That one where Dave went to Podcast Movement 2017… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 48

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That one where Dave went to Podcast Movement 2017… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 48

Dave goes to Podcast Movement 2017 in California with so amazing people such as Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, Brandon Hampton, Pat Flynn and so many more!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 48 (Behind The Scenes Show)
That one where Dave went to Podcast Movement 2017…

I see the drum on this trip it’s continuing lacquer here kidding me Amy Porterfield rocking the mic here hanging out with the big man and then you can see it I’m coming for you guys guess what I keep running the funnel hackers all over the place back in the LA back in another goober and of course you got to love the traffic so I just had ever dropped me off at the address they gave me and I don’t think this is really the right place billion dollars right now okay I don’t know how this happens every single time I’m trying to go to the airport I’m always late my flight was supposed to leave it three Fork Slade’s been delayed till 3:30 because right now it’s 236 so on a way to podcast movement in Anaheim to connect a whole bunch of podcasters [Music] it gets flat on your private jet that you get a share with a hundred and fifty of your closest friends that you absolutely do not know just kidding all right so we’re starting the day off here I’m a podcast movement tindy check-in see you know where to find a day and a lot of craziness going on trying to see me yeah it’s different opportunities and ways of marketing snooze you lose jld in the house Pat Flynn Amy Porterfield so here I am a podcast moving tell red pockets move Oh Amy Porterfield rocking the mic here just crushed it on stage here’s all say loves like what else we love everything they’re doing and I feel like you guys are kind of kicking butts yeah big time we just need to come out to voicing what I know I need to get out there I’m coming for you guys awesome see it’s what’s up you want say I just happy to be here happy to see David person and we’ve been talking about basketball and podcasting all this cool stuff we aren’t following anybody smart passive income blog podcast is the thing to do and brush in it and Austin time out here now I have the opportunity to run into the myth and the legend mr. Dennis Langley how’s it going chicken is on a thong having a lot of fun so Dennis was at our events our designer thought he’s created this crazy cool video guess what I keep running the funnel hackers all over the place just random Jeremy slay what’s going on journey so I map I pass called creator of life and I interview people that took the traditional route it didn’t really work out they also have a company called get feature where we help people – and what’s funny is you funnel backers you’ve got funnels and you got the Machine you’ve got the industry you’ve got exactly what it takes to get this done you’ve got the delivery mechanism you’ve got the stats you’ve got everything you need so it’s not a question of monetization it’s a question of what is really give away what are you gonna do if we didn’t listen remember what episode was 27 episode 127 and just do the phone rocket oh so Paul’s recommendation was make sure you put – so minute whatever your podcast is board / and then the number and use that for your show notes that’s the man I’ll call again right there thank you and guess who I’m with and guess what a man who does company found the billion dollar body a career getting me to be crushing it out there but I have is just do it like stop thinking about it and just commit to creating an amazing funnel and don’t overthink it just put it out there and tweak it as you go billion dollar body and they’ve been crushing it like testosterone tests whatever crazy stuff yes so we lead people into testosterone boosting like coaching and product just healthy men live look and feel like a billion dollars that’s me man billion dollars that’s we’re talking about right now I met three weeks away from getting ton of influencers to Boise got a huge proposal from Brandon Hampton they said you know what maybe if you’re in LA why just come up and up in Beverly Hills let’s meet so I’ve got to go up to Beverly Hills real quick all right so we’re sitting over right now heading over to go meet Brandon right now and hand fortunately traffic’s moving not always as fast as I would like it to but we’re gonna make it so I just had over dropped me off at the address they gave me and I don’t think this is really the right place all right so I I actually am in the right place good to find out so this is the man the myth the legend here Brandon Hampton and we are actually in his office check out this cool office the Brad has been crushing it Instagram with influencers so tell me the story as far as why this exists yeah so we talked to a lot of influencers in our network and the common pain point was I don’t have anywhere to film I don’t have anywhere to work out so we built the gym in a production studio we have a lot of influencers come through here they can pull up their laptop and work they can film their content here pretty much just a hub this is your space this is our space you know it creates a lot of cool creative atmosphere and allows us to you know get a lot of deals done because there’s a lot of creativity flowing through here and podcast studio in the back so the zone in area Brandon and I are sitting over here in the zone out area snacks snacks video games crazy fun place this is where they work man look at all this cool art all right so we’re just kind of wrapping things up here again guys today thank you so much for your time you really appreciate it all right today is fun day I got deck in a day which means I do console calls with all the inner circle members yeah ten of them today so ten back to back to back to back but over the cooperative’s morally come and play it’s a little gym with Nora so come ahead over there klutz taking her into the car so I can leave a little early and play little gym so much button to the cutest [Music] all right so here we are at John Wayne Airport we’re gonna go see if this is actually gonna work cross your fingers hopefully I’ll yo lucky catch a flight tonight since I have to now for tomorrow so thank goodness for friendly people we’re gonna catch flight now so you’re working on influencers all day tomorrow and on the plane tonight our guys slant in Salt Lake City get about 34 minutes to get to the connecting flights and then those crazy days from I don’t know what 6 7 Hooper’s now and that’s all just in time to make sure we get everything done for tomorrow the very next day so we had a little dilemma I was out of town miles actually covered for me but we had a company we were working with who me unnamed at this time I might change my mind but anyways we had something that was done and didn’t work as well as I wanted and we tried like four or five times to make it happen so basically said no it just give us our money back so I was out of town so I said miles do you mind just gonna pick them picking up a check because I wouldn’t mail me the check because he wanted to talk Dave said the big dogs which is me and I’m not fighter so I go in there and I’m trying to be nice a lover not a fighter so I’m trying to like hey sorry things didn’t work out between us and he goes didn’t work out and he starts throwing out the f-bomb and why we he’s saying that Dave’s never gonna get a reference from him he knows everybody in the city and kind of like saying Dave’s in trouble because of that and so it was just a really good experience I went out to the car Kyle had to give me a hug I felt really bad so wait you’re gonna do work do work right the first time so people would have to come back to you and have it redone and redone and redone and redone and then just ask for their money back you

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That one where Dave went to Podcast Movement 2017… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 48

That one where Dave went to Podcast Movement 2017… Funnel Hacker TV Episode 48