That One Where Dave Went To Launch Con In Dallas, TX … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 66

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That One Where Dave Went To Launch Con In Dallas, TX … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 66

Dave heads out to the Jeff Walker Launch Con event to represent the ClickFunnels™ community. Day 1 and the ClickFunnels™ CookBook offer is tapped! The ClickFunnels™ reviews are so amazing to hear from the attendees, so many testimonials of how ClickFunnels™ has changed lives! These reviews and testimonials is why we do what we do!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 66 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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all right so the journey begins again [Music] all right here we are add logic on [Music] once I went from right this first business is going to be my life’s work to register practice business immediately what it does they just one locks the pressure I’m having to get it right we love the ClickFunnels™ community he published in the hospital baby guys [Music] ah this is gonna be out like a three weeks 10th of gosh we’re going Dallas Austin Phoenix Utah San Francisco over the next couple weeks so quick trip waiting for uber 538 and not early all right here we are at the airport Boise Airport heading off to Jeff Walker’s watchcon launch club we actually are gonna be a sponsor there and got a lot of fun crazy things gonna be happening there at the event so here we go [Music] [Applause] [Music] alright guys guess who I just ran into here at launch club the one and the only jump through of inner circle reppin in a circle and launch club having a ton of fun here so why are you here at the event I’m here at the event to try and network and mastermind with Jeff Walker’s coaching team some of the awesome awesome entrepreneurs inside launch club and let’s spread the click bottles name within launch club that’s why we loved [Music] [Music] I am lovin loving loving ClickFunnels™ Thank You Russell Thank You teams but putting ClickFunnels™ together because in mark banger boy look at this just about a year and a half ago this was me I was traveling all across the country you know doing events on stages doing adventuring son of people and I did over 70 cities 70 cities in two years but I got so tired of the travel I got so my wife and I were like you know another sit now it was fun now but we got so tired of the traveling I was like ah in the world can I get away from having to go and get all these planes and do them and I ran across calm sickness and I’m gonna tell you I read the book twice and it just rocked my world I was able to spent a summer this is last year I spent the summer on my back porch learning how to build funnels that’s all I did the whole summer and I built my first funnel we launched it in and you can check this just look at my account you know look under my name we did three hundred and thirty thousand in sales our first twelve months so I am so grateful Thank You Russell thank you click funnels team for what you guys do it’s the best in the world baby and it’s changed my life [Music] [Music] guess who I just ran into Jackson you guys love ClickFunnels™ love y’all so what we’re doing by cyou have to practically be 5z for the funnel hacking TV community stick with it honestly it’s really easy stuff but you have to put in the time put in the work there is no easy answer you just have to do it so what you guys tell people they should be doing right now they should be going on also we’re taping in CDs and DVDs and we’re taking it digital the take waste we’ve got from from launch con be a student I get a mentor and really find your purpose [Applause] so here we are with Ryan Levesque and my son basically right to give him advice on his first business or talk about a practice business right and still even think the analogy that always has helped me is when you know when we learn to drive right like the first car that we drove it’s not our dream car it’s not the car that we’re gonna happen the rest of our life but it’s a vehicle to learn how to go forward how to go back how to parallel park at a turn but it’s about valuable vehicle and you don’t want the first car you drive to be your you know quarter-million dollar supercar because you can’t scratch the thing up because you want the practice vehicle right you bought the old Jeep that has rust in the floor and you know has a couple of things in the back and so once I went from all right this first business is going to be my life’s work to bitches to practice business immediately what it does is it just unlocks the pressure of having to get it right cuz and so and so if you get stock on like what this is should I start I’d recommend actually picking a topic that you’re like not passionate because then what you focus on is the the process instead of the content if you’re like super passionate about like your the thing that you love more than anything in the world you’re gonna feel like you’re messing up so like working it’s not my life’s passion scrabble tile jewelry not my life’s passion but it was like all right so who cares about that let’s learn how to create any book let’s learn how to send emails how to write copy and you know what that’s not going to be the thing that I’m remembered for forever but eventually it’ll help me get to the thing that so yeah if you’re stuck like that’s hey so I’m here with Eric Rocha from Brazil most amazing marketer in the world we never talk about Instagram and stories and marwah and scrimp and then you want to say to our puddle hacking community guys get done that’s the way I mean sometimes they’re just waiting for the right moment to do stuff so we do stuff as quick as we can make it better next time I know look start with a perfect this is an environment full of awesome people binky what are some of what advice you give people you know having irresistible offer that’s one thing you know we’ve done tons of events and this event has been by far the best offer we’ve had people can get the funnel hacker cookbook the three core funnels that funnel graffiti just for sign up for a free trial of click balls we don’t offer that anywhere else just here at this event and it is the middle of day two I don’t think it’s noon yet and we are completely out we did not bring enough of this and we shall have another full day tomorrow so that I mean the offer has been amazing and having a killer offers your number one tip oh yeah absolutely I mean it is converting like crazy if you think about it I’m honestly not even asking people to sign up they’re just saying how do I sign up so just give value and answer questions and that’s it all right number one tip from burger Rocha was using a headline in your video gives you four times on organic reach and your with your Facebook lives Facebook videos Instagram videos so number one tip use headlines in your videos well I then my coach the consultant we the tax industry and I’m not an online guy at all and so a couple years back we saw rustle of the spam they got click funnels we have about five different funnels and the photos were great so anyway we really look for sure love having people who are coming from non-traditional areas offline world using click funnels very cool [Music] [Applause] I’m alive so click puddles and orthodontics coming at you next you’re not gonna believe who I just ran into one of my dearest friends in the world do you believe it so what’d he up to these days well life is good business is growing charity’s growing and the family’s awesome awesome yeah Eddie’s got new podcast yes Marketing your business calm if you go to that you’ll get sent there but it’s I gained a tremendous amount of inspiration from Russell with marketing secrets marketing your car for those hardcore you know but yeah because I love seeing the behind the scenes of like what he was doing and similar like I get asked a lot of questions about that so same similar style similar for him so they like marketing secrets though also like marketing your business we yeah we are donating a dollar for every single funnel that gets published just to name is charity we love the ClickFunnels™ community keep publishing Alice bottles baby want to make sure you understand the importance of attending live events for us live events have been one of the main places I’ve had the opportunity literally of connecting with people around the world one of main things I’m looking for right now is I’m trying to look at getting ClickFunnels™ international so I have interviewed and spoken with just spoke to Erica Roach from Brazil in Portuguese that’s one of the contacts there I spoke to gentleman from Hungary and we’re looking at Hungarian spoke to another guy this morning from Italy another one from Japan I never would have met these people had I not come to a live event so for me coming to live events is the most amazing place in the world’s network as well as rekindling old friendships and relationships it’s just people’s guards down it’s their open they have nothing else going on they really can’t focus that much on their business so I highly recommend you guys get to live events one that’s coming up you must get to and that’s funnel hacking live check it out funnel acting live calm [Music] you [Music]

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That One Where Dave Went To Launch Con In Dallas, TX … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 66

That One Where Dave Went To Launch Con In Dallas, TX … Funnel Hacker TV Episode 66