Spencer Mecham’s Secret To Becoming One Of The Top ClickFunnels™ Affiliates

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Spencer Mecham’s Secret To Becoming One Of The Top ClickFunnels™ Affiliates

Clickfunnels™ Spencer Mecham – Secret To Becoming One Of The Top Affiliates

Clickfunnels™ Spencer Mecham: Does ClickFunnels™ work if you’re just starting out, and don’t have a product yet? If you’re watching this video, you probably want to start earning money by building an online business…right? But how do you earn income (like, enough to actually live on) if you’re just getting started and don’t have a product or service to sell just yet?

Clickfunnels™ Spencer Mecham: Click Funnel Affiliate $1,000,000 Profit

I met a guy one of my jobs it was doing a lot of fake marketing he would just promote these these other products and and get paid just for promoting the product he didn’t have to you know have his own product or anything and you know in my head an entrepreneur was somebody that invented something like they created a software they created a product and once he did that I liked him on my head like I can just promote products and he’s like I don’t charge anybody money I just give them free value you know and then they’re and they love me for it and I still get paid and

that is awesome like you don’t ever have to charge money to people you can still make money when I got connect with clickfunnels it was just so natural like oh this is the this is the cool awesome product that I can promote and get paid to promote I don’t have to invent things I don’t have to set up customer support teams or anything I just need to promote this product and I can make my full time income off that the first month I’m fairly certain I got no affiliates signed up kept pushed in that clickfunnels gives training there’s lots of trainings there’s a Facebook group with tons

of people out there that help you I’m pretty sure on the second month I I had three to five people signed up and after that you know it just slowly started to pick up and it’s so cool to see that dream car start you know it’s going faster and faster and I can remember breaking the 50 mark probably six months in and I’m halfway to you know the car of my dreams this 4runner that I’ve been waiting for and and after fifty you know you’re just so motivated and it really

starts to go fast because you you you’re learning different things in your you know trying different things and as things start to work more and more and you start to get more more excited you know you stay up till 2:00 a.m. doing it because you’re so excited and no a year later I just got a call and I’m the number one clickfunnels affiliate and it’s like that’s me you know in a year so me my wife are actually two days away from heading to Hawaii and we’re able to go to Hawaii and and not worry at all financially I don’t tell a boss that you know I take those two weeks off as my

Clickfunnels™ Spencer Mecham: Develop Awesome Products

daughter throws up I know I can I can be your soccer coach like an attender soccer games I can go camping on weekdays go see movies at 3:00 o’clock any day I want you know there’s so much that I can do now and so much available to me now that I have this this income coming in that’s it’s a passive income and no longer tied to know how many hours I put into the job I’ve had a dream car three or four years now before I knew about clip-ons dream

car contest and it’s a Toyota 4runner but really good beefed up for you know for going out and then using it the way SUVs are meant to be used for we take it up with have ran up in the mountains we can take it up in the mountains all over you know that car is able to help me live the lifestyle and I want to live if you’re like me and you’re just getting started like I was a year ago and you don’t have a product and you really don’t want it you don’t want to develop a product that’s fine I’m because clickfunnels has developed an awesome product that you can promote and you can feel good promoting and a year later on I’m here you know with with my full-time income coming without a single product that I own or anything I just have to promote a product that’s already there and it’s already awesome and is used by thousands and thousands of successful people every single day [Music]



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