Simplifying And Sexifying Your Message…

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Simplifying And Sexifying Your Message…

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Behind the scenes of what I’m currently doing to simplify and sexify my messages.

On this episode Russell talks about how much time he spends simplifying his presentations so that even his kids could understand his concepts. Here are some of the other things to listen for in this episode:

-Why it’s so important to cut out the techno babble and complex concepts from your message.

-Why you need to make your message sexy or intriguing to the audience.

-And why its important for your audience that you spend an enormous amount of time learning a concept and then simplifying it for them.

So listen here to find out why Russell thinks its so important to simplify and sexify your message.

hey what’s up everybody so Brunson and welcome to marketing seekers podcast Saturday and getting ready for the big funky live event so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the less Hosking our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everyone just wanted to jump on I know that just last week and next week I’ve been working so much on presentations and slides and get ready for a funny live I’m having done many podcasts and just wanted to kind of communicate and connect everybody cuz I’m thinking about – I just so much stuff happening and you know there’s a lot that goes into events from the the venue the people the speakers the like there’s so much stuff the organization the schedule the timing ly there’s everything in so you know for the last six months Tobin’s spending time doing everything else and then now it’s like it was two weeks away last week or ten days away as of right now and so for me it was like his last weeks like it’s all about I need to get my presentations done and it’s interesting like most I know it’s weird most people who do their own events nowadays they don’t they don’t speak very much known events which is weird to me doesn’t quite make sense but that’s what people do a couple ones went this year and they were great events like nothing against that’s just the the Pro Tour didn’t speak as much I know I went to Ryan rands event which is really really neat and I asked for Mike’s do you nervous like what are you speaking about he’s like I don’t speak my own presentations I was like oh you don’t like honey he’s like yeah my my event I like to bring people in and then I you know a little bit of speaking like oh that’s interesting like and then I was a grand cardones event and he came and didn’t speak Harley doll either and I was like man like I would die for the client stage like grant cardones I’ve been on stage 20 hours a day every single day like just leveraging that cuz that’s like such an important thing you know I mean and then if you look at its different ones I don’t know but for me it’s like I feel like I know that like when in a traffic conversion when it first came out I used to go collect hearing Ryan and Perry speak vocals guys are geniuses and I love hearing from him and his traffic conversion grew they started speaking less and less and less now I think the last T and C I like 50 60 speakers and they may be spoken once each I was just like I don’t even say worth me going in works like I wanted to hear from them right I thought the people have got tons of longevity I’m like Tony Robbins I mean it says events he’s onstage for 50 hours in a weekend right and I just like I feel like I don’t know I always want to be that I want to be the one it’s inside of it so because of that like for this event I’ve got six presentations I’m creating and of course I’m not so many things make it you know I don’t just want to go off my head like I want to make these impactful and emotional and like strong so every presentation like the design I’m spending on each one is just that alone is amazing and figuring out and the last podcast talked about finding out the hook and the headline and the the framework and it’s been a week me just doing that on the six presentations I’m about halfway through or the frameworks which is sacks let’s trying to get all done this week so next week I could work on slides but as I was doing this I was trying to think and I’ve been you know talking a lot of people on my team people they meant a lot of people just trying to figure things out and and it thinks the reason why I’ve been successful so I’m saying this for people who are creating courses or content or products or events or slides or presentations or anything because I think it’s it’s a it’s it’s a hint and I hope that it helps cuz that’s the whole point where I want to jump on here is I wish you guys knew how much time I spend trying to figure out how to simplify concepts I think the the the biggest thing that keeps me back from success when they’re presenting is is technobabble you know if you read the expert seekers book I talk about technobabble right like we use these huge vocabularies my vocabulary is very simple it’s very easy and I’m always trying to simplify like if you look at these standing white boards here and here those who were watching and here and here and this is and then I’ve got papers all over the ground here this is like me taking a concept and like mapping it riding it out writing again and again and again trying to simplify so so simple like I can explain to my kids so simple I could understand it and I don’t think people spend the time like if you knew like it’s it’s Saturday night at six twenty four pm I’m sitting here trying to simplify this one section of presentation because it’s like it needs to be so simple people understand it I think that instead we we think that we’re so smart and we use our technobabble and are learning to show how intelligent we are but all it does is it alien AIT’s the audience and pushes them away from you and so I think that’s one of my superpowers but it’s not something that is magical it’s me sitting here for 10 hours trying to figure out one presentation have simplified make it simpler and simpler and simpler tell us tell it’s simple and so for all these Roderick I’ve spend more time on that try to simplify things simplify your vocabulary pull the hook pull the big words out and pull the complex things out see if you can explain what you’re doing in a doodle graph if you can’t then it’s too complex and and I was like well my mind’s yeah I can do that minded doodle graph like oh you could like when when I we said we did a thing in a network marketing program a while ago and they wanted me to do a video explaining the comp plan and and it was way over my head anyway right so I had John my team go through and he watched like I don’t know it was like 12 plus hours of video of people explaining the comp plan from the lawyers and the marketers all sorts of stuff and he went through and he tried explaining to me took like four or five hours to me explain to me and then I had it on all the thing on the whiteboard and I was like okay how to make this simple and took me out two or three days a simplifier point was just like oh that’s really really easy and so I just want to I don’t know for you guys who work and this is kind of to the audience who’s presenting and experts and things like that like they first off continue to publish your stuff like that’s that’s one big key on put out there I don’t I don’t know your your your longevity of you as a person as a personality I think has do you think how much time you put out there now at an John that like very strategic I get my events I spent a lot of time people coming there I don’t speak him any other people’s events anymore because I want I also want to be the guy who’s that every man speaking cuz it yeah you lose like your use your you know supply-and-demand type thing there but my own event I want to be the one there I want to make it so this is a venue people come to in it they’re gonna come cuz like I’m gonna hear six whole new presentations from Russell that I’ve never heard before he’s never talked about in podcast it’s just like this unique thing and I want to give that experience people and so I think if for your own things like do that kind of stuff like be willing to do it the second is simplify things as much as you can and then third is like how to teach this but how do you like try to make things sexy like I could have said like this presentation is how to get traffic to your website you know or how to increase your social media profile me or whatever but instead we made it sexy it and I read these headlines to you guys you’re in last cement you know like conversation domination how you get your dream clients addictively binge-watching you and every platform the day or live on warning suppress approach is only for those who truly believe in their message you look at that and you’re like okay that’s you know that’s a cool headline Russell but like we sat here for like three hours going back and they try to make it easier so for you like you got to put the time in to simplify your message and make it sexy figure out the hook like spend time doing that I wish I wish you guys can all get a glimpse of how much time I spend on that part of it because I don’t think people blue I don’t people understand that they just they put something together and go out there and it’s like no that that’s that’s the valuable part that’s what makes you valuable to your audience is your ability to go through and collect information ideas and things like that I did a podcast before about how you know your job is to think for a lot of other people like you’re doing that and then bringing it back somebody in a simple format they’re like oh oh cool I could actually do that right so that’s what your job is to do you’re curating all this stuff then bring it back in the most simple form possible to give it people but you got to spend the time doing it you put in the energy the effort to think through those things for them simplify them and give them in a way that they can do it and I don’t how to teach that other than I want you to be aware of how much time I spend doing it because then you might realize like oh well I don’t spend any time doing that maybe that’s my problem maybe I should spend a Saturday here in my sweats in my office just thinking through how to simplify this for people because it’s it’s meant the world to me and I think it’s helped me to build an audience and get followers people listening to because I’ve been good at that so I hope it helps I don’t know mother best in the world I still talk too fast and mumble I’ve all sorts of quirks and and things that are strained I know some people don’t like me at all which is totally cool that’s what I’ve been good at and it’s it’s helped a lot of people and so yeah okay my books talk I’m stickers expert seeker so not my original ideas it’s me reading a billion things trying on just stuff and then putting into a format that’s as simple as possible and that’s why I doodle things out like kind of doodles you can like oh there’s the doodle that’s that’s what he’s thinking and so fuse figuring out simplify simplify simplify cut out the technobabble make things sexy make things interesting spend that extra time to do that because it’s worth it okay and if I can do that for six presentations in a two week period of time and that’s doing it for all of them plus then creating slides for all of them on top of everything that’s the Memphis event I guarantee you’ve knew it with one presentation or with you know your your your perfect webinar you’re doing you know I’m guessing a lot of times if your webinars aren’t converting cuz you’re too complex simplify the story simplify the process and the filings for people so they get in make them sexy make looks good make that make it intriguing and curiosity-driven because those are the those are the keys so anyway that’s it you guys I’m gonna get back to work I gotta make this thing sexy and simplify it so hopefully some nights and some time today and go take a nap alright appreciate is all those who come in for knocking live I cannot wait to see you it’s gonna be amazing and hopefully this event will change your business but more importantly I want to change your life so I’ll see you guys there bye everybody want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC vac SAS startup company in the world


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Simplifying And Sexifying Your Message…

Simplifying And Sexifying Your Message…