That one where I Biohacked with my kids while making a funnel… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 47

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That one where I Biohacked with my kids while making a funnel… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 47

We Love Biohacking! This time I teach my kids how true biohackers get it done! Meanwhile Jim Edwards is still in town and we Knock out our NEW FUNNEL that will be launched Sept 15

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 47 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where I Biohacked with my kids while making a funnel…

[Music] it’s the first day I’ve had a chance to actually work since why trousseau what I’m working on everyone eyes make some videos for all scripts while Jim ever disease it’s the most profitable boring thing you’ll ever learn it’s cool starting tomorrow so Aidan what’s nice now I with the kids you’re scared because mommy just went in the crowd sign if awesome movie was sponsored by American fighter team be all over that I’m a biohacker that’s what’s happening [Applause] school starting tomorrow so Aiden what smashed step on the Bayaka night you turn the nitrogen tank um yes I’d lean through the window Teresa take can take inside the house step 2 chin song you’re scared because mommy just went in the crowd all right now I’m the last one we’re in started this baby up [Music] alright we’re officially freezing people with that said what are the benefits of Kraus honest method number one is it reduces inflammation via sore joints or backs or muscles stood by that number two it’s like a shot of adrenaline and you feel like the next five or six hours if a shot of energy makes you feel awesome feels kind of like you’re standing on a glacier that glacier right there soaking wet butt naked in the wind that’s probably the best image you can put it feels like so I’m gonna go under real quick you can see what looks like way down here [Music] that’s what a crowd son is okay I got hot son of a week over all right so first day school today kids to school which is awesome and then can the office day’s exciting day because this is the first day I’ve had a chance to actually work since my trip so what I’m working on number one Rakeem I’ve got 18 finalizing speaker schedule and buy them all so the next week we bust out that funnel and launch the thing number two product cookbook what this is the first first hundred thirty pages just so cool and then with that we had to UM wait updates in the funnel structure so here’s all the twenty whatever funnels we have and then we’re also still working on the click funnel sales letters getting it all imported into click funnels lots of happening but actually the work today [Music] all right because I’m back makoki it is the first version of that self letter right there and how nurses felt this concept we’re doing here so probably different than any other SAS company in history of the world which is why it’s either gonna completely flop or it’s gonna be the biggest ever so we’re going all or nothing you’d want to see it here we go this is where the viral video will be then just scroll down this is where the characters for the thing and here’s the copy and this is like the prospect who pulls you through the coffee there’s a first draft that’s so excited if a guy who’s actually sketch that a prostitute that matches the style of my prospectors so these are just stock images here so we redesign all these on the dollar different sections there’s a whole bunch more sections but that’s kind of game plan so you may know if you watch any of my stuff who my favorite t-shirt brand is American fighters I wear their shirts almost every day American fighter reaches out to us and basically says hey we see Russell wearing our shirts we actually wear them if we send him something I’m like I can promise you if Russell knew he was sponsored by American fighter he me all over now where you sitting the funnel hacker TV and ClickFunnels™ is sponsored by American fighter now it is officially sponsored by American fighter could we say that I think we just did so so pace that would repay them how do you know this works if clothing taken I got a box full of shirts so I don’t have any of these ones orange green that’s cool that’s really cool that’s what I would buy for sure I think we should just cuz Gary Vee had to make a case was commercial they probably millions of bucks but I want to make American fire commercial just cuz I got this t-shirt ooh sleeves on that are sweet too what do we get them to sponsor fun hacking those are sweet [Music] this is the deal I’m a biohacker biohackers like to eat will approve crap so therefore Dave asked makes this really good bull poop are bulletproof bar they’re so good vanilla and they’re like five bucks a bar yet I still buy box after box after box after box because they rate so this will not fight a month or two I’ve been angry very angry so I was Amazon II and I know that these are made out of organic grass-fed butter and cashew nuts and also I saw this thing that said primal kitchen coconut cashew grass-fed Oh dad you got some competition I got this I worked over Sam I’m gonna try right now and I got power balls so that’s over camera up in chalk I got a sample pack so if I like when I can go all-in I’m a cream pie and vanilla cupcake so that’s a chest yeah I think it’d be good all right go for it all right I’m curious Buddha picker okay I should try it oh you better watch out ask for you the market has evolved let’s wait for no no good fellow Howard eat oh man I stuck my teeth I could pull like bashing my teeth but he’s really good Dania fan way different though wait a bit well I do like that well I should it orange Camry buff because that sounds the most amazing that’s something that looks good all right excited all right oh my beliefs are about to change means my behaviors about the chamber hmm that’s really good holy crap it’s like eating a muffin there you you in i’m fan Wow I think I think we have a new habit seven Habits of Highly Effective People number one power balls number two synergy you’re number one [Music] rs make some videos for huddle scripts while Jim Edwards is in town in a video about copywriting the most people today don’t know copywriting is it sounds like super boring and nerdy so we’re gonna bridge that gap and show what sales letters were back in the day a swipe file seems like that we took that and then Jim turn it into like Columbo script these are all like famous cells letters these are all my sweat files tons of cool stuff all about bridging gaps like videos training selling is all about like what they understand whether they need to understand to give you money and so this is what we’re doing is help them understand bridging that gap so people like oh that’s what those words are on the page that’s why I need to do bi bar script so that’s the game plan we’re gonna talk about Russell we’re gonna talk about sales copy the most profitable boring thing you’ll ever learn [Music] all right even what’s happening tonight finally night case we accept biking stations that we’re gonna use right now to biohack our bodies and our minds you guys biggest a stiff one also hooking up this goes inside of your nose [Music] hilts moon origin by rocky to be barking your leg right here right here to make its like magnetic you through here all right light it up pretty cool yeah black hole dip sleepy skip okay one of the biggest benefits of biking different light therapies so I’m gonna kind of plug the beliefs of this first one this is by far the weird one so you take this thing right here you put on your head has lights inside of it that are gonna light up my head but the weirdest thing is it also has this dude right here goes inside your nose so I click the button and it starts seeing eye starts lighten up put this inside of my nose Wow 10 Hertz number 2 then I’ve got these glasses right here also light therapy goodies on that shines light into your eyes nose eyes cranium and then the last one right here it’s my favorite so you click this button right here it lights of these earbuds it puts the lights inside of yours so got lights in my nose eyes ears and then this is other lasers for boosting inflammation other cool stuff when I get like information out of my cheeks or my double chin you

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That one where I Biohacked with my kids while making a funnel… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 47

That one where I Biohacked with my kids while making a funnel… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 47