnel hacker cookbook like a spiral-bound thing you can flip open and it’s like menus for funnel sub and doodling out all different possible file types that sketches your survey funnel application from ask campaign from start store solution video funnel sources mission letter Alex and things here here’s the table contents a cookbook basically tell you cookbook one of the twenty he’s not twenty-seven funnels but it’s the periodic table and then where should I use editor other ingredients all the integrations then boom all the funnels these funneled and how like a map and it will page by page like all the elements for this one you gotta have a headline element video a button you know obviously they’ll be more if you actually do pages like it over here like the ingredients for this stage gay ok cool seen your logo headline video text then this was just six things here fleshing integration then you got the headline video you know so it’s kind of like all the ingredients for each funnel then it’ll page one page like this page whose ingredients as we need to deliver but they’ll flip it open and then we’ll see it click a button and build puts up some lemons go edit it so we have lot of stuff done today a lot this is my to-do list and it’s crazy having things we got done and tomorrow another big days well and my kids actually to my gift come home tomorrow which I’m insanely excited for I said have fun I’m gonna go to bed in my tent here in the office and they say it’s not good for man to be alone and I agree that’s why I’m literally sleeping at the office tonight inside of a tent on a cot such a dirt I love it anyway thanks everybody we’ll see you guys soon bye you

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That one where I Camped in the Office… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 21

That one where I Camped in the Office… Funnel Hacker TV – Episode 21